Director’s Choice Carnival 2016.09.23

“Gala Ex.” refers to Gala Exlusives; the Legendary Heroes at 6-star and Gemstone Princesses at 5-star. “GFE Reject” refers to the former Godfest Exclusives; RGY and LZL at 6-star, GGY, GZL, Apocalypse, and Avalon Drake (who technically isn’t a GFE Reject, but is featured as one) at 5-star.
Director’s Choice Carnival Results 9/23/16 – 74 Rolls
Rarity # % Card Type # %
10 13.51% Gala Ex. 8 10.81%
Valkyries 2 2.70%
GFE Reject 0 0.00%
50 65.57% Gala Ex. 5 6.76%
GFE Reject 4 5.41%
Pantheon 8 10.81%
Other 33 44.59%
 ☆☆☆☆ 14 18.92% Other 14 18.92%

I haven’t rolled much of anything recently (by my standards, at least) so it didn’t take much convincing to roll this Director’s Carnival which featured more relevant cards for me than probably all the collab and special REMs for the rest of the year combined. What I really wanted was a Sheen for inheritance, but picking up all the missing Legendary Heroes (why is this series called this again?) along the way was a nice bonus. I won’t downplay my luck, especially since I didn’t get plagued by dupes, but it does seem like the gala exclusives are relatively easy to pick up here, especially when compared to the dismal rates they have in a normal gala.

I wouldn’t recommend rolling here, but for players like me where these are basically the only cards we don’t have, this is actually a surprisingly good opportunity. 13.51% is probably a misrepresentation of the actual chances to snag a 6-star, but from what I witnessed of other people rolling, the rates seem to be higher than one might usually expect, especially when compared to the usual rates for a 6-star GFE. I always wondered how JP players picked these cards up so easily, especially in dupes; now I have my answer.


So many Fruit Dragons.


20 thoughts on “Director’s Choice Carnival 2016.09.23

    • I imagine he won’t.

      You can’t make just one sub list. How do you compare Eschamali with Ragdra with Scarlet with Zeus-Dios? You’d have to make at least 5, one for each color, and probably more than that, because it doesn’t make sense even within colors to compare cards like Blonia and Andromeda and Isis, because they do very different things. And making a tier list for each color that separately ranks single orb changers, dual orb changers, full board changers, and utility like bind clears, delays, and damage enhances would pretty much be a full time job. One of those for each color would leave you with 20 tier lists for subs.

      Back on topic, I rolled 15x each on my main account and my alt, and was lucky enough to pull Sheen & Yang Guifei on one and Carat & Napoleon on the other (along with fruit dragons, late bloomers, and the like. I’m quite happy with my results, and plan on cutting back on IAP for a while (unless they drop the GFE gacha).


      • Yes, you’re pretty much correct about the sub list. With SI, almost everything is useful nowadays so trying to generalize things beyond the team scope is even more futile than it was a year or so ago.

        Congrats on the rolls, that’s a pretty good outcome for about a pack’s worth of stones, especially with the two more useful Gemstone Princesses.


    • If we want to get irrationally superstitious, then I feel like all my bad luck in PAD comes over the summer. With my good luck usually peaking in the winter. My good luck peak just came early this year.


  1. I think I may have just taken some of your luck. Caved to iap roll a but for guan yu for collections purposes and got red and blue gala exclusives, green valk, and LZL (dupe and he sucks sadly) in 6 rolls.


  2. 2 packs, 3 6* gala exclusives (2 new), 4 5*s (2 new), 2 GGYs, and 2 GValks.

    TBH, much better rates than I was hoping for. Should have stopped after pack 1, as it had all 3 6*s, and 3 of the 5*s, but such is RNG. I’m now only missing Carat and Barbarossa, but I also need some stuff from water galas in general, so thinking I’ll just save up and roll when a water gala overlaps a decent GF. (Oh, also missing Cameo, but I don’t actually have a use for her, so… yeah)

    GValks are dupes, and I pulled both GGY and RGY when they were GFEs lol. (RGY on a day he wasn’t even featured… still hurts a little bit.) Still, 4 new, rare cards in 2 packs… it hurts a little bit that I consider that a good deal, but so be it. (Oh yeah, re-rolled a Parvati to replace the one I accidentally sold 2 years ago, so YAY! I also accidentally sold my max skilled strawberry dragon instead of the newly rolled one… so not yay. 😦 )


  3. I rolled a total of 5 times and ended up with Yang Guifei, G Valk, and Sheen. my other 2 rolls were GZL and an off banner Anima. I do have to agree that this was by far the best rates i’ve seen in a while. i saw a friend roll 2 Oda back to back as well so its honestly a lot better than anyone expected. I’m actually quite happy with the Guifei roll since i have a soft spot for Sakuya since she was my first roll.


  4. I think they’re called Heroes for being the protagonists or major characters in histories for this or that. Napoleon, Barbarossa, and Robin Hood and Nobunaga we’re all probably pretty familiar with, they were heroes/main characters of their own stories. It’s kinda like the Heroes pantheon, which was just an amalgamation of characters or real people who starred in their myths/stories (Pandora is the “star” of the Pandora’s Box/Jar myth, for example). Except instead of a Heroes 2.0 pantheon it’s easy to suck money out by making this a Gala exclusive! Huzzah!

    Yang Guifei was the most favored mistress/wife of a Chinese emperor who was accused of treason because people related to her by blood led a major rebellion. She was considered the most beautiful woman of China at her time and she played a major role in the emperor’s political decisions at the time. To preserve his reputation and not get himself executed, the emperor strangled Yang Guifei at the public’s demand, however he later recovered the strips of cloth used to bury her body and kept them with him until he died.


  5. Rolled two troll golds earlier in the week, and then an Avalon Drake on my birthday. Unfortunately I already have one maxed, but I can use this one for an inherit at least, so still happy about it. I’d love a jewel princess or legendary hero, but I’m not sure I want to spend money, with the Halloween REM coming soon presumably…everyone seems to have had good results though, so it’s tempting.


    • Dupe Avalons are great to have. At the very least you can run them on Bastet Ace for easy ranking dungeons in the future (if we ever get anymore, that is).

      Yeah, I can’t blame you for being tempted. But I figure if there’s any doubt in your mind, you should pass. There will be another DC someday and most likely there will be more gala-exclusives to roll for.


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