Quick Thoughts on 0 Stamina Normals

0-stamina Normal Dungeons event (aka let’s-farm-Legendary-Earth) comes to NA next week, so here are some quick thoughts heading into the event.   Like many of the recent events, this event is a great bonus to players of all levels of play, but with different appeals to each crowd.

Box Space

The accounts I’ll be playing have 1200 and 400 open box space, enough to stock up on at least a page worth of each type of fodder. For players who don’t farm hard outside of this event, I recommend having somewhere between 50 and 200 open box space to maximize time spent running dungeons during the event.  Unlike most other events, this event guarantees a resource benefit for investing in boxes, since additional time means additional runs.

Additional Stamina

I’ll be spending most of the additional stamina in the both regular and rare Evo Rush and Tama Village. Evo Rush is a particularly appealing option, as it opens up additional monsters to feed to and only costs 3 million coins. With the recent rush of Revos in NA, players may also want to burn stamina on more exp farming (metal dragons, KC, EKMD)

Sample Legendary Earth Team

As always, I’m not going to discuss full team compositions.  Some things to consider:

  • Team comps are based around average speed, brainless-ness, and inclusion of Ganesha.  Valuing trade-offs between these traits depends on the player, so make your teams accordingly.
  • Players without any nukes may benefit from the classic challenge mode: Goemon lead + 4 Rodin [+ enhance].  This requires some extra clicking to select challenge mode and find the friends in each run.
  • Combo skip allows for non-button comps to be punished less by RNG.

That said, here’s a sample team:


PDX Monster links: Grimmjow, Carat, Wedding Akechi, Ganesha, NY Tengu, Ilmina

In other news…
I was at a bar the other day when one of the regulars shouted “NEW COLLAB,” but in his drunken stupor he tripped over a stool and was knocked unconscious. My friends and I chatted about his utterance for a good five minutes before we forgot about it completely and moved on to other topics. Just kidding, we think about it every day.

Article by Nez and tevvie, with contributions from Izaya and timgodfang (sorry for your 200 stam)

9 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on 0 Stamina Normals

  1. thanks for keeping up with the blog, nez.
    two questions:
    1.) would you be open to box help when it comes to posts about specific dungeons like this? not for my own benefit, but curious since a lot of times you don’t fully expand on team composition because every box varies. I feel like it could help out a lot of the readers that don’t know how to fill in certain alternatives.
    2.) does anyone else plan on contributing to the blog still? the welcome post was great and there were a lot of good laughs, but I’m looking forward to seeing the different type of content all 3 personalities can push.

    once again, thanks so much for continuing the blog man


    • 1) Unfortunately, no. I might one day write a general team-building approach post.

      2) “I” is the default pronoun in these posts, but tevvie and Pi have had some contributions as indicated in the footnotes. Will they be writing their own posts? … SoonTM


    • Nez is the only one with posting permissions right now. At the bottom we write who was involved with each post. For this one it says “Article by Nez and tevvie, with contributions from Izaya and timgodfang (sorry for your 200 stam)”

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  2. Looks like I’ll be stuck using a regular team and hoping my insanity doesn’t implode, or I’ve seen some people theorizing about a Goemon build with Anji and ROdin but not so sure if that can output enough damage for Zaerog.

    Thoughts? :T NonIAP player here, so working with the best I have. I DO own Beach Goemon and 2 ROdin though.


    • I’ve found Goemon is risky sub, since his nuke can’t kill any of the blue dragons. If you have Dragon Killer Tsubaki you can pair new Rodin with Ganesha and button F1-F4 and then enhance+swipe on the final floor, but without her you might need to jump through some extra hoops.

      This is the setup I use:
      Ganesha / Killer Tsubaki (Laila, unused) 297 / Beach Goemon / Rodin 297 / Blodin (A Ra) / Friend Rodin, SB Badge

      Blodin is only there for the SB, so you could use Tengu if you wanted (Blodin is handsomer though), and you can avoid getting trolled by blue dragons on every floor by inheriting some kind of laser on Tsubaki.

      Without Tsubaki, I’d guess you’d want some kind of damage spike that could be used in addition to Ganesha’s enhance. With double Beach Goemon subs you might at least be able to kill the boss over two turns, which is still faster than matching on every floor. (Ganesha / Goemon / Goemon / Rodin / Tengu+Ra / Rodin)

      Also, if you have a Ganesha, that opens up potential pairings with rarer leads that might also work (Ilmina and Yamamoto are two that come to mind).

      There’s a pretty good thread on Reddit that you might find helpful as well:

      A lot of people seem to be using the defense void + mass attack badge.


    • Fox, depends on if you have Tsubaki or not. I’ve been running Rowdin/Tsubaki.Minerva 50% def break/BGoe/Tsubaki.laser/Tengu.laser/Ganesha friend. If you can even break the blue def by 50% goemon nuke does enough to kill it.
      F1: Rowdin active
      F2: Def Break, Goe
      F3: Ra
      F4: Ra
      F5: Swipe Goe board. The dual Tsubaki means I don’t need to enhance my board at all.


    • It’s a bit of a stretch, but Zaerog might become inheritable one day. Outside of that, the 20 cd for 35% grav is pretty garbage compared to Zhera’s 23 cd 45% grav (and two additional skill boosts), so no not really.


      • Thanks. I might farm one just because. Also the random killer awakenings could become useful (doubtful).


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