Thoughts on the PCGF Voting Results (Winter 2016)

2972 - Green Earth Wind Dragon Caller, Kaede

We’ve all seen this coming for a long time now and have already experienced the 6-star plague invade last time’s lineup, but, at least for me, the reality finally hit home that the PCGF will never be what it once was. Sure, there were always questionable inclusions, but this time, instead of them occurring because good information failed to trickle down to the lowest common denominator, it happened because there’s little other choice. The bulk of high-impact cards either being shifted outside of the standard REM or to 6-star GFEs leads to 11 of the 25 cards being 6-stars and I can’t really find fault in it; in a popularity contest, what else is left for people to vote for? Even though 6-stars are featured every godfest, people are still going to vote for them regardless of the impact on overall value. The way GungHo has shifted the game away from pantheons made this outcome inevitable; I mean, JP had 10/25 (and this was before the Kanna uevo) and KR also has 11/25 so it’s not like NA is some sort of anomaly.

This is still a great opportunity for veterans chasing a handful of specific cards, dupes be damned. Particularly if those cards would never be featured together otherwise. It’s also still decent for new players with few dupes as there are plenty of core team building blocks whose quality helps overcome the lack of overall value per roll, but on the other hand, variance hits harder which can be difficult for such a player to cope with. For everyone else, it’s time to shift expectations from a highly anticipated event to one that’s just another godfest and adjust their stone budgets accordingly.

Anyways, I’ll once again go over the best and worst of the voting. The over/underrated categories lost a dimension since the voting tallies are hidden, but I’ll keep them around anyways. Just remember that these are just my opinions, heavily influenced by how I personally play the game. If you disagree, I encourage you to let me know in the comments.

Best Value

Winner: Liu Bei
1235 - Liu Bei We all know what Liu Bei is good for. Even for those that already have functioning ALB teams, he’s still great in dupes as he’s one of the best MAthena assist skills. His relative value has diminished as of late with the rise of the speedy water farming teams, but the fact that he’s so accessible will cement his relevancy to the majority of the farming playerbase for the foreseeable future. He probably didn’t place higher since there are many people that aren’t interested in co-op farming or just farming, period, but also because many of those that are already got him in one of the recent godfests.
Runner Up: Kaede
2145 - Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede The runner-up was a difficult choice, but considering Kaede is an elite lead and subs at least competently on a wide variety of high-end teams, I deferred to her in spite of being a 6-star. A rather boring, safe choice, but it’s impossible to overlook her raw power.

Worst Value

Winner: Dantalion
2990 - Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion Dantalion is a mediocre, one-dimensional lead at best. As a sub, he supports a non-existent fire-heart archetype. Christmas Gremory helps things in that regard, but remember that the voting closed before JP announced the Christmas cards. It’s hard to believe he garnered enough votes to make it, but this is where we’re at. As with Gremory, something must be said about his skill inheritance applications. As a card no longer has to be max leveled to assist, it’s possible to get a substantial RCV bonus if you inherit him a level 1 (although you still need max awakenings, so it’s unlikely he’ll ever be inherited at that level). I’m not really sure if there’s any practical application for this, but it’s worth thinking about before max leveling him out of habit.
Runner Up: Scheat
2564 - Scheat It’s questionable whether Scheat was ever good. While five TPAs were impressive at her release, her low base ATK makes her over-reliant on them to deal sufficient damage. Considering that most of the popular water leads are heart-reliant or require matching five or more connected orbs, it makes utilizing her to her fullest awkward at best. I feel that a card in the PCGF should do more than be an assist skill for a handful of mediocre teams and a base sub for even fewer. On the other hand, how Hermes, a card that has so many more applications — like actually being a fine lead — doesn’t get more respect is baffling. I also considered Roots here, but even though he’s overshadowed in many of his applications, he’s at least still useful.

Most Underrated

Winner: Orochi
134 - Viper Orochi Orochi’s active is an essential utility skill and is almost required for smooth, consistent Arena clears. This is a card everyone can use at least one of, regardless of which teams they play. Utility cards may not have the flash to make the top of the voting, so I guess we should be thankful he made it at all — unlike Raphael — but I’ll still say he’s underrated at #23.
Runner Up: DKali
1587 - Goddess of Power, Kali Maybe it’s a stretch calling the #3 card underrated, but after looking over the list several times I just couldn’t find anything else compelling so I’m using this slot to make a point. DKali is a must-have sub for what is arguably the best team in the game. Being voted under Gremory is a little embarrassing, but I guess she won out due to being newer, leading a decent team, subbing on more teams, and a lack of understanding of how good the new Ra Dragon is.

