Collab REM Review – Rurouni Kenshin

Writing this review was a slog. The content delay is NA’s greatest advantage, but it’s also our greatest curse. With over a month having gone by since JP got these cards, we now know that most of them have amounted to very little. We can use that information to our advantage, but at the same time that knowledge kills the hype surrounding what would otherwise be an exciting event. It certainly made it difficult for me to put in the effort to do that extra research and subsequently write a review.

It’s hard for me to put that sentiment aside and be objective, but I do believe that this collab is mostly trash, as most collabs wind up being. Kenshin and Saito with their ridiculous cross-based multipliers are flashy, but as it goes with most collab cards, they’re simple testbeds that have been equaled or surpassed by subsequent, non-collab cards. The rest of the REM is fairly dismal, with a few cards having niche utility use, mostly for skill inheritance, but they’re not exactly must-haves. I think it says a lot when the most useful cards in the REM are silver, Kaoru and Kamatari. For most, it will be worth giving a small number of rolls since the silvers are good, but I wouldn’t recommend people go all-out unless they’re die hard fans as the top-end is poor.

Also, I usually never mention the farmables since that’s just more work for little return, but this time I strongly suggest picking up a Yukyuzan Anji from the collab dungeon. Even if you can’t spare the stamina to max skill him, make sure you remember to favorite him when you clear the dungeon for the stone; even with no skill ups he’s worth having around.

6-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Himura Kenshin – A-
3019 - Rurouni, Himura Kenshin
At a Glance
Positive A leader skill with the potential to reach the damage cap.
Positive Easier to activate than it seems.
Negative A glass cannon in a world of heart-cross shields.
All leaders will inevitably be compared to the dreaded heart-cross meta and, as is usually the case, Kenshin fails that test. While he’s the king of glass cannons and has so much going for him, it’s hard to get excited about anything when leads like Kaede and Myr bring a previously unparalleled combination of offense and defense. We all know this and it’s boring. So rather than expand upon why Kenshin is inferior, let’s explore why he’s good.

I personally feel that Kenshin doesn’t get the love he deserves. You Yu and Dantalion are probably the best leaders that are most similar, but they’ve been getting more recognition even though they aren’t much better, if at all. I’d say, orb for orb, Kenshin is just as good.

“Low” refers to the lowest multiplier with that number of relevant orbs. “High” refers to the highest multiplier with that number of relevant orbs. Relevant orbs refers to any combination of elements that are used to activate that card’s leader skill (fire and light for Kenshin, water for You Yu, fire and hearts for Dantalion). For example, if Kenshin only has fire orbs, his activation becomes reduced since he also needs light for the 2x bonus.
Orbs Kenshin You Yu Dantalion
Low High High High
5 3x 3x 5x 3.5x
6 3x 3x 5x 3.5x
7 3x 3x 5x 3.5x
8 6x 6x 7.5x 3.5x
9 6x 6x 7.5x 3.5x
10 9x 18x 7.5x 12.25x
11 9x 18x 10x 12.25x
12 9x 18x 10x 12.25x
13 9x 18x 10x 12.25x
14 9x 18x 12.5x 12.25x
15 18x 54x 12.5x 12.25x
16 18x 54x 12.5x 36.75x

This comparison is apples to oranges since each leader skill has its own quirks. Like Kenshin has some flexibility in activating off either fire or light, but this can also be a drawback since it’s not always possible to get both colors. Regardless, his multipliers still compare favorably. There are other reasons why Kenshin might be considered worse than the other two — Dantalion’s system-able active and healing-while-attacking nature are probably why he’s more highly regarded; inertia and a simpler matching requirement are probably why You Yu is — but I still believe he should be getting more respect.

Anyways, outside the silvers, Kenshin is the only good roll in the machine. Not worth rolling for specifically, but fans of the character will be happy to know that he’s a fairly capable lead.

