Notes on MAthena Dacho Carry Team

It feels like I cleared MAthena for my alt with the dacho carry team ages ago, but I didn’t have time to make an actual post at the time. Better late than never, I guess. I’ll probably never use this team again, but in case I do I wanted to record some notes about the run; if they help anyone trying to do the same then that’s just a bonus. Hopefully someone will eventually make a proper translation — assuming there already isn’t one — but I’ll do my best to go over the steps and cover any nuances.

The Original Video


  • P1 (the carrier) – GOdin(Jize) / Dios / Beorc / Avalon / Water Fafnir(Carat)
    • Jize is the preferred true damage here since your partner won’t have to supply any skill boosts, but anything is fine as long as you have enough skill boosts to have your laser of choice up on the first turn. You could technically wait until turn two by pinging the Gear so it skill delays instead of attacking, but you’d need at least one SDR on your GOdin.
    • Dios is pretty much required. If you don’t have Carat and plan on whittling MAthena down while her absorb shield is still up, your Dios should have as few ATK eggs as possible so he doesn’t accidentally go over the threshold (4 million). If you have Carat, the +eggs shouldn’t matter.
    • I believe Beorc can be any other wood orb enhance, but Beorc is preferred not only because she’s farmable and provides good offense via two rows and two OEs, but her 10% gravity is actually useful if you don’t have Carat (I’ll cover this in the floor-by-floor).
    • You mainly use Avalon as a mass wood orb changer so he’s technically replaceable, but it’s difficult to replace his rows and skill boosts. His board change is also need to clear the mortal poison created when you clear F2 so hopefully any replacement you run does the same.
    • Fafnir is key for his physical killer which makes it easier to break through the Golem’s defense. I suppose his rows and dragon killer are also nice to have. As for replacements, there are only two other wood cards with physical killer on NA: Sanosuke and Wee Jas. Sano seems like a good option, being an option to kill the Gears with his makeshift laser and having two skill boosts, but you’ll have to readjust your strategy against MAthena since his machine killer will almost certainly put you over the damage absorb threshold. Too bad he’s a collab gold so not many will have him. Wee Jas doesn’t contribute anything beyond his physical killer so Fafnir is still preferred.
    • You don’t have to have a Carat inherit, but having her makes the boss floor much, much simpler. You can run some other damage enhancer like Freyja instead, but it’ll be more difficult to kill the Golems without Fafnir’s physical killer.
  • P2 (the carried) – GOdin / 30%+ gravity / 30%+ gravity / delay / Shaitan skill
    • GOdin doesn’t need much except to be ultimate evolved. I don’t think level matters. He should be max awoken; MAthena does bind, the auto-heals will make life much easier and the skill boosts will be needed for the first floor.
    • The gravities can be any that are 30% or greater. The easiest ones to get are probably Hera, Hera-Is and Zeus. I don’t know if there’s an appreciable difference between the 30% gravities and ones that are bigger besides reaching certain HP quantities on MAthena, but if you want to minimize stalling just go for the ones you have at the lowest cooldown. They don’t need to be leveled, evolved, skilled, or awoken. Just remember that the dungeon has a no dupes restriction.
    • The delay can be any that is three-turns or greater, the easiest to acquire being Naga, the base form of Echidna. Doesn’t need to be leveled, evolved, skilled, or awoken.
    • The Shaitan skill can be Shaitan himself or his skill up fodder Mugtea. I’d assume Atsui-san would also work. Again, it doesn’t need to leveled, evolved, skilled, or awoken.


It should go without saying, but P1 kills every floor. Also, when I say “stall”, I implicitly mean you should actually make a match when you’re under 100% HP so the auto-heals will put you back at full health.

