Godfest Help Post: 9/30-10/1

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Indian 1 & Three Kingdoms 9/30, Japanese 1 & Norse 10/1
Day 1 Day 2
Indian 1 Three Kingdoms Japanese 1 Norse
Individual B+ A- C+ B+
Combined A B
Individual B- B+ B+ B
Combined B B+
Individual B A- B- B+
Combined A- B

Wow, we actually get a decent notice this time? Amazing.

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions on just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

Please read the rules before posting, especially if this is your first time:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • I have WordPress set to flag comments with multiple links to combat spam. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case. Ideally, only post a single link to your PADherder.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post thread status as bold red comments. Make sure you read these comments before posting to make sure you aren’t violating the rules. I’m no longer segregating comments by day, instead I’ll indicate how many questions I be able to take for a given thread in the first status comment, then stop taking new ones after that.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will be taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.
  • Any comments breaking the rules will be removed without warning.


This is FAQ is a work in progress (last updated: 9/28/16).

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future as the meta always shifting. The Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Galas have been changed to have a reduced impact ever since the gala exclusives were introduced so while it can certainly play a part in your decision, don’t let to weigh too heavily. As GFEs are generally at 4x rates or higher now, which sets are excluded from the bonus plays a much bigger role now.
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it. In the day and age of Liu Bei, MP is an easily farmable commodity so if that’s within your capability and you’re good with allocating the time to do so, you can afford to be more impulsive with your purchases.
  • Why is X monster rated higher than Y monster? – The monster ratings aren’t there to be an accurate, authoritative resource on a card’s power, but are more used as a ballpark estimate to give a relative idea of how useful a given card or pantheon is which is used to help evaluate godfests. Co-op isn’t a current factor so don’t be surprised to see cards like Liu Bei with a lower than expected rating.
  • Why is the overall rating not an average of the lead and sub ratings? – Long story short, when grades are given using the normal distribution, cards that are both good as leaders and subs get a boost in the overall rating while ones that are bad as both get penalized. This is because most cards in the game are usually only exceptionally good at one role, not both.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 9/30
Name Lead Sub Overall
Indian 1
1954 - Awoken ShivaShiva B+ B- B
1955 - Awoken LakshmiLakshmi B+ C- B-
1956 - Awoken ParvatiParvati B+ B+ B+
2979 - Awoken IndraIndra B B+ B+
2980 - Awoken VritraVritra B+ B+ B+
Three Kingdoms
2901 - Awoken Cao CaoCao Cao B+ B+ A-
2902 - Awoken Sun QuanSun Quan B+ B+ B+
2903 - Awoken Liu BeiLiu Bei B+ B+ B+
2904 - Awoken Da Qiao & Xiao QiaoDQXQ B+ A A
2905 - 凶星の飛将神・Lu BuLu Bu B+ B B

First off, we all know Liu Bei and Cao Cao are superb co-op leads, something that isn’t reflected in my ratings.

Anyways, Three Kingdoms is back, again, and this will likely be the last time Liu Bei is featured before the PCGF in November (although I guess we can’t be surprised if they try to milk that cow one more time before then). Considering the huge impact he’s had on the game, it’s reasonable to believe the most asked question about this day will be: “is it worth it to roll for Liu Bei?” Maybe, but GungHo won’t make the decision easy, omitting the JP Callers (Kaede et al.), Metallic Stars (Eschamali et al.) and the Norns from featured rates resulting in one of the worst GFE lineups possible. The PCGF will likely feature all the good ones from the groups I listed on top of Liu Bei, so unless you just want to get on the farming train ASAP, value be damned, I’d think twice about rolling.

How does the Indian 1 pantheon fit into all of this? They’re certainly solid and capable of clearing most content, but like many pantheon gods these days, they just aren’t exciting. Vritra might be the most interesting; not as a leader or sub, but because of his push button applications.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 10/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
Japanese 1
1726 - Awoken HinokagutsuchiKagutsuchi D B+ C-
2322 - Awoken OrochiOrochi B A- B+
2323 - Awoken Susano no MikotoSusano C+ B+ B-
2324 - Awoken Amaterasu OhkamiAmaterasu B+ B+ B+
2325 - Awoken YomiYomi B+ B B+
2392 - Awoken FreyrFreyr B+ B+ B+
2393 - Awoken Idunn&IdunnaIdunn & Idunna B+ B+ B+
2394 - Awoken FreyjaFreyja B+ B+ B+
2395 - Awoken ThorThor B+ B+ B+
2396 - Awoken LokiLoki B+ B+ B+

A fairly lackluster day 2. Not much more to say than that.


82 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 9/30-10/1

  1. The 15 question limit has been working well so that’s what it’ll be here and probably all help posts going forward. As usual with weekday posts, I may not be able to answer until the next evening.


  2. * Region: (NA
    * Rank: 230
    * My Box: http://imgur.com/a/xrKFQ – Sorry PADHerder doesn’t work on my phone 😦
    * Current team(s): Perseus/Dios/Dios/Dios/Avalon Drake (I usually play Multiplayer with a friend)
    * IAP status: Minimal

    * Help me with:

    So I started 2 months ago with GZL, and only rolled in one Godfest, where I basically only rolled green guys: Avalon Drake, Susano, Spica, Artemis, etc.

    Now I’ve farmed up some Zeus-Dio’s and have a bootleg ALB team that I do multiplayer with most of the time. However, I have saved up 150 stones and I don’t know if I should roll in the upcoming GF. I know that PCGF is gonna come in a month or two, but with my current box with no new REM monsters, I’m running out things to do/awoken/level, etc.

    So my question is: Should I roll this weekend, how much, and on which days?

    Thanks in advance!!


    • Please look into using Padherder Proxy which should work for just about every phone. Screenshots really don’t help since I can’t sort.

      Running out of things to do is bad, so on that criteria alone I would consider rolling. That being said, this godfest isn’t the greatest. You have to ask yourself what you want. How do you want to progress? Are you just looking to improve your wood box or are you looking to expand further than that? Is a proper Liu Bei something you want? You should most likely roll a few times and see what you get, but if you can give me more details I can try to help you more.


      • Hey Setsu,

        I looked into it some more and got my PADherder working: https://www.padherder.com/user/fatalityxz/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

        So usually in PAD I play co-op with my girlfriend, with me running a Perseus team and her running Green Odin. This has worked alright for some easy Legend/Mythical descends but obviously we don’t have the damage output to beat the harder content. I think if I do get an ALB i might be able to carry to a bit more but not that much since her multiplier is only 3.5x.

