Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 8/25/16

Since these posts seem fairly popular, I’ll continue to do them while I have time. All content will be hidden after the break. As with all quick thought posts, there’s minimal editing and I might say wrong/stupid things, so please correct me if that’s the case.

Source: PDX.

  • PAD Cross Tourney – Ishtar Buffs – Ishtar is cute and all, but it’s going to take a lot to make her card relevant. Just how far will they push her? There isn’t much precedent, so I’m quite curious. They could only buff Myr so much as she’s already busted, but even if Fafnir is used as a precedent, I believe Ishtar will need more help than that to become relevant. If I could’ve chosen a winner, well, MAthena and MHera are obviously the most appealing, but as with Myr that doesn’t necessarily make them the best choices. I’d probably have gone with any of the orb changers, but Zeal is likely the most appealing of the bunch (and surprisingly the only revo championed by the competitors).
  • Kinnikuman – I’m not expecting NA to get this collab, but then again I never would have expected to get Shinrabansho so who knows.
    • Terryman – A long cooldown is unfortunate, lowering his value as an inheritance base. Unlike Kenshin’s Misao, his active or killer types aren’t nearly as useful.
    • Warsman – Has many good things going for him, especially as a silver, but nothing stands out. I’m still uncertain how good the combo count bonus is; my initial feeling is that it’s vastly overpriced, much like how haste was with the FF Collab silvers.
    • Brocken Jr. – Any active that makes matches for me is an automatic pickup in my book, but I’m not all that excited about Brocken. His active is in a strange middle ground between fast, single-row changes like Leeza and slower, more powerful double-row changers like Chad, making him an inferior option to either depending on the situation. He’s also worse than double-row changers when used in conjunction with a full board change to bypass combo shields, even with his combo bonus. So basically it comes down to whether his row being second from the bottom and/or his +1 combo bonus can make up the lost ground. I guess I could see it, but just off the top of my head it doesn’t look too promising (I could easily be wrong here, though).
    • Robin Mask and Asuraman – 5-star collab golds are usually pretty trash and these are no exception. At least FF’s and even Kenshin’s had some skill assist potential, but I don’t really see any here.
    • Kinnikuman – I’m not sure if he’s broken now that the heart-crossers have set the bar so high, but he certainly seems very good. Exactly how good he is is contingent on how much of a drawback the “can’t make matches of X orbs or less” clause is. To form a basis of opinion on orb hungry leaders, I like to think about them in terms of the Heroes, Awoken Pandora in particular (although, as she gets less and less relevant, so does the comparison). For eight orbs, you get 1.56/25/1.56 on Pandora and 4/64/4 on Kinnikuman. For a full burst turn, you want at least 14 orbs on Pandora, but for only 12 orbs you get 4/100/4 on Kinnikuman. The only major drawbacks being you lose combo damage by not being able to match as much and a lowered chance of skyfall combos, but considering the difference in base multipliers, this doesn’t feel too relevant. He also can’t heal with three heart orbs, but with so much HP buffer to work with, in most cases it shouldn’t be too hard to find a fourth orb in time. Seems good. Anyways, I’m curious to see how he does in JP; even if we don’t get this specific collab on NA, there will inevitably be a similar 6-star GFE that we will get.
    • Soldierman – Compared to the other 6-star golds, this one seems underwhelming. The exact scaling of his leader skill will be key, deciding whether he’s an extremely efficient combo-based lead or a slightly improved Rukia.
    • Akuma Shogun – At first glance, I think I like him better than Kinnikuman. His orb match requirement is even worse than Kinnikuman’s at five or greater, but this seems like the easiest 144x in the game. I don’t know the exact scaling details, but even if it’s 10 connected orbs like Scarlet or 11 like Neptune Dragon, it still seems ridiculously good. The main reason I like him better than Kinnikuman is that you can use a double orb change and not worry about a blob preventing you from making two or three combos. Just imagine the farming applications if there was a full board changer for dark.