Saito Hajime – B
3033 - Shinsengumi 3rd Squad Captain, Saito Hajime
At a Glance
Positive Damage potential is worse than Kenshin’s, but that usually isn’t a huge factor since it’s usually overkill.
Negative Orb hungry, so generally better in shorter dungeons.
Negative In general worse than Kenshin; it’s better to do one thing and do it well than do two things mediocre.
The biggest knock on Saito is his active reliance. While he seems like a more balanced Kenshin due to the RCV multiplier giving him some tankiness, the fact that it’s tied to an active use significantly lowers its value. Awoken Liu Bei and Cao Cao have shown that this active reliance isn’t a show stopper, but considering how much more matching effort you have to put into getting a decent ATK multiplier with him, it’s hard to compare them directly. He probably compares more closely to Ichigo and we all know how he ended up.

He’s also orb hungry as his cross multiplier only activates off dark orbs, something Kenshin can mitigate by activating off both fire and light. However, considering the damage return you get on 10 dark orbs, the cost is mostly justified. That condition also means he can only fit two crosses on a 6×5 board where Kenshin can fit three, further capping his damage potential. So while Saito isn’t great, he still has his uses as a high-multiplier dark lead (like for the upcoming +297 Zeus dungeon).

5-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Shinomori Aoshi – C+
3029 - Oniwabanshu's Leader, Shinomori Aoshi
At a Glance
Positive An Echidna-type leader skill clause; a neat way to deal with perseverance.
Negative A water pure-combo lead is nice, but topping out at 16x isn’t.
I see Aoshi’s card mirroring his anime character: that useless thing that never accomplishes anything. As a leader, 16x ATK wasn’t even good a year ago. As a sub, he doesn’t bring enough awakenings to be relevant. His only real use is for skill inheritance, doing a poor Awoken Hermes impression. The troll gold egg of this REM.

Sagara Sanosuke – B+
3025 - Fight Merchant, Sagara Sanosuke
At a Glance
Positive A unique active that has an assortment of utility applications.
Positive One of the better wood machine killers due to the two skill boosts.
When this collab’s stats were first revealed, Sano was immediately my favorite card. That feeling has subdued since that initial reaction, but I still feel the main reasons I liked him are still relevant. While the machine killer stood out to me the most, it’s the full package that appealed to me; a super-utility active, two skill boosts and two killers in what is, for now, the best element in the game. The machine killer’s applications are fairly obvious, but the physical killer is not, which is probably why this card hasn’t made as much of an impact I thought it might (the golems are really the only cards that are both machine and physical and they aren’t particularly demanding damage-wise so the 9x from killers is still searching for a good application). I also thought there was potential in the active skill. Rather than being just a single-target laser or just a defense break, Sano essentially combines the two, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. I also liked the 50% HP reduction. Sometimes you want to reduce HP for a leader skill like Dios, but not all the way to one like typical suicide skills due to the threat of preemptives. The cooldown is also reasonable enough at seven turns where you can still slap a good assist skill on top of him. On top of all of this are two skill boosts, meaning he can carry his own weight as a sub on farming teams. I still think he has a lot of potential and while I don’t intend to roll much this collab, I’d still like to get one.

Seta Sojiro – B-
3035 - Juppongatana Tenken, Seta Sojiro
At a Glance
Positive A fine DQXQ sub.
Negative Doesn’t have much of a place outside that team.
Negative Almost always worse than Jize.
Sojiro has some potential, but his awakenings are what hold him back the most. His four offensive awakenings are all great, but when he brings no basic utility, even lacking a single skill boost or SBR, it puts a strain on the rest of the party. The 99-damage laser has increased in value as of late; while lasers are always good, the advent of revo Zeal and his 100 damage nullification shield have made those of the 99 variety that much more valuable. The two-orb spawn seems useless, but at three-turns cooldown, it can help with activation multiple times per dungeon and can fix full-board changes if they don’t spawn enough lights, ensuring at least a five-orb activation. He fits best on a DQXQ team, providing both rows and wood coverage, but outside that there’s very little use for him. In most cases, running a Jize is just better.

