Why 8+ Floor Ranking Dungeons Are Stupid

Luckily, after this and Athena, it appears GungHo learned their lesson and hasn’t released a ranking dungeon over 7-floors to date. Hopefully they’ve also learned that a low floor count is bad, too, after the shit show the Ace Attorney dungeon was (4-floors). They should all be 6- or 7-floors, in my opinion.

Oh, yeah, if you have this team or something similar, you’ll likely want to invest in it as this will pretty much be an auto-crown for any upcoming dungeon with a preemptive strike on the first floor (assuming there are any, or that a suicide skill is viable). At the very least, it should be a top choice for Hera-Is, whenever NA gets it. Although at the rate we get ranking dungeons, who knows what kind of teams we’ll have access to.


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