NA Alt Update 12



Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

Previous update

It’s been a long, long time since I updated. I’ll try catch up as quickly as I can, although I’ve forgotten many of the details.

Since the last update about two months ago, I’ve gained 95 ranks and almost 500k MP. It doesn’t even feel like I worked particularly hard and, to be honest, I really didn’t.

Yeah, I had some pretty good luck over the break.

PCGF Rolls

Against my better judgment, I decided to roll the PCGF a few times in hopes of snagging another Liu Bei or something.

Card Notes
1616 - Water Wizard, Sharon

Sharon is actually a pretty nice pull considering the rise of water-based farming teams. I think I’d still prefer a Leeza, but Sharon is a lot better than she once was (spoilers: it turns out I’d rather have another Laila, but a Sharon is fine, too).

1359 - Apocalypse

Well, I was not expecting this at all. Apoc is a coveted Myr sub, but I don’t really have the sub pool to run her. At least, not good enough to warrant running her over Summer Myr. This makes my DQXQ much better.

2591 - Eschamali

lul (spoilers: this will turn out to be pretty good, too).

372 - Freyja

My first good wood damage enhancer and she also makes MHera farming with a Dios-based MZeus team possible. I don’t really need MHera, but I may try to farm some Orpharion pieces in the future.

1832 - Holy Angel, Ariel

With Ariel in addition to Apoc, a light Myr team is taking shape. I won’t be able to run a full TPA team like on my main, but a hybrid team built around Ariel, Apoc, DQXQ, and Venus should be fairly solid. I could run Saria in the last slot, but I’d rather run her as an inherit. This leaves Orpharion or another Myr as candidates for filling the final spot.

1826 - Red Angel, Rozuel

Rozuel makes my Ronove team better, but I have no intention of running it at this point.

I decided to stop here on a good note (no silvers!). There really wasn’t all that much I wanted from the lineup and I was way above EV so it was easy to hold back.

Bleach Rolls

When this REM was announced, I went all in on stone farming and cleared most of the Challenge Modes that I had remaining. I have very few farmable stones left, though, so raising funds for future REMs will be rough, although Bleach was worth it (and getting 20 compensation stones was an unexpected gift). I went into this thinking that I might IAP on this account for the first time since I really wanted some Grimmjows for button farming; luckily, I didn’t have to.

Card Notes
2680 - Orihime Inoue

My free roll. Meh.

2686 - Yoruichi

Not off to a great start. Yoruichi would’ve been the first wood damage enhance for this account had I not rolled Freyja earlier.

2684 - Yasutora Sado

A fine silver, but not one I have much use for. Yet.

2690 - Toshiro Hitsugaya

I’m pretty hyped for water-based farming teams, but I’ll need at least one more Toshiro to even consider it on this account. Even then, I just don’t have the inheritance bases to make it happen; at least not at a level to make it worth running over Liu Bei.

2692 - Rangiku Matsumoto


2675 - Ichigo Kurosaki

Meh. His awoken form would be a fine leader and goes well with the Eschamali I just rolled (and the Persephone I already have), but I have little else in the way of subs. For endgame farming Liu Bei is just better and I have Summer Myr for everything else. There’s some potential here, but we’ll need a lot of help in dark before it can be realized.

2682 - Uryu Ishida

Getting pretty anxious at this point.

2678 - Rukia Kuchiki

Now the worst 6-star in the REM for this account. Sadly, she’s one of the better inheritance bases I have for water farming.

2688 - Kisuke Urahara

Considering this account doesn’t have a Leeza, this isn’t the worst roll ever, but I don’t really see myself using him that much even on Liu Bei.

2678 - Rukia Kuchiki

Suicide watch.

2678 - Rukia Kuchiki Yeah. That just happened.
3362 - Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Okay. Here we go. The one card that I was aiming for. This account really lacked nukes and Grimmjow shores up a huge farming weakness.
3358 - Sosuke Aizen

Welp, I guess I can’t complain too much. Aizen immediately becomes my best endgame lead even with a lack of quality subs. The main reason being that he’s best equipped to take on the Radar Dragons and farm Arena 3 for killer latents. I’ll go more into this box’s potential teams later in this post.

3362 - Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Alright, now we’re talking. I wish I had more by this point, but two Grimms and one Aizen is way above expectations.

