Limited Activity for the Rest of the Year

In a way, my posting has already been limited for a while, but with a deadline coming up at work and the holidays following closely after (and Civ6 being recently released) I won’t be able to give the blog much attention even if I wanted to. This is my plan for my regular post series for the rest of the year:

  • Godfest Help – This is the post type that will be most impacted and most people probably won’t notice any changes to the blog outside this. The amount of questions I take will be severely limited or I might call off a post altogether depending how busy I am. I really need to put effort into revamping the rating system, so I might just kill posts and use the time on that instead.
  • REM Reviews – Judging from what has been released on JP, I’m not expecting much for the rest of the year until Christmas and New Year’s which I fully expect to review normally. In the case we get some returning collabs I’ll most likely mail in the review. If for some reason we get a new seasonal, I’ll try and make time for a proper review.
  • JP Aggregate Tier List – Should still be posted weekly barring the need for major script changes.
  • NA Alt – I’ll probably do one more update for the rest of the year, then maybe resume next year.
  • Quick Thoughts
    • JP Streams – Will try my best to get these out for the JP streams. Regardless of the quality of what’s actually revealed, these are some of the more exciting times for PAD and something I want to cover, so expect it.
    • Other Stuff – I want to cover other things in this format, like I did with the PAD BT changes, but that won’t resume until next year. I do want to get something out quick on my experiences with MAthena, though.
  • Twitter – I’ve been experimenting with Twitter to convey thoughts that don’t need a full blog post and I’m enjoying it so far. I expect I’ll be “active” on the account during this period.

9 thoughts on “Limited Activity for the Rest of the Year

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading for the past few months. I makes sense that your waning interest is mirrored by the amount of posting and inevitable pause. There’s not much that’s exciting with PAD as you’ve mentioned in previous posts. I still play casually (1-2hrs/day) and sometimes question why. Even after passing 1150 days I’m still only at level 480 on my main account as a NIAP player. I haven’t paid much attention to teams and playstyle since MP let loose the dragons.
    I’ll try to catch the next Godfest post to ask about team building and direction. Enjoy the rest!


  2. Don’t worry about it. Although I sincerely enjoy reading your content, work and family are obviously priorities. Thanks for the content!


  3. Focus on what you need to do, I’ll gratefully take in whatever content is on offer with the time you can spare. Discovering this blog has really increased my knowledge of and enjoyment of PAD, I genuinely appreciate the benefit of your insight and your style of consistent, methodical reasoning. Thanks again for what you do, and all the best with your other life priorities!


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