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Currently obsessed with PAD. Just want to show off my collection.

I’m a mediocre player at best, so most of my posts will focus on team building. My only advice for getting better is picking a lead that you like, for any reason, and just practice in Endless Corridors. In PAD, there is a powerful lead suitable for everyone’s style and skill level.

I spend a lot of money on this game. While many things I post may not entirely apply to you because of that, I still hope it can be useful.

My PADherder.

Contacting Me

There are a few ways to contact me directly, but I ask that you keep all questions about your box, teams, etc. to this blog. There isn’t a wrong place to ask questions; even if there isn’t a related post, feel free to comment off-topic. For more complicated questions, please reserve them for the bimonthly Godfest Help posts.

  • Discord (preferred): setsugetsuka#3699
  • Reddit: /u/setsugetsuka
  • PAD Forum: setsugetsuka

I’m trying out the Discord thing, but I’d imagine this is the best place to reach me. Feel free to send friend requests there. I used to welcome in-game messages, but since they’re made so awkward by the filters I’d prefer to communicate through Discord.

I try to accommodate friend requests, but please understand if I turn you down. If I could buy more friend space, I would.


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  1. Hi Setsu,

    We have a small line room where we discuss the game and I think you would be a great addition as you live and breathe the game.

    If you’re keen to join let me know, its a great way to chat about the game and share you experiences with a bunch of like minded people.

    LineID: daniel.a.j.wilson

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  2. Not sure where the best place is to leave a random comment such as this. You seem to keep up with JP and I have a few questions about 3x normals that we finally get Friday.

    1. What makes them so much better than 5x technicals?
    2. Are they only worth farming for plus eggs when this is a 1.5 droprate?
    3. I hear sky dragons is one of the best zones. Are there any others that are worth farming?


    • TBH I’m not an expert on this subject, I probably don’t know much if anything more than you. I found this reddit post to be a nice resource: https://www.reddit.com/r/PuzzleAndDragons/comments/3bb9zo/jpnatipspeed_farm_wood_skydragon_for_3x_normal/. I’m sure there were some posts on PF that had some more concrete numbers. Here’s what I know off the top of my head, though:

      1. Generally the exp/stam ratio is much better while still having a comparable stam/+egg ratio. My impression is it’s better stam/+egg than Mechdragons but better exp/stam than FT4. Other than that, it seems like a boon for low rankers as they can get +eggs while reaping the benefits of stamina refreshes.

      2. This is the question I know least about. From what I’ve heard it’s still worth it to farm without 1.5x, but if your only intention is to farm +eggs it’s probably better to wait for 1.5x.

      3. Yes, this is what I’ve heard too, but I believe it’s mainly for +egg/time efficiency. I’m going to try that, OoH and KoG and see what which fits me best firsthand.

      I wish I could be more help, but I’m hoping someone with more knowledge with post something more in depth before the event starts!


      • Thanks for the reply. I as hoping there would be places worth farming when 1.5 was not active. I look at some of these JP player with dozens of 297s. I guess this is probably due to them having access to Star Vault as a coin dungeon.


  3. hey setsu, love your blog and your analysis.

    just followed you on youtube since i really appreciate the content.

    i’m also excited that someone else is as into team building as i am.

    if you’re interested, please send me a friend request: 328,879,211

    looks like we run a lot of similar stuff.


  4. Thank you so much for all of the amazing tools on this website. Its so nice to someone from the community doing all this to help.


  5. Hello Setsu, I have been reading your blog regularly and you knowledge on PAD is amazing! I do have a quick question regarding Leilan that I want to ask an PAD expert like you but I am not sure how can I ask you so I am just gonna ask in the comment section.

    I mainly run A.Shiva team with 2 Urd, 1 A.Minerva and another utility sub (e.g. Echidna for delay or Hera-Ur for 100% SB…unfortunately I do not have either Cao Cao or Yamato). I recently pulled Leilan and I am considering which type of uevo would actually be better.

    There is no doubt that Awoken Leilan has better everything (especially the extra SB I need for 100% SB). But it is painful to skill up the Awoken form and to lose God type compared to her F/L uevo. The two fire rows also do not quite fit into A. Shiva team.

    So I guess my questions are:

    1. Is it worthwhile to uevo to the Awoken Leilan even she will lose the god type and hard to skill up, especially considering now we have access to Shiva Dragon etc…

    2. I do have Krishna, could you please provide some insight on how strong is the fire row based Krishna team?

    Thank you!


    • The only thing that should really factor in your decision is whether you plan on using Leilan on Shiva Dragon (and I’d argue you don’t really want Leilan on the team). Outside that you should go for her awoken form as the haste, time extend, extra skill boost, and SBR more than make up for everything else. Skilling up either form is a costly process, so that really isn’t a factor. The TPA is also fairly inconsequential. Without knowing more about what you have, that’s all I can really say on that.

      I don’t think you really need rows on Krishna, it’s just a nice bonus. He’s a fine leader, but he’s quite underpowered compared to everything else nowadays. I’d just stick with Shiva unless you’re looking for a change of pace.