4-Star Silver Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Note: Silver egg ratings have a strong emphasis placed on long-term relevance which is usually tied to how well their active serves as an assist skill or how useful they can be as an inheritance base.

Makimachi Misao – A-
3031 - Oniwabanshu's Kunoichi, Makimachi Misao
At a Glance
Positive A fine combination of killer awakenings and orb change active.
Positive Orb change brings some utility in jammer clearing and healing.
Misao is about as relevant as it gets for a silver that doesn’t bring a unique assist skill or provides some sort of utility. While her active is quite good and the 30% heal could be useful in certain dungeons, her double killers are her main appeal. This puts her on a similar level as the buffed Ninjas, really only losing a TPA and a row to them as far as awakenings are concerned. In particular, she compares favorably to Chiyome which is a good sign for a silver. That doesn’t put her on the same level as a silver like Berserker, but with Cao Cao being a thing on NA, I could see her having marginal use as an SI base on such a team. There are better Devil Rush teams out there, but this video represents her capabilities well, her killers, orb change and heal all contributing to the clear.

Kamiya Kaoru – A
3021 - Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu Instructor, Kamiya Kaoru
At a Glance
Positive High potential as an assist skill.
Positive A fine assortment of awakenings makes her a decent sub.
Kaoru is likely the most relevant card from this REM due to her skill inheritance implications. Her closest comparison is Vaan who is a widely used assist skill from the FF Collab. Kaoru makes a secondary water row instead of fire and heals 50% instead of having a one-turn haste, but she can be used in much the same way. One of the most widely used ways is to use her as a follow up to a full-board change like Dios, facilitating the easy formation of five or six combos to bypass combo shields, up to eight combos with a little more work (here’s a simple method for six combos; here’s a similar one that requires less moves, but cascades aren’t necessarily good while farming). However there’s plenty of double row changers that can do that. What gives Kaoru some identity is the 50% heal. In most cases it’s irrelevant, but there are some niche uses like surviving multiple preemptives or healing MZeus back up for his full multiplier.

Takani Megumi – B-
3027 - Doctor, Takani Megumi
At a Glance
Positive A heartmaker in a heart meta.
Negative Boring, easily replaceable.
Negative Active is stronger than the Fairy Tale girls’, but the longer cooldown is rough.
Bind clearers are always useful, especially in the early game where finding one that is also bind immune can be somewhat difficult, but they’re also always boring and Megumi is no exception. It’s especially difficult to justify investing in her as there are farmable replacements in Aamir and Star Justice and NA will presumably get Tamazou GOdin. Her one advantage over them is making hearts in a heart meta, giving her extra value on teams like Kaede and Parvati, but wood has plenty of good replacements that don’t require Woodpys to be usable — Wee Jas and Thumbelina come to mind.

Honjo Kamatari – A+
3037 - Juppongatana Great Scythe, Honjo Kamatari
At a Glance
Positive A multi-target laser with three skill boosts makes him a prime push button candidate.
Positive Able to be inherited, making him a good Ra replacement at silver.
Negative Skyfall buff can make farming slower.
Kaoru might be more desirable card since her effect is more difficult to replace, but Kamatari should be more relevant to more types of players. His most obvious role is as a Ra replacement, his 99 multi-target true damage being good enough in most circumstances (and ideal against something like revo Zeal). His awakenings are a boon as most of the low-end cards that have this type of effect don’t even come with a single skill boost, let alone three. It’s also nice that at 13-turns cooldown, you likely won’t need to skill him up if you’re using him as a base sub. For those rolling this collab, for any of the golds, I’d definitely suggest holding on to multiple copies of this card, especially if you don’t have many other lasers.