Biggest Surprise

Winner: Andromeda
1067 - Andromeda For as long as I’ve been playing, I don’t recall Andromeda ever making a PCGF. She’s a good card, being a great sub for Summer Myr, Lakshmi, Sumire, and just about every other water team. She’s arguably one of the weaker cards to make the lineup, but I think her value as a core team building piece makes her better overall than other cards in the lineup that might have a higher impact, but with narrower uses.
Runner Up: Sanada Yukimura
2264 - Sanada Yukimura One of the most surprising additions, especially since at the time of voting there really wasn’t all that much use for him outside maybe Krishna, Shiva Dragon and a few farming applications. Not to mention he can’t be used on fire-light teams. He’ll likely see use on Christmas Gremory for the few people that get her. He’s one of three cards with five fire rows and the only one immediately available on NA (post-buff, anyways). Of course, the active is incredible.

Most Overrated

Winner: ROdin
1107 - Phantom God, Odin ROdin makes the lineup every year. And every year he’s overrated. I can’t blame people for wanting a ROdin button team as I use it all the time. It’s convenient to have such a team that quickly and reliably clears just about every trash dungeon, but after playing my non-IAP alt that has none I can say it’s superfluous. Especially now since there are so many button alternatives, many of them being farmable. ROdin Tamazo is also inheritable, should you need access to this skill otherwise. He only really stands out on the MZeus Thieves’ Den speedfarming team, but even then there are plenty of alternatives. As a base sub, bind immunity is nice, but offensively he’s been long overshadowed with the buffed Sanada making him look particularly bad. There is some hope that his split ult could be amazing, but that’s hardly grounds to vote him in right now.
Runner Up: Acala
3201 - Acala She’s new. She’s flashy. She has an intriguing playstyle that uses a different sub set than the dreaded heart-cross. She’s flat out strong on top of everything. However, this category isn’t for evaluating popularity or value individually, but the discrepancy between the two. I personally feel getting in at #4 is a gross overestimation of her worth. Yes, she’s a fine lead, but is pretty much useless everywhere else; all other cards in the top five all having multiple applications. Personally, I’ve gotten the most use out of pairing her with Liu Bei for the no skyfall buff when farming trash.

Biggest Snub

Winner: Ganesha
1336 - Ganesha Even for players that will never grind rank, Ganesha will still carry his weight even if you only use him for Experience of a Lifetime. Passing on an opportunity to increase the chances of obtaining the only card with this ability is baffling. The ability to shorten the time between your rank ups is basically the power to play more without stoning which isn’t something that appeals to everyone, but it should’ve appealed to enough to get him voted in. I can’t say I’m surprised by this, after all he doesn’t make an immediate impact on any teams and, like Orochi, he’s far from flashy, but I’m definitely disappointed.
Runner Up: Minerva
122 - Minerva Looking over the remaining eligible cards, there were quite a few candidates, but nothing really stood out to me. I have some personal picks which I’ll go over later, but as far as cards most players might find a use for I gave the nod to Minerva. She gives every player easy access to a consistent Arena 1 farming team and various cheese options. It’s questionable whether she needs to be paired with Ilm at all anymore and it’s arguable that she’s just the better leader. I’ve never been very fond of the Greco-Roman resist leads, but in this case it’s hard to deny her usefulness.

Personal Picks

Winner: Sarasvati
3069 - Heavenly Virtuous Goddess, Sarasvati I’m eyeing Sarasvati for her uses as a water farming sub, providing much needed skill boosts and SBR for Meridionalis-based teams. She also has uses outside of that, being a fine leader and a good inheritance base for most water teams, but I won’t delude myself into thinking she’s a great pick for the average player.
Runner Up: BOdin
364 - Odin, the War Deity Yep, *that* Odin. The Odin that somehow made PCGFs long ago despite being literally useless has found a way to become useful again. His split ult is amazing and will prove to be one of the best overall inheritance bases for water farming teams. Overall, it’s good he didn’t make it since he’d be useless to most players, probably more so than ROdin, but maybe people’s eyes will open once NA gets Meridionalis and/or uuevo Neptune Dragon.

