Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 11/30/16

Since these posts seem fairly popular, I’ll continue to do them while I have time. All content will be hidden after the break. As with all quick thought posts, there’s minimal editing and I might say wrong/stupid things, so please correct me if that’s the case.

Sources: PDX and Reddit.

Still gotta work on the FF review and answer some Godfest Help question so I’m going to keep this one short.

  • FF Buffs – I’ll address these with my eventual collab review. Not overly impressed, though, but the overall value of the REM has increased which is obviously good and makes rolling more attractive. This is a good example of the NA delay being a good thing.
  • Dark Athena – Here’s hoping NA gets access to this card eventually. Even if you don’t want this card in particular, it’s quite likely that red Myr will be released in a similar manner. As for the card itself, it’s obviously quite strong and has team overlap with Awoken Persephone. Three skill boosts paired with bind immunity screams inheritance base and she could be an interesting MHera sub. The addition of a three-turn delay to the usual orb enhance is also intriguing.
  • Bleach Collab – Here’s hoping this makes its way to NA as there are some great farming options, something we usually miss out on.
    • Uuevo Ichigo – Enhance killers are interesting, but are basically empty awakenings. Don’t really see this improving his prospects as a lead much.
    • Awoken Ichigo – It’s difficult for damage enhancers to compete with Carat, but this one could get out of hand quickly. I’m not sure how I feel about him as a lead.
    • Uevo Rukia – The extra skill boost is extremely important in water. The third SBR is fairly useless though. She could be an on-color SBR stick for teams like Meridionalis, but in general Navi is better in this role. She’s still a great lead, but ones that don’t buff both HP and RCV will be hard pressed to reach the elite levels.
    • Grimmjow – Depending on the active’s scaling, this could be an extremely important card for button farming. Here’s hoping it’s over 100x at 1 HP as anything less means Awoken Vritra (200x) would be just as effective against dark monsters damage-wise (although Grimmjow’s active being one-part would make it slightly faster). Let’s hope for 150x; still weaker than Juza’s 200x single-target, but still quite good.
    • Ulquiorra – I was hoping GungHo would eventually fill in the gaps left by the Gemstones, but I’m not sure how I feel about it coming from collab cards. If this trend continues, it’s quite likely that NA will miss some of them. Carat will almost always be king, but I’d still like access to all of the options. Could be an interesting inheritance option for Yomi Dragon teams stacking Eschamalis.
    • Yamamoto – Active is a fire Kundali. The leader skill is pretty intriguing. Preemptives can limit the ways Goemon tackles a dungeon, but Yamamoto has no such problems. At 100x, there’s also a good chance that row spawning actives can do enough damage to clear trash. Combines with Urd and Mori to make a full fire board. The combo bonus could also have some use. This, Grimmjow and Toshiro make Bleach one of the better collabs for farming.
    • Aizen – Hrm. If the PDX translation is correct, Aizen gives an unconditional 36x to all dark cards. That’s pretty damned close to the flat 39.06x  given by uuevo Shiva Dragon, already making him a decent farming lead. There’s actually a pretty good assortment of dark and water cards, including Halloween BSonia and Awoken Persephone. One dark cross results in 144x and two results in 576x. Add in the 2.25x RCV and bind immunity and he seems pretty damned good. Basically what Saito wishes he was.
  • Skill Inheritance Changes – I’m quite glad that Tans are no longer necessary. I’ve always been low on Shyntans so running that dungeon for a single drop has always been excessively aggravating. The stat bonus for the same elements is also quite intriguing and gives teambuilding depth beyond just slapping the most powerful active on your cards (although I’m not sure this bonus will be enough to significantly change things).
  • Tan Guaranteed Skill Ups – Uh, what? Basically fusing six Tans of the same type results in a King Tan. Feeding a King Tan (of the appropriate element) along with skill up fodder results in guaranteed skill ups. Meaning six Tans + four skill up fodder results in four guaranteed skill ups. Glad I didn’t go insane with Py farming (although you’ll still need them). Also glad I saved my extra Tans.