        However, she does have other nice leads such as DQXQ, Gremory, A.Izanagi, etc, while my box is pretty much only green. So it would be nice roll some other colors and maybe try out some other teams with her (stronger) leads.

        Thanks again!


        • This makes things much easier for me. Thanks.

          It’s actually pretty amazing you have so many coherent cards considering how few rolls you’ve done. It definitely sucks not having more options to co-op with your girlfriend, but tbh you’re pretty blessed to have a high percentage of cards that go well together.

          I don’t know if your gf has a Dios, but maybe she could lead with that instead of Odin for dungeons that are more difficult? Sure, the HP threshold can be a little sketchy at times, but if you’re not hardcore farming then a little variance should be tolerable.

          If your main goal is to simply expand what you can do, I think rolling day 1 is not a bad idea. Liu Bei is probably the best roll, but many of the gods can help you out. All of them are competent leaders to a degree and they could possibly match up with something your gf has. I mean, it’ll be hard to get something from the REM to match up with Gremory or Izanagi besides themselves exactly, but maybe something else will match up.

          That being said, it’d be smart to hedge your bets and not roll everything as it’s not like this day is all that great. Try to set some limits for yourself before rolling. Like, “I’ll only roll X times” or “I’ll roll Y times, but stop early if I get something to work on”. I’m assuming your self control is pretty good to be able to save up 150 stones, though. I’d try to save at least 85 stones (a pack’s worth) for the PCGF, though.


          • Thanks for the responses Setsu! I guess I’ll roll a couple of times on Day 1 and save around 100 for PCGF 🙂

            Appreciate it!


  3. Phew my stones are safe until pcgf! I’m kinda bummed out that I own a Ronove because now I want Kaede and as a noniap player nothing hurts more than seeing a 6 star gfe hole in your box with no real substitution.

    Good luck to everyone rolling!


  4. Hi Setsu 🙂

    Region: NA
    Rank: 428
    MP: 300k
    My box: http://imgur.com/a/y4CLn (I wish PAD listener still worked… my apologies for no PADHerder)
    Since it’s hard to tell, HYPERMAXES are: Ronia, Isis, Myr, Wukong, DQXQ, Sakuya, LKali, DValk, Panda
    IAP status: Only those super deal pack things when they came out

    Current teams:

    Liu Bei / dios / dios / verd / meimei/ liu bei (multiplayer misc.)

    Solo Farm:
    Panda(Apoc) / DValk(Ronia) / Akechi / Zuoh / DD Panda / Panda

    Arena and 99% of hard stuff:
    Myr / DQXQ / Wukong / June Akechi / Venus(Saria) / Myr

    All attributes (Used to main but Sakuya’s kinda sketch now):
    I still love her though 🙂
    Sakuya / Isis / Apollo / LKali / Yomi / Sakuya

    Okay, so here’s my spiel: I pretty much reached my 1000 day login thing last Sunday (horray!) and I’ve come to a point where I’m starting to lose ideas on what to do in PAD. Everything is either too hard (arena 3, sea of stars, Zeus 297, etc.) or just brainless now that I have Myr. Don’t get me wrong, I love Myr almost as much as Sakuya (Not quite though, Sakuya’s carried me for a good part of those 1000 days), and I understand how good she is, but it kinda feels like I’m hacking the game or something.

    1.So, do you have any ideas for new teams that are still really strong, but provide a new way to play? I’ve built and tried Ra, Lakshimi, DQXQ, Sarasvati(my favorite as of far), but I’m looking for some other stuff. It would be so cool if I could play PAD and have a cool challenge again 🙂

    2. Also, now that I’ve committed myself fully to Myr, do you see any improvements to my team that I could add? I’ve avoided using Apoc cuz I only have skill lvl 1, but this team was built 100% by me and I’m wondering if there are any other good options. Right now my biggest weakness is binds, as all my subs are bindable and I’m relying on Wukong’s bind heal awakening for all my clears. I know you put a bind clear active on Myr, but I haven’t gotten around to skilling mine up yet so I can’t do that. I’ve also tried replacing Akechi with Sakuya, but I really like having that orb changer combo with Saria to make my Kali burst board (can 1 shot both Kalis I think). Maybe I’m missing something?
    In addition to that, I’m wondering if switching Saria’s spot on SI and Akechi is a good swap. I’m pretty sure Saria’s awakenings/stats are a direct upgrade from Akechi’s, but I’ve been kinda thinking about it, since having Akechi automatically up is useful at times too…

    3. And finally, as I’m approaching what I would call a veteran player, I’m starting to look more into specific rolls that I want. After looking at my box, what would be some good rolls to directly upgrade any of the teams above? So far, I’m also looking to start a Goemon farming team, so I get excited whenever I see a chance for Rodin, but in terms of other stuff to look for, I’d be happy if you could give me some pointers. For instance, should I look more into PCGF, high GFE gfs, collabs(probably not…), or some stuff where you can get all the rare cards at once like that nifty director’s carnival that just happened? (Finally got my first gemstone princess off of that XD )

    4. Any ideas in what direction to proceed in next? Maybe work on farming pluses, skillups (working on Tsubaki atm), exp, box space?… I haven’t been farming pluses dilligently since I haven’t given myself reason to, so…

    5. Thank you so much for friending me a while back, I’d like to personally thank you for being my friend Myr for my 1st arena clear, I was so happy since I had already died to Kali 3 times… your 297 Myr with the SI bind clear really carried me through some tough floors


    • Oh yeah and do you ever plan/intend to do a face reveal I always think of your face as Kaede cuz she looks so boss and pro like I imagine you are, but you probably look nothing like Kaede XD


      • This person Setsu will probably never show what they really look like because given that he spends a pretty big chunk of his life on a game he’s probably not the best looking guy.I mean to spend so much time on a freemium game is just down right sad and I’m not seeing much living going on.The amount of money spent is just mind numbing.I mean this guy could be putting his energy towards something actually productive but instead decides to write and write and write and write and write ABOUT A FREEMIUM APP GAME!!!! Honestly this guy needs some help.You got to have ballance in your life.This is NOT balance.


        • Please give us a demonstration of how to correctly live our lives. I expect photos and/or videos so we can see how beautiful you are to properly bask in your glory. You must certainly have some redeeming traits to balance out your prejudice, bigotry and penchant for trolling random blogs. I eagerly await your reply. Thank you for the page views! xD

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      • It’d sure be nice if I was a cute anime dragon grill. I don’t have any plans to do so and it’s extremely unlikely to ever happen, but it’s not like I’m completely adverse to it either.