  • Skill Up Fodder – High Dragons skill up Sticker Girls, Tans skill up Legendary Heroes. This is a welcome change, especially with all the Sticker Girls appearing in recent collab REMs.
  • Buffs
    • Izanagi – A buff from a 35% to 50% shield is significant, but will still lag slightly behind Myr.
  • Uevos – We can thank the heart-cross meta for making most of these new leader skills seem like complete garbage.
    • Sengoku
      • Sanada and Mori – Pretty much what was expected. Sanada’s leader art reminds me of Awoken Yomi. I really like both pieces of Mori art; I especially like the lighting effects from the fire in his leader art.
      • Maeda – The outlier of the bunch so it was hard to guess where they’d go with him. It still doesn’t look like his role will expand beyond skill inheritance, but at least now he has the awakenings to be a decent sub.
    • Indian 2 – These uuevos have been great so far, making the anticipation for Krishna and Vishnu even greater.
      • Ganesha – This is the most important uevo of this bunch and maybe of the year. For many, the major pursuit in the game is ranking so the guaranteed 1.5x EXP boost is amazing. Monday dungeon looks like the most obvious application; the dungeon is already buttonable so there should be some way to fit in a Ganesha or two and still be profitable time-wise. This also gives reason to explore teams based around leader swap actives like Folklore or NY Tengu. Everyone will want one of these, if only to boost Experience of a Lifetime. I wonder what kind of bonuses his awoken form gets.
      • Durga – 56.25x is on Awoken Yomi levels and is somewhat disappointing. Yes, she’s tankier, easier to activate and has a nice assortment of awakenings, but there just isn’t enough upside here. I’ll admit that it’s quite nice for a uuevo, though (but not quite on Sarasvati’s level).
    • Awoken Japanese 2 – After Awoken Izanagi, I was expecting so much more from the rest of this pantheon. Not everything can be cross-based, but there just isn’t anything exciting about this set of awokens.
      • Ame no Uzume – Really? With Cao Cao being recently released, it would be difficult to make something equally good and also unique, but an 80% HP condition seems so antiquated and punishing that there doesn’t seem to be much reason to consider her a legit leader. If she can’t be the leader Cao Cao is, I get it, but at least make her useful as a sub. However, not only did they not add anything appreciable to her active skill (think Awoken Isis) it seems like it actually got worse (two extra turns for 33% more RCV, really?). On top of that, her horrendous auto-heal awakenings still remain. At least replace one of them with a bind recovery awakening or change both of them to enhanced heal orbs. I’d really like to think that buffs are incoming. At least the art is cute.
      • U&Y – 196x is impressive, even if it’s difficult to activate. Sadly, glass cannons are a dime a dozen nowadays and U&Y does nothing to stand out. It’s also disappointing to see their active get bumped back up to eight turns; sure, that’s where DQXQ is at, but considering how breaking hearts is usually a drawback, I would’ve liked to see it stay at seven.
      • Kushinadahime – A combo lead that doesn’t count skyfall combos? Sounds pretty backwards to me. Not knowing the full implications of that clause makes it difficult to appraise, not to mention I don’t know exactly how her ATK multiplier will scale, so I’ll be withholding judgment for now. I’m also not a fan of the active skill change. I never much liked her old active because when I wanted a shield, outside something like a DQ Hera preemptive, I usually wanted it for multiple turns. As such, I felt the cooldown was too long for what you got and now they made it even worse. I guess the combo bonus helps her leader skill, but in most situations I’d rather have the two turns. Bind immunity is a nice plus, though.
      • Okuninushi – Seems very similar to U&Y; 144x is impressive, but alone, what does it actually accomplish? I always liked the original Okuni uevo after he got the RCV multiplier added to his leader skill so I’m disappointed he didn’t get one here. I’m also not a huge fan of all these cooldown increases for marginal gains; Okuni’s is probably the best of the bunch as an extra delay turn is very powerful, but considering that increased cooldown makes cards worse for skill inheritance, I’m still not sure the trade off is worth it. Getting devil type is nice.
    • Alrescha – RIP.

