Godfest Help Post: 10/16-10/17

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations. Grades do not factor co-op or skill inheritance at this time.
Godfest: Egypt 1 & Constellation 1 10/16, Archdemons & Sengoku 10/17
Day 1 Day 2
Egypt 1 Const. 1 Archdemons Sengoku
Individual B+ B B- B+
Combined B+ B
Individual C- B+ B A-
Combined B- A-
Individual B- B+ B- B+
Combined B B+

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions on just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

Please read the rules before posting, especially if this is your first time:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
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  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.
  • Any comments breaking the rules will be removed without warning.


This is FAQ is a work in progress (last updated: 9/28/16).

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future as the meta always shifting. The Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Galas have been changed to have a reduced impact ever since the gala exclusives were introduced so while it can certainly play a part in your decision, don’t let to weigh too heavily. As GFEs are generally at 4x rates or higher now, which sets are excluded from the bonus plays a much bigger role now.
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it. In the day and age of Liu Bei, MP is an easily farmable commodity so if that’s within your capability and you’re good with allocating the time to do so, you can afford to be more impulsive with your purchases.
  • Why is X monster rated higher than Y monster? – The monster ratings aren’t there to be an accurate, authoritative resource on a card’s power, but are more used as a ballpark estimate to give a relative idea of how useful a given card or pantheon is which is used to help evaluate godfests. Co-op isn’t a current factor so don’t be surprised to see cards like Liu Bei with a lower than expected rating.
  • Why is the overall rating not an average of the lead and sub ratings? – Long story short, when grades are given using the normal distribution, cards that are both good as leaders and subs get a boost in the overall rating while ones that are bad as both get penalized. This is because most cards in the game are usually only exceptionally good at one role, not both.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings. Grades do not factor co-op or skill inheritance at this time.
Day 1, 10/16
Name Lead Sub Overall
Egypt 1
2009 - Awoken HorusHorus B+ B B+
2010 - Awoken IsisIsis B B+ B
2011 - Awoken BastetBastet B+ C- B-
2012 - Awoken RaRa B+ C- B-
2013 - Awoken AnubisAnubis B+ C+ B
Constellation 1
3053 - Sphere Protected Mechanical Star God, AntaresAntares B B+ B+
3055 - 爽河の星機神・AlreschaAlrescha B B+ B+
3057 - 幽樹の星機神, SpicaSpica B B+ B+
3059 - Musical Heaven Mechanical Star God, PolluxPollux B B+ B+
3061 - Destruction Cannon Mechanical Star God, CastorCastor B B+ B+

This is the third Egypt 1 godfest out of the last seven. Enough already.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings. Grades do not factor co-op or skill inheritance at this time.
Day 2, 10/17
Name Lead Sub Overall
2503 - Explosive Demon Lord, BelialBelial B- B+ B
2504 - Resolved Demon Lord, AmonAmon C- B C+
2505 - Awoken AstarothAstaroth B+ B B+
2506 - King's Gaze Demon Lord, BaalBaal C+ B+ B-
2507 - Awoken Archdemon LuciferLucifer A- B+ B+
3101 - Patriot Warrior, Sanada YukimuraSanada Yukimura B A- B+
3103 - Contemplative Strategist, Mori MotonariMori Motonari B B+ B+
3105 - Humanistic Spy, Ishida MitsunariIshida Mitsunari B B+ B+
3107 - Radiant Dandy, Maeda KeijiMaeda Keiji B+ B+ B+
3109 - Meticulous Rebel, Akechi MitsuhideAkechi Mitsuhide B A- B+

As predicted, we are getting a Sengoku godfest. Considering just how good their split uevos were, they should be highly sought after. Unfortunately they’re paired with the middling Archdemons, but there are certainly worse pairings. I really wanted to roll for the Sengoku on my alt, but I’m still debating whether the Archdemons are good enough to warrant rolling. I, like many of you, will have to weigh rolling now vs. a better godfest coming because of the approaching PCGF vs. the actual PCGF itself.


50 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 10/16-10/17

  1. I’m very busy so the amount of questions I get to will be very limited. For now I’ll limit things to a rather low 5, but I’ll try to answer more should time permit. Thank you for understanding.