    • I can’t properly help you without a PADherder, especially with a box of this size. I’d strongly consider setting up Padherder Proxy. I’ll try to answer your questions regardless.

      Congrats on 1000 days! What you describe is something that is likely plaguing many players at the moment, including myself. Liu Bei and the heart-crossers are great, but they really make you question what you’re working toward since they make the game so easy. I’m personally cutting down my playtime, waiting for some new content to hopefully shake things up. There’s no point in risking burnout.

      1. I don’t think that exists. I mean, the heart-crossers *were* the big change up. Maybe the minimum match leaders might appeal to you (Khepri et al.)? Kushinada could be slightly intriguing. I’m personally looking forward to Acala, but even she is just a variation on what we’ve already seen. All you can do is keep up with the JP updates and maybe something will appeal to you.

      2. I’m pretty far from a light Myr expert as Summer Myr and Kaede have become my heart-crossers of choice. Apoc is great, but definitely isn’t necessary, especially since you can already combo Saria + Akechi. However, I think it would behoove you to at least skill him up in the case you need him down the line.

      I think your current build is fine. Whether you inherit Saria or Akechi or both is up to preference (including playstyle and which dungeons you run) and I think it’s worth the resources to explore which you prefer. There’s definitely something to be said for having access to more TPAs so Saria could definitely be better as a base sub, but like you said, maybe having Akechi up more often is more to your liking. Another consideration would just be omitting Venus in the first place.

      As for binds, how much of a problem are they really? Under what circumstances would a dungeon be too difficult if you just ran Sakuya? If this is an Arena issue, that’s not a dungeon you can consistently clear without a pimped out team anyways so you might as well add this to the to-do list. On that note, you’ll probably want to awaken that Ra for skill inheritance too…

      3. This is where not having a PADherder really kills. There’s no way I can answer this correctly without PADherder’s sorting options.

      Does Goemon farming team refer to a team lead by him or a team to farm his dungeon? Either way, it probably isn’t worth the investment at this point in time as there are better options either way.

      4. You’re really, really short on hypers. I’d start there. There’s no reason why your entire Myr team shouldn’t be hyper. Outside Thieves’ Den I don’t specifically farm +eggs anymore and still get plenty just from farming rogues an hour or so a day.

      5. Nice, glad I could help.


  5. Rank 400, Non IAP
    Current Teams: FALuci, Lakshmi
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/pfpad/monsters

    Hi setsu, I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my terrible box repeatedly by now, but my question this time is just what the best future uuvo Krishna team I can make for solo Arena 1 is, and if a pure OE team is good or not. I’m missing cards like Yamato, CaoCao, and other super popular red subs. I feel like even though it’s fire gala, this godfest isn’t very good for me, so I don’t think I’ll roll.

    Tentative team would be something like Krishna/Urd/RRH/??
    Urd for the board change and RRH lets me be lazy about binds. I can do something like double Tsubaki in the remaining slots and get 20 OE total, and the haste would let me inherit something on Krishna and still have good uptime on red skyfall. Denebola also seems like a great base card to inherit something and strike fear into Kalis’ hearts with her awakenings, but I don’t exactly have much to inherit (Saria? ATheurgia? 2nd Urd?)

    Thanks in advance as usual, your input has always helped me tremendously and I greatly appreciate your expertise.


    • I’m always glad to answer your questions. I welcome repeat askers!

      Ugh, I had this whole thing typed out, but my browser lost it. I’ll try to recreate the main points as best I can.

      For Krishna, you probably don’t want to roll this godfest unless you’re chasing Liu Bei. You want something like the previous godfest that had Chinese + Greek. I definitely wouldn’t factor galas into your decision since they lowered the rates when the gala-exclusives where introduced.

      As for your team, I’d start with your proposed team of 2x Tsubaki, RRH and Urd. You’ll definitely want to replace the Tsubakis with Scarlets ASAP. The extra skill boosts and rows will make it easier to remove RRH and replace her with Denebola who, like you suggested, will be great against the Kalis and Arena 1 in general. Inheriting an RSonia on her would be idea, but Urd will have to do.

      If you’re lacking motivation to farm Scarlets, here’s a demonstration of what 4x Scarlets can do:

      Also, I know this was asked before the JP stream, but just be aware that the Lakshmi revo looks pretty good and shouldn’t come out too much later than Krishna.


      • Wow, that’s a hell of a run. I guess it’s prime time for me to skill up a Dios or 4 and coerce my friend with ALB to farm Scarlet with me. I think I’d have to plus all of them though, so maybe I should just hyper my Lakshmi team and use her instead so I don’t have to farm a team to farm a team. That new REvo Lakshmi sure looks great, doubling her damage and rcv. Hmm.

        Then again, I’d be able to plop those Scarlets right into a Tsubaki team if they give her a good buff. Guess I’ll take the next couple of days to psyche myself into Dios farming T_T thanks setsu


  6. Hi Setsu

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/luminos/monsters/
    Rank: 197
    IAP status: none
    Teams: Freyja/Meimei/Drake/GZL/x/Sylvie for solo content. GZL and Grodin for coop

    I’m wanting to expand my box and I’d really love to start developing strong non-green teams, but I feel like my sub pool isn’t right for my other options. I would like to know if either day represents a good across the board value for developing teams that I may have one or two pieces for already.


    • I think we can rule out day 2 as the Norse dupe risk on top of it being a lackluster lineup means you should pass.

      If you want to expand beyond wood, I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. The best you can do at this stage is roll for value, then come up with teams from what you get. For someone looking to expand, I don’t hate day 1. Parvati and Lu Bu would be unfortunate dupes, but, Shiva, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and DQXQ could all be leads that help you expand into different elements. Not to mention that Liu Bei is the most desired co-op lead in the game. That being said, I’m not entirely sold on rolling. There are certainly better opportunities in the future. However, if you feel like you just want something to work on, I wouldn’t be opposed to day 1.

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  7. Rigion: NA
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/seventimesaweek/monsters
    Rank: 248
    IAP: time to time
    Current Team: Ronove, verdandi, ZGL, vishnu, sumire, Rnove

    Hi, first of all thank you for the help!
    Right now, I feel like I am entering the mid game but don’t really know which monsters I should focus on. Ronove is helping me out a lot after mainly using verdandi as a leader, which makes me want to focus on Ronove team. As of now, I was thinking to make a team out of Ronove, parvati, odin, sumire, linthia. Or something like ronove, parvati, carat, odin, vishnu. On the other hand, the new bastet seems so appealing since I could make something like bastet, vishnu, verdandi, odin, parvati/mei mei…
    To give a TLDR, what would be the best team for me to invest/focus on?
    again, thank you very much, and I really appreciate the whole blog! I enjoy them a lot.