  1. P1 uses true damage to kill the Gear. Then pop Avalon and make a row match of eight or more wood orbs. Don’t get too overzealous with your damage as you want the Golem to live so you can stall. For P1, stall for your true damage, Dios, Beorc, Avalon, and Fafnir. For P2, stall for your delay. While stalling, try to save at least 14 wood orbs. Once stalling is done, use those 14 wood orbs for an eight-orb wood row and a 6-orb wood row, combing as hard as you can in the process. It’s okay if the Golem takes multiple tries to kill here; on F3 and F5 you’ll be able to use Fafnir to ensure the kill.
  2. P2 uses delay. Use the delay turns to heal back to full. On the last turn of the delay, P1 kills with Dios + Beorc + Fafnir.
  3. Basically follow the F1 steps again. The difference is that P2 starts the floor so they will have to kill the Gear with your laser, then they can match once to give the turn back to P1. On this floor in particular, take extra care to avoid matching the mortal poison spawned by the previous floor (which can be non-trivial if you aren’t used to the hidden orbs). Then pretty much follow the F1 steps again. The difference being that when you kill the Golem, you can pop Fafnir this time since you won’t need him on the next floor.
  4. Follow F2 steps again.
  5. Follow F3 steps again.
  6. P2 takes a hit. Then P1 takes a hit. Then P2 uses Shaitan to survive the fourth-turn nuke. When the combo shield is down, P1 uses Dios + Beorc to kill.
  7. Stall for all skills. You want to deal enough damage to Zeal to get him within range of  your laser, but not too much because you don’t want to accidentally kill him before all your skills are up. Once all your skills are up, P1 uses Dios + Beorc + Fafnir, but be sure NOT to attack with this. Instead, use your laser to kill. We do this to work around F8’s skill delay.
  8. Since you used a laser to kill F7, P1 still has priority. P1 uses their pass. P2 uses both gravities, getting Star Justice below his perseverance threshold, then passes back. P1 swipes for the kill.
  9. You can infinitely stall here, but all you really need to do is wait for Dios, Beorc and Fafnir to go for the kill.
  10. There are different ways to address this floor should you have Carat or not.
    • If you don’t have Carat, it gets a little complicated.
      • First, stall for Dios, Beorc and Fafnir again and also make sure P2 has Shaitan up. Then wait for the next turn where P1 has priority AND MAthena is wood element. Then P1 uses Dios, Beorc and Fafnir. Unless you get some ungodly skyfalls, this damage should get under her damage absorb. The luckier you are with skyfall, the closer you’ll get her to 50% HP. If you’re short of 50%, you can use Avalon and Beorc’s 10% gravity to get her under. Once again, make absolutely sure she’s wood when you take her under 50% HP.
      • Once she’s under 50% HP, she’ll throw up a 99% damage shield and nuke you with a one-time multi-hit the next turn. This is why it’s important to make sure she’s wood so P2 can use Shaitan to survive the hit.
      • From here on out, you have a few options. You want to get her as close to 20% as possible without going over. You can do this using your various gravities, Beorc being your most precise tool to do so. You can also get frisky by using Avalon to further lower her health. If you accidentally go under 20%, she’ll heal back up to 50%. If you go under 20% again, you can tank the nuke with Shaitan, but why risk it? Instead, assuming you don’t connect enough wood orbs to break her defense accidentally, you can 30% or 35% gravity twice to take her close to 20% (21% if you used two 35s). You can then Dios + Beorc + Fafnir and a swipe should kill her.
      • An alternative option to the above is to stall out the 99-turn absorb shield so you can use gravities to be precise with the damage thresholds, but that’s really just wasting time since you’re going to be stalling for so long anyways.
    • Carat makes things much simpler. Basically, just stall out the 99-turn absorb shield, then gravity twice to take her under 50% (although it’s quite possible that Carat does enough damage to kill with only a single gravity, but at this point, why risk it?). Remember to do this when she’s wood so you can Shaitan to survive the nuke. Once the 99% damage shield is down, Dios + Beorc + Carat to finish her off.

If you have any corrections or want any clarifications, please feel free to leave a comment. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on this team or anything so corrections would be greatly appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Notes on MAthena Dacho Carry Team

  1. I’ve a similar team but I’m not able to clear it solo.

    I have:
    Odin hypermax. (inherit gravity 30%)
    Zeus (+128)
    Lu bu (+240, inherit poison)
    Avalon Drake (+3, inherit 30% gravity)
    Grand tengu (Inherit true dmg)

    Should I change Lu bu for a blue fafnir to defeat goles and F2 drakes? Watching the video seems that’s the key…

    Thanks for this awesome post!


    • Sorry, I’m not well versed in the solo version of the team. For my main I used a solo Odin team, but I used a slow, Carat-based team (which used poison to kill the Golems) so the requirements were different.

      I’m not really sure what Lu Bu is on the team for? For the ATK for the poison? Or do you mean Liu Bei? If the golems are a problem, then a poison should technically be able to eventually kill them. If F2 is a problem then, yeah, Fafnir should be a considerable improvement. Although I’m saying that not knowing what other options you have.


      • I mean Liu Bei xDD (Sorry I just was watching a Lu Bu video and…)

        Okey, I’ll try fafnir. He has x3 vs golem so I will be able to break his defs. Plus I will inherit him a def breaker.

        Thanks for your time, as ever!