  2. I’m kinda new to pad (2 months casual play)
    rank 150 right now (mostly due to the exp boost tama dungeons)

    I’m kinda lost on where to go right now. Most of my usable leads are the mini 3 kingdom leads, and my main team is: cao cao (mini), samurai goblin, amusement dancer fuu, phoenix, phoenix rider valen. Then picking cao cao or red odin friend lead.

    link to my pad herder:

    progression wise I can clear normal up to Junos Island, legendary dragon footprints
    technical up to hill of iris’s rainbow.
    daily dungeons up to expert.

    Any tips of where i should focus? possible team build?
    I also have a +297 tama, (and 26 tama stashed) so i can awaken stuff if needed.
    skill wise… i think i average 3 to 4 combo/board.


    • Hi Setsu,

      I have a quick question. Are there days during the god fest where dragon callers have a higher rate of falling? I noticed a thread a couple of godfests ago that eluded to this. If so, where can I go to see this increased rate?



    • You should be aiming to use Bastet as your main lead. You should go for her dark form then eventually her Ace Armor form when you can clear that dungeon. Artemis, GOdin, Masamune, mini Liu Bei, and even Zuoh are all acceptable subs. This team will also force you to learn how to combo a bit better. This is probably your most flexible and likely most powerful option going forward, at least until you get some new cards. GOdin can also get you through a lot of early content, slowly, but reliably.


      • Ok, I’ll try that team.
        Which uevo should I aim for for artemis.

        Should I +297 bastet? Or wait for better lead?
        Is godin’s 4 auto recov worth tamadra-ing for?

        For pulls, i assume wait for pcgf right? Or is there any pantheon i should be on the lookout for?
        I currently have 44 stones, non-iap.

        Thanks =)


        • – Awoken Artemis is probably best for Bastet, dark and light are easier to evo and skill up so they’re probably better for you right now. Between light and dark, light will probably be better for Bastet.
          – I think you should try out Bastet for a bit and if you like her then +297 her.
          – You should always try to max awaken everything you use.
          – PCGF isn’t necessarily good. Each godfest you have to evaluate individually whether it presents good value for you. That being said, a PCGF is generally pretty good value for all new players. Probably the best overall pantheons right now are the Heroes and 3K.


  3. Rank 446
    Non-IAP, only spent money on special limited time offers
    My main leaders right now are Awoken Pandora, Awoken Lucifer, Sherias Roots, Awoken Sakuya
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/mrshoeshine/monsters

    I’ve cleared Arena 1 with my Sherias Roots team and I’m working on a Myr team so I can start clearing harder content like Machine Hera or Machine Zeus. Are any of my teams currently capable of clearing either? I haven’t tried yet because it cost so much stamina so I only want to try it when I know I can beat it.

    My main goal is to clear all the dungeons and that’s why I’m building a Myr team next. What is the best Myr team I can make with my subs? I don’t have most premier subs so I’m not sure what to run for the last slot. I think I’m going to run Myr/Myr/Venus(inherit Gadius)/ADQXQ/???

    Thanks for reading!


    • Capable? Sure, but outside a few specialized teams I wouldn’t exactly say there’s a reliable clear. MZeus is particularly difficult being no-RCV and having the 8-combo shield.

      You’re really behind the curve for a Myr team. Your only orb change that makes both lights and hearts being DQXQ is a huge liability. The team is still strong enough without them, but you should definitely have tempered expectations. Your proposed team is probably about as good as it gets considering what you have. For the last spot, I’d definitely recommend using a light orb changer, maybe something like Elia or Verche.


      • I can attest that Elia is a great filler for Myr. I’ve cleared everything but a3 with a sub optimal Myr team, though I do have Apocalypse and Wukong, which you don’t.


