Outlook for 2017

I’m back from winter break. What does that mean for the site going forward?

Last year was a transition away from daily blogging, but I may have actually put more overall hours into the site. Making quality posts takes quite a bit of work, but it’s much more rewarding than making several garbage posts over the week. I want to continue this into 2017. This means post frequency will remain roughly the same and about the same topic (REM reviews, godfest help, JP tiers). I’ll also try to mix in quick thought posts here and there, but mainly only in reaction to be JP stream reveals.

Garbage posting will be made on Twitter. The previous couple months were a trial period and I like it enough to continue with it. Don’t expect anything of great value.

I think the JP Aggregate Tier List has be largely successful; at least from my point of view as far as time efficiency. This is because of the upfront investment I made in automating as much of the process as possible. I intend to put more work into the back end this year to hopefully save time in the future. This will be a big reason why I’m not expanding my post repertoire, but if I get some of these improvements done they’ll hopefully save enough time so I can make more content.

On the topic of the JP List, it’s been close to a year since I started it and it’s time to expand the lists included in the aggregate. The more sites, there will be less movement, but it’ll be more meaningful when it does happen. I’ve long wanted to include Altema, from when I first coded the scraping script, but their original list was a ranking list and was difficult to integrate with the tier lists. They’ve now switched to a tier format and look to be updating frequently, so expect them with the next update. I’m also looking at sites like KamiGame and Sqool. If anyone has any other recommendations (or objections to the new sites) I’m all ears.

Anyways, Happy New Year! Hopefully it’s a good one for PAD, too.


23 thoughts on “Outlook for 2017

  1. Setsu – I like the tier lists a lot, but I wish there were more (lower) tiers, or at least some other kind of tracking of those that fall out. Maybe just keep a list of those that were also relevant in the last six months, but no longer make the last tier? There’s so many leaders in this game, I just wish the tier list went deeper in acknowledging other strong ones.

    Oh, and I’d love if there was a way to visually differentiate the leaders that haven’t been released in NA yet, maybe just a symbol like the little flag for popular leaders, a different border or shading like that. JP is kind of a curiosity to me, and I always catch myself trying to mentally screen the JP-only leaders when I’m reading each tier list update. I know it’s based on JP lists, but the rest of the site seems somewhat geared to a NA audience.

    Which is to say, I really enjoy the tier lists — I even kept reading them after I took a six-month break from playing the game this year. I’m glad you found such a great way of aggregating them.


    • I don’t intend to make any fundamental changes to the script.

      I won’t keep track of cards older than the honorable mentions tier which in itself is already a concession. That’s beyond the scope of what I want to accomplish. The point is to point out the best of the best and listing outdated leads would be more confusing/distracting than helpful.

      Displaying which cards are available on NA or not would be a nice feature, but I don’t want to track yet another variable manually nor do I want to implement the functionality to cross reference with a site like PDX.
      At this point, people can just click the PDX links and see for themselves. I’ll keep it in mind, though. The more I think about it, the less work I think it’ll be, but it’s a low priority at the moment.

      Thank you for the suggestions.


  2. I love the tier lists, it’s the main reason why I come to the website.

    However, what I REALLY like about the tier lists are the mini-evaluations you give to why a leader has risen or been added to the list.

    Do you ever plan on expanding that blurb? it doesn’t have to be a formal blog post, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of the new descend drops and new cards added in JP and NA.


    • I used to do that. It’s a lot of work and I wasn’t satisfied with half-assed posts (which I feel are almost akin to misinformation) so I dropped it. There also seems to be plenty of other sites/blogs that do just that which demotivated me more. I instead decided to prioritize quality over quantity and focused on my most popular post series instead. Which, to be honest, is much more satisfying personally.

      The idea is to finish work on the back end tools to make all my existing post series easier to create in hopes of having more time for posts like these. We’ll see.

      Thank you for the input.


  3. I think that your current formula works fine, but I wouldn’t mind more thought posts. Like the state of the meta, balance decisions, etc. Considering the tier lists are aggregated from other websites, I want to hear more of your own thoughts


  4. Yay! As long as you keep posting I will be happy, this is one of my most favorite PAD blogs. I love seeing the aggregate tier lists every week. Will you be keeping up with “Stream Thoughts” after the JP monthly streams? Those are one of my favorite blog posts to read

    Thanks for all the work you do!


    • Thanks! I plan to keep doing posts on the JP stream. It really helps me sort out my thoughts so I’m motivated to do it. I still don’t have everything from the Christmas stream sorted out and skipping the post definitely has a part in that.


  5. Mostly wanted to post thanks for all your posts. I really havent found a NA pad resource that I go to nearly as regularly nor found as reliable (baring padx but at that point, its like comparing an encyclopedia to a lecture with a teacher, purely as a compliment).

    questions/suggestions (just 2): 1. Will you be updating/posting on current teams/team building suggestions? Maybe in order to make it reasonable, a focus on major changes or just top tier leads? idk what would be a good metric, but I think that is what I miss the most, especially when on one of the more recent comment threads, you mentioned myr TPA and I started digging to find any other posts about it. Obviously game8’s team build suggestions are around, but between lack of reading japanese and lack of other options, it does make things harder…. which leads to

    2. Do you have any advice for resources beyond reddit, padforums, and the japanese sites? preferably not youtube (iow something readable)?

    thanks in advance and again for all your hard work.


    • Thanks!

      1) I’m not planning on doing so, but there’s been enough requests for it that I’m considering how I can do it and it not be too much work. It’s on my list of things to think about, but don’t let that get your hopes up.

      2) Despite PAD information being much easier to access nowadays, actual reliable endgame sources are still difficult to come by. This is why videos and livestreams are the best sources because you can see the teams in action yourself instead of relying on secondhand knowledge. Past that, finding a group of like minded people is probably the next best solution, like some kind of private chat.


      • Good to know and thank you. Kinda as an aside… how did you get your athena in the STTD push button team to hit so hard? mine is +297, fully awoken…. and somehow only hits for about 700k, nowhere near the 1mil or so your twitter feed has.


        • Actually… I just realized how… its the multiplayer boost that they get that puts it over the top. So a pure pushbutton team doesn’t work in singleplayer


          • Unfortunately not. I’d assume you can run solo Yamamoto to an effect similar to the co-op MZeus team, although you’d probably have a few more attacking elements.


            • The closest thing I have found is the standard +99 full rodin team with goemon (which luckily over the course of 2 ish years I’ve obtained). The thing is there’s 1 final swipe on the last floor and you either need a second active or to be paying attention when u activate goemon to clear (blue ogre). Recently, I missed my final run literally due to a 10 skyfall combo so pure push button has a very recent high level of appeal.


            • ROdins only need to be +40 ATK to button the trash floors. Yamamoto lead is better than Goemon since you’d only need to clear a single row instead of the full board.


  6. One request for types of posts you might consider making – Detailed posts on various special purpose teams. For example, lots of people would benefit from a consolidated explanation of what you need to make a push button STTD team. Some of us whales have no problem building such a team, but lots of people don’t know that they can build a push button team with just Arthur, 3 devil fishes and one masamune/jize with grimjoww inherited (I think you can anyway, right?).


    • Yes, that STTD team should work.

      This is something I’m considering. As I continue to make improvements to the site I’ll see if fitting in posts like these makes sense time-wise. Thanks for the input.


  7. Really hoping to see more videos and stuff like that. Probably don’t expect to see it in the blog, but could imagine seeing more “random fun” things on your twitter


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