  2. Carried a couple friends using the solo grodin team of grodin(jize)/dios (3 sdr)/beorc/alb/australis(a frejya)/grodin(raph), with p2 bringing basically whatever. The friends I carried brought some damage along just to speed things up, but it’s unnecessary. They could bring a jize skillup or any true damage on their team to drop the requirement for them to have jize or raph to inherit on their grodin. Works just as well as the carry team you have here. Hopefully we can find a quicker carry team, but it seems unlikely at this point.


    • Yeah, I figured there were plenty of ways to do this, but since I’m lazy I just went with what dacho already presented. It’s good to know that other teams work just as well, though.


    • If neither I nor my partner have Jize, can P2 just carry 2 lasers? Or I can inherit ARa on Grodin? Would that work?

      Also don’t have Raph, but we do have Shaitan.


      • Any true damage can work. Of the top of my head, Jize, any form of ra, Kamatari or Sanosuke from Kenshin, A FA Luci, or any of their skillups. Raph is better than Shaitan because he blocks everything, which means you don’t have to wait on Athena to change to green, gives you two damage boards for Star Justice (which eliminates the need for gravity), and dual purposes as a heal. I did these carries before the Grodin awoken bind clear buff came, so I was killing f4 at not full health and swiping Raph on fl5 after lasering to heal back up from the Silk skill up. If you aren’t inheriting Shaitan, Raph’s skill up dog is probably a better choice for P2 to bring.


  3. Hey, so based on what you have there, I can make a team with all the right skills using inheritance, but before I actually try to max it all out I was just wondering if it looks like it would work to you.

    Grodin (Jize)/Zeus Dios/Summer Armadel/Perseus (A.Artemis)/A.Freyja (Carat)

    I can get a Hera Beorc if needed, but I’d rather save the pii’s if Armadel could work as well. I’m lacking any kind of 2-color board change that makes light, so I thought Perseus would work to cover the SB and Rows, then inherit A.Artemis in order to still be able to make a good amount of green orbs (hopefully), though this is the one that I’m most iffy about.Then I don’t have a Fafnir, so I figured I’d use Freyja to add some more rows, but if the physical killer is really necessary I do have Wee Jas as well.

    Does all this seem like a bit of a stretch, or is there something here that could work? Hopefully this isn’t too much of a bother to ask, but any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!


    • Beorc doesn’t need to be skilled, if that’s your concern. Armadel should theoretically work, though.

      Avalon is good for clearing the mortal poison from F2. If you’re okay with working around those then Perseus(Artemis) should be fine.

      Dacho states in his video that Freyja works as a Fafnir replacement, just that you’ll have a harder time clearing the golems (the F1 one in particular since you have to save your enhance for F2). You’ll just have to combo a bit harder on them and maybe hope for some skyfalls, but you’re never in danger of dying so it should theoretically be fine.

      I’d try my best to work out damage calculations beforehand just to make sure you’re in the ballpark, but it seems like your team should work out alright. Also consider smiRk’s comment; there are plenty of other possible team compositions that can carry players through this dungeon.


  4. I feel like Reincarnated Ceres will slay this dungeon, I’ve already seen decently smoooth playthroughs with regular Awoken Ceres


    • She has a good match up, but I wouldn’t necessarily say “slay”. Unless a new team comp is found, it’s not like Ceres is much faster or more consistent than GOdin.


      • I was thinking about a Team like:

        RCeres (with Grodin inherit) / Gronia / Astaroth (with Ra inherit) / Perseus / SchoolAthena (with AOrochi Inherit)

        Ra for the Gadgets, Grodin for Folklore, Orochi for emergencys (or the puppeteer)


    • I don’t think it’s necessary, but you should always double check the damage math, especially for F2 and MAthena. If you can inherit a better damage enhance on top of Fafnir then it should be totally fine.


  5. Would you ever consider carrying someone through this? Or do you know anyone who’d be willing to help someone else out with it? I don’t have the team on my main to help my alt out with this run sadly.


    • Sorry, I just don’t have the time to carry people. You can try the Reddit Discord, which would be my best guess. I think there’s a dedicated carry server, too. Good luck!


  6. Hi Setsu, first of all i would like to thank you for your work and for your helpful posts like this one. I’m planning to build the team that you’ve posted to clear MAthena, i have all the cards. I was wondering about the level of skill of fafnir. I know that obviously max skilled is the optimum, but is a requirement or you can go with any level of skill? My Fafnir is level 2 and you need 23 (22 in my case) skill up to max.
    Thank you.


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