Everyone Knows Kaede Is Amazing…


…but I also didn’t think she’d be so damned fun and easy to use. Stomping content is usually fun in the beginning, but it loses its luster the longer you play with the team. After a week or so playing with Myr and Kaede and quite a few Arena clears, I believe that the cross pattern (at least of the heart variety) has some serious staying power as a fun puzzling style. Much in part due to the fact that it forces you to think about puzzling slightly different, but also because you truly feel like you’re rewarded for doing it. It also helps having 8+ seconds to do so.

The 5x Kaede, 1x Wee Jas team for Arena 1 is particularly ridiculous. I mean, one-shotting Kali with Facet and literally only three matches — heart-cross + 4 + 3 — just feels so busted. Co-op is still a more efficient method for farming Arena, but just isn’t appealing to me so I’ll be sticking with this solo team. I had 50+ of each Py from Ra and Yomi Dragon farming several months ago and I’m down to almost no Flampys and Shynpys; now’s the time to restock.


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    • I haven’t tried, but I don’t think you lose much without the last Kaede. Obviously makes things easier, but it should still be a cakewalk.

      If Facet is on your friend Kaede, I’d probably run Verdandi or Sylvie in the last slot. Even Perseus should be pretty good, but you do lose a bit on the Facet enhance (not sure if that really matters). The main drawback is you’ll only have 3 Kaede actives for the latter part of the dungeon.

      If you have your own Facet, you can SI her onto some kind of placeholder SI base so your 4 Kaedes are free for the entire dungeon. For what can be used for that SI base, I’m not really sure. Something with a short CD to help you in the early part of the dungeon, but won’t need to see use later as you charge up Facet.


    • First, there’s no such thing as an “optimal team”.

      For Arena 1, I think this is the best team. There’s very few places where you need 2 Kaede actives each turn and I find that in a lot of cases you don’t want 2 since the extra hearts make it easier to flub the cross.

      Outside of Arena 1, this obviously isn’t “optimal” since skills won’t be up turn 1.


    • I don’t have a set team. I don’t play Myr as much since rows are harder than TPAs and there’s no easy one-button Kali solution like Facet so I haven’t really had the experience to settle on a team. I’ve cleared the most with Miru (RRH) / LGadius (Saria) / Apoc / ADQXQ / Wukong / Miru (LAkechi) the most, but the team is far from optimal and is much slower than Kaede.


  1. What are some good nuke alternatives for Facet for Kali nuke? Cameo seemed like a good alternative, but not sure if there was anything else.

    Also, long time viewer, love your post.


    • Sadly, I don’t think there is a good substitute. Cameo is for wood and dark rows. Sheen is probably your next best bet if you have a lot of time extends; she’d give 3x on my Kaede team which is probably about as good as you’re going to get, but still pales compared to the 4.5x Facet would give.

      I don’t really keep up with damage enhance skills so I can’t say for sure, but there probably isn’t anything else that will be higher than 2.5x, maybe 3x. I don’t see anything wrong with using something like Awoken Freyja, though, as she should give enough boost to guarantee you get through the nuke. For Freyja in particular, the haste is nice if you have a Kaede system; if your Kaedes are staggered by 2 turns, the extra haste will get a second one ready for the critical turn.

      It’s also worth noting that if you have the enough HP and the correct resist latent set up, you might be able to survive the Arena 1 Kali nukes with the heart-cross shield. So you wouldn’t need a damage enhance at all. An additional shield active would work, too.


  2. I can’t wait for the achievement/completion bonus.. throwing those HP/RCV buffs should make these teams even better..

    Just wondering.. how fast was this clear? I’ve been playing Panda in Arena and I am kind of tired of like 20ish min Arena runs…

    Hoping Miru/Kaede/Sumire can help speed things up.. I guess I can always wait until Uuevo Lubu X Oda


  3. Not sure if you accept friend requests but I don’t feel like I’ve ever had the caliber of leaders that would interest you until now. I’ve got a hypermax Kaede with max skilled Facet inherit on her. You Yu is in slot 1. Friend ID: 361-663-205


  4. Coop may not be appealing but you can still farm it by hopping on to reddit discord server and advertising Arena 1 Kaede DC. I see lots of people just asking to start the dungeon, then both of them drop their internet connection momentarily to switch to 1 player mode. You may not want to bother with looking for someone to do this all the time, but it might help you get some more runs in for just a little work.


    • I’m fine with co-op, it’s just that soloing Arena 1 is a lot more convenient to me for various reasons. Stamina/stone costs don’t really matter to me.


  5. Slightly off topic, but do you know what kind of Sumire teams people are running in arena that don’t include Skuld (My evil white whale)?


  6. I am trying to evolve myr but am stuck on how to get the evo mats to evolve nordis… Can you tell me where to find them? Thanks!


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