Other Card Notes

Card Notes
2998 - Evil Duchess, Gremory

While I don’t think Gremory should be voted ahead of DKali, it doesn’t surprise me that she was. As a fine leader and sub, she’s more useful than the majority of the cards in the lineup so, nitpicking aside, her spot is well deserved. With the 9.6 update, she now has increased usefulness with the new skill inheritance stat bonuses. In dark, only revo Anubis has more weighted stats and of the cards with 900 or more she likely has the most relevant active.

2592 - Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali

I was down on Eschamali for a while, but with the new Yomi Dragon she has found new life. Definitely a worthy inclusion, but like many of the cards like this I’m skeptical if she was voted in for these reasons. Should be particularly interesting with the buffed Ulquiorra.

1950 - White Beast Demon, Ilm

I’m not quite sure why Ilm is so popular, at least not to the point where she’d make it and not Minerva. Considering the former is featured every godfest where the latter almost never is, I feel the the priorities should’ve been reversed. Still a great card, though, and one of the few that I’m still seeking dupes of.

1237 - Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao

As a staple Myr sub, this shouldn’t come as much surprise. I want to call the sisters overrated at #8, but looking at the rest of the lineup, are they really? A solid pick and a particularly good one for new players, giving them an early lead that will transition into a core Myr sub for the endgame.

2147 - Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna

If you’re a longtime follower of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve never been much of a Kanna fan, but the current circumstances actually make her a great card and, to my chagrin, I have to say she’s underrated. Being a key sub for both Ra Dragon and Myr on top of being a competent leader makes her one of the best value cards of this PCGF batch. Despite her active being trash, her offensive power can’t be denied and her bind immunity has put her over the top.

1330 - Krishna

Basically on par with Acala, it should be no surprise Krishna got voted in. The more quality pantheon cards the better.

1071 - Sun Wukong

Easily one of the most overrated cards in the lineup and he would’ve supplanted my choice of Acala had she not been in the top five. He’s still a strong foundation for budding Myr teams, but he lacks the synergies or raw power to make himself a pivotal, build-around sub, making his #11 position a bit of a reach. However, for those looking for the pieces to start a Myr team, his inclusion is nothing but positive. Like Andromeda, there’s still value in being a core team building component. Three skill boosts are becoming a more common trait, but still have value, especially in light.

2942 - Sherias Roots

In the grand scheme of things, Roots just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether paired with himself or Halloween Gran, he’s flat out eclipsed by the new Ra Dragon. As a sub, the only high-end team he’ll see use on is Ronove, but it’s questionable just how good he is there; color coverage aside, Ragnarok Dragon is just better. For all other sub uses, DKali is generally better. For inheritance, Lightning is generally better. Not being the premier option in those roles doesn’t make him a bad card per say, but as a 6-star he’s fairly disappointing.

1073 - Pandora A longtime staple of the PCGF and dark devil and heart-cross teams. About on par with Akechi as a sub, the trade-off of haste vs. orb enhance depending on the team being run.
492 - Isis

As with DKali and Eschamali, it’s hard to tell how much the newest MP Dragons influenced the voting, but Isis appears to be worthy of her place on the list once again. It’s very much possible that her revo will go mostly unused as one of her main selling points is her color coverage.

2994 - Great Earl of Hell, Ronove

Still one of the top leads in the game, but to many people he’s likely seen as a disappointing pick. Since he’s a 5-star GFE featured in the majority of godfests, chances are many people already have him and dupes are just about useless.

2272 - Akechi Mitsuhide

Not much of a surprise here; another solid pick. There was a time when he was considered one of the best subs in the game despite only having four awakenings, but recently, even after his split ults, he’s just been a solid sub for dark teams, heart-crossers in particular. This doesn’t mean he’s waned in power, but the context of the leaders he subs for matters a lot. While cards like Typhon Ana and Gremory are great, they aren’t dominating the game like Yomi Dragon once did. Although, there’s certainly a chance of that happening again with said lead, especially with all the ways to improve HP pools nowadays.

