Collab REM Review – Fist of the North Star 3

Trash REM is trash.

In the process of writing this review, I found myself focusing on the negative. After all, a collab that was poor during its initial JP release is pretty much worthless after a two month delay. So instead of writing “Sucks.” for everything, I’m going to try to focus on the positives, assuming any exist. Just imagine that “This card is crap, but…” is prefaced for every review.

It should go without saying that almost everyone should skip this collab REM. While I usually qualify that statement with “unless you really like the original IP”, I don’t think I can make that exception in this case, things are just that bad. There are a few niche cards like Thouzer and Juza that hardcore farmers might want, but the average player has very little to gain. Hopefully the next time around this collab will get the buffs it deserves and things will be better!

6-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Yuria – B-
2447 - 南斗最後の将, Yuria
At a Glance
Positive Marginal sub and inheritance applications in a heart meta.
Negative A 56.25x glass cannon is pathetic in light of recent updates.
Yuria was a reasonably impressive glass cannon leader upon her initial release, but 56.25x for the effort required (two heart matches and 6+ connected light orbs) simply can’t be justified anymore. With hearts being in high demand nowadays there’s certainly some sub and/or inheritance applications, but considering the cost to obtain her it’s difficult to consider it a positive return on investment. People looking to spend their MP should definitely look elsewhere.

5-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Raoh – B
2445 - 最大の強敵, Raoh
At a Glance
Positive Great active and awakenings.
Negative His leader skill just doesn’t cut it nowadays.
Raoh still has the basic tools to be a great card — great active and awakenings, a tanky leader skill — but his ATK multiplier is simply too low in this day and age. The buff from 20.25x to 36x was expected, but they also increased the orb requirement (six connected fire to eight) which boggles my mind since it shuts the door on three row boards. Just compare his paltry 2.25/36/1 to Krishna’s 2.25/45.56/2.25 and it should be clear how outdated he is, which hurts because Raoh was my favorite leader for a long time. He can ride Cao Cao’s coattails by pairing with him, but it’s generally better just to run a Cao Cao pair.

Kenshiro – C+
2444 - 北斗神拳伝承者, Kenshiro
At a Glance
Negative A poor active with a long cooldown, making it awkward to inherit over.
Negative Not worth the effort to activate.
Basically a worse Durga. Kenshiro’s active will always hold him back so outside some ridiculous buffs I’m not sure if he’ll ever be great. Doesn’t help that Horus Ace was released a year too late. While he still has some niche use as a sub with a defense void and two skill boosts, skill inheritance and Anji have mostly obsoleted that role.

Toki – B-
3076 - The Man who aimed to be the Ken-oh, Toki
Basically a worse Raoh, although bind immunity is nice. His 100% damage shield certainly has some sub and inheritance applications, but in general something like Raphael or even Ganesha are just better.

4-Star Silver Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Note: Silver egg ratings have a strong emphasis placed on long-term relevance which is usually tied to how well their active serves as an assist skill or how useful they can be as an inheritance base.

Shuren – B+
3080 - Nanto Goshasei, Shuren of the Flames
At a Glance
Positive An orb change + orb enhance active is quite strong, even if column changers have limited uses.
Positive A fine set of awakenings that complement the strength of the active.
Positive Can serve as a decent co-op inherit base due to a somewhat short cooldown and multi boost awakening.
Positive Reasonable assist skills, especially for match-five leaders due to guaranteed activation.
The new cards Shuren and Huey probably have the highest raw power among the silvers. That’s not a very high bar to clear, but they at least bring an intriguing combination of abilities to the table. The most interesting being the column change + orb enhance active. While being a mere column change makes them significantly worse than something like Akechi or even Parvati, just the flexibility to have access to both abilities has value. Not to mention the ability to enhance Surtr and Dios boards is quite valuable. The multi boost makes them competent co-op inheritance bases; in terms of placeholders they’re a step below Navi, but they’ll be fine until you get something better. I wouldn’t mind having access to these cards, but until there’s better value at gold I’m not touching this REM.

Huey – B+
3078 - Nanto Goshasei, Huey of the Wind
See: Shuren.

Rihaku – C
2453 - Five Stars of Nanto, Rihaku of the Ocean
A multiple-turn damage enhance certainly has its uses, but they’re fairly common at this point and only boosting damage 50% isn’t exactly awe inspiring. Not even useful as a placeholder sub.

Fudou – C-
2451 - Five Stars of Nanto, Fudo of the Mountains
Basically a worse Fafnir.

Juza – A-
2449 - Five Stars of Nanto, Juza of the Clouds
Juza is an important nuke for those into button teams so he’s probably an S in that context. He’s not as useful as something like Vritra due to only hitting a single target, but he’s irreplaceable against dark monsters. His new multi boost makes his nuke more potent as a base card in co-op, but in general you’ll want to inherit him on something like Masamune for the extra skill boost. He also once had niche leader applications for rank farming, but the advent of Ganesha largely invalidates that use.

Shin – B
1865 - Nanto Seiken Master, Shin
A mediocre Jize stand-in, especially when compared to Kamatari from the Kenshin collab. The ability to also spawn light orbs could open the door for niche farming applications, but for the most part he’ll be inferior to standard REM options.

Rei – B
3075 - The Successor of Nanto Suicho Ken, Rei
What a waste of an ultimate. Rei’s potential was always as a sub so it’s unfortunate they decided to only improve his leader skill. Considering the effort needed to make crosses, his multipliers are insulting. His strong, hazard-clearing orb change combined with a small attacker damage enhance makes him a fine placeholder sub, it’s just sad to think that he could’ve been much better.

