Wadatsumi Tournament Results


Whew, 0-matching sure is hard work. Congrats to Chase Chat for dominating the top 10.

A video of the run is here. This strat will technically still be viable in upcoming ranking dungeons, but it won’t be optimal since none of them are eight floors or greater. The basic concept should still be good, though, preemptives willing.


This is about as far as I got until I switched to the Dios team (courtesy of Japan and their Hera-Is Tournament). Unfortunately, my Nuts wouldn’t be able to break the top 10 again. It’s just too hard to do enough “combos” in the time allowed with this team. I’m actually in awe of Japan getting the scores they did with Yomi Dragon; I can’t imagine the amount of tries it took to get a good run there.


Of the three remaining non-preset ranking dungeons, Dios is positioned to score well in two of them:

  • Yamatsumi – Preemptive floor 1
  • Phoenix Wright – Well we all know this one was cancer; I’m not sure NA will get this anyways.
  • Hera-Is – Preemptive floor 1

Nice. Seems like first floor preemptives shouldn’t be a thing anymore.

For those curious, the remaining preset dungeons are:

  • Tokaigi (Isis)
  • Japan Cup (Ragnarok Dragon)
  • Sphinx (Kaede)

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