Quick Thoughts: PAD BT Added to REM, Good or Bad?

1281 - Chika & War Deity MinervaFor those unaware, the cards from the now defunct PAD Battle Tournament Collab (PAD BT) are being added to the standard REM after being buffed substantially. There’s no guarantee these cards will make it to NA — the original collab never did, after all — but considering something like PAD Z and PAD X eventually arrived, there’s at least a chance. However, do we even want them?

Much of that depends on how the new eggs affect the existing rates. We still don’t know exactly how REM rates function, but we can make educated guesses based on historical pull data. There are various theories, but exploring them is beyond the scope of what I want to write about. However, there is strong evidence to believe that adding more eggs of a certain rarity will make it more likely a given roll is of said rarity; this would mean the addition of these new cards is detrimental as six of the eight are silver and no one loves a silver. In addition, regardless of the exact rates, there’s also something to be said about further diluting the card pool; rolling that one pantheon god or GFE you want will only become more difficult with more chaff. The circumstances might be damning, but let’s try to judge each card on it’s own merits and see if they have anything to offer.


Before we dive into the new cards, let’s get a sense of the quality of existing REM silvers.

  • Sticker Girls – Cute, but mostly useless. The days of pairing these girls with a heartbreaker has long since passed.
  • Dragon Swordsmen – Perhaps the second best silver series. They fulfill a number of roles for beginners while having a decent awakening selection.
  • Fairy Tale – It’s difficult to describe any silver with the word “best”, but the Fairy Tale girls technically are. Much of this is off the back of being heartmakers in a heart meta, but their various buffs have left them as competent subs. They’re also decent assist skills.
  • PAD Z – The prime examples of why silvers are frowned upon, featuring luminaries such as Ur-Chimera and GrimRock. A truly horrible silver series.
  • Late Bloomers – Arguably worse overall than PAD Z, but the recent Fafnir buffs give 20% of this series a use beyond MP fodder.
  • Elementals – Not much use beyond niche skill inheritance uses. Which makes them the third best silver series overall (it doesn’t take much) and perhaps the most desirable for veterans.
  • Other (Chrono Turtle, Gamble Mage) – Decent awakenings, but poor actives.

In short, the bar is pretty low. With only a cursory look at the PAD BT silvers, one can surmise that they’ll raise the overall quality at this rarity. As a group, their weighted stats are rather poor and are in the 650 range, but this is expected of silvers. Their actives and awakenings vary in quality, but are all solid. They all now have multi boost awakenings making them good co-op placeholder subs, giving the silver rarity a new dimension.

Card Verdict Notes
1281 - Chika & War Deity Minerva Seems

Once the worst card in the collab, now she’s one of the best and the most desirable for co-op farmers. Chika’s buffs came in two parts. The first was the buff to the original Minerva skill which added a 99 damage laser to her defense break and lowered the cooldown to three turns. This buff in itself would’ve made Chika a fine card, but she’d almost always be inferior to the original REM version due to the lack of killer awakenings. With the most recent buffs, her awakenings now include two fire rows, one fire OE, two skill boosts, and a multi boost. The two skill boosts being a key feature. Her most likely use will be on co-op farming teams and the skill boosts will open doors for teams that would want her short cooldown laser (the original, base Minerva has no skill boosts). This is especially important for Cao Cao teams who are short on skill boosts to begin with. She’s also a healer and a god, the former being good for things like Xiang Mei and the latter perhaps being relevant for the upcoming MP Dragon buffs. For those lacking Jize, this is a great replacement, at silver to boot. This is easily the card I want most.

1283 - Murakumo & Red Giant Gigas Nope

Murakumo is a slightly better Gigas. A card like this would benefit a new player struggling to field decent subs, but considering he’s only a marginal improvement over the farmable version, no one is going to be excited to roll him. It’s too bad his poison resists weren’t more relevant awakenings instead.

1285 - Leona & Enchantress of the Sea, Siren Nope

Like Murakumo, Leona is only a marginal improvement over the farmable version of the card and is also plagued by having two fairly useless awakenings in auto-heals. She gets a little more of a pass since there are more modern teams that would prefer a heartmaker to a heartbreaker, but she’s still not a card we want to have added to the REM. Especially considering that the Healer Girls were removed from the REM a while ago for good reason.

1287 - Folen & Hunting Deity Artemis Seems

Chika might be my most wanted card, but Folen is likely the best overall. At the very minimum, what we have here is the base Artemis active skill at silver, ready for skill inheritance. A wood double orb changer is particularly relevant on popular farming teams such as Liu Bei and MAthena and also has application on non-heart-cross leads such as Acala, Vishnu and Bastet Ace. At best, we have a solid base wood sub, her two wood rows and two skill boosts being extremely good for a silver and she only gets better in co-op.

1289 - Patricia & Valkyrie Cond-

Another mediocre improvement over a farmable card, especially in light of Valkyrie Ana who is a superior option in almost every way. Patricia does support row teams better, but, as with Murakumo and Leona, slightly improved versions of farmable cards aren’t something you want in exchange for your precious stones. Her one saving grace are her blind resists as they could be an interesting utility option should the extremely annoying orb blind mechanic, introduced in Machine Athena, spread to other dungeons.

1291 - Henry & Chaos Devil Dragon Seems

I remember back in the day lamenting the fact that NA didn’t have access to Henry (always thought it was a Japanese girl named Anri, whoops). The circumstances were so different back then, but at that time he was the best devil orb changer to pair with Haku to make a burst board for a Beelzebub-RSonia team. Compared to CDD, the dark row and OE made such a huge difference in damage. Fast forwarding to the present day, this card has received enough improvements to still be considered good. Like Chika, Henry’s active got a buff, being reduced to six-turns cooldown (from around eight or nine before, I don’t remember). Then the double row, double skill boost combination — a common thread in the good silvers of this collab — just makes him a solid option, albeit boring.


Card Verdict Notes
2070 - Tinnin&Metatron Nope

The most obvious question is: why isn’t this just LMeta? Tinnin presents a similar amount of utility as LMeta, but is more offensively capable with two TPAs (albeit with mediocre ATK). That being said, do we really want another LMeta to roll during godfests; one that is worth 10k less MP, to boot? Probably not. Far from a bad card, but she’s not something I want added to the REM.

1279 - Yo & King Siegfried Seems

Back in the day before skill inheritance, Yo was insanely powerful since he combined a double orb change with a 50% damage shield. Two-part actives were very rare at the time and fewer had such a potent combination of power and flexibility, something not really surpassed until the release of Sanada and Akechi. JP took full advantage of this card when clearing dungeons with large preemptives like DQ Hera. With the advent of the co-op HP bonus and teams becoming naturally more tanky, damage shields have become less important, but Yo’s skill should still be useful, as an assist skill at the very least. He’s also a fairly respectable base sub now, getting a time extend and dragon killer. Being a heartbreaker in a heart meta is unfortunate, but he’s still useful on teams like Sarasvati and You Yu and has the potential to be great should we eventually move away for the heart-cross. Does his power justify his inclusion in the REM? In my opinion, yes.


In general, the new cards are all at least on par with their contemporaries, with a handful (Chika, Folen and Yo) being very good. I’d wager that the overall quality of the REM improves with the addition of these cards, but that won’t stop people being disappointed when rolling them. None of them are truly exciting at this point in time and further diluting a REM where it’s already difficult to roll what you want can really only be seen as a bad thing. However, if NA does happen to get them and you do happen to roll them, hopefully you can put them to good use.


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  2. That 29 turn skill delay resist from unskilled late bloomers though, and for only 3k mp as opposed to a similar thing like hades worth 5k :^)


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