2684 - Yasutora Sado


2684 - Yasutora Sado Okay, I’ve gotten very few silvers so far so getting the best one in the machine isn’t the absolute worst. At the very least if I roll some more quality fire subs in the future I can use these on a Shiva Dragon team.
2684 - Yasutora Sado The harbinger…
3356 - Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto Yes. Oh yes. In addition to the four Chads I just rolled, this account has a Yamato, 3x Tsubakis and 2x Lailas. Liu Bei is cool and all, but I can do some really nice things with Yamamoto. Saving seconds per run compared to Liu Bei may not seem like much, but time is my most valuable commodity at this point so I’m going all in on this team.
3360 - Ulquiorra Shifar

Really should’ve stopped after Yama, but at this point I was going to roll all my stones in hopes of more Grimmjows.

2690 - Toshiro Hitsugaya

Rewarded for greed. Now I have two major pieces for water farming. The main problem is that I’m lacking the top inheritance bases to go with them. After rolling Yama, I won’t be chasing this team even though I was very hyped for it only a few weeks back. Yama is “fast enough” and between him, Aizen, Liu Bei and MAthena I should have almost all of my farming bases covered. If for some reason a few Sarasvatis or BOdin appear in my box, maybe I’ll change my mind, but, for now, I won’t be investing in the team (although considering how much MP I’m stockpiling maybe I’ll buy the Neptune Dragon anyways).

Why IAP when you can just get lucky? 12/19 golds (12/20 if you count the free roll) was way above the estimated gold rate of 40-50%. I even managed to roll at least one of everything except the dreaded Kenpachi (I guess my main rolled them all).

I stopped rolling after the last Toshiro. The desire for more Grimmjows was strong, but rolling more just seemed overly greedy. With the 20 compensation stones, I’m already near 40 stones again. I don’t know what I’m going to roll in next, but here’s hoping NA gets some nice collabs in the future as I’m just about done rolling the standard REM.

Free Rolls

Well you can’t always be lucky.

Card Notes
630 - Belial

Rank 150 roll. I wasn’t pleased when I rolled him, but now that I have Yamamoto he’s looking a little better. The counterattack could have niche applications (unlikely), but he could serve as a good base for bind clearing.

2421 - Pollux

Rank 250 roll. Pollux #3. Welp.

2776 - Vaan

FF roll. Vaan #2. Welp. More useful than Pollux #3, at least.

2517 - Christmas Tree Spirit, Alraune

Christmas roll. Alraune #2. Welp.

2680 - Orihime Inoue

Bleach roll. Arguably the worst card in the machine. Welp.

Liu Bei vs. Yamamoto

With my alt’s acquisition of Yamamoto, Liu Bei has pretty much taken a backseat. Special Descended Rush is a pretty good example of why Yamamoto is generally superior.

Special Descended Rush – Yamamoto

Leader Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4
Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening
2903 - Awoken Liu Bei 2948 - Almighty Awoken Zeus-Dios 2540 - Traditional Daruma, Grand Tengu 1619 - Sacred Tree Sorcerer, Leeza 2948 - Almighty Awoken Zeus-Dios
2668 - Azure Jewel Princess, Carat 3162 - Tamazo X Awoken Phantom God, Odin 2563 - Destroying Bow Steel Star God, Australis
Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4 Leader
Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening
2948 - Almighty Awoken Zeus-Dios 333 - Dark Wood Fafnir 2948 - Almighty Awoken Zeus-Dios 2948 - Almighty Awoken Zeus-Dios 2903 - Awoken Liu Bei
1423 - Shining Lance Wielder, Odin

As you can see, using a full board change not only has downsides as far as time wasted due to skyfall combos — which is only magnified in this dungeon with the increased skyfall chances — but things get even trickier when locked and poison orbs enter the equation. To increase consistency, locked orbs needs to be cleared which wastes time and effort and, of course, the threat of dying to poison is quite real.

Special Descended Rush – Yamamoto

Leader Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4
Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening
3357 - Head Captain of 13 Court Guard Squads, Genryusai 2657 - Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru 3260 - Yamato Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki 3260 - Yamato Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki 3260 - Yamato Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki
1615 - Inferno Sorcerer, Laila 3162 - Tamazo X Awoken Phantom God, Odin 1615 - Inferno Sorcerer, Laila 2685 - La Muerte, Yasutora Sado
Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4 Leader
Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening Skill Delay Resist Latent AwakeningSkill Delay Resist Latent Awakening
2536 - Long-Standing Desire God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru 3260 - Yamato Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki 889 - War Deity of Fury, Ares 2657 - Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru 3357 - Head Captain of 13 Court Guard Squads, Genryusai
1615 - Inferno Sorcerer, Laila 2668 - Azure Jewel Princess, Carat 2685 - La Muerte, Yasutora Sado 1615 - Inferno Sorcerer, Laila 1423 - Shining Lance Wielder, Odin

Whereas Yamamoto really doesn’t have to worry about skyfall combos, locked orbs and poison. Locked orbs will never interfere with the bottom row and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get more than a single poison skyfall per run.