Myojin Yahiko – B
3023 - Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu Disciple, Myojin Yahiko
At a Glance
Positive Comes with great awakenings and active for a silver.
Negative Nothing stands out, meaning he’ll have little use beyond being a placeholder sub.
Yahiko, similar to Misao, is a solid, all-around card for a silver, but has little function outside being a mere placeholder for those with incomplete teams. While Misao has a unique effect in her orb change and heal combination and two desirable killers to boost her damage, Yahiko’s column change and single killer are nothing special. Without anything to define him, he’s just an easy to forget silver.


Thank god that’s over. I’d say outside any sentimentality for the original work and its characters, almost all players should avoid rolling in this REM. Hardcore farmers will want to pick up a Kaoru or two, a Kamatari and maybe a Misao, but none of the golds are worth chasing. Sano is intriguing and has a chance of being an important farming piece in the future, but it’s hard to justify rolling for a collab gold that doesn’t have an immediate impact.

I usually put in at least two packs to every special and collab REM, but I’m strongly debating holding back this time. I can probably get all the silvers within a pack so I’ll likely call it there and save some funds for Halloween or whatever comes next. I’m hoping to land at least one Sano in that pack, though.


53 thoughts on “Collab REM Review – Rurouni Kenshin

  1. In a word, this collab is niche. Almost everything is OK, but next to none of it is good or great. High value silvers will have me rolling a bit, but I doubt I’ll even put in a full pack. All I’m in for is a Kamiya and a Takani for inherits, and any Honjos along the way. After that, I’m saving for Kinnikuman (spelling?) if it decides to come out, and if not, the inevitable 6* GFE with the same-ish LS.

    Also, Halloween is a thing, so we’ll see what new MP trap they come up with. Hoping both for, and against it being Myr. On the one hand, I’m down for it, as I have a decent team for her. On the other, there are SO MANY other cards that could be just as good or better getting an MP version, and we already have both Kali AND Escha in rainbows now…

    We shall see.


  2. Saito seems like he might be a strong sub– he’s basically Awoken Lucifer, but with a slightly stronger active skill (at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown), and a bunch of orb enhances instead of rows.

    The problem is his typing. The only relevant dark leader that matches his type is Sephiroth, and his active has a chance of messing up the board and ruining leader skill activation.

    Still, I could see him becoming a great fit if they release a lead that works with him. Sadly, he still probably wouldn’t be a significant upgrade from Lucifer, and I think that Eschamali would probably be better still.


  3. Pretty relaxing REM for once since all the cards I really want are the silvers. I would say this is actually A+ collab for end game players for skill inheritance. But like you said the cards are pretty trash on its own. Time to prep for wallet rip on Halloween Kaede.


  4. This is completely off topic a little bit, but with the recent buff to Sarasvati so that she can do 100 times with 9 water orbs, is there any reason for anyone to buy You Yu now?

    I almost feel like that she is better than You Yu now in some way.


    • Not sure if she’s appreciably better, but I think you’re correct that there’s not much point in buying You Yu if you already have Sarasvati. It was questionable pre-buff, but now, for sure, it’s not.

      > This is completely off topic a little bit



  5. I heard from someone that Tsubaki is getting a buff from 76x to something better. Is that true? If so, what is the new attack multiplier?


  6. Probably a silly question, but for the farmable Anji.. how many do you plan to farm? Think one should be enough?

    I’m tempted to farm more than 1 but I guess his 1 SB would not be that beneficial for coop teams…


    • One should be enough. I can’t imagine what you’d need more than one for, but I guess there isn’t in much harm in keeping a second one unskilled just in case.


    • I Am Farming up 3 for my alt, so I can use them in mechdragons, to kill the trash floors. Ogres don’t kill mystic stone knight, and its annoying. Lol.


  7. If my team is Myr/BrideAkechi/NYHanzo/Moogle(Or Myr)/AApollo should I switch Moogle or NYHanzo for lemon dragon or keep both?


