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Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

Previous update

Things are going to get busy with Halloween and the upcoming godfest, so I’m going to cut some corners to push this update out quickly.

Machine Athena Dacho Carry

I made a post outlining the carry team here. In that post, I said I’d probably never use the carry team again, but on second thought I’m actually considering running it some more for dupe awakenings and the off chance of a skill up or two. We’ll see.

SDRS For Liu Bei

I bit the bullet and finally bought some half price SDRs for my Liu Bei. I’d been trying to avoid spending resources on them, but now that I have plenty of MP in reserve it was time to finally improve my teams. Yes, Special Descended Rush will eventually have SDR invades and I’ll eventually take full advantage of that, but until then the four SDRs I bought will allow me to run a slightly faster Zaerog∞ farming team. Considering how often I run the dungeon and how scarce my free time is lately, any time improvement is extremely valuable to me.

Slightly Improved Liu Bei Zaerog∞ Team

This team isn’t the fastest, but it’s faster than the standard 7x Dios, 1x Jize setup and should be reasonable for many players to make the transition. Here are the teams:

  • P1 – Liu Bei(Ra) / Dios / Dios / Dios / Dios
    • If farming the coin dungeon, Liu Bei needs 2x SDR and one Dios needs 1x SDR. The other Dioses can use inherits to protect against skill delay.
  • P2 – Liu Bei(Ra) / Dios / Anji / Jize(area nuke) / Neptune Dragon
    • If farming the coin dungeon, this entire side should have 2x SDR.
    • The area nuke on Jize can be anything that does at least 82,955. Possible candidates include ROdin and Vritra (yes, even at full HP).


  • The number of Dios swipes are reduced by two. Not only are button kills faster overall due to no skyfall or attack animations, but the number of player switching transitions are also reduced by two (six vs. eight).
  • The 4x Dios side is compatible with either version.
  • The 3x Dios, 1x Jize side has a reasonable transition, Anji being farmable and Neptune Dragon technically being so as well.


  • The 4x Dios side used to be able to get away with no SDRs, but you need some for this setup.
  • Jize is pretty much required for P2 as a two-turn or lower cooldown is necessary. Something like Mandrake could still suffice, but the lack of the skill boost would force a more stringent SDR requirement on P1 (2x on Liu Bei, 2x on a single Dios, 1x on the other Dioses).
  • Ra on Jize is no longer a sufficient nuke.
  • Neptune Dragon is required. While MP flows freely nowadays, not many people will want to buy one just for this purpose.

Urd Max Skilled


I finally max skilled Urd and ultimately decided to put her on my Summer Myr. The original plan was to put her on Navi, but it just made more sense to put her on Myr. This way I’ll always have access to the Urd + Andromeda combo and it gives me some sub flexibility should I want to sub out Hatsume which would break my other orb change combination with Ryune. Should I need access to a more specialized inherited skill, I can put that burden on my main.

Halloween Is a Bust

Presumably all the new Halloween cards have been revealed at this point in time. While buffs to old cards could definitely change things, this REM looks pretty garbage overall. Sure, there are plenty of cute things, but that’s not really something this account can afford to chase. I’ll definitely be buying two Ragnarok Dragons with my MP.

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

With the Sengoku split uevos slated to hit NA soon, the next godfest has a good chance of featuring them. If so, I’ll likely roll if they’re paired with a good pantheon. Sanada and Mori would both be good rolls for Cao Cao. Ishida would be good for MAthena (although Verdandi also works as an inherit). I already have an Akechi, but a dupe isn’t the worst thing. I don’t need Maeda that much, but his active is still a great utility option. Saving for Indian 2 and Ganesha is probably a better use of stones in the long run, but it’ll be hard to pass up a chance for the Sengoku.

With MAthena acquired, I’m putting MHera and MZeus on the back burner for now, especially now that I’m all but guaranteed to buy two Ragnarok Dragons come the next MP rotation.