  • Killer Latents – I feel that GungHo really dropped the ball with the latent system and the killer latents don’t really fix the core problem of there being very little choice in what latents to run. Since these killers are extremely powerful and come in many flavors they give the illusion of choice, but in reality they’re so narrow — including the fact that they’re limited to certain types of cards — that it’ll boil down to making a few specialized cards for farming then falling back on the good old SDR — now plentiful because they’re farmable — for general use. Anyways, any improvement is welcome and any way to make the balanced type more attractive is also a nice bonus. We can’t properly judge this until we know how easy/difficult these new latents (and by extension latent expansion Tamas) are to acquire.
  • Awakenings
    • 7-Combo – This is a really neat awakening type. Sort of like how killers give old, underpowered leads new life, this is generally the same thing except it’s good against everything. It’s also good that it’s generally difficult to utilize with heart-cross teams. I’m hoping they make more varieties of this awakening.
    • Improved Auto-Heal – They’re probably afraid to make auto-heals heal a percent of your max HP as stacking them on HP-boosting teams could lead to ridiculous resiliency, but even doubling the static heal to 800 HP per just doesn’t justify the awakening slot. Each Misery heals 5,600 HP, which is certainly interesting.
  • Uevos
    • GOdin – Meh. It’s nice to have both options.
    • BOdin – This gives water an amazing assortment of inheritance bases. You’ll still need Sarasvati for SBRs, but BOdin’s four skill boosts will make team building much easier. I’m ready for Meridionalis.
    • Revo Bastet – Tops out at 156.25x at nine combos; presumably 100x at seven combos. About as good as expected. I don’t expect her to make any waves.
    • Revo Anubis – I’m not sure binds or damage were ever a problem for Anubis.
    • Neptune Dragon – 2.25/100/2.25, but for gods only and at 18 connected water orbs. His viability as a normal lead really depends on the scaling, but I think it’s reasonable to expect around a Krishna-level of performance-per-orb. The extra skill boost makes him more attractive as a farming lead and could possibly pair with Meridionalis.
    • Shiva Dragon – 1/39.06/6.25 for fire gods. It’s too bad he didn’t get an HP multiplier, but I guess we can’t expect too much and it’s still possible to pair with Hephaestus Dragon should the situation call for it. I’m not entirely sure there’s a place for him anymore, but it should be interesting to see where he gets used. Will probably be one of the first options for 6-7 floor ranking dungeons.
    • Yomi Dragon – 1/81/4 for gods. To be honest I’m a bit disappointed. I wasn’t impressed with Ra Dragon when he was revealed, but it was obvious he was going to be a powerhouse. I can’t say the same about Yomi Dragon due to the lack of an HP multiplier. The multipliers are basically the same as Dark Cecil; sure, it takes less orbs to get there, among other advantages, but I expect more from an MP card. It’ll be interesting to see if it can exceed expectations again.
  • Snubs
    • Satsuki – I’m not going to pretend I know what the playerbase wants, but one thing I do know is that people like completion and the fact that Satsuki is still the only JP Caller without an ultimate is aggravating. I think there’s a reasonable expectation for this to happen and yet GungHo fails to deliver again. So frustrating.
    • Pantheon Buffs – Constellation 2. Egypt 2. Angel 2. These pantheons need so much help and the failure to reveal buffs can only be considered disappointing.
    • “Huge Change” – YamaP promised a huge change to a basic system and I guess the guaranteed Tan skill ups qualifies, but I was hoping for something different. There’s no doubt that skill ups are one of the most aggravating aspects of the game, but for the most part the ease of Py acquisition addressed that (and you’ll still need them for collab silvers and awoken gods). This is great for newer players, though, which is the point. What did I expect instead? I don’t know. What I’d really like are some major QoL improvements like an easier way to combine +eggs.