  8. Like always…I am putting all my hopes in a yolo Silver…I want a Misao or Kaoru (that way if I get a Gold i will not be disapointed…probably)


  9. hey setsu! this is completely irrelevant to this post, but what is the most plus efficient dungeon that can be solo farmed with a button team? I heard it was valk/goemon but I was wondering if this changed with the new 2sb goemon


    • I’m assuming you mean just descended dungeons. It also depends on what you mean by buttoning, but in general Tengu is the best for solo. I don’t think anything really changes due to Summer Goemon or the skill boost badge.


  10. So I scrounge up 25 stones for this Colab for the heck of it and my first pull was the dark 6star Hajime.My last out of the 5 rolls was the green 5 star that you want to roll Setsu. I guess my question is should I feel even the slightest bit of happiness rolling this guy on my first pull, and does he have a use anywhere as a sub?


    • Saito isn’t a terrible sub which has already been discussed in these comments. Nothing to get incredibly excited about, but I could see his combination of abilities being good in certain situations.


  11. Also I’d have to disagree about Ichigo.For those of us not lucky enough to roll 2 Dark Kali he has been very useful on my Ra Dragon team.Luckily I rolled 2 so I keep the one on my Ra Dragon team a god.His active is pretty darn useful on rainbow teams.As a leader he’s obviously outclassed but that wasn’t why I rolled him.Thanks for the blogs and all the wealth of information you bring to the PAD community.


    • People love reading things that weren’t actually written. I was specifically referring to Ichigo as a leader, not a sub, particularly as it relates to the active reliant RCV multiplier. You even say yourself he’s a poor leader in your comment. Please, reading comprehension.

      Also, trying to advocate for subs that are almost always worse than other options isn’t exactly a shining endorsement for them, especially when they’re collab golds. I mean, Saito is a fine substitute for something like AD Lucifer or Eschamali as a sub in certain situations, but that’s not much of a positive.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. You spent most of your comment picking apart what I said and what was wrong with it and didn’t even pay any attention to the compliment I gave you.Which l have to say is very very dissapointing.That told me more about who you are then any amount of blogs you could ever type, but thank you for your input.


    • Actually, I spent all of my comment picking apart what you said. Are complements supposed to prevent me from criticizing what you said, especially when you’re wrong? Are you so sensitive that you need me to recognize your complements? If you’re going to make superficial judgments based on what someone writes on the internet, then I could make plenty of superficial judgments about you based off your posts: all of which are “very very disappointing”. See? That gets us nowhere. I would have preferred you use your time to come up with an actual rebuttal if you thought I was wrong, but whatever. You’re certainly free to live your life how you prefer, I’d just prefer you don’t do it here if you just want to express your disappointment over a fair criticism. At the same time, if you don’t like the way I do things, I totally understand, but that’s just the way things are around here. I apologize if you got the impression otherwise.

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  13. I wasn’t disappointed at your correction of my comment and it most certainly was not the reason why I was disappointed.There are ways you can explain things without being hastle about it, but I suppose subtlety isn’t your strong suit. Criticism is never a bad thing and in fact it can be a great tool in alot of ways, but there are ways to do it without snarky comments. It seemed as if I touched a nerve when I said I dissagreed, and it’s funny you call me sensitive since I was thinking the exact same thing about you. It’s as if disagreeing with you was such a no go that you completely overlooked something very positive I did say, and that was my whole point.Being right or wrong about a video game character was never the point in all this.I have no problem being wrong about a character in a video game, and I certainly don’t have a problem with someone pointing it out, but I have to say the whole tone of your comment was kind of nasty so I called you out on it, and no I’m not so sensitive that I need you to recognise my compliment.It’s just that recognising a compliment from someone who supports what your doing,especially after such a snarky comment, would have been the polite and a kind thing to do. Your obviously not the sort of person that acknowledges that and that’s what was dissapointing.Your choice was to poke at my reading comprehension and to display your distaste for it, but hey you do you baby boy and I’ll do me and we’ll just leave it at that.


