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Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

Previous update

It’s been a while since the last update. There just isn’t all that much to do lately, but I think enough has happened lately to warrant an update. I spent a few stones on stamina, picking up some much needed Tamadras in the process.

Lack of Endgame Goals

As someone that has spent copious amounts of time and money on this game, my accelerated progress has reached a point where I have no real endgame goals left. This alt was an attempt to give myself new goals, but even this account has reached a point where it can curb stomp just about any dungeon, solo or co-op. There’s some irony in that what I wanted to demonstrate most — how to efficiently raise a non-IAP account via MP farming in particular — has effectively become what has caused me to lose interest. There are still small things to accomplish, but everything seems sideways instead of actual progress.

This is a natural problem for any game, especially one where you can pay for accelerated advancement. Even if GungHo keeps raising the endgame bar, there will come a point for hardcore players where they just “catch up”. It’s not like they can constantly push back the goal posts at a rate that would accommodate such players as that would disenfranchise their more casual player base.

Rather than trying to find fault with the game (of which there is plenty), this calls for a readjustment of goals and expectations. Instead of trying to find things to do on my main, I’ve minimized my gameplay to Arena, Thieves’ Den and co-oping with my alt which has had the beneficial side effect of significantly reducing my expenditures. For my alt, I’m no longer going out of my way to efficiently use stamina, preferring to let stamina go to waste rather than having to schedule my life around it.

I still love playing and I’m still looking forward to every update, but there’s definitely a reduced passion for the game; if that is reflected in this post series or blog in general, well, now you know why. I’m just going to have to enjoy the game at a different pace and so far it’s been working.

Continuing the MP Grind

Yes, MP grinding is getting boring, but since it’s still the most efficient way to hit my goals it’s tolerable. The plan is to continue grinding until I hit 600k MP. Being at that point will allow me to buy the 500k Halloween MP card should there be one, but if that card turns out to be useless for this account — which it most likely will — then I can buy two Ragnarok Dragons who will serve as subs for a future MAthena team. Past that, I’ll likely use my stamina to farm Arena 1, which brings me to:

MAthena vs. MHera for Arena 1 Farming

The natural progression from MP grinding will be Py farming. As suggested in the comments in a recent rant post, farming Pys will generally be more efficient and less soul crushing than farming biweeklies for skill ups. I’d love to be able to advance to the point where I can just Py everything on this account and never farm a skill up dungeon again (which, unlike on my main, is a reasonable goal since the influx of new cards will be considerably smaller).

While I could definitely clear Arena with my Summer Myr team, if I’m going to run it six or more times per day I want to make it as mindless as possible. The two best candidates are MHera and MAthena. I’m far from great teams for either, but I’m leaning toward MAthena. I can complement two Ragnarok Dragons with Spica and Balboa to cover my base subs, but I’m missing key cards for inheritance; namely double orb changers, Australis in particular. I have a similar problem for MHera, but my base subs for that team are even worse. There’s also less margin for error with MHera. Then I just have a soft spot for wood in general and being able to use both Athena and Spica is an opportunity I can’t pass up.

The following video is a good example of MAthena’s power. This team in particular has problems with Sopdet, but it’s technically still possible to clear. There are slower teams comps to address this (mainly utilizing Neptune Dragon + Orochi), but this is a pretty good example of how busted this leader can be.

Updated Summer Myr Team


Hatsume will be swapped for Navi with an Urd inherit for co-op and certain solo dungeons. Sun Quan is used when a TPA-based team fits the dungeon better.

After scoring Andromeda in the last godfest, the team is looking quite good. This is a far from ideal team comp, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Hatsume in particular has worked out better than expected. It kinda reminds me of the old days when I used evo Pandora, using Hanzo early in the dungeon, then him being ready again later for the Haku + Hanzo burst. I don’t really see myself rolling to improve this team. It’d be great to squeeze more rows in, but for the most part this damage should suffice. It also turned out being an all-cute team, the value of which should not be underestimated.

Hera +297 Dungeon Clear

I messed up pretty badly in this clear, but luckily I didn’t get punished and was able to one-shot it. I pressed Ryune intending to follow up with Hatsume to create a two-color board, but she gave me a water dominated board. As such, I had to adapt the two-color solution to accommodate the few dark orbs to reach the requisite 7-combos. While it was unfortunate not getting an easy two-color solution, I considered myself lucky just to have a 7-combo board. After thinking it through a bit, I executed the solution and proceeded to pat myself on the back. But Hera didn’t die. I forgot to press Sun Quan. Tilt.

Luckily, I didn’t get hit by her awakening disable and was able to clear it anyways, but I haven’t felt this stupid in a while.

