Collab REM Review Scale (Old)

Collabs are never worth rolling in for non-IAP as the gold egg rate is so poor (that won’t stop you from rolling, though, will it?). That being said, not all collabs are created equal.

Monsters will be rated on the same scale as pantheon reviews. However, I must note that there’s some context that’s unique to collab REM monsters:

  • No skill up fodder, usually – Their biggest innate weakness, collab monsters will almost always start off a fraction grade or more lower due to this. DBZ and Fist of the North Star have partially addressed this, but the fodder is still very stamina intensive to farm.
  • Friend list scarcity – Not as many people have these monsters. While that’s fine for situational use, it’s horrible if a collab monster is one of your main leads. Bonus points will be given for leader skills that pair well with regular REM monsters.
  • Ultimate evolution potential – It’s now fair to expect collab gold eggs will eventually get uevos with 3 extra awakenings. While this won’t affect grades by itself, if I’m between grades this will usually bump the grade up instead of down.
  • Uniqueness – SometimesĀ  you can only get a certain effect from a collab monster, like D/L Batman’s 2 turn delay for devils or Tigrex’s R/G full-board orb change. A small bonus will be given for this.

While I will give each monster a grade, I won’t give one for the group like I would for a pantheon. Like I said, it’s never worth rolling, but if you’re willing to roll you either must have a certain attachment to the collab IP or don’t mind spending the money, in which case you should by all means roll.


2 thoughts on “Collab REM Review Scale (Old)

  1. Awoken cao cao.. I know that you have been waiting on him.. Now that he has been produced. How do you feel about him?


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