Juda – B
1869 - Nanto Kokakuken Master, Juda
Juda was by far the worst silver in the REM, but the addition of true damage has made him slightly more appealing. He’s currently the only laser that can get under the DMeta Tama’s damage shield in the Sevenzard dungeon.

Shew – B+
1871 - Nanto Hakuroken Master, Shew
Shew’s value has slightly increased as orb refreshes have become more useful, especially in co-op. In a world where Dios boards reign supreme, any active that can clear locked orbs is useful and being one of the three that can be inherited makes it even more so (Maeda, Shew and Bad Badtz-Maru are the only ones that can be inherited on NA at this time).

Thouzer – A-
1873 - Holy Emperor, Thouzer
Thouzer is best known for setting up combo boards for farming teams, perhaps the most well known application being in SUDR against Defoud’s combo shield as a follow up to Raphael. He can also be used to set up an easy three-row, six-combo board when combined when something like Dios or Goemon. Definitely a luxury, but like Juza, hardcore farmers will want one for inheritance.

Mamiya – B+
1875 - Unrequited Warrior Woman, Mamiya
Mamiya used to be the sterling example of what a good silver should look like, but those times have long since passed. She’s still a great card, though, with a solid awakening selection combined with an orb change that also clears jammers. Definitely a competent placeholder sub, but no longer head and shoulders above the competition at the same rarity.

MP-Only Cards

3082 - The Girl who yearns for Ken, Rin
You’re better off using your MP on SDRs with the half price event going on right now. She’d be slightly appealing if she could be used as an assist skill, but as is she has very little use.


Well, that was an exercise in futility. I’m just hoping GungHo does this collab justice the next time around and that NA gets it on a shorter delay. I almost always roll in collabs, but I’m passing on this one, opting to save up for Halloween. I feel bad for people rolling for Thouzer or Juza as the extra silvers make it less likely to get the one you want. There’s also reason to believe Thouzer is closer to a gold egg’s rate than a silver’s.


15 thoughts on “Collab REM Review – Fist of the North Star 3

  1. I would consider myself a hardcore farmer, and I have a Kaoru. Does having Kaoru invalidate the need of having a Thouzer? I realize that Raphael+Thouzer is an important setup in farming SUDR with Mzeus, but I would think that A. Liu Bei can farm SUDR just as easily with Kaoru; therefore I feel that Thouzer is not needed.


    • For the most part you won’t need Thouzer if you already have a double row changer, but who really knows what the future has in store. In my opinion a hardcore farmer would want to cover all contingencies, like if you were missing Thouzer before Liu Bei hit, you were basically stuck competing with other P2s for a P1’s time (since doing Raph + Vaan over hours of play is pure cancer). How likely is it that something like that happens again, especially now that there are so many great co-op leads and there are more people capable of running them? Extremely low, I’d imagine. So for the most part, no, you won’t need him. And even if there’s a world where he’s part of an “optimal” farming team, it’s not like the next best option would be far behind, but some people like having all the options.


  2. There’s no way anyone should be rolling in this, but I have had fun dusting off Raoh to pair up with Cao in multiplayer. There’s not much content that team can’t clear. True of a lot of teams right now though:) He’ll probably make the sub list on my Krishna team too. I just don’t understand them throwing these collabs out without putting at least something enticing into the mix. Maybe they really think they have.


    • Yeah, I’m curious why they make crappy returning collabs sometimes. I’m curious if this is a conscious business decision or they’re just stupid.


  3. Ironically, Juza serves as an irreplaceable sub for button farming Monday Ganesha; no other nuke can kill dub metallit single-handedly in NA…

    How many NA players will bother to go the button route is the main issue


      • Amen to that. I see so many people hardcore farming monday just for xp (getting rid of golems/dubs and not needing boss skillup either). We are going to have a generation of what used to be high-ish rank (300-500) that have nothing in their box nor much skill. I would agree that if you are impatient for team cost or something, maybe a few is warranted (but please for the love of machine zeus, use up that excess stam on something like dios). I keep recommending people just make the farmable dios z8 farming team and do that since it’s about the same xp with better rewards, but few people listen. So I won’t feel bad for them when they complain about being able to clear nothing at rank 400 :p


        • Yup, couldn’t agree more. There only are only two exceptions in my eyes, someone wants to hit 150/250 before the memorial REM resets and someone wanting to hit some high rank (800+) because it’s an important milestone for them. The former doesn’t need Juza and the latter, while still technically a waste of resources, isn’t nearly as bad as wasting all your prime farming ranks of 600 or below. Even team cost is a questionable reason now with the cost badges; there’s something to be said about the Maniac badges, but, like you said, people should just be patient (although I may not be best the person to preach that people be patient :^).


      • I was just curious, I yolo rolled because I had nothing better to do and I ended up with her. I already have wukong, apocalypse, and ADQXQ. The last spot was kinda open between Yuria, Ariel, and L. Eschamali.


        • Congrats on the roll. I think both Ariel and Eschamali are better sub choices in the abstract. I’m no light Myr expert, but in my experience playing Summer Myr I’ve found that I’ve preferred a sub that creates offensive orbs more than more hearts since both Myr actives fulfill the pure heartmaking role. Ideally you’d play with all of them so you could directly compare and figure out which best fits your playstyle. Maybe Yuria fits your needs better? Maybe she fits your inherits better? I can’t say for sure, but while I’d bet she’s inferior to the other two, I can’t completely rule her out, either.


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