26 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 11/30/16

  1. I love both of the Tan changes (coins-only-inheritance, guaranteed skill-ups), but I thought everything else was pretty underwhelming.

    FF Buffs:
    I was really excited for these (perhaps more than I should have been), but they ended up feeling incredibly lazy. Random light resists on Bartz? Off-color Rows on Shantotto? Was even one SB too much to ask? I know collab 5* are generally not that exciting, but I was hoping that these buffs might push them past the “inheritance fodder only” realm for a little while via a few more real awakenings, stat boosts, or maybe even active buffs.
    The 6* buffs are better, although given how clearly YamaP wanted to roll Noctis on-stream, I was surprised he didn’t get more (and unsurprised that he still got a buff).

    Cool I guess; skipped the collab last time outside of a yolo roll, probably will try rolling next time around.

    New Awakenings/Latents:
    Shrug. Let’s see how impossible it is to get those killer awakenings =/

    Yomidra art had the best MP Dragon art the first time around, new art is so ugly I don’t even want to evo her. Damage/RCV boost is nice, but I was really hoping for an HP multiplier. I guess that’s what co-op is for =/ Really disappointed overall.
    Grodin/Bodin art is really nice, awakening changes are cool.
    Don’t have teams for any of the others, but none of the art/revos/uuvos are exciting enough to make me want to build new teams.

    Satsuki never 😦


  2. Does Yomidra’s buff makes her better than mhera for Arena farm? She has a higher multiplier, and still has access to a lot of the killers, and doesn’t have an HP requirement. Also, you can DC/solo arena with her, something you couldn’t do with mhera. I guess some downsides are that you have the god-typing restriction, and that you can’t just do a full board of dark and kill. Is there anything I’m missing?


    • I never did the whole MHera Arena thing so I can’t say for sure (I’ve only cleared MHera once and mine is still SLv. 1). From a raw number standpoint it seems like you’re correct, but since I can’t say anything towards MHera’s playstyle I’ll refrain from passing judgment.


      • My view on yomidra (take with a grain of salt)

        I actually think this is a really nice buff. She got +1100 hp and +600 atk so you dont have to play solo with dumb dark resist stacking anymore which is quite nice

        Damage is good too for arena, should be able to 4ydra2escha and 1c things if you unmatch the other orbs from escha (in a cloud-esque) style of gameplay, then

        I dont think mhera arena has been good since athena release.

        Unfortunately without a no-skyfall pairing leader yomidra is unlikely to break into the top tier speed a1 leaders where things like akuma are, especially since the escha skyfall buff will waste an incredible amount of time


    • Match 5 enhanced leads always have a lower effective multiplier than what you see on paper. Myr does roughly twice as much damage as Sumire despite having a lower multiplier (59x vs 64x).


      • Considering that the original Yomi Dragon’s damage was sufficient for Arena 1, I don’t think there’s going to be any damage problems with the new one.


  3. Ugh. It really rubs me the wrong way how Gungho keeps spitting out new mediocre cards rather than buffing the old ones. Egypt 2, Angels 2, and Constellation 2 are so lackluster and underpowered in the current meta. I get it, the heart cross meta is overpowering and we need new cards to shake things up, but I feel like most new cards lately haven’t really done anything for that. Who knows what Gungho is devising for the next phase of powercreep.

    Dear God, if we go one more stream without a Satsuki uevo I’m throwing my phone across the Pacific Ocean.


  4. It annoys me that Tifa got a boat load of RCV that wasn’t warranted at all while nothing was done about her low multiplier. I’m aware she can get by b/c large board, but It annoys me more that Noctis got a buff that Tifa should have got. Noctis was already viable, no reason to make him stronger imo. Strike one for YamaP

    The buffs for other units were super lazy. Throwing a couple of element resists is not a buff worth putting on a stream. Strike two for YamaP

    Failed to address pressing issues of obsolete *cough GZL* former GFEs, overdue evolutions (and that goes for more than Satsuki) and powercreeped pantheons. Strike three. Get your act together geez

    Bleach collab stuff looks cool. Only Aizen and yamamoto look like they’re viable overall outside of niche though

    Tan system is ok, inb4 tan infest removal. Time to stash

    They didn’t make Anubis beat Kenshin. Roar.

    Revo bastet is not meta. Not surprised, still disappoint tho

    Nepdra is viable again looks like. If it needs a derp amount of orbs to hit full multiplier, then that might be a problem, but at least you can stall properly for skills now. Shivadra is still exclusively a farm lead. Yomidra was a disappointment in so many ways. I guess more awakenings was too much to ask, but the LS counts for several on its own. The only thing she needed was more HP, and they gave her more unneeded RCV. Why.


    • Yomi Dragon already has 9 awakenings, so I don’t see your argument about more …
      And let’s be honest, if yomidra got ANY hp modifier, he would have been extremly OP.


