Pantheon Review Scale (Old)

Outdated. Keeping this around for posterity.

Monsters are rated on their stats, but in the context of the following criteria:

  • Leader power – optimal team power, i.e. descend/challenge dungeon viability
  • Leader flexibility – sub availability; friend leader availability; niche lead applications; leader skill activation
  • Sub effectiveness – how many teams is this good on?
  • Sub utility – maybe not an ideal sub, but needed for certain dungeons
  • Pervasiveness – how many teams is it good on or as a leader?
  • Farmable – extra credit for not being a REM exclusive

In general, gods will not get rated below C.

Some examples:

A+ – An elite leader and sub. Examples: LKali, RSonia

A – An elite leader or sub or some mix of both. Examples:

  • Leader: Krishna, Anubis, Sakuya
  • Sub: Hanzo, Kagutsuchi, DKali
  • Both: Haku, Pandora, Meimei
  • Non-IAP: Athena, LValk, Sandalphon

B – A good leader and/or sub, but sometimes narrow/limited in use. Examples: DQXQ, Leilan, Urd

C – Has uses, but nothing exciting. Examples: GOdin, Isis, Raphael

D – A poor monster. Most gods have been balanced out of this category. Greco-Roman gods before their awoken uevos would go here. Indra is likely here. Non-gods would be like fairy tale, the dragon swordsmen or many of the PADZ dragons.

F – Shouldn’t be in the REM. Examples: golems, toy dragons, elementals.

Pantheons are rated on a similar scale, but take into consideration how good it is to roll on a godfest they are in; particularly from a non-IAP perspective.


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