  4. Rank 213, Non-IAP, could spend 45 stones (50 if i dedicate stam to get more stones)
    Leads: Typhon, Sumire, Liu Bei
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Mandavar/monsters/

    I’m quite new to PAD, started playing this summer. I started with Typhon and have a team were i use Jester Dragon, Dragon Knight, Anji and Dark Sprite Cattleya as Subs. Lately i’ve mostly used Sumire as a lead, but i don’t think i have fitting blue subs. So i use her with off color subs: Spica, Yamata Takeru, Urd, Strawberry Dragon. I started to work on a green row team and since 2 days ago i have an Awoken Liu Bei 🙂

    My skill level is so that i can usually do 5 combos + whatever skyfall does. While using Sumire i can reliably heartcross + 5o1e but struggle to do more than 1 additional combo. I mostly play solo but recently started doing coop with random people from the puzzledragonx.com game room. I have cleared some of the easier descendeds (Hera-Is, Satan, Descended Carnival) but am struggling with harder content. I can deal with the technical difficulties ok but in general struggle to do enough damage. I would like to be able to farm Zeus-Dios for ALB.

    I’m kind of at a loss what teams i could/should build with my box and that makes the question whether i should roll hard. I would like some advice on what teams seem plausible to build with my box and what would be good additions for them to inform my decision on when to roll. I do have enough green cards to work on (and currently skill-ups for Sumire) that i don’t feel i have to roll in this GF.

    If i were to roll i think i would roll on the second day. Akechi would be great for Typhon, Astaroth and Mitsunari could further improve my green options. The GFE lineup on the second day is nice and the blue gala means i might get something on color to use with sumire.

    Thank you for reading, writing this blog and that you take time to give individual advice!


    • I think you should focus on raising a Liu Bei team. Farming and Dios aside, he’s simply your best overall lead considering your subs. A core team of Artemis, Spica, Avalon Drake, and Australis is pretty damned good, especially considering your rank. Osiris can be used in situations where you need a quicker active for the leader skill. Unlike your the other teams you mentioned, this one actually has some coherence and I strongly recommend pursuing it.

      I don’t think you necessarily have to roll. Like you said, you have plenty to work on with your wood box. I’d try to wait for a godfest day where both pantheons are above average instead of just one. Of course, I’d keep an eye out for what makes the PCGF and see if that lines up well with your box. You should be focusing your time and resources on +eggs and skill ups.

      As for farming Dios skill ups, I think your Liu Bei tea, once sufficiently invested in, should be more than fine. If you want something more mindless, co-op Goemon is a good choice.


      • Thank you! I’m looking forward to raise my green team 🙂
        Quick follow-up if you can spare the time: Which Uevo of Artemis should i choose? I’m leaning towards G/D because she is easier to evolve and skill and has more rows.


        • Yeah, I’d recommend going for her dark version. For the reasons you stated, but mainly because she can be easily skilled up through green Super Kings. You might want to change her form in the future, but for now I’d agree that her dark version is best for you right now.


  5. Rank: 203
    Non-IAP, 98 Stones saved up
    Teams: RSonia/LuBu, Bastet, ROdin for farming
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Moonadepts/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Hi, Setsu! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the help thread maybe two or three godfests ago. Your main advice to me then was to wait for the PCGF, and I’ve been in full-on stone farming mode since. My goal was to save 85 by November, and since I’ve more than passed that goal I was considering rolling day 2.

    My main motivation is that I’m running out of things to work on. All my active teams are nearing completion and after that I’d be completing cards just to have them. My current plan in to roll 4-5 times in hopes of getting something worthwhile. Does that sound like a solid plan, or are my stones better saved?

    Thanks for the advice!


    • Yes, this sounds more than reasonable, especially since you feel like you’re running out of things to do. There’s no guarantee that the PCGF will be any good anyways and if day 2 has cards that you want, I don’t see any reason why you should hold back. Well, I guess an Amon dupe would be unfortunate, but any of the Sengoku are strong additions to any box.


  6. Hi setsu, would you consider adding an inheritance column to factor in for overall ratings to make it more accurate e.g. IMO Ra is a bit better than B- because lazers are quite sought after especially in an ACC/ALB meta. Or do you think it would be too specific and not be useful information for the targeted audience?

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


    • Short answer: it’s too much work.

      Long answer: the way I have things current set up makes it difficult to include such criteria, co-op included. It bothers me, but not enough to make an effort to fix it; there are so many other things that are more worthwhile to do with my time. Maybe someday.


