Challenge Dungeons 30 Lv10 – Spica

This clear was rough. I haven’t really looked at what’s in future Lv10s, but I’m not looking forward to it. If there’s anything for me to take away from this, after much trial and error, I’m much more aware of the strengths (not many) and weaknesses (there’s a lot) of both Spicas as leads.


6 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 30 Lv10 – Spica

  1. hi setsu, long-time follower of your blog but i don’t think i have commented much. it’s refreshing to see people are clearing this without myr 🙂

    i have not touched my green box yet but i pulled spica today
    i was thinking maybe to lead with her for fun, as i have some friends that use her as well.
    any ideas on a team? here is my nonexistant green box


    • I mean, there really isn’t much to recommend here since you don’t have much selection. Spica is not a great lead and since it appears you’re missing key subs and assist skills I don’t see you getting too far with her. I could recommend getting subs like Ragnarok Dragon, but, really, it’s not worth it just for Spica. So, I’d just play around with what you have and go from there.


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