    • Resorting to name calling now? Nice. I’m actually surprised you’re still visiting this site and replying to this since I’m apparently so distasteful to you. Note that I never denied being anything you accused me of, I actually expect there are plenty of people that share your thoughts, many of whom never visit this site again, and I can’t say they’re wrong, but you’d rather keep taking shots at me rather than argue the point about PAD or just plain leave. However, this is my site that I run purely as a hobby, so I’ll run it as I please and I have little tolerance for people that can’t take the time and effort to read or put together a coherent question/argument nor will I pretend to do so. Does this rub people the wrong way? Sure, obviously or we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but I’m not going to censor myself on something I do purely for fun. Anyways, thanks for the page views. I’m sure there are plenty of other PAD sites/communities that will pretend to tolerate you.

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  14. wtf is going on up there

    As someone who’s fairly late game (rank 400+) that uses ALB frequently, do you think it’d be worth pushing for Kaoru? I currently don’t have any double row changers. It’s worth noting that my main coop partner has a Vaan however, and I’m a non-IAP player with about 20 stones. You mentioned plenty of double row changers but from what I could find they’re all collab rolls anyway. Thanks


    • Up there is what happens once in a while since I definitely rub people the wrong way sometimes. It’s the unfortunate side effect of doing things how I want to do them and being unapologetically unfiltered to people that trigger me. Most people just move on, but some people have to have their spiel.

      Your real question is a tough one. Without knowing more about your box, I’d say it’s not worth it, especially since your co-op partner can bear the burden of supplying the Vaan and there aren’t too many dungeons that have multiple combo shields (which is what I’m assuming you want Kaoru for). For Liu Bei in particular, I’d say none of the double row changers are really a necessity and while breaking combo shields with a two-color board changer is both risky RNG-wise and tiresome over a long farming session, it’s probably better to just deal with that than use precious non-IAP stones trying to get a silver you may not actually use very much.

      If you used MZeus frequently, I might say it’s worth it. Maybe if you had use for the other silvers, it might be worth a few rolls. Nor do I know how much you actually need those stones for stamina/rolls. Or what dungeons you run or want to run, or how much you run them. Or how much being “optimal” means to you. Definitely a tough question; if you can provide more insight maybe I can help you more.

      And yeah, I do believe all the double row changers are collab rolls, although Drahklist is technically non-collab, but NA getting them will be contingent on whether we get PAD Cross and whether they find an alternative delivery method to PADR to get them to us (but I guess something that makes a wood row isn’t all that relevant to Liu Bei/Dios for combo shields, and I guess you probably can’t inherit it since it’s not from a REM?).


      • I’ll do my best to address things in order. First off is box, though it might be a bit off as I was running into issues syncing from padlistener: . Main teams used are A luci and sumire, comps are located in the team tab. Just to make sifting through the box a little bit easier, I have already rolled 5 times in this collab which is already far more than usual for me (kenshin, sanosuke,kamatari, megumi, and sojiro), and at that point doubts about rolling more started to kick in which is why I’m posting =P While I am non-IAP, my mindset towards stone usage has gotten more lax as I’m pretty content with my box. I have stoned for stamina on occasion for things like STTV, and I don’t mind rolling in low-ish value REMs as much.

        I don’t have M Zeus yet but my coop buddy and I just got the dacho set up working (but we keep screwing up). That should be acquired in the next few days though. As for current goals, I don’t have any concrete dungeon benchmarks – Coop-wise I would like to be able to farm m hera and m zeus in the near future, and my coop partner and I are working towards SUDR and mZeus. Solo content I would like to be able to solo arena 1 consistently, but that would just be for benchmarking purposes as I’d rather get the reduced stamina cost in coop anyway.


