RIP Woodpys

I never thought I’d spend this long running a reasonable length dungeon after I graduated from my GOdin and Lucifer crutches in my early PAD days. Then again, I never thought GOdin would ever be relevant again, but he’s a surprisingly useful card now. There are a few GOdin-based strats for clearing this dungeon, but they’re all pretty much the same for the most part, some more optimized for time than others. This seems to be a popular one:

There’s also a GOdin co-op carry team by none other than dacho which is what I’m going to use for my alt. Compared to when MZeus caught on, not as many players will want her due to Liu Bei and a constrained sub pool, but people that have a team for her should strongly consider picking one up. People that are only a couple Ragnarok Dragons away from a full team should consider doing so, as well. She’s incredibly good.

Now I just need Spica’s split uevos and my life will be complete.



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  1. So are people using Grodin cause its to hard of a dungeon to use other leads…? I find that hard to believe.


    • You can always try the dungeon and see for yourself.

      Another way of looking at is: why would you not go with the easy 100% clear for a difficult dungeon you’re only going to run once?


      • I need to max skill my GOdn and get a few MS Dioses lol. I really want MAthena just so I can have the complete machine set (although I’m missing Hera too so “complete machine set” more like I only have MZeus LOL). Most everyone who has been posting clears has been max skilling their Athenas with Pys as well, I see no reason for me to stone this dungeon like I did with Zeus if GOdin can do it with a higher clear rate.

        Congrats on the MAthena! And my god that’s a lot of Spica o_o


  2. Do you think the team Tsubaki/gadius/leilan/homura/jotunn can reliably co op arena if i find a good partner? What if Scarlet was swapped for something?


    • Depends what your idea of reliable is. I think it can clear just fine, but I wouldn’t consider it a farming status team (like 95%+ clear rate including flubs). The team has holes that can be covered by a good partner, but it would be more like you getting carried.


  3. This Dungeon is horrible. It’s sctually not even as hard, as it seems on paper but the mechanics of this dungeon are awful and Machine Athena is one of the most annoying dungeon bosses ever (almost as annoying as Indigo)! Surprisingly enough AMeimei can run this pretty smoothly, just bring a true damage inherit for the gadgets and stall on the Golems.

    My MAthena will probably look like this:


    I feel like this team is pretty meh tho…


    • Personally, I do feel like this dungeon is difficult in a sense. Cheese teams aside, you need to be pretty precise with your team comps, skill usage and puzzling. It does feel much more gimmicky than other Annihilation dungeons and is certainly annoying because of that, but I don’t mind the change of pace this dungeon presents.

      I do think you need at least a couple Ragnarok Dragons to get the most out of MAthena. A bit unfortunate, but at least farming MP is an option now for those that want it.


  4. I have been wondering about the situational usefulness of Grodin since the leader skill buff…seems to have found a good use


  5. Was wondering if you had any advice on my subs (mainly a1 farming). I only have 2 ragdra (one with keiji inherit, one with aindra inherit – both used on my ronove team) so I fill other two slots with ronove (the rcv is so needed, and so many poisons/jammers it often seems to be useful) and nepdra, aartemis inherit on mathena. My other machine options are australis, avalon drake, alnair, and zeal if I evolve mine. I’ll probably try to roll a lot for spica next time her pantheon comes around.

    I was initially going to inherit dupe ronove onto ronove, but am considering zeta hydra or attackerasu instead cuz it just hurts so much to get grav’d. I also thought of putting one of those on mathena in place of aartemis but I feel like I need some sort of strong orb change or spike, especially vs lkali, especially if aindra isn’t up.

    I may cave and buy a 3rd ragdra next time he rolls around, but until then, any suggestions? (Ideally keeping my ronove team usable).


    • The constraint of keeping your subs usable for Ronove is untenable since there’s really no overlap between the skills each team needs. If you want to optimize your farming, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet or be content working with inferior SI.

      The best overall inherit is Liu Bei; the regular version since it heals for more. One Australis SI is good for the early floors, but there’s risk in running more since the skyfall can be a liability in later floors. Then, of course, you really want at least one full heal (Amaterasu, Ceres, etc) between you and your partner.

      Kotodama is generally a better solution than Neptune Dragon for dealing with Sopdet. The main reason being you get more use out of your active slots. You can put a Liu Bei or Australis on Koto, use the orb change early in the run, and Koto will be back up in time for Sopdet. This also means instead of running Neptune Dragon + delay, you can use the delay skill slot for something else (nothing in Arena 1 really needs a delay as long as you’re familiar with your team’s damage output, but maybe you’ll still want one anyways as a safety net). Kotodama is also a machine which isn’t all that important, but is worth mentioning.

      Also consider dupe MAthenas for subs. Maybe not the most realistic recommendation, but it is a legit option.


      • For now, I put a partially skilled dupe raph onto my ronove which I suppose can be a pseudo ama+shield? I don’t imagine it’ll get in the way when running ronove team. Maybe I’ll finish my dupe ronove and put australis on it or something.

        And yea, I sure wish I had multiple Liu Beis – I didn’t even get my first until 1200 days in :p. I think what I’ll end up doing is taking off aartemis from mathena, sticking on zeta hydra or aorochi, and putting australis or aartemis onto koto when I finish it. At that point I’ll have big wood change+hazard removal, raph (shield+heal), aindra shield, delay so I think I’ll be fairly covered combined with a partner. I’m hesitant to put something other than keiji onto ragdra since I value the board refresh quite a bit, at least until I get a 3rd if I do so.

        I didn’t think about dupe mathena until after it came out. I already had the materials ready when she came out and hadn’t thought about getting another set ready. Such a pain but maybe I’ll get around to it.

        Thanks 🙂


        • That all sounds reasonable. I agree that utility like delay should be put on the MAthenas. I’ve run Arena 1 with MAthena a bit and I think your SI will be heavily influenced by your playstyle and your regular co-op partners. I think the best SI setup for you will come naturally after clearing Arena a few times, especially as you get used to your team’s damage output per match and what hurdles annoy you the most. Good luck!


  6. Running this dungeon was a nice walk down memory lane for me. Brought me back to when I used to farm Hera and Kotg with Grodin. Never thought I’d see the day that I dealt over 20 million damage with a grodin team.


    • Probably not if you want a guaranteed 0-stone since you want your laser to be up on the first turn so you can kill the gear. Could be wrong, though.


    • I should add that it might be possible to run Ra or some other laser if the team getting carried brings more skill boosts. Like MHera brings 2 and XMas Echidna brings 1. Then if your partner has actual Shaitan or an Ultra Gravity that can be inherited, it might be able to be inherited on something like Tengu. Again, I don’t really know the details of the team so I suggest verifying any changes yourself.

      I’m also guessing there’s some room on the carrying team for more skill boosts, like instead of Beorc you can use an inherited orb enhance (although the missing damage might hurt if you’re using something like Tengu as a base).


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