    • p.s. uhhh since the padherder really doesnt work, I just added the monsters I had but nothing more than that. If more info is needed, I am more than happy to provide them! thanks


    • Having the full PADherder information would really help. I can’t be as precise without it. That being said, I can probably address this question without it.

      I much prefer the Bastet team. It’s just so much more coherent. I’d run Vishnu / Verdandi / Parvati / Mei Mei for general use, subbing in the utility when you need it. Ronove is still a possibility, but I think you need to figure out something better to cover water before going forward.


      • Hey! thanks for the response. I manually updated the padherder!
        ugh, I wrote this long paragraph, but was getting out of control. I’ll just make simple pointed questions.

        1. I can make hearts and combo okay when playing ronove, but have hard time reaching avg 8 combos when practicing pure combos on endless. Should I be concerned if I want to make a move to the bastet team?

        2. What would be some possible water subs for Ronove team? With some quick research, I found rozuel, orochi, and metatron. Any other good suggestions??

        3. Will there be a seperate blog post about the huge buff update that happened in japan? If not, what are your thoughts on it?

        again, many thanks to you and I really appreciate it.


        • 1. I don’t think you have to worry about consistently hitting 8 combos as it’s impossible on many boards anyways. Bastet Ace does more than enough damage at 7 combos. The team has plenty of time extends so 7 should be easy enough.

          2. There are no great options. Other ones I can think off the top of my head are Uzume, Sakuya, Isis, and Valen, although they’re all inferior to Rozuel. You can also try something with a short cooldown like Acubens, Claymore or Hanuman and just use them as an SI stick.

          3. There already is.


          • oh shoot, you’re too good for me. After the update news, I was thinking that maybe parvati would be a better leader than bastet since parvati provides the huge extra 4x rcv? and are their any other options for me to walk? ugh… sorry for all these questions!


    • Your box has a lot of good pieces, but sadly nothing coherent. No leaders really stand out, with Cao Cao, Sarasvati and the eventual revo Lakshmi being your best options among quite a few lesser options, but nothing really stands out.

      I think what you have going with Ryune is one of your better setups (hopefully you’re running BSonia over Sakuya). As such, your Sarasvati team would probably also work well. Your Sakuya team is also something I came up with, but I’d probably run Sherias over Susano or Sun Quan depending on what utility you needed for the particular dungeon you’re running. Considering the overlap, it’s probably best to focus on your water teams.

      You do have a DQXQ and Wukong to form the basis of a Myr team. I’m not sure what you’d fill out the rest of the team with, but something like Moogle and Verche would probably work on the short term. I’m not sure how easy it would be for you to clear the dungeon, though, even if you got carried.

      I actually think the PCGF will line up well for what you need which are mainly leaders. If it’s anything like the current JP lineup, there will be plenty of opportunities to pick up something nice, albeit most of them will be 6-stars. There’s a chance there will be a compelling godfest before then, but if you can hold on for the PCGF then I’d start to get mentally prepared to do so. Some good godfests for you in the mean time would probably include the Sengoku, Heroes, Greek 2, and/or the Archangels. Then hopefully something develops from there.


      • Hey thanks for the analysis.

        I only have Sakuya on my Ryune team for the bind clear for some dungeons, usually have Buster Siegfried for the Blue orbs. I plan on max skilling Sarasvati when her dungeon comes back this weekend. The Sakuya team I copied a guide on Reddit, maybe you wrote it? 🙂 I have found that I’m not really good with her so I might just focus on Sarasvati as she is easier for me, but I’ll keep your point in mind.

        I have tried the Myr dungeon before and found it hard on the second floor so I gave up as I couldn’t consistently beat the first floor anyway.

        I was already looking forward for PCGF but then I spent 8 rolls on the last godfest and didn’t get anything useful. (Freyja, Spica, Rouzel and some silvers…)

        Thanks again!


  8. Region: NA
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/stm2269/monsters
    (The only monsters not in there are Avalon Drake & Apoc)
    Rank: 453
    IAP: none
    Current Team: ALB, Sumire, Myr, ADQXQ

    Thanks so much for doing this. You’re a lifesaver! I guess my main question is what teams should I focus on in single player? I’d love to beat the Arena’s consistently. I obviously use ALB for coop but would really like to start using Ronove. I don’t have an ideal team for him and don’t really have any Ronove friends but I feel like he’s going to waste. I have 350k MP so could buy Rag dragon but being non aip this is probably my only chance for awhile to buy something. I’m thinking I shold wait and see if something new comes soon. I also don’t seem to be able to get anyone to run Gainaut with me to skill him up

    My other main goal is to skill up my Myr. I haven’t been able to beat mythical even in coop. Any advice for teams to beat it?

    Lastly, I assume I should sit out this godfest and wait for PCGF. I have ~20 stones.

    Thanks again!


    • I don’t know if you’ve been following my alt’s progress, but co-op farming MP with Liu Bei is easy and efficient and at your rank you can continuously run it off rank up stamina until somewhere in the 500s. Even if you only sell the PreDRAs, you still get about 10k MP an hour, so buying an MP card is really up to how much you want to play. If you can commit to farming, then I’d say just go ahead and buy Ragnarok Dragon because you can replenish your MP in a couple weeks. Even if the MP Dragons get OP uevos, you should still have more than enough time to save up MP again and you won’t even have to spend a stone. This is something Liu Bei makes so fast so I’d recommend taking advantage of it.

      I only farmed Myr with the cookie cutter Liu Bei team that uses Wee Jas and Thanatos and such. I’m sure people have come up with other teams, but I’m not aware of them.

      Considering your progress, I wouldn’t simply assume the PCGF is good for you. It’s probably a good idea to save for it since it’ll likely feature the bulk of 6-star GFEs you don’t have, but something like a 5x GFE or Heroes godfest could also be a good opportunity for you. But yeah, you probably don’t want to roll in this one.


  9. Hey Setsu! I already know I’m not rolling in this GF, but I had some other questions about the game to ask you. If this is a question I should ask on a different thread, I can do that.

    First, I think you mentioned in another post that you’ve been able to level your new monsters quickly by running dungeons that drop lots of super king dragons, even occasionally using stones to run more of these dungeons. As an advanced player playing a non-IAP account speaking to an intermediate non-IAP player, would you recommend spending stones this way, or is that something you’d only recommend for IAP players?

