Challenge Dungeons 30 Lv6-10 – Liu Bei Snoozefest

Didn’t put as much effort into team building this time and it shows. I also forgot what half my assist skills were and where I was supposed to used them. I’ll try harder next time. Maybe. Probably not. Farming Tans is horrible.

Still regretting buying an iPad over another phone as my alt device. I don’t use it outside PAD nearly as much as I thought I might and the clunky size makes it awkward for multi-devicing.

Also, not sure if I can solo clear this Lv10 with Spica. It looks pretty rough, but the old “stall forever” strategy could possibly work. I’ll try this weekend.


5 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 30 Lv6-10 – Liu Bei Snoozefest

    • I haven’t seen a challenge 1-8 that has been difficult for any leader post Egypt awokens in an incredibly long time.


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