2996 - Sacred King of Hell, Paimon

Another questionable 6-star inclusion that doesn’t make that much sense, but at least he makes more sense than Dantalion. Paimon is a good lead, but is overshadowed by Myr. He’s a fine sub, especially on Myr as a haste engine that keeps the actives rolling in. However, since Myr already brings 100% enhanced orbs, Paimon’s offensive contributions are a bit suspect. Same deal as Dantalion and Gremory, will be an interesting inherit choice for the stats.

1826 - Red Angel, Rozuel

After seeing Rozuel make the JP PCGF, I can’t say I’m surprised she’s showing up here. It makes a good amount of sense, too, as Ronove is a fairly common 5-star lead, she’s almost irreplaceable on the team and the Angels very seldom get featured in godfests. There’s also some future potential if NA gets a fire Myr (I guess the recently announced Christmas Gremory kinda counts) as she can serve a similar role as Ariel does on light Myr.

496 - Ra

Considering that his revo isn’t actually making waves, I’m surprised at his inclusion. I’m guessing most of his votes were from people that wanted to use him as an assist skill; the numerous Liu Bei setups that use him probably being the biggest influence along with button farming in general. Dupe Ras are never a bad thing, either.


55 thoughts on “Thoughts on the PCGF Voting Results (Winter 2016)

  1. I rolled 6 times and got one featured card… 🙄 At least it was a Sun Wukong (I really like his artwork and I have a strong lights row sub base).

    The biggest problem with this PCGF is the lack of utility cards. I know that the Heart Cross Meta is dominating but f.e. a shield sub like Susano or the (new) AIndra is still some great value for a lot of players! Most of these cards are just too specific and have little to no value, if you don’t use them on a specific team (ROdin and Rouzel being the prime example here).

    I’d give the line-up a LMeta out of ten.


  2. to me, pcgf has long been overrated
    depending on other people to pick something that will be useful to you only works if you have or need the most popular things
    i’d rather have a 7 stone build-your-own god fest than this popularity contest


  3. Rolled for Kanna, …didn’t get Kanna.

    I don’t see anyone that fits Kanna’s role on RaDra: firepower of an entire team.


  4. My 3 most wanted cards this PCGF were Liu Bei, Eschamali, and Ganesha. Unfortunately, Ganesha somehow got snuubed. My best guess is that a lot of the people who would have voted for him thought that he was a lock, and instead voted for things like Andromeda. With Ganesha not being in the lineup, and Eschamali being highly improbable to roll, I’ll probably only roll half of the ~60 stones I planned to use for the PCGF. I guess I’ll just have to wait for an Indian 2 GF.


  5. Well I got lui bei and acala after 22 rolls so thats pretty nice. I’m not too surprised ganesha didn’t make it. For people of low rank, experience of a lifetime ranks you up. People with higher rank have a bigger selection of cards and dupe ganesha is useless so many of those people wouldn’t have voted ganesha anyways.


    • Not bad per say since you can certainly field a good team with him, but far from the best option.
      – Only generates 3 fire orbs for a lead that wants at least 6.
      – Haste is always good, but isn’t a huge priority for the team since you can chain Krishna actives without them.
      – 2x Krishnas already bring 10 OEs so Dantalion’s are fairly poor offensively. Past 5x OE you generally want to mix in TPAs and/or rows for optimal offense.


    • Active is always just +1 fire combo, never more. On average you can expect to get more than 3 fire orbs from a single-orb changer, which means you’re more likely to hit full activation and/or make rows. He does make hearts as well, but someone like Sanada or Yamato does as well, in greater quantities (usually). Haste is nice, but I’d much rather have Antares.

      For awakenings, the time extend is nice, but Krishna already has a ton of orb enhance awakenings and doesn’t really need more, so there’s really only 3 relevant awakenings, which is super underwhelming.

      Stats are nice, but plenty of cards have good stats.


  6. Wtf do I do with a Dantalion? !?! Really, out of all the 6 stars I get given THIS ONE…

    still no liu bei or akechi and I rolled haku rip.

    I also got the dark wisdom king, wukong, and dupe dqxq among other stuff so I’m not disappointed. Just got some salt in very specific areas


  7. I think your analysis was pretty spot on across the board. I wasn’t expecting Andromeda to show up at all and I was totally elated, since she was all that was holding me back from going ham with water teams, and if I didn’t already have Ganesha, I’d be peeved he wasn’t there. People will probably regret not having him later.