    Second, what do you think of the new evos announced this morning? Do you think any of them will change the meta a lot? (When we finally get them from JP in 18 months…. 😖)


    • Any and all questions are welcome in this thread.

      To be specific, I co-op farm Zaerog for Super Kings in addition to several other benefits in running the dungeon. You should be able to run the dungeon continuously off rank up stamina until like the mid 500s or something, so stones aren’t necessary. For a non-IAP player, I generally wouldn’t recommend stoning for EXP fodder, but that really depends on the state of your box.

      No, I don’t think any of them will change the meta. Although I guess the MP Dragons could, whenever they’re announced officially.


  10. Hi Setsu

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/wngsprd/monsters/
    Rank: 323
    IAP status: Nope
    Stones at the moment: 73
    Teams: https://www.padherder.com/user/wngsprd/teams
    Saria/Thor with Raphael/Valk/Wukong/Ilm
    Miru with Saria/Wukong/Moogle/Ilm

    A Miru team seemed like a logical transition from Saria/Thor team since 2~3 pieces were reusable. However, in practice, it felt like it’s lacking some “umph” in the high-end dungeons as well as having issues coming up with a team for all-tributes dungeons. Any thoughts on how I can improve this team?
    Would really wish I have DXDQ to go with both teams… Should I roll for Day 1? Or waiting and see if DXDQ will show up in PCGF in Nov?

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations and really appreciated your contributions to the PAD community!


    • I’m not really sure what to say if you’re having damage problems with Myr. What exactly kinds of dungeons are you having trouble in? Maybe the lack of a two-color board combination is preventing you from bursting on the critical turns?

      Improving the team really comes down to “get better subs”. I mean, getting Paimon or June Escha or June Akechi or DQXQ + Apoc is a tall order for anyone, but that’s where you’re at since your current team is good and hypered.

      If damage is a concern, then Moogle has to be replaced. Sure, DQXQ would be nice, but another Wukong wouldn’t be terrible either. You can also consider running some type of damage enhance; it doesn’t look like you have any relevant ones, but maybe you find a Myr friend that does. From my experience, there are plenty of people that inherit June Akechi on their Myrs and Saria + Akechi should be enough to burst down just about anything. Uevo Ilm should also help, but he’s another couple months away. The Myr buffs should be hitting NA sometime soon, it feels like.

      Rolling day 1 is pretty dangerous due to the Indian 1 dupe risk. That being said, there’s no guarantee that DQXQ will make the PCGF, especially if the JP one is any indicator. There’s some upside in landing Cao Cao or Liu Bei, though. It’s a tough choice, the answer to which is not obvious.


    • They’re pretty good. Not at the level where you’d necessarily chase after them, but good leader options to have. I think Parvati in particular has cemented her place as a top wood sub and is one of the best utility subs in the game, making a pantheon that didn’t have great subs more palatable in that department. I don’t think they change the outlook for day 1 too much, especially since Liu Bei was the main attraction anyways.


  11. Hi Setsu,

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/xyome
    Region: NA
    Rank: 243
    IAP Status: not really, will consider spending next PCGF
    Stones: 33
    Team: Ronove/Sumire/Perseus/Yomi/Gadius/Ronove

    I also frequently play coop with a buddy who has Sherias Root as lead and same basic team.

    Hardest dungeon I’ve solo cleared would be Zaerog8 at legend +.

    I’m looking for advice on improving my team with what I currently have, and pointers to what I should be working toward to or aiming for, and which day I should roll in this godfest (was thinking of gambling for Kaede).

    Thanks a lot!


    • The most obvious improvement for your Ronove team besides Kaede would be Ragnarok Dragon. I don’t know how much MP you have, but you definitely have the tools to eventually farm it. All you really need is Awoken Liu Bei, Awoken Ra and 4x Zeus-Dios and you can farm Zaerog for MP all day. If farming MP isn’t your thing, you’re really limiting your options, but it’s understandable. Beyond that, both Linthia and Gainaut are farmables that could help you out, Linthia probably replacing Yomi and Gainaut definitely replacing Gadius. Both of which are also farmable by Liu Bei. So even if you don’t want to farm MP, it’s probably still worth developing your Liu Bei team.

      If you want Kaede, that means day 2. Considering the Japanese 1 and Norse dupe risk you’d run, I can’t really recommend rolling. But if you’re thinking of spending money on the PCGF anyways, there really isn’t any harm in taking a gamble for the best card in the game.


  12. Hi Setsu,

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/cmilktea
    Region: NA
    Rank: 269
    IAP Status: occasionally
    Team: Ace or Regular Bastet/Light Kali on my own, Liu Bei for co-op, I have a Gremory and a Nobunaga but don’t really have a team to use with them yet.

    I’m a pretty new player so a lot of my box is not fully maxed out. I was wondering if I should be rolling for these godfests or if I should spend more time evolving and developing the cards I currently have. Godfests are so tempting but I’m not sure what I should be focusing on. I’ve only played about 120 days so I’m still pretty new.

    Thank you! – Sophie


    • You have some pretty nice teams so I wouldn’t feel pressured to roll. If you feel like you have enough to work on and are content with the teams you have, you can just save your stones until you feel like there is a sufficiently good godfest. You’re pretty much living the dream at your rank, having Bastet for solo and Liu Bei for co-op farming and I’d say you’re way above the curve right now. Once the Spica and Vishnu uevos hit NA, your wood teams will only get better. I’d definitely finish your Liu Bei team ASAP because, for better or worse, you’ll likely be using him a lot.

      As for what to roll for, I’m always in favor of rolling for value at your rank. Basically, just roll for good cards in general, not for specific cards that will help specific teams, and to avoid dupes as much as possible. The best pantheons for you in general would be Greek 2 and Heroes, but even pantheons like Chinese, Archangels and Three Kingdoms with some dupe risk could be solid. The PCGF is not automatic, but generally represents great value. A GFE-only godfest could also be good for you since you’re missing a fair amount of those. Once you roll new cards, then you can decide on a new direction to take.

      That all being said, since you have solid teams already, it’s also totally reasonable to roll for a specific card if it tickles your fancy. Value is important, but so is having fun. One of the strengths of PAD is that you can play how you like.


  13. Region: (NA
    Rank: 307
    My Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/Ilackoriginalite/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Current team(s): Luci, working on Myr
    Help me with: Finding a new team and improving the ones I have
    IAP Status: <100$

    Hi Setsu 🙂 I've been looking for a new team to play in my box (Luci is quite boring), and I've been advised to make a Myr team. Other than the two, are there any fun and viable leads in my box? Also: what can be done to improve my Myr and Luci teams through skill inheritance? Currently, I'm running:

    Luci – Akechi – Panda – D/R Haku – Yomi D
    Myr – ADQXQ – Wukong – Apoc – ADQXQ

    I've been some Myr builds in JP go Ariel and ADQXQ inherited, but I'm not too sure.


