NA Alt Update 8.5: Godfest Rolls


Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

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I managed to save a packs’ worth of stones and rolled them all. An interesting haul. I’ll go over each card after the break.

Godfest Rolls

I’d been praying for a Hereos godfest since I got this account and I went all in even though they were paired with an unimpressive Egypt 2 pantheon. It also helps that it was a wood gala as I’d love to hit some roleplayers like Sasuke and Leeza to help with Liu Bei farming. Here are my thoughts on each of the cards I rolled:

Card Notes
2141 - Scarlet Dragon Caller, Tsubaki Of all the JP Callers to roll, it’s a dupe of the most useless one. To top it off, they weren’t even featured this day! Sigh. It’s difficult to imagine a future where she’s useful, but the most likely case where dupes would be good is if her leader skill gets buffed so she can sub for herself. That being said, this box has very little support for her leader skill as is and even if any hypothetical buffs turned out well, it’s unlikely I’d want to spend the resources to make the team a reality since Summer Myr is more than good enough for my solo endgame needs.
1065 - Yamato Takeru The Hero I have the least use for immediately, but will probably be the best long term. He’ll eventually slot in on my Cao Cao team and whatever other fire farming teams that come along in the future. The three skill boosts will ensure his viability as a sub for a long time to come.
1657 - Evil Knight, Creuse

The biggest miss of this batch. I guess there’s some possible godforsaken future where I have a physical team that would make use of her has an inherited skill (I mean, Arcline did see use on Xiang Mei so I guess it’s possible). Awoken Liu Bei is physical, so I guess there’s that, but considering the bulk of that team’s damage comes from Dios, who is balanced, it seems unlikely.

2919 - Robin Hood

Welp. This super-rare card that even my main doesn’t have is pretty much useless on this account. I guess if NA gets Bastet Ace he can sub there, but I certainly don’t have the sub support to run him as a lead.

2272 - Akechi Mitsuhide Well, this was completely unexpected. I’d much rather have Sanada, but Akechi is an amazing roll nonetheless. It’s a little unfortunate as the Sengoku are one of the few pantheons on my updated want list, but it’s better to risk rolling a dupe of a card you want than not having it in the first place. I’ve pretty much abandoned developing my dark box in favor of fire, but I can easily see flipflopping once NA gets the Sengoku ultimates. Now that I have two good reasons to go dark — this and Summer Claire for her machine killer — I could easily see revisiting this element.
1502 - Fire Dragon Swordsman

A small chance of being used for inheritance, but pretty much useless. I actually really like the Dragon Swordsmen for silvers, but this box is long past considering this type of sub.

1653 - Green Knight, Delgado

I guess I have a balanced sub for Robin Hood. Not quite as useless as Creuse, but I don’t expect to use him any time soon. Dios is balanced, by the way, and I can see this skill being used as a ghetto replacement for an orb or damage enhance inherit should the need arise.

126 - Ceres

Her dark form has the machine killer I’ve been wanting for wood, but she’ll probably never see any actual use since she’s so difficult to skill up (and I’m currently feeding all my birds to fire Amaterasu). Here’s hoping we get the PAD Cross Collab as her Ana form looks pretty good. It’s somewhat sad that I’m not even considering using her awoken form; here’s hoping the entire pantheon gets some buffs someday soon.

1614 - Fire Wizard, Laila

Bleh. Leeza would’ve been absolutely amazing and even Sharon would’ve been a nice addition. A dupe Laila is pretty much useless; I guess there are situations where I’d want to run two of them for the killers, but considering Cao Cao is already running short on skill boosts, running two single skill boost subs isn’t the most realistic proposition.

1896 - Earth Dragon Swordsman


1624 - Wandering Wizard, Wee Jas

I’m not happy about this since I already have his wood form and I’d rather have new cards than redundancies, even if Wee Jas is quite good now. He’s a potential Myr sub, but considering I already have Summer Myr, I’m not going to invest in that team.

2992 - Princess of Hell, Sitri

I don’t see myself ever using her. Double orb changers are always nice to have for inheritance even if it’s unlikely that water will be good for farming. I don’t even think water has a good farming leader candidate at this point, but I guess there’s always MZeus. At the very least I have something to eat blue Trifruits when I’m farming for Urd and Ronove skill ups.