Which team I use really comes down to the dungeon and the matchup, but Yamamoto has been a joy to use so far. Unless there are leader binds or anti-fire mechanics, I’ll probably try to find a way to use him over Liu Bei. This mostly frees my Liu Bei for inheritance use on my MAthena team which is a nice side-effect.

Where to Go from Here?

Being a lucksack sure feels good (especially since my main has been running fairly bad for quite a while now). I feel that I’ve reached the end of the first phase of this project which was to increase the overall quality of this box. I have MAthena for Py farming. Liu Bei and Yamamoto for endgame farming. Button teams for low-end and guerrilla farming. My Summer Myr team is pretty respectable in the endgame and I have Aizen and Myr teams in the works. I have almost 700k MP ready for anything.

Things have progressed much quicker than anticipated. Much of the accelerated advancement can attributed to Liu Bei and being able to pair with my main, but nurturing this non-IAP account has made me realize quite a bit about the playstyle. Mainly, that if you’re smart and dedicated, you don’t need to buy stones to develop a quality box within a reasonable timeframe. Also, stones aren’t nearly as plentiful as on JP, but NA still gives more than enough to get by.

The path forward is a bit unclear. I’d like to hit rank 867 for 450 stamina ASAP. I’ve never been one to encourage pure rank farming, but with the Arena 2x EXP bonus it’s now possible to string together rank ups, even at my current rank, while still getting a decent return. Once I hit 450 stamina, I’ll feel more comfortable stoning for refreshes which in turn will allow this account to better support my main (which is the end goal). However, Arena farming is extremely dull, so I’ll almost certainly mix in other dungeons like Special Descended Rush. If I can do about a rank per day, I should be able to hit this goal in three to four months, although it’s more likely to be around six.

As for rolls, I really don’t see myself pulling the standard REM. After giving pull advice for (over? about?) a year now, I easily recognize the predicament I’m in: I only want a couple of specific rolls and none of them are worth rolling specifically for. Maybe I’m just spoiled after Bleach, but god it felt good to have no dupe risk going into it. For this reason alone I’m contemplating rolling in the Heroine REM even if the rolls don’t seem all that great for my box. Here’s hoping NA gets some sweet new REMs in the coming year.

Thinking long term, I’m a little afraid. This account doesn’t have the breadth of cards to mitigate the buff carousel so I’ll be relying on good fortune and more quality farmables. Rolling the standard REM seems so bad nowadays that it’s hard to imagine keeping up with meta without buying stones. It’ll be interesting to see how the game evolves and whether these fears will be abated.

Aizen for Arena 3

I was fairly fortunate to roll an Aizen and with latent killers on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking of an Arena 3 team I can use. This account’s dark sub selection isn’t great, but I’m hoping I can at least slap together something halfway respectable so I can get carried by my main.

Aizen Teamcrafting
Leader Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4 Friend
3359 - Former Captain of Squad 5, Sosuke Aizen 2592 - Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali 2751 - Awoken Persephone 1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞ 1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞ 3359 - Former Captain of Squad 5, Sosuke Aizen
2443 - Returning-Claw Blue Dragonbound, Ryune 2566 - Ancestral Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

Yeah, not the greatest, but Eschamali and Persephone should serve as a solid core. 2x Zaerog∞ are sufficient filler. Alternatives include Satsuki, Zuoh and Akechi. For non-Arena 3 purposes, I’m actually quite fond of Dill Sirius for his kills. What really hurts are the lack of utility actives on this account, namely damage shields — of which I’m limited to Balboa and Kushinadahime — and delays — of which I’m limited to Exa Hydra. I’ll have to rely on my main account to provide them.

I’ll definitely be doing more research on this team in the future and I’ll share my findings in future posts. Which reminds me, I still need to clear Arena 2 again on both my accounts…

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

I pretty much finished everything over the break, but I’ll still try and use this to keep track of things I still need to do, but most of the major things have been taken care of.