      • No problem, but the advice might be a little inaccurate as a result.

        Fun is pretty subjective, but I’m guessing you just want something different than Luci’s prodding, tanky pace? Myr was a good suggestion for you. I’d also consider something like Sarasvati or Bastet Ace for more of a “nuke them” style of play and Krishna could also be quite good.

        As for light Myr teams, I’m no expert, but yeah, there are variations that focus on TPAs and Ariel instead of just going pure rows. Which I’m actually quite fond of since you can usually take out most trash floors with a cross, a TPA and a few other combos, allowing you to conserve light orbs for later. If that’s appealing to you, I’d definitely consider putting a DQXQ on Ariel and trying it out.

        These are more niche sub suggestions that might be nice to have eventually. Since you have 3x DQXQ to play with, there’s something to be said about making a Da Qiao, especially if you find you enjoy the TPA style. I could also see Fuma Kotaro being useful, especially against machine-based dungeons; I quite like Hatsume on my alt’s Summer Myr team so I’d assume Fuma would work in a similar fashion.

        For other inherits, you probably want to at least have the option of putting a bind clear active on your Myr and Snow White is pretty easy to skill up. Awoken Ra is just useful to have for all of your teams.


        • Hmm, okay. I’ve never considered running a regular DQ, I think I might consider running her. As for skill inhertiance for Myr, would Gadius be a better option (if I plan on running 2 DQXQs) if my friend has a bind clear?


            • Not a huge fan of Gadius’ skill, but I can see it working until you get something better.

              Subs for Sarasvati and Krishna should be pretty self evident. Basically all your best orb changers. I’m actually not too familiar with the nuances of the teams so I can’t really help more than that. I’m assuming both would favor subs being row-based.


  14. With AYomi and Anubis’s new buff, the team Anubis/AYomi/AYomi/Z8/Z8/Anubis could go very far right? You have Ayomi active every turn and 15 sec of move time to math the board perfectly, with Z8’s added combos from skyfall. And for Sopdet, you could use a skill for a controllable 6.25x multiplier? Did I get everything right?


  15. Hi Setsu long time not “seen, don’t think you’d remember me.
    My box has grown since last time, I think I should pull on day 2 concerning the gfe.
    Indra & Ama would be the only improvements for my current teams if I dont miss anything obvious.

    Region: NA
    * Rank: 388
    * My Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/Shaffi/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;element,0
    * Current team(s): YY/Nut/Sumire/Skuld/A.Isis; Myr/Saria/Wuk/Wuk/Adqxq; A.Luze (but its more a lead for my s.o since she’s really lucky concering dark monsters)
    * IAP status: Minimal


    • Are you asking me whether your should roll day 2 or not? Considering your overall dupe risk, Japanese 1 + Norse is one of the better lineups for you. Even if you don’t necessarily need/want any of them, it’s always nice to pick up extra value.

      However, since it seems like your only real desire are GFEs, you need to consider your options. There’s always a possibility of a 5x GFE godfest, the 10-stone GFE REM and, of course, the PCGF. You also have to consider that GFEs are in every godfest, so it’s like there’s a huge rush to roll for them.

      Anyways, if you could expand on why you’d want to roll that day, I could help you a bit more.


  16. Hi Setsu. I’ve had you as a friend before I knew about your blog (I think I found you when searching for Lmeta leads back in the day) but you deleted me (I think it was because we didn’t use the same leads anymore because no RaDra). I also asked you about rank being detrimental a week or so ago. Anyways,

    Region: NA
    Rank: 560 (padherder says 546 but I haven’t rolled or anything since then)
    My Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/pielak213/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Current team(s): ALB/MZeus/Buttons for farming. Miru for anything that’s too hard for anything else. Miru team is Miru/Moogle/Saria/ADQXQ/Fuma
    Help me with: When to roll?
    IAP Status: Bought one-time deal

    So every godfest, I usually only want at most 2 or 3 (normally 0-1) of the featured pantheon’s gods because my box is developed enough to handle all content. I feel as though I’m bringing down my a3 partners though because 3 times in the last 3 days, we’ve gotten the dragon to less than 5m hp and died which would not have happened if I had a wukong or something in place of moogle. But it feels like such a waste to roll only for 1 thing. So my question is, when is it a good time to roll? Should I wait until the next wave of buffs and only roll for monsters then? I feel like the answer to my question would be to not roll unless I feel like rolling for more consistency. However, what if you were in my position Setsu? Would you roll for individual monsters yourself or would you sit on your box until powercreep comes and roll for the powercreeped monsters then?


    • The last time I purged my friend list was ages ago, so it’s a bit unfortunate that you got caught up in that. With BFFs and co-op, I really only purge inactives now.

      You’re at the point in the game where if you want to improve you just have to bite the bullet and roll. It’s unlikely you’ll ever get a godfest that has more than a handful of cards you want. If you can identify a godfest that has a couple of the cards you’re really gunning for while also presenting decent value on the side (like cards you might not necessarily want, but don’t have yet) then it’s probably worth rolling. Waiting for powercreep as a reason to roll is a fool’s errand. There’s no telling what they’ll buff in the future so it’s just better to maximize your value overall, collect as many non-dupes as possible, then reap the benefits whenever the cards you do have eventually get buffed. This way you can pick the best spot to maximize your value instead of feeling obligated to roll in a bad godfest chasing that one buffed card.


  17. Hi Setsu,

    Thanks as always for opening these Godfests up for box/roll advice.

    Region: NA
    Rank: 254
    Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/Marr
    Teams: Thoria, Verdandi (low end farming)
    WIP Teams: Awoken Liu Bei (coop), Ronove, and some vague possibilities around Sumire, Tsubaki, Krishna, Typhon and now even Parvati.
    Combo skills: weak but practising and looking to improve (getting close to 5 combos reliably)

    Help with?