32 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 8/25/16

  1. Awoken Okuninushi is very similar playstyle to Ace Bastet. Probably on the same power level, trading a more useful active for slightly worse sub selection.


    • That’s true, but I think one of Bastet Ace’s main assets is the god killer which Okuni lacks. While all signs point to NA eventually getting the Cross evos, at least with this reveal we know for certain we’ll get a similar leader. I do like Okuni, a lot, but I probably won’t ever be bothered to try him out as a leader unless there are ranking dungeon applications.


  2. RIP Alrescha indeed trololol.

    Durga made me sigh with sorrow. Considering the disappointment Awoken uevos have been lately I can’t help but feel dread at how Awokens will play out for this rest of this year and beyond.

    I’m in LOVE with Mori though, he almost made everything else bearable just by virtue of his FABULOUS HAIRRRRRR

    I love using UY on my alt so I like his Awoken because it’s at least usable again, but YY and Sarasvati already exist so what’s the point of adding another multiple water combos = damage thing? Seriously it’s just kind of stale now. No reason to use him over YY anyways but that’s a little less frustrating because YY costs MP. I’m VERY disappointed with Ame, I don’t have her but seeing how she really just has no redeemable qualities aside from being fire LMeta is just…what?

    I heard rumors about a PAD Radar thing involving dark Apoc and dark Izanagi, I’m most interested in that right now…

    Also where is my Krishna


  3. Couple of thoughts: Izanagi – A buff from a 35% to 50% shield is significant, but will still lag slightly behind Myr.

    Yeah, even before she got buffed, myr just has SO MUCH going for her that it’ll take several more buffs to make him a better lead. Unbindability is huge, her 2 seconds move time in her LS is huger, and her AS is synergistic to boot. At least Izanagi has a RCV multiplier…? 😛

    Soldierman – Compared to the other 6-star golds, this one seems underwhelming. The exact scaling of his leader skill will be key, deciding whether he’s an extremely efficient combo-based lead or a slightly improved Rukia.

    I’m 99% certain that he’s only in there to make it harder to get a 4/100+/4 lead. XD

    Still, I’m thinking that he could be a good sub on AKushi. 2 extra turns on demand is kinda a big deal when you can’t count on skyfalls… IDK. Cheese potential, as a full board, a top and bottom change, and a +2 is 8 combos… I cannot WAIT for the button team that can farm MZeus 😀

    I’m pretty sure that the 4/x/4 leads will be the next big wave of powercreep. Kaede and Ronove are great, they’ll stay relevant for a long time, but having their “effective” HP limitation contingent on a heart cross will ALWAYS be outranked by a team that has the effective removed, giving you a GUARANTEED 4x HP/RCV, with ZERO WORK.

    I’ve been theorycrafting for a while about AA1 Awokens. Back in the days of A.Egyptians, I was thinking that 4/6.25/4 would be pretty good. ANorse came out and were 2/10/2.5, which made me think that maybe 4/4/4 was more on the nose. Then, Orchid accelerated the meta, and I was thinking that 4/9/4 was reasonable once more. And then, heart crosses. And suddenly, a 1.5/1/1.5 LS, with a 50% shield and 2.5x on a heart cross left me thinking that a 9/6.25/9 team could be decent. Lo and behold, Red f*cking Riding hood gets the EXACT LS I predicted for an Awoken… either I’m a poor guesser, or powercreep is too fast 😛

    And now… NOW we get a collab card that’s got a NATURAL 4/4/4, and the possibility to go up to 4/144/4. I officially retire from guessing AA1’s LS, as WTF has powercreep done to the game.


    • Kinnikuman collab LS has been farmed off the JP data push. Soldierman starts at 1.5x for 3 combo reaching 5x at 10 combo. Kind of meh. Asura Shogun needs 12 connected dark to reach 6x. Also kind of meh. Just wait for Halloween myr for 500kmp :^)


      • Yeah Soldierman is pretty garbage. I can foresee many tears rolling him instead of the other two.

        12 orbs for Akuma Shogun is… a lot… but at the very least he should have decent farming potential.

        It looks like the scaling is:
        5: 2.5, 25x
        6: 3, 36x
        7: 3.5, 49x
        8: 4, 64x
        9: 4.5, 81x
        10: 5, 100x
        11: 5.5, 121x
        12: 6, 144x

        Even if you rule out consistently hitting the higher multipliers, the mid ones aren’t that bad. Just making a team of bicolor boards and double orb changers should be fine for co-op. Of course, you then have to ask yourself why you’re not just using ALB/Dios.

        Welp, I’ll just wait for JP to have at it. I’ve gotten so lazy thinking about leaders since it’s so much easier to have JP do all the work, especially when NA may not even get these cards.

        And Halloween Myr would be amazing, would give me a reason to dust off my poor Pandoras 😦


        • Yikes, 12 orbs is a lot. Meh, you have the HP to stall really effectively, so a team with lots of double orb changers should prove highly successful. Plus, the ability to control damage really effectively. To put it into perspective, Neptune Dragon is 36x for 11 orbs, this guy is 36x for 6 orbs, up to 144x for 12… seems good. Low combo count, but one blob at 144x with rows and OEs considered… seems good enough to me!