    PCGF isn’t what it used to be, but it still loves me. This was the shot in the arm I needed to keep me interested in the game.


  8. I have now blown all my saved stones, got nothing that will change or advance my game since I only need 6* at this point except Urd and Liu Bei (no Kaedes, Kalis or Escha in my box still). I have 750k mp from selling trash for 1050 days, I don’t farm MP….and I think the best I can do is Nepdra…maybe a half decent Yomidra team. It’s frustrating that as you said, without REM luck or spending a *ton* of cash, you reach a point where you need the 6*s to proceed. It is also super frustrating that they keep making new cards that do nothing in the meta and you are forced to sit on them for months and months hoping they will one day become relevant. I know this pcgf probably wasn’t the best place to dump my stones but I figure the odds were better than trying to chase Fire Gremory or Rkali.


  9. The problem is monster points have taken rule of the game a 50k 6 star is 10x better than a 5k 5stone pull. Unless you really need said monster and probably the pantheon they come from will be a better place to roll. Poison and true damage cards I fell have been the best subs/SI due to the fact rogue dungeons are now the farmable daily run for more end game players and pre dra SK Dragons can eat up a needed skill if orb trolled. At the end of the day a GFE dupe is worth more than a pantheon dupe and clearly the only thing that matters is MP or your MP teams


  10. Really useful analysis.

    I voted for Sanada, and came up nada on that front (I may pull once more before the end, we’ll see, probably wiser to save for the all but inevitable Heroes hangover Godfest).

    3/13 of my rolls were PCGF featured cards: Dark Kali, ROdin, and Isis. I didn’t have any of those, and while I don’t see an immediate high impact use (button farming with ROdin, I suppose), that’s definite value added to the box going forward and I’m happy with those three rolls. What has me scratching my head is all the midnight gala rolls I pulled: Hanzo, Vajrabhairava, Persephone, Durga, Goetia, a Cerberus Rider?! All gold eggs, but it feels like it adds up to a big pile of “not much”.

    Once the dust settles, I’ll be curious to see if there’s any high roller data or a compiled aggregate of rolls that give a sense of what the 11/25 6* GFE impact really was on the overall PCGF featured pull %. If it was around 25%, I’ll probably steer clear in the future. Anyway, best of luck to everyone rolling out there!


    • Cerberus Rider is useful for buttoning things, Hanzo and Persephone are useful for Dark Devil teams (and maybe Vajrabhairava as well? He’s new), and Goetia is okay as an inherit on dark sparkle-match teams like Yomidragon (I put mine on Dark Valkyrie) or as a reasonable filler sub for other dark teams. Durga recently got a new uvo but I don’t know if many people play her?

      Congrats on DKali and Rodin!


      • Thanks! It wasn’t until I looked up the Cerberus Rider’s evo after reading your comment that I put two and two together: “ohhhhhh, so THIS is Jize”. It seems the game has been loading me up with farming and buttoning goodness.

        Snagged my first Andromeda yesterday on another roll, so I can now say I’ve done a PCGF and go back to focusing on the regular pantheons.



  11. Some commentary on my part– I think that some of the choices made it in not so much because they’re staples of high-end teams right now, but because they’re relatively future-proof.

    Scheat, for instance, doesn’t fit well onto a lot of the prominent water teams of today, but she still has a top-tier active skill, and new water leads will be continue to be released– at some point, she’ll find a home. Also, she doesn’t even have a UVO yet, which will further increase her power.

    The same goes for monsters like Sanada, Dantalion, and Gremory (although in Sanada’s case, he’s missing an awoken form rather than a UVO).

    Also, I suspect that one of the main reasons for the Minerva/Ganesha snubs wasn’t just that people didn’t care enough, it’s that they’re pantheon gods who have been around for a very, very long time. A lot of the veterans who would be interested in running those teams have probably already rolled them, and duplicates of those two are mediocre at best. The “old” cards that got included are (for the most part) GFEs that fewer people have, and/or cards that you aren’t disappointed to pull multiples of.


    • Sounds more like you’re making excuses for poor voting. Scheat will always be bad. It’ll take a major reworking to make her good. Uevo for GFEs are not guaranteed nor should be expected (see: Satsuki) and do you really think the people think that far ahead? When they can just get the same GFEs at the same rates every godfest I don’t think so.