    1. Solo player mid-term goals transitioning to a real end game plan. I’m focusing on my functional Thoria team at the moment, it’s most obvious need from what I can tell is sub upgrades (and then hypermaxing those better subs): Raphael, Ilm, DQXQ,and Wukong are my main targets here (but I wouldn’t say no to some further flex utility in Sakuya, Venus or Indra), and then to learn more about using SI’s. My old vague plan was once some sub upgrades were achieved I could re-purpose them and transition to Myr. Then I rolled Ronove. Now all these buffs to Parvati, Typhon, Tsubaki and Krishna are coming down the pipe. I can’t beat dungeons like Linthia or Gainaut on my own for a Ronove team, and I don’t have anything close to the MP to buy a Rag Dragon (I have ~15,000 and it’s time I learned how to address this deficit) – I am working on collecting the pieces for a serviceable ALB co-op team (I have one Zeus-Dios, and I’m skeptical I’d be able to skill up more than 1 inside of six months – I’m looking at using Gronia and Tengu at least to lighten that load). The specific questions related to this: Should I make Ronove a priority at this time, or put him on the back-burner as I build my box? If not Ronove, what should be my next team goal for the stuff my current Thoria team struggles with or can’t beat? If Ronove, what subs do I have available now or easily within reach that I could tack together into a serviceable Ronove team to start practising with him?

    2. Should I roll today? While Kaede is the obvious dream piece and not featured today, DQXQ and Ilm are there, and Indra would be nothing to turn my nose up at. I have ~25 stones. My inclination is to save my stones for PCGF, or perhaps a more ideal Godfest (Angels + Heroes anyone? Angels is beyond due!). What should my approach to the REM be over the next couple months? Roll for Kaede/fun? Roll for targeted subs? Value? PCGF?

    Optional bonus question: Do I have a realistic shot at +297 Hera this weekend with any version of my Thoria team?



    • I guess I can scratch that bonus question. Looked into it and +297 Hera has a significant combo shield, so even if I tank/heal or SI a Genie shield to survive her preemptive, I think I’m dead in the water with Thoria (rows + my limited current skill). This would be a job for a future Ronove team when I’m better at combos, so I guess back to skilling up my Tsubakis. ;P


    • 1. I’m a huge proponent of Liu Bei and I strongly encourage you to invest the resources in building the 3-4 Dioses you need for it. Being able to farm MP opens so many doors. And it’s doubly good for a potential Ronove team since you can both farm the MP for a Ragnarok Dragon and use Liu Bei to farm Gainaut and/or Linthia skill ups. It is a large upfront cost, though, and you do have to be committed to the grind, so it isn’t for everyone, but I highly recommend it nevertheless.

      So if we take Liu Bei out of the picture, how do we envision you progressing? I don’t think there’s a clear or obvious path, so I’ll just say what I’d do with your box.

      You have quite a few good prospective leads, including Krishna, Parvati, Ronove, Sumire, and Typhon Ana, but you’re missing complete teams for all of them. You’re in prime position to roll for value since there’s a plethora of hits that will be good for one of your many potential leaders that will put them over the top. The Heroes should obviously be your #1 priority and the Archangels are probably your second best bet and any godfest including at least one of them should be given much consideration.

      In the mean time, I think you’re on the right track with a Saria-Thor team and I’d continue to try to improve it. While they’re no longer considered an elite team, they can still get you respectably deep into the endgame.

      I think your idea of pivoting to Myr is a bit premature as you don’t have a Wukong or DQXQ to form a core for your team. While being able to reuse the resources would be ideal, don’t let that cloud your judgment in where you should roll. You have so many other potential options that you should continue to expand your options rather than focusing on one.

      2. So to follow up on (1), no, you probably shouldn’t roll day 1. DQXQ would obviously be a great roll for you, but a dupe Sun Quan or Lu Bu would be incredibly painful and even a dupe Liu Bei is a luxury you can’t really afford. Indian 1 is alright, but nothing stands out. I’d definitely sit this one out and wait for something better. Beyond the PCGF, GungHo has a habit of making great godfests preceding it so I’d definitely wait and see if a better opportunity arises.

      I think it’ll be very difficult for your team to clear +297 Hera. It’s certainly possible, mainly due to the elemental advantage against Hera herself. You’ll really be relying on Saria + Apollo giving you a good, 7+ combo burst board so there’s certainly some RNG involved. I’d definitely run the damage through a calculator to be sure, though; it’s been so long since I ran a team like this I don’t even remember what kind of burst they can put out. I’d feel much better if you had a god killer on your team. If you plan things out properly, you should have a decent chance. Since it’s only 25 stamina, you might as well give it a few tries (oh, I just realized your team isn’t hypered, which will definitely reduce your chances of hitting the requisite damage).


      • Thanks for the perspective. I stayed my hand on rolling and I have a pretty clear set of goals for the next little while:

        1. Hoard magic stones like a squirrel with nuts until Heroes, Archangels (preferably both at once), some kind of great GFE deal or a favourable PCGF comes along.

        2. Keep on plugging away at getting ALB up and running and improving Thoria.

        3. Learn about MP Farming, Skill Inheritance and practice my combo skills.

        Is there any advice on the best way to farm skill-ups for Zeus-Dios? I can unreliably beat the Zeus-Dios dungeon, I can reliably beat the Hera-Beorc dungeon. Should I be doing this in co-op? Before my ALB team is ready, should I make a Goemon team to farm Zeus-Dios? Or just use what I have in Thoria, rather then adding extra unnecessary steps?


        • I went through this problem with my alt and the easiest way is to find someone that also needs Dios skill ups and coordinate a co-op team with them. I touch on possible teams here (https://setsupad.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/farming-zeus-dios-skill-ups), but I’m sure there are other resources out there now. I highly recommend committing the resources to a Goemon team as he’ll always be useful. The more obscure pieces of the completely farmable team can both be picked up on the Tsubaki skill up dungeon currently running.

          I’m pretty sure the Reddit Discord has a Dios skill up channel so you can try your luck there in addition to other communities.


          • Once again, thank-you! That first team is perfect. Farming Dios skill-ups becomes feasible. I even have a Shaitan so no need for the Mugtea (they’re all getting tossed into the skill fodder fire). I’d been hoarding those golden dogs in anticipation of snagging a Raphael someday soon (hey, it worked for Liu Bei, odds be damned!), so I suppose I’ll just feed them to each other. Once I have this Goemon farm team up and running, where’s a good place to track down people insane enough to to join this coop quest?


  18. Hi Setsu,

    Region: NA
    Rank: 184
    Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/Iridescent7
    Team: Ronove/Metatron/Echidna/Lilith/Suzaku
    (Very) Low-IAP
    Combo skills: Can land heart cross + 3 combos with low time extend 75% of the time. 5-6+ without heart cross.

    I’ve found your guides to be incredibly helpful and has really brought me out of the trenches in terms of understanding the game.