  7. Rank 260
    Non-IAP now, was IAP to get a decent box to start with. 91stones saved up
    My main leader is sumire and i’m working on bastet ace
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/amilgahoul/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I could really use help picking a direction for a team that can clear those things that sumire can’t. Been all over the place but just don’t know where to focus

    Thanks for reading and advice


      • Mostly no awakening dungeons and ones that need combos like the Hera gift dungeon a little while ago. It’s also been hard to get enough damage for the Kali’s in ultimate arena and similar dungeons with high HP that can one shot me through the 75% shield


        • This sounds more like a lack of dungeon strategy rather than a deficiency of the team.

          No awakening dungeons are cancer in general, but you only have to clear them for the stone so they shouldn’t be a big issue. To make things easier, pair with a Summer Myr for the increased movement time. If you need Kaguya or Wadatsumi for evo materials, just run Descended Carnival.

          You don’t necessarily have to burst through the Kalis. You can bring a damage shield active and when paired with your heart-cross you’ll survive. A damage enhancer like Sheen (presumably on a friend Sumire) or the like should also do the trick. Be sure to stall on previous floors for skills.

          For other enrage hits, you’ll just need to plan better; it’s not like they enrage hit you out of nowhere, you can prepare for it. You can’t expect to effortlessly clear every dungeon with the same team all the time.

          For combo shields, what can I say beyond “player skill issues”. This will be a problem no matter what lead you use. Consider bringing a two-color board combination and using an optimal board setup to clear difficult combo shields. Consider bringing a skyfall buff to help out more. In this case, sure, a different lead would make things easier. Maybe Shiva or Bastet Ace for this application in particular, Shiva maybe being better since you have better subs for him. I wouldn’t feel like you absolutely have to go this route, though.


  8. Rank 253
    Light IAP
    Current Teams: Blonia, Kaede, Roots, Typhon
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Redcrimson

    Hi Setsu, first time commentor. I’m mostly thinking about chasing Akechi/Lucifer and GFEs(dragon-callers, Norns, DKali, etc) on day 2. Day 2 is probably the best lineup of GFEs I’ve seen in a long time, but with PCGF speculated to be in the next couple months, would it be better to skip it since a lot of those cards are likely to feature?

    Also, I have about 200k MP built up, is it worth dumping stuff for RagnaDragon?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the post!


    • It all depends what you think will make the PCGF lineup. If there are things on day 2 that you don’t think will make it, then roll then. It’s impossible to guess what NA will vote in; yeah, most of the hyped 6-stars will make it, but beyond that it’s hard to say for sure. I think outside Akechi, none of the Sengoku will make it and Lucifer probably won’t, either, so if you want any of those, maybe it’s better to roll now.

      Ragnarok Dragon is great, but what are you going to use him for? You could make a good Ronove team, but is that the direction you want to go? And you’re going to need a few more pieces to make MAthena viable.


      • I have both Ronove and Roots, so I figure I’d get decent value out of RagDragon since I can’t roll DKali to save my life. The only other thing I’d want from the MP shop is Yomidra/Plum for my janky Anaphon team, which I’d probably only do if I manage roll Akechi or Satsuki at some point.

        Anyways, thanks for getting back to me since you’re so busy. I’ll probably roll tomorrow and see what happens. If the PCGF lineup looks crazy good, I can just buy a pack or two.


    • Day 2 looks a lot better for Sarasvati. For Gremory, you’d ideally want a godfest featuring both Pandora and Akechi, both of which will likely make the PCGF. However, the PCGF probably won’t have many Sarasvati subs. You’ll have to assess the risks of rolling now vs. waiting for the PCGF, but either choice seems fine to me.