      Outside a few of the 6-star GFEs, everything is bad in dupes. What you say about Minerva and Ganesha pretty much applies to all cards so isn’t a very convincing reason.


      • I disagree that Scheat will always be bad– if they give her a UVO with rows, or keep her TPAs and give her decent attack, then she’d be a monstrously powerful sub– her “pantheon” all have top-tier active skills, and I’d argue that they’re mostly held back by being one-trick ponies due to overspecialized awakenings.

        People don’t think that far ahead in and of itself, but it’s a consideration for something that they may already want. The reasoning isn’t so much “I want Sanada for his awoken UVO”, it’s probably more along the lines of “I want Sanada for my Krishna team, and when he gets his awoken UVO, that’ll open up even more options”, which can serve as the decision point between two cards that someone is trying to pick to vote for.

        I’d also disagree that everything is bad in dupes. I think it’s more accurate to say that most monsters are mediocre in dupes, while only a handful are bad. Running, say, two Wukongs or two Sanadas is rarely the best option, but it’s still pretty good, unlike running two Ras or two Isises where redundant active skills are borderline useless.


        • >I disagree that Scheat will always be bad– if they give her a UVO with rows, or keep her TPAs and give her decent attack, then she’d be a monstrously powerful sub
          That sounds like a major reworking to me, but I don’t want to continue derailing the spirit of the argument by focusing on her alone. By your logic every card can become monstrously powerful. Except they don’t. Either because they never get buffs or when they do they’re trash. We never know which ones GungHo will bless and trying to speculate on that is folly. I’m not saying whether people did or didn’t do that for this PCGF, but if they did, then it’s foolish.

          >The reasoning isn’t so much “I want Sanada for his awoken UVO”, it’s probably more along the lines of “I want Sanada for my Krishna team, and when he gets his awoken UVO, that’ll open up even more options”
          This logic can apply to every card in the game so I don’t see what you’re trying to get at.

          >I’d also disagree that everything is bad in dupes. I think it’s more accurate to say that most monsters are mediocre in dupes, while only a handful are bad. Running, say, two Wukongs or two Sanadas is rarely the best option, but it’s still pretty good unlike running two Ras or two Isises where redundant active skills are borderline useless.
          Actually, Ra is pretty good in dupes. Anyways, the specific examples don’t matter. Getting back to your original statement:

          >Also, I suspect that one of the main reasons for the Minerva/Ganesha snubs wasn’t just that people didn’t care enough, it’s that they’re pantheon gods who have been around for a very, very long time. A lot of the veterans who would be interested in running those teams have probably already rolled them, and duplicates of those two are mediocre at best. The “old” cards that got included are (for the most part) GFEs that fewer people have, and/or cards that you aren’t disappointed to pull multiples of.
          You’re just making assumptions about what people already have or don’t. If anything cards like Minerva who were only featured twice in the past year would be more rare overall. Yet pantheons like 3K and Heroes who are constantly featured are still atop the voting. While you may not be necessarily wrong by saying “old” cards got passed over since more players have them, I could counter that with “popular cards that are featured prominently means people are more likely to have them and are less likely to get voted for”. But neither statement would be fully correct and saying one way or another is just unfounded speculation.

          I didn’t pick them for my snubs category because “people didn’t care enough” and I sure never wrote that. I picked them because I feel people overlooked the contributions they can make to just about every player (regardless of whether that’s actually true or not).


      • New inherit buffs in JP add 15% hp 5% at and 15% rcv of the stats of inherited card to the base card if the main attributes of the two cards are the same. Dupes in general got slightly more value. Cards that skew their weighted stats to hp and rcv give more value than high at cards.


        • Yes, I tried to cover this for the cards it was most applicable for, mainly the high weighted stat GFEs Gremory, Dantalion and Paimon. This still doesn’t make dupes good for the average player, though (although it’s quite amazing for players like me, but dupes were always good for players like me).


  12. Pad is full of players who really dont care about end game or tiers or top leads, usally these players will vote for cards they want for obsolete teams (Scheat for rukia as an exemple). Just check your friend list and you notice a couple of ronus and some Lkali’s.
    So dont get surprised.