I really enjoy these solo challenges. Regardless of how challenging they are or not, there’s some satisfaction in dusting off the solo team and executing. Hera doesn’t require much planning, but I still had fun (which I wish lasted for more than the five or so minutes it took to clear, but I’ll take it). I’m looking forward to the various Tamazo challenges; now that we’ve gotten Ace, I’m just going to assume we’ll get them eventually.

The Future: Skill Delay Resist Farming

JP recently had an event where Skill Delay Resist Latents (SDRs) invaded the Special Descended Rush coin dungeon (a.k.a. Rogue Rush). Of course, there’s already a Liu Bei team to make farming exceedingly trivial:

This team takes advantage of a few updates NA has yet to receive. The first being GOdin’s ability to clear the disabled awakening debuff, the other being the recent Gemstone Princess buffs increasing their enhance duration to two turns. There’s also Tamazo ROdin, but I believe that can be any inheritable poison.

The appeal to this team beyond being able to reuse Liu Beis and Dioses is that either side is fairly reasonable to make outside of the Carat as there are no 6-star GFEs or collab-only cards, especially P2 where the only REM card is GOdin. There’s some flexibility in the inherits. You can use a delay for Linthia instead of GOdin. You can use any mass orb changer instead of Australis (however Australis is ideal since he not only overwrites the fire and water skyfall debuff, the wood skyfall buff further reduces the chance of locked fire and water skyfalls for the rest of the dungeon, something important to consider when using Dios board changes). I think even Carat can be replaced, but since I haven’t done the math I can’t say for sure. Hopefully NA gets Tamazo ROdin since there are very few inheritable poison and I believe he’s the only “farmable” one.

Compared to other ways to farm SDRs — MP farming or farming PreDRA Infestation — this method will be more time efficient if the invade rate is anything like it was for coin MHera and MZeus. I’ve never been much of a fan of farming PreDRA Infestation since rogues are so much more rewarding and the non-SDR latents are largely inconsequential. I do think that farming rogues and buying half-off SDRs is still a reasonable option, but it takes forever (about one per hour) and it’s hard to predict when we’ll get half-price events. So this new option does seem to be quite appealing.

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

Perhaps the two most important cards coming up are MAthena and Ganesha. Ganesha in particular will change the way the game is played. This account sadly doesn’t have one, but I’m readjusting my stone priority to save for the next Indian 2 godfest (of all things, who would’ve thunk it?). Australis is also fairly high on my wish list so hopefully he’s featured on the same day.

It will also be prudent to start skilling up the relevant leader-swap cards. Folklore will likely need to be Py’ed, but something like Nazca can be skilled up by what are normally considered garbage drops: skill ups drop in dungeons like Seraphis and Linthia. So even if you don’t ever roll a Ganesha, there’s very little cost in trying to prepare such cards for him.

Overarching Goals

  • Cao Cao stuff
  • Prep GOdin for MAthena?
  • Save stones for Ganesha

Liu Bei

  • Avalon Drake – Done
  • Phact
  • Ronove – Green Mask (next rotation)
  • Masamune

Cao Cao

  • Cao Cao – Done
  • Scarlet #2 – Done
  • Surtr
  • Freyr
  • Shishio – Done
  • Yamato – Done
  • RSonia

Summer Myr

  • Andromeda – Done
  • Urd
  • Amberjack
  • Christmas Paulina
  • Light Wee Jas – Done
  • Wood Wee Jas – Done

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Akechi – Done
  • Summer Claire
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • Venus
  • Thouzer
  • Kopis
  • Pollux #2

Long Term Liu Bei

  • Fafnir
  • Hanuman
  • Bartz
  • Robin Hood
  • Ceres Ana


  • Ragnarok Dragon
  • Gainaut


  • Elia
  • Nordis
  • Myr
  • Amaterasu
  • Sakuya
  • Bastet Ace
  • LValk Ana
  • Goemon #2
  • BSonia
  •  MAthena
    • GOdin
  • Tsubaki #2 – Done

19 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 9

  1. Hi Setsu,
    Are you planning on putting inherits on your summyr team? If so, what are you going to use for summyr herself? Thanks for all the work you do here, and especially this alt series!


    • I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m planning on inheriting anything; it’s more like I’ll inherit something when it becomes necessary. This is mainly because I don’t want to waste tans if I can help it and for what it’s worth I haven’t really run into situations where I need it–yet.

      As for potential inherits, There’s a good chance Snow White will go on Myr when I need a bind clear and probably stay there permanently, although Wee Jas is another compelling option. Sadly I don’t really have many other great options. Urd will probably switch between Navi and Xmas Paulina depending on which base is better for the situation, but will probably be on Navi the majority of the time. Sitri is an interesting possibility since she doesn’t break hearts and I’ll be skilling her up anyways when I do Ronove. Beyond that, just the usual utility skills like Ra, Sun Quan and Orochi.