        • Still a tough question to answer haha

          Knowing more, the prudent advice would be to hold on to your stones, especially since you already rolled some. While your dupe risk is low (nice rolls btw), it’s still pretty risky as none of the other cards in the REM are particularly great.

          Arguments for rolling would be for getting some utility for MZeus. You have some very nice pieces for his teams — Ilm, Baal, Raphael, Orochi — but you’re still missing some of the more niche pieces for speed teams. Which means, in general, Liu Bei is still probably a better choice for farming than MZeus. Meaning, Kaoru isn’t all that necessary.

          If you foresee MZeus being a big part of your farming future, though, then I think it might be worth it to roll for Kaoru “just in case”. Considering you can advance your box through MP farming instead of rolling, this option becomes more viable.

          So, yeah, sorry for the mixed messages, but I don’t feel too strongly either way. Hopefully I brought up some points that can factor into your decision, but in the end the choice is up to you. Good luck either way you choose.


          • Thanks for your insight, especially given how close the call is. I’m going to lean towards no – there will be opportunities for the other changers (or even better ones) in the future, and I’m not sure how much I’ll use M zeus or how soon I’ll be able to. On top of that, I don’t mind having to match while farming as long as it’s relatively easy. Given the luck I’ve had with my current rolls I think more would just lead to regret haha.


            • Nice, nice. It’s hard for me to give advice like this. As a heavy IAP-er and farmer, I’m of the mindset that “I’ll just dish out the money for it” since I don’t want to miss out on any cool farming teams. However, since I’ve started my non-IAP alt, I have a little better perspective and realize that you don’t have to have every little thing to still farm effectively. I agree with your decision (although that part of me that needs to have everything nags at me).


  15. Sometimes you do take things a little to seriously though bro.You should lighten up.I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging a compliment from someone that reads your blog. I’m kinda surprised u do. What ever. That’s how video game nerds are I guess.My bro is like that too.


    • Everyone has different values. If you want to roll me up into whatever impression you have of “video game nerds like your bro” then that’s your prerogative.

      I thought we were here to talk about PAD?


  16. Aww man I love video game nerds ,I’m one myself, wasn’t trying to be rude bro. I like your blog and read it a lot.Im actually going through your archives now.Nerd is just another way of saying u know ur stuff. That said I read that chicks comments and I thought u could have been nicer is all. She really didn’t say anything bad she just called u out on your overall attitude and I guess you can’t take criticism to well lol.You had a crap attitude and thats o.k that’s who you are, but people don’t come on here to be your buddy they come on her to get info or otherwise use u for ur knowledge.Thats how she should have viewed you, just an impersonal robot like Suri on an I phone.Get your info and bounce.


    • Take criticism well? I accepted everything she said while also trying to explain my point of view, we disagreed and ended on that; what else am I supposed to do? She and I may have different values and expectations, but I at least respect her opinion. Unlike yours where you’re just trying to needlessly throw fuel on the fire, intentionally or not. Please stop. At least you understand that I really only care about the delivery and exchange of PAD information, so I’ll give you that much.


  17. This is one of those collabs where my love for the series far overshadowed the usefulness of the cards. Luckily, I somehow managed to get everything in the 15 rolls I had saved up but I was fully prepared to buy an 85 pack. I might still buy one anyway since now I’m out of stones and I want to show support for them bringing collabs over. :>


  18. Hey setsu,
    You mentioned that an anji would be a good farmable pickup. What difficulty would you recommend clearing the collaboration dungeon to be most stamina efficient to get the drops? Thanks.


  19. Well. I went 6 rolls hoping for silvers, first roll was Kenshin. O.o

    Didn’t get any Takanis or Kamiyas to inherit, so I rolled six more. Second Kenshin. Still no Takanis or Kamiyas, but that’s enough stones for this REM…

    Why can’t I have this kind of luck when I WANT it? 😛

    I DO have the 5 Honjos I wanted though… super fast predra farming, here I come! 😛


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