    I’m an incredibly low rank, but very early on got a Ronove from the first GF I was a part of. Even without optimal subs for him, he’s accelerated my progression significantly, and I enjoy his playstyle on top of that.

    I’ve hit a wall however and without a Kaede replacement (heart orb generator) or a board replace, I’m incredibly dependent on the random chance of having 5 heart orbs to survive even basic attacks.

    I can pretty regularly clear legend descends (mythics vary), but legend plus has been out of my grasp (Damn do I want Linthia so bad)

    I’m missing a lot of things to make a consistent Ronove team but I’m not literate enough in the game to know if I have other strong teams or what to focus on. Most dungeons are either prohibitively difficult or trivial for me with no way to tell them apart. I feel like I’m constantly wasting my stamina.

    What should I be doing to build value? What teams should I focus on? It feels like every monster useful to me requires a sacrifice of stones. The PCGF will obviously be the best place to spend my stones, but in the meantime, It’s like I’m in a strange limbo where I should have had to work for months with many more monsters to get where I am.

    Any advice is appreciated . Thanks for being such a great resource!


    • I think Ronove is kind of a trap for new players. He’s a boon for established players since they generally have the ability to farm his better farmable subs, but new players have access to very few options.

      If you want to continue grinding away with Ronove, you should really look into a putting a heartmaker or two on your team. Something as simple as Siren is a decent choice as she’s easy to obtain, easy to skill up and covers the most difficult element for the team in water. Something like Toytops is also a ghetto but effective early-game option, also being easy to acquire, easy to skill, covers water, and is also wood-main. Amitaka is another decent option that makes wood orbs on top of hearts. Things like this won’t see you into the endgame or anything, but they’re easy to access options that will improve your consistency in the early game.

      For an option with less upside but more consistency, I’d strongly consider leading with Spica, especially after she gets her split uevos (which should come in the next week or so). Osiris and a dupe Spica are a fine sub core at your rank, with things like GZL, Summer Armadel, Griffin Rider, and even Ronove being options to fill the rest of the roster.

      I don’t think you have any other options at this point since you have so few cards. You should just continue to roll for value and see where the RNG takes you.

      Also, I wouldn’t just assume the PCGF will be good for you. It’s good to prepare for it as it likely will be good, but there’s certainly some world where it wouldn’t.


      • Thank you so much, I hadn’t even considered Spica since she didn’t have an uevo at the time or on any of the starter guides I read. You’re definitely right though, especially with her 30% dmg reduction built in, she seems like a way more consistent lead.

        This follow up might be a silly question but what should my next goal be? I’m past the starter guides of “beat all the normals and access all technicals before alt castle” but have gotten a bit lost from thereafter. What I should be doing with my stamina beyond farming for good subs and skill ups?


  19. Setsu! Ik Kaede is OP and I have experienced that first hand… but PadRagnorak a Pad youtuber with around 2000 subs is under the impression that Kaede isn’t even that good and that Xiang Mei is better! Being not a super experienced player (with Kaede) i’m not sure how to convince him of this :/ any facts about Kaede? Screenshots…? He was under the impression Kaede can’t pass 10million damage (herself I think is what he meant)…


    • If we’re going by just pure power level, it’s hard to believe anyone would actually think Xiang Mei is better than Kaede. There could be some contexts were XM is better, like for a specific player depending on the resources/cards they have available among other factors, so maybe that’s what he’s getting at? Otherwise, that judgment would seem questionable.

      I don’t think damage is necessarily a good indicator of a card’s worth, but here’s what I did in the +297 Hera dungeon. Didn’t even try to set up an optimal board or anything, just a Facet buff.


    • My friends linked me to the article your post is likely based on. I don’t think he ever actually outright says Xiang Mei is better than Kaede, just that she’s not out of the meta (has anyone actually said this?) and that he prefers XM for various reasons. That’s simply his opinion. There’s a lot of hand waving, but the major portion of his argument is based on “fun”, “ease of play” and “consistency” which are completely subjective matters.

      However, I’m not a fan of how the article insinuates that XM is just as good if not better even though he doesn’t have the proper experience with the teams. He even says right there in the summary that he’s never played with the “ideal” team. How can you possibly pass fair judgment on a team you’ve never actually played with the correct tools? There’s a huge difference between a team with 12 TEs and 8 TEs. There’s a huge difference between a team that can use a Kaede active every turn and one that cannot. This is why I always qualify my comments on leads I don’t really play so people understand that my opinion may not be the most qualified. This is also why I withhold judgment on new mechanics without actually playing them; at first on paper, the heart-cross looked like an impossible mountain to climb for a player of mediocre matching skills like myself, but with enough TEs, anything is possible. This is why Kaede, Ronove and Myr are a cut above the rest; the matching requirement might be “difficult”, but the team gives the average player the tools to execute it consistently.

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      • Hehe that all makes sense. Thanks for the response! I hope you enjoyed a little bit more of a unique question xD but anyways I guess there is a reason ur 400 lvs above him :O


        • I don’t think ranks or money spent has a direct correlation to that validity of an assertion, but I do think when you want to make what is basically a manifesto comparison between two leads, you should at least be more familiar with their optimal uses.

          I think he has valid points. I don’t want to be overly presumptuous, but if you take into consideration that his target audience likely doesn’t include hardcore players then I think his reasoning makes more sense and is a lot more relevant for them. However, the goal of this blog has always been to analyze things from the perspective of the extreme endgame so my opinion and values would be different.

          While I do think that Kaede being regarded on the same level as or inferior to XM is wrong, regardless of the circumstances, I do think for the vast majority of players there really isn’t a discernible or appreciable difference between their capabilities. I think it comes down to the granularity of how you want to look at things. Which is to say, this meta is quite different than before where there are so many cards that can tackle endgame content competently, that what basically the JP tier lists are doing are binning cards that are basically all endgame killers to the average player. Compared to the times when Ra and Yomi Dragon were the only two cards dominating, there are many more options now that can be considered strong. Maybe I’m misinterpreting his message, but if anything, I think that’s really what he’s trying to get at, that XM is still plenty capable. And with that, I can most certainly agree.


  20. Going to make the cut off here. Follow up questions are still welcome, but any new advice questions under this will be deleted. Please try again next time.


    • These types of questions are okay.

      I really have no clue. I’d assume it’d just be a multiplier buff, but hopefully it’s more creative than that.


      • Do you think there’s a chance of some multiplier when matching red or yellow cross? Obviously she can’t have heart cross cause her active can get rid of them, but to kind of keep her the same as her sisters, she would have a color cross?


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