  9. Rank 244
    Current leads: AA.Luci, Sumire, A Sakuya
    Pad herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/FriskyJacket

    Akechi uevos are heeerreee!!
    Dark carnival when?
    Hi setsu and your awesome blog. Probably won’t be rolling this godfest cause dupe risk is too great but I am looking for more general advice on how to improve. Up till now it’s been easy for me to set a goal then work towards it. After beating Paradise if the holy beasts I am not sure what I should do next. Most things I do either seem to easy or just impossible depending on the mechanics. Mosly I don’t have any way to deal with binds. My main question are:
    I want to replace shantoto but I am not sure who is a better fit in my box. Am I running the best team I can?
    Yomi dra seems perfect but how do I farm the MP for one? Is that a Co-op only thing?
    Is there any other “milestone” kind of dungeons that I should focus on beating?
    Skill inheritance, is there any good candidates in my box?
    How many rows is enough row? 18 still seems a bit too few.
    I don’t expect you to answer all of these questions but thanks for any advice you want to give.


    • It’d help to know exactly what dungeons you’re having trouble with.

      On Lucifer, I’d run Castor instead of Shantoto. You’re getting some overlap with him, but Shantoto really doesn’t do anything. Considering grabbing an Aamir for binds. Barring that, you can grab a bind immune farmable like Dragon Zombie and throw a Red Riding Hood inherit on it. Yomi Dragon is obviously ideal, but I don’t know if it’s quiet necessary at your rank.

      Yes, MP farming is generally a co-op only thing.

      18 rows seems overkill if anything. If you’re struggling for damage then it’s probably a reflection of something else you’re doing wrong.


      • All of the red technicals(arena +) ,special decends,and the blue decends all seem out if my reach right now. I didn’t know about zhou. Thought so slotting him into my team should be a big help.

        The 18 rows was mostly a joke. I’m just excited about the akechi uevos giving my team 4 more rows.
        What’s your opinion on Goetta? I kinda like her active more than castors but her stats and lack of an sbr seem like a big problem.

        I have a spare phone I could make an apt account with for Co-op. Is lui bu the best way to go or do I have something on this I can make work?


        • Annhilation dungeons are hard for everyone, but all other dungeons should be doable with your Luci team. You probably just need to plan your runs better and/or ready utility subs to make things easier.

          Castor is one of the best all-around dark subs for non-heart-based leads. Goetia better as an inherit than a base sub, but with two Akechis you don’t really need the effect.

          For alt co-op farming, it depends how much money you’re willing to spend. Liu Bei is ideal for non-IAP since his best sub is farmable. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t consider investing in a farming alt until your main is more accomplished. If you want to do it for fun, that’s fine, and there’s nothing stopping you from collecting free stones and seeing what you get, either.


  10. I’m a bit confused how ABastet is still a B+, while AAstaroth is a B+ too… I mean I get that Astaroth has a limited subpool but just from a leader stand point, she’s a lot better…


    • This isn’t a tier list. Things in the same grade aren’t necessarily on exactly the same level. Many would consider Bastet Ace a superior leader.

      You have to consider the target audience and what is trying to be accomplished here. Most people that would find this post useful and are asking for advice are generally rank 400 or lower and are non-IAP, meaning sub availability is a HUGE factor. This isn’t a tier list where things like sub availability and player skill are ignored, it’s just a very rough gauge of how useful a card will be to a typical player in a certain capacity, giving them a tool to decide if a particular godfest will be good for them or not.


  11. Rank – 514
    IAP – Low
    Teams – BMyr, Parvati
    Padherder – https://www.padherder.com/user/Airride/monsters/

    As a bit of a disclaimer, consider this comment a bit low priority. Other, lower Rank players probably need the help more than me.

    I’ve developed my box a fair bit since last time I commented on one of these posts. I got a somewhat cobbled together Byr Team that works okay for clearing A1 and other somewhat challenging dungeons, I’ve (almost) hypermaxed my beloved Parvati team, but I really don’t know what I should be working for right now.

    I know my BMyr Team is far from great – having few choices other than a non-heart board changer for subs is a testament to that (Though at least Blonia works well with Gabriel…Kind of), but I honestly have no idea what team I should be working towards otherwise. Possibly LMyr, but that team is also fairly odd, my only proper subs being board changers.

    Really, just any advice for direction, any team I should put +s into, or Farmable/REM cards to search for as leaders or subs (Aside from the obvious Andromena/Sumire/Skuld for BMyr) would be highly appreciated, as I feel like I’m just stuck pointlessly farming for +s at the moment.

