JP 100-Box Update 6: RIP 20-Box o7


Sigh. I was really hoping there would be a way to opt-out, but I guess 20-boxing is much too obscure to make concessions for.

There are workarounds like filling up the excess space with garbage, but that kills the clean, concise and beautiful nature of the challenge. Then I remember if I had 100 box space from the start, I’d have a pretty damned great Ronove team and I get even more depressed. Well, I’ll sit on it a few weeks to see where I want to go, but it’s very likely that this will just become an outlet for rolling free stones again, meaning there will be little point in blogging about it anymore.

Also, there’s no real update this week since I pretty much dropped the account once I heard this box space update was coming. I did, however, beat Star Justice with Awoken Yomi which I feel is a pretty big feat considering how ill prepared my box is for all the gimmicks in that dungeon. But, whatever. Sigh.


24 thoughts on “JP 100-Box Update 6: RIP 20-Box o7

  1. Yup, killed my 20 box too. I’ve got a beautiful water/RaDra box, but with even 80 slots I’d have gorgeous Wood, Dark, and Light teams, too. Oh well.


    • Mostly PAD Radar, but yes, JP has been giving out quite a few 297s of late (4 total so far, but I already hypered my box by then so they’re basically useless). Regardless, it’s still pretty easy to get that many +eggs at that rank.


    • A companion app were you can collect orbs based on your GPS location to redeem for actual rewards in PAD proper. Like +eggs, pys, etc. Think Pokemon Go but way less exciting.


        • I believe orb generation is completely random, just the amount of times you can refresh your radar (your radar scans for new orbs) is tied to how much you’ve moved since the last scan. However, the more sophisticated rewards like certain dungeons (like Radar Dragons or Noel Rush) are location-based i.e. you can only get them in Japan.


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