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Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

Previous update

I didn’t get nearly as much MP as I wanted this week, but much of my stamina was spent on gathering stones and skill ups instead, which I suppose is a worthy allocation of resources. I’m not even sure what MP card I want to buy next, anyways, so I guess there isn’t much of a rush to hit 300k again. I wanted Ragnarok Dragon for use on both Ronove and MAthena, but I’m balking on that idea now, especially since I’ve had so much success with Summer Myr and Liu Bei.

Summer Myr Doing Work

To be honest, I didn’t actually think I’d get much mileage out of my Summer Myr team, not because she isn’t powerful, but because I didn’t expect to have to solo in any meaningful way on this account. However, NA got two solo challenges last week so the investment paid off.

Whew. I barely cleared the 62 million hurdle to one-shot Zeus. Ryune + Hatsume gave me a very nice 19-11 board, meaning I could make two rows and a single TPA; I’m not sure of the math, but anything less probably wouldn’t have been enough damage (could I have gone TPAs instead? I don’t know). Awoken Ra was on Navi and an orb refresh was on my friend Myr which was necessary to get that first-turn, two-color board. This also made me quite happy that I invested in Sun Quan, but it also made me realize not having any god killers in my box is a huge disadvantage. I also should work on hypering Christmas Paulina for the active orb enhance.

Next up was the Liberty Geist Snow Globe challenge. Much, much easier than Zeus, but it was still satisfying to have a team that could easily pull it off. I really wish they’d give some sort of confirmation that you completed it, though, as it would’ve put many minds at ease, including my own.

Hatsume has been working surprisingly well for me. A water + heart changer would obviously be ideal, but just having a quick water changer to pair with Myr’s heart spawning has been quite nice.

Farming Scarlet

I have some incentive to make a Cao Cao team, both for solo and co-op, and Scarlet would likely be a key sub for a solo team. However, after running the dungeon a few times and realizing that a) it sucks and b) it gives significantly less EXP than Zaerog∞, I decided to put off finishing my Scarlets for now. In reality, I should’ve done this at earlier ranks when I could rank continuously off her dungeon (and would get about the same MP), but hindsight is 20-20.

This team is pretty bad. There are so many reasons why I can’t improve it that I don’t want to take the time to explain them all, but just know that the overarching reasons are:

  • This account’s Liu Bei can’t be relied upon for the Ra active since it has no SDRs
  • I don’t want to buy SDRs
  • I don’t want to remember to stall if I get a latent invade.
  • I don’t want to change Liu Bei’s inherit since I need the Ra for Zaerog farming and I don’t have anything better to inherit anyways.
  • Basically I’m just lazy and don’t want to invest in a real Scarlet farming team.

This current team is also vulnerable to skill delays, but if I forget to stall for Ra I just die to PreDRAs where it’s still possible to stall for Griffin(Xmas Sonia) later in the dungeon. Yes, this team is bad, but for people that also have weird constraints, maybe this will give you some ideas on how to work around them. Thankfully, I don’t intend to do long-term farming here so I’ll just deal with the janky team, skill a Scarlet or two and get out.

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

I imagine this post will continually get more boring as time progresses as I simply can’t accomplish as much as the interval between rank up stamina refreshed keeps getting larger and larger. Going forward, my main focus will be on replenishing my stone supply, hopefully having at least a pack’s worth the next time the Heroes come around. After that, I’ll be looking to raise my rank as much as possible, hopefully hitting 700 or higher before going all out in stoning for stamina. SUDR will play a large role in getting there. There’s some merit to the argument that I should just be patient and continue using stamina on dungeons that benefit me beyond just rank EXP, but I’d rather just make my stones more stamina efficient sooner.

As for my MP situation, I’ll probably buy Ragnarok Dragon, but part of me just wants to wait and see what Halloween has in store for us. Since Ragnarok Dragon will probably rotate back in around that time, maybe I’ll just wait. With Summer Myr working out so well, I don’t really need Ronove and getting a working MAthena team will take a while to get started, anyways.

Overarching Goals

  • Anji – Super-high priority
  • Farm stones
  • Farm MP for Ragnarok Dragon/Halloween
  • Farm SUDR for Ilsix
  • Prep GOdin for MAthena?