      • Thank you for the quick reply and useful suggestions! I appreciate it.

        If you don’t mind, I would be more than happy to show my box and get some advice on team building etc. from you.

        Also, could you elaborate on the Krishna comment a bit? I can see it could be harder to trigger his leader skill than A. Shiva but he does provide a higher multiplier. The reason why I am asking is I really want to be able to consistently farm Zaerog but my Shiva team sometimes cannot provide enough dmg output.


        • You’re forgetting you can stack TPAs on Shiva which more than makes up for the lower multiplier. If you’re having trouble dealing damage with Shiva then it seems like you have a fairly poor team and/or you need to work on plussing them (which is definitely needed for Zaerog). The RCV multiplier makes you a lot tankier. For farming Zaerog, you also lose the time extends which will make clearing floor 9 much harder unless you’re some kind of puzzling genius.


          • Thanks for the explanations.

            I definitely need to work on the plus eggs as I started playing the game without knowing anything and I sold all the plus eggs I got since they can be sold for more coins…. Now I think back I want to bang my head against the wall but I guess everyone started as a noob..

            Problem with beating Zaerog is it depends on how lucky (or unlucky) I get for the Urd board. If I can get 12 fire orbs with Urd then 3 TPA would one-shot him but other times I get trolled.

            I wanted to show you screenshot of my box but I do not want to just send you a link and ask you to click it, which would look really suspicious. I looked into sending you a message on Reddit but I do not know how to attach images with it.


          • Somehow I cannot reply to your last comment anymore so I just sent you a message through Reddit. I hope you do not mind. Thanks a lot! 🙂


  6. HI setsu, Im a teenager and can’t really find time to play and spend that much money. Just wondering, how do you find the time and money to play so much? I am really curious as to how because your box just seems AWESOME. Love’in your posts man!


    • I have a pretty nice job that affords me the time and money to do what I want in my free time. I love games in general and have no problem dedicating most of my resources towards one if I love it (which I do with PAD).


  7. Hey Setsu!

    Wanted ask if you will be doing a “Thoughts on” for RagDra. I couldnt find anything on your blog about it and considering it just hit NA would be nice to have your opinion on it.

    Thanks and aweseom blog btw ❤


    • Ragnarok Dragon is pretty boring and I’ve got a lot of other things to work on so I won’t be doing it. The consensus seems to be that it’s a capable leader, but lags behind the meta due to the sub pool. Especially on NA since we don’t have the Duel Masters collab. His uses as a sub should be pretty obvious.


  8. hi setsu,

    Im trying to build a shiva dragon team(not the best in the game but best i can do so far). My shiva dragon is evoed and maxed out in level and 297+ and I will also be using a friend leader which is also a maxed out Shiva dragon. Currently my subs are red odin, yamato, ares, and uriel – all of which are fully evoed and maxed out in level. My odin is 297+ and all the other ones are on there way to a 297+too. As for latents, all of them have 5 attack boost latents each except for uriel which has 5 rcv and ares which has 5 hp enhance instead.

    Do you have any tips for me on how to improve my team? And ill be evoing my yamato once the uvo comes to NA. Thanks setsu!


    • Re-ask in the Godfest Help post which will happen in about a week (see the current sticky post). I also don’t answer roll/box questions that don’t provide a PADherder.


  9. Love this blog! Especially enjoy reading your reviews of new content. I was wondering if you might post your thoughts on Linka. I noticed she’s not on the top leads and probably never will be. But for those of us even considering picking her up for her novelty value, what is the playability either as a lead or sub. I’ve ready some thoughts on Reddit and would love to hear yours. Cheers!


  10. Hey setsu! If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been playing PAD? I’ve been going almost 3 years, with a long hiatus somewhere in between, just logging in for the freebies, but now I’m more obsessed than ever with some pretty good rolls I’ve gotten in the past. Currently loving my A.Pandora ❤


  11. Good Morning Setsu,

    I am new to the game but I tend to dump a lot of money into games and play them constantly until I grow bored of them. People on the fb forum for pad seem out of touch with stuff. My only question is, if you had all necessary subs and 300k monster points which card would you buy or wait to buy? I have a shiva dragon and I am looking at buying another. I bought shiva drag because he was a decent leader that doesn’t require me making 8 combos to get his boost. I will just keep buying stone packs until I get the necessary subs for my leaders. Also, I know you can’t be friends with everyone but where can I find your userid in hopes of adding you.



    • With only 300k, I’d do Ra Dragon. If you don’t like that playstyle, You Yu and Xiu Min look good. If I had 900k I’d do Xiang Mei, for sure. Since you already have Shiva Dragon, none of the other MP cards are worth getting at this time, in my opinion.

      Anyone can find my ID if you look hard enough. Hint: it’s inadvertently posted every week.


  12. So who does someone have to blow around here to get 900k monster points, lol. I had no idea that Xiang Mei would cost 900k. Thanks for the information Holmes. I started logging on to this site weeks ago. It’s a great resource for PAD. Your work is greatly appreciated.


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