Also, barring the acquisition of new cards, I’m pretty much closing the book on my Summer Myr team. I still want to finish skilling my Christmas Paulina, but I won’t be putting resources into something like Amberjack now.

Overarching Goals

  • Cao Cao stuff
  • Prep GOdin for MAthena – Done
  • Save stones for Ganesha
  • Gather remaining evo materials for MAthena and Ragnarok Dragon
    • MAthena
      • Sherospada
        • 6x Gold Keeper
    • 2x Ragnarok Dragon
      • 2x Zaerog∞
        • 1x Zaerog
        • 2x Super King Metal
      • 2x Hysferzen
        • 1x Wood Golem
        • 22x Gold Keeper
      • 2x Canopus
        • 1x Red Mechdragon
        • 1x Blue Mechdragon
    • Summary:
      • Monday: 1x Wood Golem
      • Tuesday: 29x Gold Keeper
      • Consider Rare Evo Rush
      • Mechdragon Rush or technicals?
      • Dragon Rush: 1x Zaerog
      • Save Super King Metals from Zaerog∞
      • Try to pick up evo mats via PEM first


  • MAthena
  • Ragnarok Dragon #1
  • Ragnarok Dragon #2
  • Kotodama
  • Bartz
  • Amaterasu
  • Ceres Ana
  • Ronove
  • Robin Hood

Liu Bei

  • Phact
  • Masamune

Cao Cao

  • Surtr
  • Freyr – Done
  • RSonia

Long Term Liu Bei

  • Fafnir
  • Hanuman

Summer Myr

  • Urd – Done
  • Christmas Paulina


  • Gainaut

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Summer Claire
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • Venus
  • Thouzer
  • Kopis
  • Pollux #2


  • Elia
  • Nordis
  • Myr
  • Sakuya
  • Bastet Ace – Done
  • LValk Ana
  • Goemon #2
  • BSonia – Done

10 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 10

  1. About the counterattack skills from the archdemon series- Say I have a team with 20k max and current HP and an enemy is attacking for 40k damage while a 3x counter damage buff is up.

    Would the damage still be reflected through my death?
    Before resistances and defense are factored in, would it be 60k damage(20*3), or 120k(40*3)?
    If paired with a resolve effect, would it deal 19,999*3 damage?


    • You would counter 4x the monsters attack and elements are factored in but what’s the point if you’re dead? :/


    • To be honest, I don’t know the answers. I think I’ve seen people double KO via counterattack, but maybe I’m confusing it with poison or something. I also have no clue how counterattack interacts with damage modifiers. Sorry!


    • It’ll work. Back in the day people used to spend 20-30 stones on regular zeus by using dark golem’s counter LS to whittle down his HP


  2. What’s your plan with MAthena? Is it worth Ragx2? I honestly hadn’t paid attention after she was announced because she seemed fairly underwhelming. There must be a JP team I’ve missed:)


  3. Setsu do you have a link or description to the athena team and hera teams you are building? I have most of the same inherites you listed and am wondering what the final setup looks like! thank you


    • My alt’s inherit selection is really bad so I wouldn’t necessarily use this as an example of what’s good. The team I’m looking at right now would be:

      MAthena(Ceres) / RagDra(Verdandi) / RagDra(Awoken Liu Bei) / Spica(Avalon Drake) / Kotodama(Summer GSonia)

      Ideally I’d have a second Liu Bei so I could use the regular form inherit and use ALB solely as a leader. Of course, the more Liu Beis the better. Australis and/or Artemis over the two-color board changes.

      I haven’t really considered MHera in a while as MAthena should generally be better for everything that isn’t already covered by Liu Bei.


  4. Hi!
    I’m thinking about starting an alt account on my IPad to help me being less dependend on other people for farming duties. This Account will be strictly no-IAP, so I think i might re roll till I get a Liu Bei. Is this assumption correct or should i go for another lead?


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