Liu Bei

  • Avalon Drake
  • Tengu – Done
  • Ra – Done
  • Spica – Done
  • Phact
  • Ronove – Green Fruit (next rotation?)
  • Masamune

Summer Myr

  • Ilsix
  • Amberjack
  • Christmas Paulina
  • Urd
  • Wee Jas

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Claire
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • Venus
  • Thouzer
  • Pollux
  • Kopis

Long Term Liu Bei

  • Fafnir
  • Summer Armadel
  • Hanuman
  • Bartz


  • Ragnarok Dragon
  • Gainaut


  • Scarlet
  • Surtr
  • Elia
  • Nordis
  • Myr
  • Amaterasu
  • Sakuya
  • Kagutsuchi – MHera
  • Bastet Ace
  • LValk Ana
  • Goemon #2
  • BSonia
  •  MAthena
    • GOdin
  • Cao Cao

31 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 7

  1. While the posts may get boring, it’s nice to see you post progress on an account that is in need of development. The roll analysis for what you get is particularly interesting as it can offer hindsight to a newbie that is looking to see how the new rolls synergize with the box.

    Thank you for keeping this up. Please continue to post more of the updates.


  2. I’m really enjoying these posts cause you are playing with the mindset of a non IAP player. It gives me more insight on how to play efficiently, of course with having fun being the most important. I think your posts on spending MP more freely because farming it has become much easier has really allowed me to open my perspective on purchasing these MP cards. It definitely makes me feel the Shiva Dragon purchase less painful haha…

    I’m in a similar situation. I have an ideal Myr team with the tried and true core of, Apoc DQXQ Wukong with Flex being newly hypermax Venus and Liza.. also testing out Weejas and others. I too also have a lot of success with A. Liu Bei

    Right now, I have everything I need to farm Arena pretty easily and tackle harder dungeons.. the only “annoyance” would be having to blow out all my actives on Sopdet…Therefore I was kind of interested in looking for another team to supplement my Myr team and I was thinking of Ronove… and you mentioned that Ragnarok Dragon was definitely one of the best value purchases for an MP card. I also read that Ronove was basically the opposite of Kaede team building in which many “farmable” cards are more than suitable for his team building.

    So a few questions on that note:

    I’m interested in making this Ronove team but I’m a little worried about matching other colors on top of the heart cross. With Myr, I only focused on the lights and ignored the rest which made things easier, based on your experience, how much of a transition is it? Then again, only 3 colors are needed for it shouldn’t be too bad..

    I noticed that you plan to max skill a Gainaut (over Linthia, presumably because of her bad awakenings/Ragdrag color coverage) for the team.. I understand the Ronove active will provide a healthy green board for a bigger burst, but if you were to somehow pull Dkali, would you prefer her over Gainaut? She may not guarantee two possible green combos, but her stats/awakenings are a bit better than Gainaut’s.

    I’m also a bit hesitant on spending 300K MP on Ragnarok Dragon even tho I know he’s a great investment. I’ll probably just wait until he rotates again.

    Would you say a core of Ronove/Kaede/Dkali/Rag Dragon/Flex(Balboa?) be something that I could invest in?

    Sorry for the long post.


    • Yeah, the main message I wanted to get across with this post series is that MP is much more accessible and people should adjust their team goals around that. I’m glad that’s what you’ve gotten of it and it gives me some motivation to continue with it.

      As for Ronove:

      1) There is certainly some adjustment needed to make the transition from Myr to Ronove, but I don’t necessarily think it’s much harder from a puzzling perspective. You’ll have to put some more thinking into where you place your combos upfront, but, like you said, you don’t actually have to match that many colors so it’s really not much more difficult. I find it to be a refreshing playstyle; not too much different than Myr, but different enough that it keeps the crossing fun and engaging.

      2) For Linthia vs. Gainaut, I already finished my Linthia a while ago so that’s why only Gainaut is on the to-do list. Yes, Gainaut is really only there for color coverage. I do prefer DKali over either farmable because she’s bind immune, giving you a chance to activate those colors in the case of a random bind. Also, considering you have Kaede, I definitely think you can run DKali and be happy with it.

      3) Yeah, it’s somewhat hard to bite the bullet on any MP purchase, especially with Halloween coming up, but I do think Ragnarok Dragon is one of the best overall subs in the game. I do think it’s prudent to take a wait and see approach to it, though, and I’m likely going to do the same with my alt.

      4) Yeah, that core sounds quite good. Water is always the hard color to cover, though. Balboa is alright, I guess, but presuming you don’t have Rozuel, I think something like Isis or Sakuya should be considered because bind immunity is important and so is the extra time extend. I don’t know what you have at your disposal, but I’d try a variation of subs in that last slot and see what you like the most.


      • Ah I definitely have a Sakuya.. having her already hypered would make things a lot easier. Since I was lucky and rolled 3 DKalis (where were they when Sakuya meta was here)… I have been trying:
        Ronove/ Kaede/ Dkali/ Dkali/ Sakuya/Ronove… haha it feels so weird to have such different colors but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes…

        Matching was a bit easier as you said with cards that have TE.. but it feels a bit harder to try to put in a TPA dark/TPA light/TPA Wood to get the most damage..