  2. instead of running full green subs one popular thing to do these days for mathena arena (and probably i would consider better than using nepdra) is using kotodama(lb). You use the lb active early (f7ish) and the kotodama if needed on sopdet. Plus its farmable.

    I already do this on my mhera a1 teams and its much easier because it gives you an extra 2 actives (the extra inherit on kotodama vs nepdra; not needing an orochi)


    • That’s a pretty neat, I’ve seen leader swap used this way before but it didn’t register here, probably because I’ve never used it that way myself. Why is Kotodama preferred? Is it because it’s a machine? But then why do you use it on MHera? Because the cooldown is so low and guarantees no ATK multiplier? Just curious why this card in particular is better than other options.

      Anyways, thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into making one. My alt is getting low on Shynpys, but it looks to be worth the investment. I guess I could dump 16m fodder EXP into dupes, but investing Pys into efficiently farming Pys seems reasonable.


      • Yeah kotodama is used for 0x attack multiplier. Stuff like mythril with 2.5x will cause ragdra to overdamage.

        I use it on mhera cuz without kotodama(gronia) i need both nepdra and an orochi inherit to do sopdet. With kotodama(gronia) ive been running as close to button a1 as is likely possible with just spamming full boards in

        Mhera(ama) koto(gronia) rag(gronia) rag(lb) masamune(gronia)

        Mhera(orochi) hanzo(gronia) dmeta(akechi) zuoh(gronia) zuoh(gronia)

        This lets you just freely use full boards and random swipe, probably the best balance for speed clearrate and ease currently


  3. Hey Setsu,

    Would you swap your potential Navi in for another Andromeda or do you feel that Navi has more use than Andro? Specifically for Arena.


    • Yeah, I’d probably make that swap on my team for Arena 1 specifically. Mostly because Navi’s extra skill boost doesn’t matter so much there. Andro is just superior all around even in co-op when Navi’s multi boost is active. I’d probably do the same with Gabriel, too. Navi is great for filling holes, but can’t replace the real deal.


  4. Nice Blog Setsu, I stumbled upon this blog when trying to look for information of God tier information. I have frequenred the site quite often after that and the information found here is truly amazing. I will need to figure out out to sync my pad herder in time for the next god fest help post. Would love to get your advice on how to progress. Keep out the great work.


    • I meant ideal in a sense that there’s a team that satisfies your own personal criteria and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it, not that there’s a specific one-size-fits-all team for everyone. If you want to know what that team is for me, I don’t even really know, but having another Andromeda would probably be a good start.


  5. Its pretty funny that the more efficient you are at this game, your interest in the game begin to waver. I remember when I was a noob over a year ago and I asked about making a Beelz/Ronia team or how to optimize my Sakuya/Bastet team… it was still so fun and exciting trying to maximize my team. Even now its a bit fun team building because I sold some good cards before Coop and better skill up rates were introduced. So in a way I still have some cards to look forward to.

    But fast forward a year+ later, I’ve created a Liu Bei team, Got Mzeus/Hera and hypermaxed my Miru team. It seems things have gotten a bit stale lol. Its just a bit ironic and funny, because I remember pestering you so many times over a year ago about trying to improve my teams and advance it efficiently but now that I’ve become efficient and have the sufficient teams to challenge almost all the dungeons, my interest has declined a bit haha.

    I honestly dont think they will ever be able to counter the heart mechanic without a nerf.. in the mean time, I’m looking forward to building new teams albeit they are “weaker” than the heart cross mechanic. Hopefully, Ronove and Krishna will be two leads that bring a different level of entertainment.. maybe even the Ilm/Minerva combo. Perhaps spend some MP on cute cards haha


    • Yeah, it’s a bit unfortunate. It’d sure be great to go back in time when teambuilding was still a challenge, even if you had a top-tier team with a deep sub pool, but at the same time the QoL has improved so much I’d probably want to kill myself if I did. Not only has the in-game QoL improved, but reliable information seems like it’s so much easier to access now. PAD is still a great game so it’s still enjoyable, I just won’t be playing it as much assuming the state of the game remains the same. I’ll be playing more update-to-update and not day-to-day.

      The heart-cross is arguably a large reason why the game is like you described it, with help from a co-op mode that was pushed a bit too hard. I’m always interested in running new teams, but my expectations are low for the near future. I’m curious how they plan to go forward with the game; maybe we’ll get a glimpse of that when they allegedly reveal the MP Dragon uuevos later this week.


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