  13. Thank you as always for your analysis. Much appreciated. PCGF has been kind go me thus far. I’ve managed round out my Elemental Series collection with a Genie, got a new cyber beast as well as a dupe and rounded out some of my heroes collection! Yay! /sarcasm.
    I never seem to get much luck on PCGF. I have 4 of 25. Oh well! Happy Holidays everyone!


    • Thanks! And, ugh, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard to tell how much worse this PCGF is than a regular godfest (if at all, but maybe someone collected sufficient numbers to prove it?), but if there’s even a perception that the rates are worse, then GungHo is doing something horribly wrong. Here’s hoping they improve things in the future, although I’m skeptical if they will. Also, here’s hoping your luck improves in the future!


    • Yeah, I had so-so rolls, just nothing I wanted. The plus is after selling trash I got Ragnarok my first MP anything.

      Happy Holidays


  14. Rolled on my fiance’s account and then on my alt too. Fiance’s account got Liu Bei #2 WHY. JUST. WHY. Alt now has three LB and his account has two. I….have zero….

    Also pulled second Pandora but other than that nothing terribly notable unfortunately. I was hoping for things that would give me new leads, I’m rather tired of using Sumire, but in the end I didn’t walk away with much. Got a Rozuel and I have Ronove on his account but no Kaede 😛

    Alt fared even worse, I only rolled like three things out of 15 rolls that were featured–two Isis (bringing my total of Isis up to four), an Andromeda when I already have one, and Kanna, who I mean, yay…? Kanna! Kanna…? Dark Gala was strong in this one hahaha…alt also got two Lu Bu and already have two…

    And so many silvers…just…wow… The rates were ABSYMAL. I am utterly grateful to my amazing luck, even if I didn’t get anything that really improves my box.

    My total end rolls were:
    Thumbelina (lol)
    Dark Wisdom King god
    Sun Wukong (!!)
    Haku (!!!)
    Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao #2 (no problem)
    Vritra #2 (lol)
    Leeza (lol)

    Ever since Awoken Amaterasu came out I had been wishing and praying for a Wukong, and after the release of Myr I hoped and prayed for one too. Finally got him, but having a core of ADQXQ, Apocalypse, and Wedding Akechi rounding off some orb diversity leaves much to be desired…I will probably replace W.Akechi with Wukong though, better stats and awakenings.

    Not unhappy to see another DQXQ, I remember being so sad converting Da Qiao to ADQXQ and thus dismantling my Awoken Amaterasu team for good and it’s not a bad dupe to have. No idea what to do with Vritra, Haku I’ve been wanting for about 2.5 years now? No Akechi to go with her though but I do have Satsuki. Interested in seeing what happens to Revo Yomi. I now also have almost 400K MP again. Woot!


    • Well, at least you got some cards you wanted. It feels like a saltfest in the places I go, but it’s good to hear people are getting good results despite maybe not getting exactly what they wanted. And yeah, it really does feel like the silver rate was horrible.


    • I’ve been saving for awhile… While I didn’t get much silvers at all, there were a lot of garbage golds and dupes galore.

      Melon Dragon (dupe)
      Shadow Dragon Knight (dupe)
      Renove! (What I voted for!)
      Avalon Drake (dupe)
      Lumiel (dupe)
      Alnair (dupe x5..00000)
      renove… (dupe… lol)
      Fire Dragon Swordsman (dupe?)
      Ra (dupe x4 or 5)
      Vaj (dark wisdom king)
      DQXQ! (dupe)
      Dino Rider (dupe)

      Shadow Dragon Knight (dupe)
      Lumiel (dupe)
      Lumiel (dupe)
      Strawberry Dragon (dupe)

      6 (technically 7 Featured) Not bad…is what I would have said if I didn’t pull the last 4 today… I was kinda gung-ho about pulling at least 1 6-star after reading other peeps… Apparently, I have a knack for pulling a crapload of push button creatures, yet still waiting on a Liu Bei!

      I’ve been hesitant to sell ANYTHING from REM but I think it may be time to dump some bad dupes… Sad to see those +44s go down the drain too!


  15. I think dkali wasn’t necessarily underrated, but when she’s been the top 1-2? in like every one of these players choice votes, it felt like throwing away a vote towards a sure thing… mind you, I felt the same way with Liu Bei, Kaede, and *cough* Ganesha lol (although Ganesha would have been the one most likely not to be a sure thing from those)


    • With hidden voting totals that makes no sense as DKali was continuously voted high even when people could see that their vote was being “thrown away”.


