10-Stone GFE REM Rolls 2016.11.11 – 10 Rolls

I’ve stopped doing roll videos for the most part, but the video was so short and easy to make I said, “why not?”

34 thoughts on “10-Stone GFE REM Rolls 2016.11.11 – 10 Rolls

      • I wish that they would do something like they did for Grodin– make it so that her active also clears some kind of unique problem that is otherwise a pain to deal with. For instance, if it got rid of locked/jammer/poison skyfall debuffs, then she might actually have a niche for some dungeons. Or maybe if her active removed blinds/fogs/Myr start locks/Khepri row locks.


        • Yeah, I’d be more than satisfied with this type of solution and I don’t think it’s asking for all that much. However, at 4-turn cooldown I’m not really sure how much they can afford to tack on to her active. DMeta did get a new active with her uevo, though, so it’s not unprecedented to get an entirely new skill (assuming a split uevo).


  1. 20 rolls here, 2 6*s. I’d be salty, but… they were Gremory and Typhon, which basically gives me access to two of the top tier dark leads, so… yeah😛

    4 LMetas, 2 Godins, 2 Fenrirs, 2 Gadius, and a bunch of other dupes. Still, no regrets.


  2. Hey, 2 6* ..not bad! I got 4 Verdandis, 1 Ronia, 1 Satstuki, 1 Saria, 1 Fenrir, 1 Balboa and last roll was finally ‘good’, it was a Ronove. Meh…75-100k MP .. yay?


      • Ah, sorry for the whining🙂 I was a little annoyed that i didn’t get a 6* (Been chasing Sherias Roots since he came out) but getting one of the best leads in the game was worth it.

        And at least, i now have enough MP to buy a Ragnarok Dragon to use in Ronove. After Christmas…in case we’re blessed by Red Myr outside of PadRadar.


  3. 11 rolls (I am now effectively sitting out PCGF and hoping Heroes doesn’t come around until 2017). Can’t say this did much for me. I got two 6*’s, but one was a Typhon dupe and the other, Paimon, I will look into, but I don’t believe I need another possible leader (note: after looking it up, I may have a useful inherent or sub with Paimon). Nearly every other roll was a dupe of the few GFE’s I do have – except of course Sumire who I actually could have used one more of to complete a system team. Sadly no D.Kali, no Kaede, no Dantalion, no Ilm. I guess 2 x Gadius may have some use for a Krishna team? Is there any circumstance under which a person would need three of Australis? This is what I get for chasing the shiny things rather than keeping to a sound moderate plan.

    Best of luck to everyone else!


    • Wow, we got the same 6-stars. Paimon is a pretty good Myr sub. I’ve really like Sumire on my Summer Myr team so Paimon should work pretty well.

      Not really a fan of Gadius as a sub, only really on Xiang Mei out of necessity.

      I wasn’t planning to roll, but the want for more Australises tipped the scales, if that means anything to you. The inherit is very useful nowadays. Unless you’re in dire need of MP, I’d hand on to the dupes.


      • Indeed we did. In fact, looking at your vid we had 7 of the same rolls. I appreciate the positive take on what I had perhaps prematurely read as a bad string of luck – I’ll keep that Machine Athena idea bookmarked in the back of my mind. After further consideration, even pulls like my third Saria I can inherent to help form a skill delay buffer on one of my other Sarias. I don’t suppose you have any sunshine and rainbows in relation to an L Meta dupe roll? ;P

        I think I’ll hoard those GFE’s for future upside rather than go for MP (I’m so far from being able to purchase anything anyhow) – my box is still taking shape, but I am definitely only a Wukong or DQXQ away from having to seriously consider a Myr team. The REM gods don’t owe me anything anyhow after I snagged Raphael last Godfest. I seem to roll a lot of dupes in general, but I’m calling it even given that I hardly ever roll silver eggs (I’ll probably come to regret typing those words just now, hahaha).

        Incidentally, the music in the background of your vid – where is it from? I was getting a very 90’s SquareSoft vibe off it, but I can’t place it.