      • After Ra Dragon’s uuevo, there was a reasonable expectation for all the remaining MP Dragons to get HP multipliers. Which doesn’t mean it should happen, but people’s disappointment is more than warranted.


      • The MP dragons by design were supposed to be OP. For heavens sake, they’re 300k MP units, they’re supposed to be worth the GFEs you’d have to sell to get them


    • Tifa is the best friend lead for glass cannon light teams. Xiu Min and A. DQXQ can really appreciate Tifa’s ability to fix their RCV problem. Row leads are generally better on bigger boards. Note both Tifa and A.DQXQ activate at 7 orbs. Co-op helps further, and stacking light rows remedies the damage problem as well as Time extends for obvious reasons.


      • I agree, I don’t think Tifa is meant to be run with dual Tifas. I’ve seen a lot of people bitching about her unnecessarily high rcv multiplier, but what incentive would there ever be to use dual? You only get the 7×6 board once, and like that’s her gimmick. I think her buff is much bigger than people think. Maybe not right at the moment, but I could definitely see good compatible leaders come out down the road. Something with a 2 or 2.5x hp multiplier and decent atk multiplier would be a ridiculously tanky setup.

        Either way I’m excited to finally complete 5×4 ultimate endless corridors lol.


  5. Was there anything from final fantasy that impressed you? To be honest, not that much impressed me. Lightning became like 150 times and got several nice things, but its damage capabilities isn’t actually that high. Sephiroth got two killer awakenings and hp buff which is kinda disappointing considering how good he used to be. Yuna got buffed hecka but 144 times with scaling combos is kinda old. Cecil got buffed kinda alot ish? His damage capabilities is less than Sephiroth. Like tifa is a literal game changer but has just an OK multiplier. Amazing active skill and very interesting leader but not as good as she is hyped up to be. Noctis is good, but I fail to see how far he will go in endgame. Like all the six stars are good but not like amazing or top tier. Anything below the six star rolls are kinda niche tbh, maybe except for vaan or shantatto but not very useful. Idk i just kinda anticipated more cuz the last final fantasy collab was really impressive.


    • I rolled Noctis in JP and Lightning on NA (which is the opposite of what I wanted, but oh, well).

      With Lightning’s newly added god typing, she’s a pretty great sub for Ra Dragon. Yeah, you could have used her before, or used Sherias Roots, but now she gets the increased health/RCV/ATK. And unlike Roots, her active is AoE, which means that it can handle PreDRA floors. The triple skill boosts are also nice, although they aren’t really the reason you’d bring her, IMO. This finally gives Ra Dragon an AoE laser option that doesn’t involve basically lugging around an otherwise useless active or giving up god typing.

      I’m having trouble judging just how good Noctis is, in no small part because I don’t quite have the subs that I want for him on my JP account. (Also because I’m still getting used to the match-4 playstyle.) The most similar lead that I’ve played is Krishna, in that they’re both super-tanky leads that can crank out very high damage, but Krishna has an easier team hitting those high damage numbers. (Again, though, this is probably because I still suck at match-4.) I think he has the potential to be significantly better with an optimal sub pool and someone who knows how to play him. Also, unlike Krishna, he doesn’t have to deal with element weakness, although that’s a relatively minor concern.

      Like most collabs, it seems like that the rolls are all somewhat niche or gimmicky, but they’re nonetheless very, very good at what they do. I’m happy with what I got, and they’ve given me more options in teambuilding, in a way that rolling in a godfest usually doesn’t.


  6. I am happy with blue Odin’s new evolution. He is stronger than blue Sonia now and will swap their roles. Just need to put in idunn idunna for double sbr. But he can have more choices to use in the team than Sonia I guess. As for shivadra. I am a bit disappointed cause slightly more damage doesn’t make him better than what he can already do since he is still just stuck as a farming lead. Before he can heal easily and one hit ko most of the dungeons he is good for. Now he just overkills and overheals.


  7. So, I had mis-read NepDra’s LS to be 1.5x ATK and RCV for gods, so here I was thinking he was a 1/225/2.25x lead. 😛 Fairly pleaded to find he’s got a 2.25x HP mult, as he could already push 40K back in the day with some Bonias, though needing 18 orbs to hit 10x… it’s a bit crazy XD Time to roll for Toshiros so I can button farm with blue. (Also, heroine REM when 😛 )


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