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I’ve been working on this post for a several days now and have just been too busy to finish it. Instead of having it rot in my post queue, I’m just going to push it out now. I apologize for the lack of editing, but it’s not like I put too much effort into these alt posts anyways :^)

It’s been almost two weeks since the last update for this alt, mostly because I’d rather be farming with it than writing about it. Since then, I’ve mainly been farming MP, but I also found time for some key skill ups and rolled in the previous godfest (8/14).

Godfest Rolls

I got impatient and decided to roll last godfest. I got surprisingly lucky getting 16/16 gold eggs, but aside from Avalon Drake, I didn’t get anything I truly wanted.


Why I Rolled

Seeing as a major part of this blog are the Godfest Help posts, I wanted to explain my logic behind deciding to roll even though it would go against the advice I would’ve given this account. When I give godfest advice, I give what I feel is objectively the best way for that account to advance within the constraints given. This usually means the advice is “wait for a better godfest” and that advice definitely applies here. Any Heroes godfest would be amazing for this account. However, I went against that advice for a few reasons.

  • The account was getting stale – I mean, I can farm MP forever, but only having Zaerog∞ and Linthia in my farming repertoire isn’t exactly exciting. I wanted to expand my options.
  • I needed something else to work on – I’ve finished work on most of the good REM cards in this box, the few that there were, anyways. Even if I can’t abuse Zaerog∞ for free stamina anymore, there’s still plenty of stamina to burn and I need something to burn it on; skill ups for new cards is the best option.
  • I felt handcuffed by the notion that I needed to keep saving stones for a godfest – I wanted to save as many stones as possible for a good godfest and was reluctant to spend them elsewhere. However, as the stones piled up due to the last couple of godfests being garbage, it felt harder to spend any of them on stamina. Now that I’ve spent my stockpile, it’s not like anything really changed with how I should spend stones going forward, but for whatever reason it feels easier to spend them as I please. Just a weird mental thing, I guess.
  • It was a wood gala – I usually advise that galas aren’t a good reason roll in a godfest, and generally they aren’t, but there are plenty of non-pantheon wood cards that I wanted and this is the best way to get them. Among the most desirable are Avalon Drake, Leeza and Sasuke. The small boost to wood pantheon gods is just a bonus. Considering that wood galas hardly ever overlap with godfests, this felt like a good time to pull the trigger despite the godfest itself not being so great (although now that wood is by far the best element, I’d imagine it will overlap with godfests more often).
  • Indian 1 vs. Three Kingdoms – Truthfully, neither pantheon is very good for this account. For Indian 1, Parvati is the only decent roll and while Vritra would be nice for button teams, that’s not exactly a luxury I can afford to chase. The Three Kingdoms is at least marginally useful. A dupe DQXQ would be good for a possible Myr team and a dupe Liu Bei would be great for skill inheritance. It was close, but I chose day 2 and the Three Kingdoms.

If the next godfest features the Heroes, so be it. Yes, it’ll sting, but I still think the reasoning behind rolling now was sound.

The biggest problem I have when giving advice is knowing the break point where sitting on stones just isn’t worth it anymore and you should just roll in a “suboptimal” godfest. This is because that is largely dependent on the player themselves, their in-game goals and whether they’re having fun or not. So I try to take that into consideration where possible when giving advice. Now that I’ve went through that process for myself, I feel I have a little more insight on how to give such advice going forward.

Roll Analysis

Card Notes
1130 - Avalon Drake I really should’ve stopped rolling here, but, you know. Avalon Drake is a huge hit and without him this batch of rolls would’ve been a dismal failure. At first it was somewhat regrettable that I bought Christmas Sonia — I bought her solely for the board change effect — but since I’ll be using Avalon mainly as a base sub, it’s still good to have access to Sonia for SI. This account can now make P1 of the Myr farming team, which is nice should I ever decide to go that route.
1704 - Drifting Wizard, Wee Jas

Wee Jas is a solid utility card and at the very least he can be used for inheritance on MHera or Myr. He’s very easy to overlook, but I’m quite glad I now have access to this active.

2994 - Great Earl of Hell, Ronove

Ronove loves me; I rolled four in two packs on my NA main, two on my JP alt and now this. At this point I was thinking Ragnarok Dragon was a guaranteed purchase. I already had Linthia max skilled so I’d be looking at farming Gainaut next, with Awoken Sakuya being used to cover water until I got something better.

2187 - Gale CyberDragon, Alnair

Alnair isn’t very exciting, but any active skill that makes matches for you will always have applications for farming teams.

