JP 100-Box Update 6: RIP 20-Box o7


Sigh. I was really hoping there would be a way to opt-out, but I guess 20-boxing is much too obscure to make concessions for.

There are workarounds like filling up the excess space with garbage, but that kills the clean, concise and beautiful nature of the challenge. Then I remember if I had 100 box space from the start, I’d have a pretty damned great Ronove team and I get even more depressed. Well, I’ll sit on it a few weeks to see where I want to go, but it’s very likely that this will just become an outlet for rolling free stones again, meaning there will be little point in blogging about it anymore.

Also, there’s no real update this week since I pretty much dropped the account once I heard this box space update was coming. I did, however, beat Star Justice with Awoken Yomi which I feel is a pretty big feat considering how ill prepared my box is for all the gimmicks in that dungeon. But, whatever. Sigh.


JP 20-Box Update 2: Planning for Zaerog∞


I got a bit impatient and decided to stone stamina to max level Hanzo and evo Satsuki. 20-boxing seems to be at odds with non-IAPing; just buying five spaces with a single stone would’ve saved me quite a few stones in the past and more in the future (not to mention quests refunding you a stone each for 30 and 50 box space). The very nature of the challenge is of patience — something that I failed at in this isolated instance — but with the goals that I want to achieve in the next six weeks or so, I think some amount of stoning was necessary to meet the deadlines (the main one being the Summer REM). Being able to reevaluate the resources you’re used to under the restrictions of the challenge is also important: the time cards take up your box space is a major restriction, so spending resources to free those spaces will be a trade off you have to make for the sake of time, even if they come at the cost of potential rolls. Better planning might’ve saved me from this situation, but that’s partially why I’m now doing this blog series.

As for what my goals are now, it’s mainly just one: start work on Zaerog∞. For my main, this is a trivial task that I could finish in a day. However, the nature of 20-boxing makes each evo material feel like it’s own, arduous step. The use of each box space must be planned carefully and must be balanced with stamina use. This comes at an awkward time, though, as I’m also planning to buy Claire when the Summer REM returns, presumably mid-August. This means I’ll need to have enough box space to both buy Claire and finish Zaerog, should I still be working on him when the event hits.

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JP 20-Box Update 1



  • JP godfest rolls (9): Got Satsuki! 100% gold rate. 5/9 rolls were GFEs, with two being 6-stars. Pretty damned lucky. I now have more than enough MP to buy Summer Claire.
  • Various descended clears: I forget exactly which, but nothing particularly difficult. I need to keep better track of this.
  • To do: Evo Awoken Orochi. Hyper Satsuki. Continue to clear dungeons for easy stones.
  • 400 days!

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Alt Box Analysis: JP Non-IAP 20-Box


One of my ideas for a new post series is to follow the journey of one of my alts. My main account is fairly boring to chronicle as it has just about every card and can clear every dungeon, but a non-IAP account is more interesting; not because it’s non-IAP, but because the decisions mean more since you can’t just use your credit card to cover up mistakes or bad RNG. Since I’m unsure which account I want to write about — sadly there’s no way I have enough time to write about all my alts, let alone play all of them seriously — I’m first going to go over each account, analyze the decisions I’ve already made on them, and plan out where I want to go in the future.

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