Challenge Dungeons 29 Lv10 – Spica

Now that Spica has skill boosts, I’m motivated to make videos for her again. Although they’re all pretty much the same: stall forever then burst.

Gainaut’s locked skyfall debuff is the biggest obstacle for low-damage teams like this by far since they can’t rely on flooding the board with offensive orbs to meet damage thresholds. It’s difficult even with killers and probably close to impossible without unless you’re a comboing wizard. Time extends are also key on 7×6 boards as they afford you so much more healing and damage through increased combo count. I can’t wait for the maniac time extend badge.

I would have preferred to use a water Spica leader pair, but, as mentioned earlier, the locked orbs put a huge damper on damage output so I needed to use her dark form for the higher multiplier. There’s no rhyme or reason to the subs, just reusing my MAthena team because they’re machines that do sufficient damage and I didn’t want to waste tans. I’d almost certainly use a different setup if tans weren’t an issue.