368 - Freyr

Fire and water are by far my weakest elements going into this godfest, so getting a random fire pantheon god was very upsetting. Better than a troll gold, though.

2442 - Blue Dragonbound, Ryune

Rolling Ryune was completely unexpected. With a quality Summer Myr sub under my belt, I started to get thoughts of buying her instead of Ragnarok Dragon.

1239 - Lu Bu

Dark is my third worst element and only Sun Quan would be worse for this account from the Three Kingdom’s pantheon. That being said, this is the account’s first suicide skill — useful for MHera in Arena and could have really narrow Dios applications somewhere down the road. It’s hard to complain about gaining access to new abilities even if the card itself is pretty horrible for this box.

2994 - Great Earl of Hell, Ronove

Yep, Ronove really does love me. I’ll keep him so I don’t have to worry about switching inherits around, especially since I plan to run a MAthena team.

2944 - Balboa

If we’re going to roll GFEs, they might as well be wood. Balboa is actually a pretty nice roll, providing my Liu Bei team (and, again, a future MAthena team) with another utility option. This is really my first good killer option in wood, too.

2710 - Sherias

LKali board changes haven’t been relevant in ages. This is the only complete miss I rolled.

1884 - Curved Blade Brave, Kopis All of the Blade Braves have become great co-op skill inheritance bases and Kopis is particularly good because he has shares his main element with MZeus. If there’s any hope for a decent MZeus team on this account, Kopis will likely play a role in it.
2421 - Pollux Another strange off-pantheon god roll. Unlike Freyr, though, Pollux is pretty damned useful and will only get better when she gets her two skill boosts and god killer with her split uevo. This also gives me this account’s first inheritable light heartbreaker which could be relevant for MHera farming should I ever max skill an MZeus.
1241 - Bearded Deity, Guan Yu Wow, this is easily the worst roll of the bunch, but is more useful than Sherias by virtue of being wood. Considering Apoc got some love, it’d be nice if the Guan Yus and Zhuge Liangs did as well.
1883 - Nameless Blade Brave, Masamune Similar to Kopis, but for Liu Bei instead which is definitely more relevant for this box. Sadly, I don’t have a Vritra to take advantage of his push button applications.
1088 - Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

BSonia is another solid roll, even if she’s unlikely to help any time soon. If I can’t hit 500k MP for Myr, I might have to sell her, as regrettable as that might be, but that seems very unlikely.

557 - Hatsume no Tsubone

I got a Ninja, but it wasn’t the color we wanted — both Sasuke and Fuma would’ve been better for this account. Hatsume is a fairly solid water sub, though, I could see her making my Myr team from time to time.

Why Myr Over Other Choices

3112 - Sniper at Rest, MyrThe three best options I have for endgame leads after this godfest are both Myrs and Ronove. I have other decent options — Ryune, Balboa, DQXQ, BSonia — but those are by far the best.  Here’s how I see it:

  • Summer Myr – Good sub options are Ryune and Sumire; team will have no problem with movement time. Urd can be used as a decent assist skill and Christmas Paulina is a decent base. Lacks quality heartmakers like Andromeda or Gabriel. Amberjack and Ilsix are decent farmables. The team’s biggest weakness are SBRs; will have to farm Another Justice to cover it.
  • Light Myr – Good sub options are Saria and DQXQ. Elia is a good farmable and Moogle is actually a pretty legit sub considering it was a freebie.
  • Ronove – Good sub options are Ragnarok Dragon, Linthia and Gainaut, all of which are farmable. Star Justice is a great utility sub for a farmable. Team has no problems with SBRs. Lacks quick orb change options.

I think Ronove is the strongest option going forward, but I’m leaning toward Summer Myr instead. Why? Having fun is a big part of the game and playing with a team with cute art definitely has its upsides. This more than makes up for any edge Ronove might have over Myr. I’m choosing Summer Myr over light Myr for a few reasons. I do think my sub pool for her is better, but even if it wasn’t, I’d still choose her. I think there’s some sense of pride in using a 500k MP lead on this account. I also like the goal of making a SUDR team to farm Ilsix skill ups, something I should be doing anyways. Then there’s always the fact that I can always farm MP to buy Ragnarok Dragons later; and I most certainly will.