        • Uh, for LMeta, let’s just say I’ve only kept 1 LMeta proper in my box for over a year, but I’ve upped that to 3 in anticipation of a split ult due to the few GFE splits we’ve gotten recently. Mito from the Heroine REM also gives me some hope that they’ll release an LMeta version with some actual offensive capabilities. There’s also the upcoming JP 5th anniversary which doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll up the uevo count for it, but I’d like to think they would and it wouldn’t surprise me if they revisited some old player favorites. Overall, wishful thinking? Maybe, but I want to be prepared.

          Music is from FF6. Track info is listed on the YouTube page.


          • Fingers crossed then (but breath not held) for a split Ult and not a Guan Yu retirement.

            I knew that had to be 90’s SquareSoft! I’ve heard parts of the soundtrack in the background but never played FF6 *ducks* (now Secret of Mana on the other hand…).



            • I’m still a bit salty about the ZLs and GYs.

              90’s SquareSoft pretty much defined my childhood gaming. So good. Secret of Mana was amazing. I should use some of its tracks on my future videos…


  4. Newish account, Rank 120, had enough to roll once so what the hey… I only have these:

    Urd, Blodin, Sitri, Renove x2

    I’m now the proud owner of Renove #3. o.O


  5. Wow I saw those first two rolls and was like, “God damn, Setsu is the luckiest”…but then the rest of the video happened.
    I rolled five times, getting Sumire #4, Gadius #4, Gadius #5 (almost quit right here), Paimon #1 (yay!), took a break until 11:59PM to restrain myself, and then Sitri on my last roll (also new, and a double-changer that doesn’t break hearts seems really nice).

    Paimon seems like an exciting Myr sub, although I’m not sure where to make room since I’m already trying to decide between Wedding Satsuki, Wukong, A DQXQ, and 2x Apocalypse (with a third that hasn’t been skilled yet…).


    • Paimon is a pretty nice prize for 5 rolls. I’m not entirely sure where he stands as far as Myr subs since I don’t really play the team, but I really like Sumire on Summer Myr so I’d assume it’s about the same. I’ll probably play around with the team a bit more now that I have him, though.


  6. are you doing to do a review of the heroine rem as it seems we may be getting it soon as hinted on by gungho na stream. also FF renewal? I hope cloud gets buffed. seriously i got 3 of them and all useless ._.


  7. I’m saving most of my stones for players choice so I just rolled once. Grodin lol. I finally now have 300K MP again! That only took like 7 months but I had 100K leftover from my YY purchase so wow I’m slow

    I wanted a Saria :^)


  8. 5* – 3x Ronove, LMeta, 2x Gadius, 2x Tsubaki, Fenrir, Godin, Sumire, Urd, Sitri.
    6* – Rodin, Blonia, Gremory.

    Only Gadius and Blonia were new. Full Tsubaki system now.. Yay?
    Was hoping for Typhon, DKali, Kaede, Sylvie, or Sheat.. “Variance got the best of me today.” Le sigh.


  9. Hopefully you are happy with your rolls and work isn’t crushing you too much! I am pretty happy with my results. I pulled 13 times and received 3 6*s:Typhon, Paimon and Fenrir Viz (ugh – I have two fenrirs now. Is that actually an endgame system?).
    Then Australis, Balboa,Zuoh, Godin,Urd (x2),Sitri,Ronove (x2), Fenrir
    Only dupes are Australis, Zuoh, Fenrir, Urd and the 2nd Ronove.

    I saved another 150 stones for PCGF.


  10. Wow, I was really jealous after those first two rolls… Not so much after the next eight.

    I rolled Satsuki and a 3rd Sumire, which I was pretty happy with. Verd and Gadius dupes, which will probably turn into MP in the future. I got DMeta as my only 6-star, which was at least something I didn’t have. After seeing everyone else roll LMetas and GrOdins, I think I definitely got my stones worth.

    Of course now I think I have more GFEs than pantheon rolls, not counting dupes. It’s actually kind of troublesome.


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