        I guess having that Ragnarok Dragon replace one of my Dkali’s would probably bring this team to the next level huh?

        For now, knowing that you believe I have a good core, I think I can safely invest in Ragnarok… I’ll post my box and such during the next GF for a more thorough team building help!

        Thanks Setsu =]


        • Yeah, Ragnarok Dragon is a beast. I’d continue to play around with the team you had listed and if you like it, it’ll make it easier to make the purchase.

          If it makes the decision any easier, Ragnarok Dragon is a great MAthena sub (and Ronove isn’t horrible, either). The MAthena Arena team basically allows you to single-TPA every floor to death, allowing for all of your inherited skills to deal with the various hurdles like Sopdet. I don’t remember if co-op is your thing or not, though.


  3. One comment on your Scarlet farm team. I have found people look up a template an d then don’t give it any thought after that. The practice is all well and good, but in this case, deviating a bit can make your life a lot easier.

    You said you can’t rely on your ALB’s Ra inherit due to skill delay, but you don’t have to. All you need is a partner who 1) doesn’t have an inherit on his ALB and 2) does have an inherit on at least one Dios. (You can get by if you have along inherit like Thantos on your ALB as well). the play looks like this:
    F1: P1 Dios
    F2: P2 Dios
    F3: P1 Dios (gets bound by Kraken on transition)
    F4: P2 ALB (clears 2 of the 3 turns of bind)
    F5: P1 Ra on ALB
    F6: P1 Dios
    F7: P2 no match, P1 match anything with damage, P2 Dios (w/inherit)
    F8: P1 Dios

    The trick is that all of the plusses on your Dioses means you don’t need to worry about an enhance. If anything, you could replace the griffin with a true bind clear, but that is unnecessary.
    Your blog has been so informative, I hope this is a small way I can give back.

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    • Wouldn’t you need to ping Kraken with P2 and clear with P1? As written, P1 would still have a turn of bind going into F6. I think that’s ok; just means P1 needs an inherit on Dios instead of P2.

      Assuming you are correct about not needing an enhance, it’d look like this:

      F1-F3: as above
      F4: P2 stall. P1 ALB.
      F5: P2 Ra on ALB
      F6: P2 Dios
      F7: P1 no match, P2 match w/damage, P1 Dios (w/inherit)
      F8: P2 Dios


      • The ALB active clears 2 turns of bind, leacing 1 turn as you go into the predra floor.
        After you use the Ra inherit to kill them, both Heras have a preemptive that ticks the turn counter and you are up and ready to kill.

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    • First off, I think much of the discussion is somewhat moot as you pointing out that I don’t need an enhance for F8 basically solves the issues I had with the team (matching on F1 and Griffin possibly not being up again). I’m actually embarrassed that I didn’t even really think about whether I needed the extra damage or not and I really should’ve put more thought into it. Thank you for pointing that out.

      That aside, your team doesn’t appear to meet my condition of no stalling. Assuming my alt’s Liu Bei has Ra with no SDR and my partner has a clean Liu Bei, I’ll still need to stall for the Ra to come back up if I get a F4 invade. Since everything else has long inherits to protect against delays or SDRs, that Ra is the only thing I’d have to stall for so I’d rather not. The solution appears to be using Awoken Ama instead, her haste ensuring that the Ra will be back up on time even on a F4 invade.


  4. You’ve mentioned Anji a couple of times now — is there a specific dungeon you have in mind for using him, or is the idea just to have a 0 def break monster lying around in case you happen to need one in the future? I’m not seeing anything specific I’d want to use him for, since even with max +s and atk latents he wouldn’t do enough damage to kill star den ogres, but maybe I’m missing something.

    Put another way, is there some set of REM monsters that would obviate the need to keep/skill Anji?


    • The most relevant application is in dungeons that have consecutive high-damage monsters and taking advantage of the damage void carrying forward to make the run more time efficient. An example would be using it on floor 7 of Zaerog to kill the Super Kings, then clearing floors 8 and 9 with a single Goemon active since the defense void carries forward so the nuke part will kill the PreDRAs. This basically gives you an extra active to use elsewhere in the dungeon, mainly to set up a burst board to kill Zaerog through his shield.


      • Ah thanks! That makes sense. After thinking about it some more, it also dawned on me that Anji can also be used as a poverty ARa substitute (assuming you can make up the S+ elsewhere), yes?