Let’s Get Summer Myr

I have about 125k MP to go in about two weeks; let’s give myself 12 days to leave some wiggle room. Assuming I continue to farm Zaerog, I’ll likely start selling all the drops instead of using them for +eggs which means each run is worth at least 575 MP at 25 stamina per run. In 12 days you get 5760 natural stamina or 230 runs or 132,250 MP. Meaning, on natural stamina alone, not even counting rank up stamina refreshes, I can get the MP necessary for Myr (edit: this estimate was made when I started writing the post; I’m now at 425k MP so I’ve farmed 50k MP in about 2.5 days without spending a single stone).

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

With Ilsix being one of the more interesting farmable Summer Myr options, I have a bit more motivation to get a SUDR team going for this alt. The Liu Bei team isn’t nearly as good as MZeus, but it’ll do as I don’t plan on hardcore farming this dungeon; yet, anyways (YouTube link).

Abstract Goals

  • Farm MP to buy Summer Myr
  • Get SUDR team ready for Ilsix skill ups
    • Max skill Zeus & Hera – Stone if necessary. Sadly, I’ll miss out on this event’s dungeon (8/16) farming MP instead.
  • Get Star Justice team ready (YouTube link)
    • Probably need to do P1 since I don’t have Raphael.
      • I surprisingly have Jize and Hathor done. I’ll use Mithril Edge instead of Hermes. I’ll have to Py Vaan, but I was probably going to do that eventually anyways.
    • P2 can run Avalon Drake instead of a Dios to hit the SBR requirement (since my alt will be using Mithril Edge instead of Hermes). Don’t exactly want to have to match against Kamui, but considering he doesn’t have a combo shield it shouldn’t be too bad.
  • GOdin for MAthena?

Immediate Liu Bei

  • Jormungandr – Skill ups done
  • Dios #4 – Hyper done
  • Michael – Hyper done
  • Zeus & Hera
  • Tengu
  • Ra
  • Spica
  • Avalon Drake – Dog Dragons come back in two rotations?
  • Phact – Armored Dragons next rotation?
  • Balboa – Greek Masks
  • Ronove – Green Fruit

Summer Myr

  • Ilsix
  • Amberjack
  • Christmas Paulina
  • Urd
  • Another Justice
  • Change Sun Quan to awoken
  • Hatsume
  • Wee Jas

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Persephone – Evo and skill ups done
  • Jize – Skill ups done
  • Loki – Skill ups done
  • Claire
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • DQXQ – Skill ups done
  • Venus
  • Thouzer
  • Vaan

Long Term Liu Bei

  • Christmas Alraune – Skill ups done
  • Fafnir
  • Armadel
  • Hanuman
  • Bartz


  • Ragnarok Dragon
  • Gainaut
  • Star Justice


  • Scarlet
  • Surtr
  • Elia
  • Volsung
  • Nordis
  • Aamir
  • Christmas Echidna – Skill ups done


  • Myr
  • Amaterasu
  • Sakuya
  • Kagutsuchi – MHera
  • Bastet Ace
  • LValk Ana
  • Goemon #2 – Summer Goemon instead?

7 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 4

  1. Thanks for the write up!

    I was wondering, since you chose to pursue the summer Myr team, how come you didn’t try to roll some of the stones for Navi instead of using it all on the Godfest? Or do you plan to roll some summer rem before it goes away and try your luck for Navi?


    • I do want Navi, but I feel Christmas Paulina is a good enough substitute. While all the silvers outside Awilda would be good for this account, I can’t justify the gamble (those troll af 5-stars… ugh). Also, if you consider Another Justice, I have too many SI bases and not enough skills to inherit.

      I considered saving rolls for the Summer REM, but felt the chances of scoring something from the godfest would help me more. Sadly, it didn’t work that way, but I went for the higher upside and don’t regret it.


  2. I only wish I was powerful enough to handle Wednesday Mythical when Green had Aubade Gaia attached.

    Last week I did pretty well when it came to 6*s: Sherias Roots, Gremory, an extra Scheat, and Fenrir Viz (shrugs). No Ronove for me, but being a 5* it’ll find its way into my collection sooner than later.

    I might even futz around with a Gremory build for fun.


  3. On a technical point, why is your Kopis image outdated and the Masamune image isn’t? (I’m slightly involved in slow efforts to get up a central repo for in-game data, such as stats and images.)


    • First paragraph of the post: “I’ve been working on this post for a several days now and have just been too busy to finish it. Instead of having it rot in my post queue, I’m just going to push it out now. I apologize for the lack of editing, but it’s not like I put too much effort into these alt posts anyways :^)”.

      I know, reading is hard sometimes.


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