Collab REM Review – Batman 4

The biggest criticism the last time Batman was available on NA was the severe lack of value at silver, but for the most part that has been remedied through buffs and the addition of Tamazo Batman. Now the biggest problem lies at gold. As Batmobile and Disruptor Batman never emerged as relevant leaders and they didn’t receive any leader skill buffs, the value at gold is heavily reliant on the cards’ utility applications. While still valuable in that respect and made slightly better due to active skill buffs, the gold Batmen are largely overshadowed by skill inheritance, that feature diminishing the need to roll collab REMs for niche utility cards. I think most people can roll a few times and get decent value at silver, but those considering rolling for gold should think twice about how much they really need those cards.

5-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

SGloves Batman (Light Ver.) – A-
1221 - Batman+S. Gloves Act FB
At a Glance
Positive One of the most flexible utility actives in the game
Positive Now 100% bind immune.
Positive A great option for dark-devils.
Negative Value of flexibility is diminished by skill inheritance.
Negative Weak weighted stats.
Light Batman is now a utility all-star for dark-devils, providing both a delay and bind clear in a single active. Delays are still rather rare for dark-devils, with Awoken Okuninushi being the only other one slated for release on NA. Bind utility isn’t quite as uncommon as it once was with Gremory and Nobunaga representing the cream of a surprisingly deep crop. Even outside this element-type pairing, no other card in the game has this combination of abilities. Uniqueness doesn’t necessarily translate to value, though. Being able to adapt to many situations has its value, but in most cases solutions can be found with inheritance with the added advantage of not having to roll in a collab REM. So while I like this card very much, I’d be hard pressed to recommend rolling for it.
SGloves Batman (Disruptor Ver.) – B
2133 - Batman+Disruptor
At a Glance
Negative A weaker utility option than the light version.
Negative A weak leader skill remains unbuffed.
Negative Dark machines have yet to take off.
Let’s be real here, if you’re rolling for this card it should be for the light version. The Disruptor’s biggest advantage as a sub was being 100% bind immune. Now that the light version is too, it has the advantage, an extra skill boost outweighing the slight stat disadvantage. Although I’ll concede there might be situations where Disruptor’s typing or TPA will make him more attractive.

As a leader, Disruptor is basically irrelevant. When he was initially released, NA was desperate for a leader to replicate what Gon was doing on JP so we pinned our hopes on better dark-machine support in the future, but those hopes where never realized. Machines never really became a thing until MAthena who, ironically, is part of the co-op wave that renders niche, would-be single-player farming leads like this obsolete.

Batwing Batman (Water Ver.) – B-
1476 - BAO Batman+BW Stealth
At a Glance
Positive Now with a 999-damage laser.
Positive Double TPAs are a nice touch.
Negative Overshadowed by Gemstone Princesses and Norse.
Negative Few situations where a laser and damage enhance are both relevant.
Evaluating damage enhancers is always tough. In general, they’re always useful, but in the face of vastly superior options in the Gemstone Princesses and even the awoken Norse, they all look so poor. Water Batman did get an interesting buff in a single-target, 999-damage laser being strapped onto his active, but how valuable is this? While active flexibility is always nice, for it to really shine there has to be situations where both components are relevant at the same time which this odd combination of abilities has few of. As with light Batman, skill inheritance can usually cope with the same situations. Something should be said about being balanced, though, as GungHo has released decent dark support in that type lately.
Batwing Batman (Batmobile Ver.) – B-
2134 - Batman+Batmobile
As a leader, Batmobile Batman basically suffers from the same shortcomings as Disruptor. As a sub, there are some various reasons to choose this form over the water version and vice versa — mainly typing issues and a second skill boost vs. an SBR — but much of the same criticisms of the water version also apply here.

4-Star Silver Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Harley Quinn – A-
2136 - Final Nightmare Harley Quinn
At a Glance
Positive A great selection of offensive awakenings for a silver.
Positive It isn’t the best, but an orb change is an orb change.
Positive A good placeholder sub for new players.
Negative Good for Sun Quan and Hermes, but has very few other relevant applications.
After receiving considerable buffs, Harley is one of the more powerful silvers in the game. Combining an orb change with several offensive awakenings, two of which are TPAs, is a recipe for success at any rarity and they also had the good sense to include a skill boost. When this card was introduced, it was questionable whether it was worth the Py investment, but the circumstances have changed a bit. Due to power creep, Arena 1 and its Pys are much more accessible. Skill inheritance also makes this a reasonably attractive active skill should you be running Sun Quan or Hermes. That being said, her only real use is restricted to those two leads and while she’s quite powerful, she just doesn’t have the support to make her a great roll.

Catwoman – C+
672 - Catwoman+C. Claw
Catwoman’s active is close to reasonable now, spawning eight fire orbs, up from five. While an active that guarantees eight orbs is fairly powerful, it’s questionable what practical uses it has. Farming is out because you’d usually prefer something like Sado or even Laila if you want guaranteed orbs. As a straight sub, well, like most silvers, even if she had better awakenings, it probably wouldn’t be worth the Flampys to make the skill usable.