        If so, I could see it being useful to have two or more for folks who want to make pushbutton teams but don’t have any other nukes — I’m running a couple of Don-chans on my tama team, for example, for which a skilled Anji would be a strict upgrade.


  5. Keep up with the series, I really enjoy seeing how a messy nonIAP account can come from a…mess… to this! Gives me hope :^)

    I rolled Ronove on my alt and currently have Ronove / RagDrag / Kaede / Michael / Valen. Does that sound okay? Don’t really have many other color coverage options now I suddenly want Rozuel lol. So jealous of my alts luck (similar to your alt it was given to me by a friend who quit). Especially when he got Kaede on her debut


    • I think Michael and Valen are fine, especially when you’re still feeling the team out. However, if you feel it’s worthwhile continuing with the team, I’d definitely consider Linthia or Gainaut over Michael, if only for the time extend. If you go Linthia, you get more wood-main damage (although it’s questionable if you really need more damage past Ragnarok and Kaede), but that leaves the awkward fire/water slot. If you go Gainaut, you have a bit more freedom with the last sub slot. The team sounds pretty great for an alt though!


  6. Hi setsu. Do you expect ranking up will eventually backfire on you? Like will it get to a point where you feel that you can never play the game because it takes too long to rank up and you can play only off of natural stamina? This is obviously regarding NIAP. You sort of mentioned this in NA Alt Update 5 and saying that your high rank is now causing inconvenience to you because of only being able to play at certain times.

    I’m asking because when you started this series, the account was rank 428 while I was 500ish. Now your alt is 590 while mine is 540. I have access to ALB teams to farm every rogue but I’m just worried that high rank will be detrimental in the long run.


    • I don’t think “backfiring” is the correct way of looking at it. True, I can’t really farm continuously off rank up stamina refreshes outside of SUDR, but that’s something that will eventually happen to everyone. What really matters is what you do with that stamina. If you’re doing something like Monday dungeon, well, you’re not really getting anything out of it, but something like Zaerog is plenty rewarding. Although doing something like Arena 1 instead or alongside Zaerog might actually be the most efficient way of using all that free stamina. Everyone gets the same amount of “free” stamina, it’s just a matter of how and when you use it.

      The other benefit of ranking up is that stones will net you more stamina, meaning the free ones you get will go a lot further. Stoning for stamina is predicated off already have a strong box, something this alt has improved greatly, but is still struggling with a bit. So until then, I’ll just have to live off the natural stamina that everyone gets. Sure, I can’t play as much as I’d like, but most people can’t play more than an hour or two a day anyways.

      In short, I don’t really see it being a negative. And eventually GungHo will release better ways of ranking up anyways, as evidenced by the Ganesha uuevo.


      • I’m assuming he just recognizes the FF characters from the KH games. And it kinda depends. Both are not that great for niap. Both have some nifty tools like vaan from FF and kaoru from kenshin. Neither really necessary, especially if you’re missing many good REM cards.


        • If we go by how good they were relative to the meta when they were released, FF was much, much better. If we’re comparing right now, FF still has better overall value at gold. Even if we don’t get into the details, almost all of FF’s actives have haste which by default makes them that much better for co-op. Keshin’s silvers absolutely obliterate FF’s, though, so if we’re going by that Kenshin is better. For the dungeons themselves, I don’t think any collab farmable even compares to how good Anji is, but Zeromus is an important farming piece, too, so it’s not like FF is too far behind there, either. You’re right, they’re about the same, which I think is either saying a lot about how “good” FF was or how “bad” Kenshin is.


  7. Hey Setsu! I really admire you, your posts, and this series.
    I’m wondering how exactly MP is “easier to farm” these days. Do you go more into that in another post? No need to retype it all, if so, obv..
    you’re so cool ^-^


    • I don’t think I’ve gone into detail about it. Basically what happened is:
      1) Mythical-Plus difficulties for rogue dungeons were introduced with a guaranteed 500 MP PreDRA drop.
      2) Co-op is introduced.
      3) Co-op is improved and pushed with half stamina costs, MP per stamina used and other rewards.
      4) Liu Bei and Dios are introduced.

      Add them all up and you have cheap and easy MP farming. On top of that, you can continuously farm Zaerog off rank up refreshes until the mid-500s meaning you can get hundreds of thousands of MP for no stone investment.

      Basically, just farm rogues, get MP.

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    • Knowing nothing else, Ragnarok is much, much better.

      The best dungeon to farm MP is the one you have the best team for; what cards you have available dictates reliability and speed so it’s impossible to say without knowing those. If you just have no clue where to start, I’d take a look at farming Zaerog with Liu Bei. There are plenty of resources on this at the various PAD communities like the subreddit.


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