Overarching Goals

  • Ganesha prep – Done
  • Arena 1 farming – Done
  • Yamamoto farming – Done
  • Myr prep – Done
  • Aizen prep – Done


  • Bartz – Done
  • Amaterasu – Done
  • Ceres Ana – Done

Liu Bei

  • Fafnir – Done

Cao Cao

  • RSonia – Done

Summer Myr

  • Christmas Paulina – Done

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • Raphael – Done
  • Venus – Done
  • Thouzer – Done
  • Kopis – Done
  • Pollux #2


  • Elia
  • Nordis
  • Myr – Done
  • Sakuya
  • Goemon #2 – Done
  • Vishnu – Done
  • Roots – Done
  • Zuoh – Done

22 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 12

  1. Hello Setsu Happy New Year. I have since evolved my Ichigo into his Getsugatensho form.May I ask, with optimal subs can he farm Arena 3 effectively?Thank you for your time.


    • Depends what you mean by effective, but by most measures I’d assume not. He can clear it easy enough, but if your intent to is farm killer latents then you’re better off looking elsewhere. The inability to heal is a pretty big liability, especially in a dungeon full of preemptive strikes and gravities.


  2. Hi Setsu,

    What’s the team you use to farm Arena1? Is it MAthena? Would you mind to share your team members? Thank you.


  3. Maaaan I am super jealous of your rolls on this account :O

    I started an alt around Christmas after I rolled Yamamoto on my main account, since I really wanted to run him in co-op, but couldn’t deal with the reroll pain after 2-3 attempts all being silvers. I ended up sticking with Sarasvati as a starting roll, and then collected enough stones to roll 8-10 times, with Ichigo unfortunately being the only 6* (currently pairing Chad with Yamamoto to do some easy descends since I don’t have a better leader). I kind of regret not just rolling all of my stones to try for Yama, but at the same time, Bleach doesn’t really have much of value for a starting account so decided it would be “overall” better for the account to roll the normal REM more (plus I got two Grimmjow at least, so there’s that).

    On the main account side, I did one last roll right before midnight and got Rukia! I’ll probably never be good enough to use her to her full potential, and her damage actually seems really underwhelming if you can’t hit the max multiplier, but she’s my favorite character in the series, and the only collab 6* (and the only strong blue lead besides Lakshmi) that my usual co-op partner and I share, which definitely counts for a lot now that solo-play has been so marginalized =/


    • Does starting the alt get boring because you’ve already done all the content? I am thinking of starting an alt for co oping, but am debating on whether or not because of the start.


  4. Nice pulls! Yamamoto really is the best for getting an alt on the fast-track to farming heaven. I even managed to drag my alt through much of the Descended Challenges in the previous one except for the blatantly anti-fire ones and Journey (damn crocodile).


  5. I dream of having my account be as pimped out as this one, and this is just your alt :^)

    RIP Liu Bei. Why must my friend’s account have 4 and my fiance’s account have 2 and their friend have 1 and I have 0 and OH THE INJUSTICE. Thankfully there are guides to farming Linthia with either Zeus-Dios x ALB or Perseus x ALB and since I do own Avalon Drake, Green Odin, and Awoken Freyja, I have the pieces capable to run the poverty team that gets carried by someone with an actual ALB. Hooray!


  6. Good stuff. You’re living the non-IAP dream, congrats! In your experience is finding partners for Yamamoto a difficulty, or is it irrelevant because your friend’s account is BF’d with yours?

    Here’s hoping Bleach will come around again sometime inside the next half year as I have unfinished business having largely decided to hold off (outside of two rolls to snag a Sado).


    • My alt almost exclusively pairs with my main so I’m not sure how easy/difficult it is to find a Yama partner. I’d assume it’s quite a bit more difficult than Liu Bei since you can’t just farm up some Dioses for subs.


  7. What does the MZeus Dios-based MHera farming team look like? I tried searching on Youtube, but only found ALB Dios teams (plus one run where one of the teams was Dios and the other was a mix of unconventional light subs).


    • Light side is standard light side. Other side is 3x Dios 1x machine killer Freyja with some type of mass orb changer inherited. Freyja must but +73 ATK max so a 3-orb wood match gets under Sadalmelik’s absorb.

      I wouldn’t particularly recommend this team unless you don’t have any other options.


      • Ah, thanks! I was hoping for something closer to mindless for farming Orpharion parts, but it doesn’t look like this is much easier than just running one of the ALB-Dios teams.


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