  16. I did 12 rolls and got 4 featured (Scheat, DQXQ, Pandora, and Kaede). The only dupe was Scheat and I’m super thrilled about it! I literally got just what I needed.

    I personally voted Pandora and now have her for my Gremory team! (Very satisfying when you actually get what you vote for.) Similarly, I now have a Kaede for my Ronove. I just need either another Kaede (luls) or Ragdrag (more obtainable) to complete the team. Then finally DQXQ is perfect for Myr when I finally decide to try her descend.

    My other rolls were complete trash except for 3 gala cards, 2 of which I actually needed. So a solid 6/12 useful rolls. Not too shabby.


  17. This PCGF has really got me thinking of focusing on select, higher quality collabs from now on. I’m 1310 days in and have beat everything (well, few team challenge like machines and arena left that I haven’t grinded out) and even have a fair bit of variety in strong teams I can field, but I keep pulling from the REM hoping to finally get a few white whales: 2nd kaede, 1st dkali, 1st vishnu…Overall, things I really don’t need. I already have dupes of a lot of decent cards and it’s rare that I get a 2nd, 3rd etc dupe for stuff I want.

    All that considered, I still find myself rolling on godfests and this PCGF wasn’t an exception. I’m really starting to wonder whether I’ll get more value by pulling mostly collabs from now on. I rarely get much from the few times I indulge there, but at least I won’t be chasing luxuries.

    I’m still surprised I’ve played for so long and am still missing several high quality cards (Only 11 packs bought total, but still) but it’s like waiting for daddy to come back from getting those cigs 😉


    • I don’t know about better value, but you’ll probably end up feeling better about yourself since getting a rare collab card is technically easier than a rare standard REM card.

      Bleach should be coming relatively soon and looks to be a great place to roll even if you weren’t considering the shift to collabs.


      • Yea, maybe “value” wasn’t the right word in the standard sense. But yea, especially considering my collab rolls have been mostly far and few between, I’d at least get a few new toys that would actually open a few doors like getting kaoru from kenshin – small victory but eh.

        I have indeed been eyeing Bleach, but in general I’ll still have to continue weighing unnecessary dupes of good cards vs a first for a baddie ^.^


    • I’ve been mostly rolling in collabs for a while now, since I got 90% of what I wanted out of the REM and most things are dupes. Unfortunately the new cards that have been added to the REM since I stopped have mostly been super rare (gala exclusives and GFEs). I got the one good new pantheon god – Acala – that’s been released and then a sea of dupes. I did roll Fuma Kotaro, who I didn’t have yet, and actually have a use for, so it’s a toss up between him and Acala for best roll.

      Rolling in (good) collabs has been fun, since the cards are all new (at first, anyway). I loved FF for its gold rate (and useful cards), and the seasonal REMs are neat even if most of the cards are of questionable value, but I can’t imagine struggling through the silverfests of FotNS or Shinra Bansho. If you’re tired of getting tons of dupes, I’d recommend focusing on collabs! Just keep in mind that buffs can be few and far between, whereas REM cards will probably get some kind of update every year or so.

      After how unexciting this PCGF has been, I think I’m done spending lots of stones on the REM again for a while as well.


      • >After how unexciting this PCGF has been, I think I’m done spending lots of stones on the REM again for a while as well.

        I’m trying to limit my rolls of the standard REM to when new pantheons come out (or in the rare case that a director’s carnival is relevant like with the Gemstones). Considering how few and far between those are, I’ve had plenty of stones to waste on collabs and seasonals instead 😦


        • I should have rolled more in the last Director’s Carnival, since I really want the Gemstones and I kept hoping Sheen was in the next roll during this PCGF >_ I’ve had plenty of stones to waste on collabs and seasonals instead😦

          We both know you’d have spent those stones anyway 😉


          • Looking back on it, the Director’s Carnival was the only “good” use of stones I made all year (for rolls, anyways). Really makes you think.

            And yeah, I have no self control 😦


  18. Gremory placing so high was a bit of a shocker. I mean, she’s great, but I do concur with the assessment that her team could use more fingers.

    Weirdly enough, Ronove is one of those gods I haven’t pulled yet.


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