911 - Red Dragon Caller, Sonia This account’s first RSonia. Can’t say I’m excited, but I guess it’s another mass orb change option for my fire and dark teams. Can be paired with Akechi for a full board of enhanced darks, if that ever becomes relevant. It’ll take a while for her to become usable since Urd is next in line for fire Trifruits (and there’s no way I’m ever feeding PreDRAs for skill ups).
1067 - Andromeda

Jackpot. This made this batch go from above average to quite good. My Summer Myr team is pretty much complete now.

417 - Ruka


2421 - Pollux

Ugh, another non-featured dupe roll. Unlike Laila, Pollux has two skill boosts so if I never need to use both of them on a team for their god killers, they’ll at least carry their weight in that regard.

1661 - Nut

This box was just asking for a Nut. I don’t see any immediate use for her, but the Indian 2 uuevos have me optimistic that the Egypt 2s will get similarly impressive ones. GungHo almost never meets my expectations — only making good cards when I hade no expectations for them in the first place a la Kaede — but one can at least hope.


This batch of rolls was an overwhelming success, netting two of the Heroes I coveted since I started this account along with some nice pieces like Akechi, Robin Hood, RSonia, Ceres, and Nut. There’s plenty of other rolls I would’ve preferred and I got my fair share of trash, but this was once again some favorable RNG for an account that seems to have a lot of luck on its side (I went 5/10 on Yamato and 3/7 on Andromeda skill ups to boot).

I’m a little uncertain what I want to roll for going forward, but considering my solo/endgame needs are met (for now), I can concentrate solely on improving my farming capabilities. I eventually want to save stones for rolling again, but for now I need to concentrate on developing my box; accumulating Tamadras and skill ups will be the highest priority and I won’t be afraid to dump some stones into that.

Beyond that, I don’t have a strong long-term vision for this account anymore. Summer Myr is functional and pretty much done. Same with Liu Bei. Cao Cao is coming along just fine. Maybe MHera is next? MAthena? There are some cards I still want — Ganesha being the foremost — but it feels futile targeting specific REM cards as non-IAP. The plan for now is to continue developing the cards I have, then wing it from there.


16 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 8.5: Godfest Rolls

  1. Wow nice rolls :^)

    I really love using robin hood as a lead, even if its not the most optimal endgame leader. Raw combo playstyle has always been very fun to me and he comes with an rcv boost along with respectable 81x atk. He could also see niche use in the future as a liu bei sub due to his rare balance killer and double SBR.

    P.S. :^) :^) :^)


    • That’s a good point about using him as a Liu Bei sub, I’ll keep that in mind.

      I’d like to use him as a leader, but I really only have 2x Verdandi to use as subs. Maybe I’ll try him out when Tans become skill up fodder.



  2. Ahhhhhhh you got so many cards I wanted ;~; it’ll be my turn someday…maybe…

    Congratulations on Andromeda! Definitely will improve your BMyr team. I personally got Cameo instead of Robin Hood but I’d gladly swap hohoho


    • Over 200 more than my main… 😛

      (Once I had enough team cost to run all the teams I wanted, I stopped caring about ranking up. Now that the team cost -300 badges are a thing, time to start that up again… 😛 )


      • Nowadays, ranking is just an unfortunate byproduct of playing the game efficiently. I’d instantly take the opportunity to be back in the 400’s again.


  3. Wow. Nice. Those 6* historical figure cards are among the rarest of the rare.

    Didn’t roll this time out. Just did some rolls on the RK machine while it was still up. 3rd was Kenshin. I said “Oro?!”


  4. Hey so I was looking at your pad herder in Aw xD But: I was primarily amazed by the amount of maxed lv people you had. Any advice for leveling up? Like I know Snowglobe dragons are ideal but how would you get so many…?


  5. Nice, congrats on Andromeda and Yamato. I blew my stones on Day 2 hoping for Heroes (Wukong! Any!), dreading Egyptian 2 dupes (side note: how was it not paired with Angels?? they were due, dammit!) – got neither. I did roll Ronove though, so despite having zero of the desired subs to support him that’s still good… I guess?


    • Thanks! I don’t know what your box/team situation is like, but getting a mediocre Ronove team — where mediocre is better than most other teams out there — isn’t too difficult since there’s a good selection of farmable subs.


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