Robin – B-
674 - Robin+E. Stick
With low-cost dungeons being a thing of the past, Robin lost his niche role, but now he has a 99-damage laser whose three-turn cooldown rivals cards such as Minerva and Jize. However, outside of some weighted stats, the Jize skill up fodder, Mandrake, is generally better since its skill ups are farmable, is a turn faster and its row is more relevant for farming. It should be noted that Dios is also balanced type, so perhaps there will be a situation where you’ll need both the laser and the 20% damage enhance in the same run.

Remote Claw Batman – A-
678 - Batman+Remote Claw Notes
100% blind resistance is actually fairly useful and this Batman provides it with a single card. While blind boards are usually only a minor annoyance, the new hidden orb mechanic can give players of all skill levels problems and there are worse solutions than running this card. A single-turn delay isn’t trivial, either, as it can be useful beyond just buying an extra turn by dealing with mechanics like perseverance. The jammer to dark orb changer is just a bonus. I really like this card for a silver.

Tamazo Batman – A+
3164 - Tamazo X Batman
At a Glance
Positive Great placeholder sub for Xin Hua, Gremory and Typhon Ana.
Positive A respectable bind utility option at silver.
Tamazou Batman is an amazing silver and is strongly reminiscent of Navi from the Summer REM. One of the biggest criticisms about Navi was that her skyfall buff didn’t have an immediate impact and while Tamazo is mostly the same, his haste gives you a chance to get another active ready. Tamazo lack’s Navi’s multi boost, but makes up for it with some bind utility. He also has relevance due to the appearance of dark-balanced leads which are also heart-reliant: Xin Hua, Gremory and Typhon Ana. Another solid silver offering.


I’m a fan of rolling a few times in collab or special REMs that have great value at silver, which this REM certainly has, but that is also contingent on there being some kind of payoff at gold should you get lucky. While either of the gold Batmen would be a nice luxury to have, luxuries are just that; most would be better served spending their stones elsewhere. I can see trying a few rolls, especially if you see Tamazo Batman being a good addition to your teams, but I’d strongly advise against going all-out. For those eyeing the PCGF or anticipating a similarly high-value godfest, this should be an easy pass.

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    • Thanks for pointing it out. This particular error happened because I pulled card data from Skyozora, but the JP and NA card numbers are different for the original Batman cards and I forgot to fix it for this one. One of those strange things leftover from the old PAD days.


  1. I feel like people undervalue the heart skyfall buff actives in the middle of the heartcross meta. Navi has done so much work for me on Summyr between her increased healing effects from the heart+ awakenings and allowing free turns to stall or avoid using actives. In longer dungeons like Arena, there’s a lot of times you’re hit with a 99 turn debuff and the heart skyfall can be used to simplify the run by removing it. The other advantage is both of them pack 3 rows helping the team’s overall damage (but that doesn’t matter as much now-a-days with +50x row leaders).


    • It’s true that the active is underestimated and is much better than some people give it credit for, but it’s also true that it just isn’t that great. I was one of the biggest Navi supporters, but I was never excited to use her active since the team generally needs more help getting water orbs, not heart orbs.

      What I think some people fail to consider, though, is that these are silver. The active is perfectly fine for a silver, great, even, and the card will help so many teams for a long time. The value they bring is so good compared to their EV.


  2. I’m a bit of a DC fan – I started this game just over a year ago during the DC collab, and collected everything but Superman during the last DC collab. This will my first Batman collab.
    The golds look lackluster, but the silvers look really appealing to me (Tamazo for my A.Batman team, Catwoman for weekend farming, Robin for the fun LS, Harley for the active).
    Should I roll here? My other choices are rolling the DC collab just for Superman, and saving up for pcgf.


    • I’m going to assume you’re non-IAP? I think it’s reasonable to roll, especially since you’re a DC fan. I don’t know your exact situation, but personally I’d create a strict budget for this. Like: “I’ll roll 5 times max, but if I get Tamazo I’ll stop early”. I say this because while I like the value at silver I don’t think there’s enough overall value to go all-out on this REM. Also, the more you limit the number of rolls, the less chance that dupes — which are mainly useless for this collab — will haunt you. While I don’t think the PCGF is the be-all end-all, I do think it’s prudent to save some stones in case the lineup works out in your favor.

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  3. I know I shouldn’t but OH GOD I REALLY WANT THAT TAMA

    I have no use for it because I don’t have Gremory/Typhon/etc BUT I CAN’T STOP STARING AT ITS ADORABLE FACE send help

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  4. I haven’t tried it yet! I’m considering saving my magic stones for once but how can I resist?

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to roll a couple times.

    Also, as an unrelated question: I recently hit rank 150 (This is my third attempt at playing the game for more than a month. X3) and got a pull at the Premium egg machine. Well, I got Horus but I’m not sure which Ultimate Evolution to choose. Is there one of them that you would recommend?


    • That mainly depends on what you need and what other cards you have. The Ace version is a better sub and a decent leader, but the awoken version has a higher damage potential as a lead.


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