          Halloween Myr would tempt me quite a bit, but I managed to roll BMyr this time around, so I’m satiated and won’t likely spend any MP on her. I’m strangely OK with the idea of rainbow myrs as seasonal MP cards… probably because they aren’t creeping the power any further, just opening heart crosses to different colors.


  4. I’m really miffed about Alrescha. NA already got Pollux, Castor and Antares and Spica was revealed not too long ago. I can’t imagine what the hold up is.


  5. You know you said you aren’t sure on kushinada’s sky fall don’t add combos but her multiplier caps at 10 combos so she doesn’t “need” sky falls. Also it’s a way to help her control her power. How can you kill Sopdet if it sky falls keep making you hit like a Mack truck. It’s so you can also hit your desired power for resolves and the such. With her active when you really need the kill you can add a combo and double leaders can make two combos to make 8 for her full multiplier needed. She also has the strongest current color going for her just to say. And her as a leader is 2 turns of delay if you wanted or SI is a thing for a longer shield.


    • You’re putting words in my mouth. I said that I didn’t know the details of that clause which is why I didn’t pass full judgment. The way that it was translated made it pretty ambiguous. The main point of contention is whether skyfalls clear and not count toward your combo count or if they don’t clear at all. I guess not clearing at all is the presumed way it’s going to be? I actually haven’t been paying attention. That’s better since it sets up the board with free combos for the next turn. Anyways, there’s so many technicalities that I’m just going to wait for it to be released rather than needlessly speculating over a lead that will likely amount to little anyways.

      The Sopdet argument isn’t much of a plus for this mechanic since most Arena farming teams already have a consistent plan with contingencies to deal with her and all absorb shields in general. There’s a much greater chance of missing damage from skyfalls hurting you than this helping you. A nice convenience? Sure. But in the end it will hurt more than help.

      Your points about her active skill are also unconvincing. Mainly, none of them address the main problem which is the long cooldown. The combo bonus? Could be good, I suppose. As a mechanic that just came out it’s still hard to evaluate, but it doesn’t seem all that great to me; not good enough to add two turns to the cooldown, anyways. The shield? It really doesn’t equate to a delay as there are many things it can’t bypass that a delay does (namely perseverance penalties), Of course, there are times with a shield is better, but you can’t just equate the two. Yes, you can SI over it, but a 10-turn base cooldown isn’t doing anyone any favors.


      • Sorry wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth was just being quick before work. I was more so trying to discuss how I like the mechanic of the skyfall doesn’t add combos and the new type of active then Kushi as a whole.

        I wasn’t trying to say she’ll be the new shiny arena toy or anything. Just that her mechanics can be fun to try out and I can definitely see potential in power control through a LS like hers since damage absorb shields are a way to counter today’s OP multiplier meta.

        In the case of me, 90% of the time skyfalls were bad to me my whole pad career. I’ve found myself cursing sky falls making something hit harder then I intended. I think I’d like to try having more “control” over how hard I’ll hit


        • Yeah, it’s usually the bad things that stand out, but in my experience skyfall as been good and bad about equally, if not more on the side of good; I don’t know how many combo shields I’ve bypassed only because of skyfall. However, those times dying to Sopdet or being stuck on Parvati for what seems like 100+ turns are definitely super frustrating.

          As someone that farms a lot, though, skyfall is 100% bad so I’d actually like to see that clause be stapled onto a farm lead someday (it already kinda is with the Khepri and Kinnikuman leader skills since skyfalling 4+ is pretty damned rare). I’d also like to see that be put as a restriction on some ranking dungeons; while that punishes cascaders, I’d be interested to see how it affects the perception of “skill”.


  6. One thing i’d like to point out is that Maeda Keiji is now the better Sakyua (leader skill wise). You only need 9 combos and for random colors (out of 7!) to get a 100x multiplier.


      • Even if Maeda Keiji has an easier to achieve multiplier, he’s still bindable and has fewer awakenings than Sakuya. Granted, those are just some resists and a bind clear, and his active gives you a good shot at activation. I’m going to have to see how he plays before a final call.


        • I think the point, at least from my point of view, is more that a split uevo is now comparable to an awoken uevo that was once considered one of the best in the game, not whether he’s actually better. And to add the point, that he’s basically irrelevant upon release, that’s how far we’ve come in a year.


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