    Thank you in advance for any help you may give.


    • For your Summer Myr team I think you have a few options, mainly predicated on where you want to inherit Urd. I’d strongly consider running Sarasvati as a a base sub over BSonia and inheriting an Urd on her. After the Saras buffs, I’d say the awakenings between the two are about a push, but Saras’s lower CD is better. Another option is to run Amon as a base sub and putting Urd somewhere else, giving you a better orb change combination. As someone that runs Hatsume on Summer Myr, I can say that just a regular orb change is more than fine.

      As far as where to go from here, that’s really up to you. I mean, what do you really want to accomplish? If you just want a consistent Arena 1 team, I’d consider getting ready for the Minerva-Ilm team. If you want the best Arena 1 team, go for MAthena. Outside that, as someone that really doesn’t have many in-game goals myself, it’s hard to say.


      • For some reason I didn’t even consider that I could inherit my other Urd onto something – I have one on Navi, but putting the other on Saras doesn’t actually seem terrible. Or actually getting Amon plussed.

        As for getting the Minerva-Ilm team ready…Since I do have the ideal team other than a sad lack of Tsubaki (Maybe I’ll get her in the few rolls I plan to do this godfest, who knows.), I guess I will try and work on getting that max. This may be the first time I’m actually happy to have Ilm…Though not the first time I hate the Heroes skillups. Might just Pii Yamato if it gets too bad.


  12. Rank 373
    Light IAP
    Current Teams: Sumire and Panda
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/shiroky/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Hi Setsu, really interested in this godfest for a couple reason, but not sure if its worth pulling. I would love an Antares for ACC, but not sure if its really necessary. Spica would also be a nice pickup since I might be able to make a MAthena farming team with GRodin and could farm up the MP needed get a couple ragdrags. Also if you don’t mind, could you suggest some things that I should have in MAthena farming team with GRodin. Thanks Setsu!


    • Antares is great for Cao Cao, but what do you really need it for? Whether he’s worth it or not depends and what you’re trying to accomplish. Spica is good for MAthena, but do you really need that team? It looks like you already have a pretty good MHera team which, for the most part, does the same thing as MAthena.

      I wouldn’t consider the GOdin team a farming team since runs take like 20 min. For exact teams, just search YouTube. I actually don’t know the solo teams very well.


  13. That’s it for this post. I would’ve made this earlier, but, for the same reason I can’t answer as many questions this time, I was busy. All major advice questions under this will be deleted. I’ll do my best to get to anything above here, but there are no guarantees. Thank you for understanding.


  14. Hey Setsu, quick question. Would it be better for a shitter like me to focus on developing an Armored Batman team or continue working on Sumire? Armored Batman’s time extends (or lack thereof) are worrying, but the damage difference is very noticeable. Assuming one has the optimal teams for each, of course.


  15. YES I got Sanada! I only pulled twice, first was a dud and second was Sanada, I want more from this fest but I’ll stop there. Considering I previously didn’t own Uriel, Yamato, or Sanada and I’m building a Krishna team I am PSYCHED.

    I’m pretty sure Akechi will be voted into PCGF anyways.


  16. What’s your feeling on the new Ishidas? I went for the dark one because I like tinkering with new leader options and because I felt I needed to get my Zuoh team online more than my Grodin team (which already has a ton of competition for slots), but the Awokens on the other one are amazing and would fit into my Grodin team quite nicely.


    • Dark Ishida is a pretty restrictive leader, having the triple threat of color, active and type requirements. I guess it depends on your subs, but I don’t see him being a good leader. I’d much rather use the wood version as a sub somewhere.

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      • How do you feel about him as a Zuoh sub? My issue is that my Grodin team already has one Awoken Parvati (and two more coming), two Green Arrows, an Australis, a Michael, a Zidane, and plenty of other solid options. Thanks for the response!


          • He’s decidedly meh, and given that I have Awoken Pandora, Sherias Roots, Grodin, Rodin, Awoken Okuninushi coming up when the patch launches here, and other solid options, I don’t strictly need him. I do see potential and they may launch a uevo. I just like to have support for as many teams as possible.


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