JP 20-Box Update 5


The big event this time was PAD Island which means I finally have a Summer Claire.

Since Last Update


I decided to incinerate some stones in the off chance of getting Summer Pandora and out popped the wrong 7-star. Sigh. This REM was particularly bad to roll in since there’s absolutely no help outside Pandora, but sometimes a man just has to roll for cuteness. Now it’s time to start saving up rolls for the Halloween REM which should hit in a couple of months. With Meimei now crossed off the list, a common speculation is that Karin will finally make her seasonal appearance then; if she gets a dark-main form, I’d actually consider IAPing on this account, especially if her art is in the style of her b/d form.

On a related note, I’m now back up to about 100k MP. If I ever get back to 300k (or is the target 500k now?), I still don’t know if I’d actually buy anything. I mean, I guess Xin Hua is neat, but there’s no way I can run her as a leader nor is she particularly useful as a sub for me, especially when compared to Yomi Dragon. However, considering that they’re willing to sell Myr-level cards at 500k, now’s the time to be stingy with MP (and stop spending it on evo materials…). The most likely candidate for a 500k dark card would be Halloween; there’s no way I’m raising another 400k before then, but I should try to be prepared as possible, anyways.

So I actually bought Claire before I did my actual rolls which was pretty stupid. Sure, it’d be a miracle to roll her in three tries, but I still should’ve waited to buy her until after. Then again, I might’ve just bought her anyways to get both forms. She has an unfortunate overlap with Castor. If there ever came a point where I had to choose between the two, I’d obviously choose Claire, but even if you ignored the cute factor I’d still probably choose her. Castor is certainly a great sub, but I already have a god killer on Haku and hazard orb clearing + haste with Satsuki. His remaining strengths would be 2x SBR and 2x skill boost, but for the most part I can live without that. At least for now, machine killer is so rare in dark that any card would be hard pressed to beat Claire in value.

Outside that, I really didn’t do anything. I just haven’t felt like playing this account much lately, in large part due to my NA main account taking up all my free time farming MP (gotta save up for Summer Myr), but also because doing anything with the 20-box restriction is so arduous. I could always drop the restriction, but to be honest I’m pretty happy with how much (or how little) time I invest in this account; it’s a novelty and I want it to remain that way as long as it’s fun.

Skill Up Management

Skill Up Progress

  • Orochi: done
  • Facet: 3/5
  • Zaerog: 6/10
  • Claire: 1/6

Py Status

  • 2 Badpy in mail (from PAD Radar)
  • 1 random Py dungeon in mail
  • 47 rainbow stones in PAD Radar (almost 5 Pys)
  • Beat Star Justice in Challenge Descended for another Badpy

I’m pretty close to finishing both Facet and Zaerog, but as long as I don’t have an urgent need for them, I’ll continue to wait for stream and Challenge rewards to finish them off.

Farming Claire skill ups in the Dungeon of Darkness is pure hell without a button team, but since it’s so stamina efficient it’s hard to complain. I need to get a few more done before Star Justice and his Badpy reward rotates out; Claire’s new machine killer being one of the few ways my teams can deal enough damage to beat that dungeon.


10 thoughts on “JP 20-Box Update 5

  1. Do you think Claire is still a good purchase for NA players? Pandora/Luci seem to be moving out of the meta but Claire has always been on my wish list and I’ve got 400k mp just burning a hole in my account.


    • Personally, no.*

      TLDR: You want to invest in a good endgame leader before buying a sub. However if you’re farming MP at a brisk pace, then you can afford to make impulse buys, as it’s only a bit of extra farming to earn it back.

      *Well… it depends 100% on the rest of your box, and how much you farm. First off, if you farm MP with your natural stamina, you can get what, 5-10K MP a day. So 30-60 days for an MP card (Well, 50-100 if you’re going for BMyr… :P). So if you’re BIG into farming, then maybe you can buy her and be ready by the next time a card you want arrives.

      Secondly, and this is diminished if you farm MP as mentioned above, it’s a matter of having an endgame-ready leader. If you have a kaede system and are casually farming Arena 3, then sure, you can spend your MP on whatever you want. If not though, it would be a MUCH more solid investment to go for a good leader that can handle endgame content. And TBH, the way the meta is accelerating, the next set of MP cards will OBLTERATE the current set. Probably even more so than the current set blew away the first set… And they may well cost 500K MP, so IMO, it would probably be better to save your MP.


      • MP is so ridiculously easy to farm that I don’t see any reason why you’d sit on MP for something that may or may not ever come when you could buy something that you could put to immediate use. I wouldn’t assume a new round of MP cards would be all that amazing, either, as none of the Four Gentlemen were appreciably better than Ra Dragon. You also have to consider if you even want to clear the endgame solo anymore. Things are so much easier with farmable co-op leads that why would you ever invest in a leader that’s just going to be outdated in a few months anyways? Personal satisfaction, I guess? There’s certainly no in-game reward, anyways. In my opinion, it’s much better to invest in subs as they don’t depreciate at nearly the same rate as leaders. So if he feels that Claire or any similar card would help him, he should buy it. That being said, you still have to be smart about what you’re buying and if you don’t plan on farming MP, then you certainly still have to be stingy.


  2. I really enjoy the occasional updates in this series — the different perspective created by the box size limit is interesting.


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