First Arena 2 Clear

Of course, it was a fucking Bubpy.

Yeah. It took Xiang Mei’s release for me to finally get around and clear this turd of a dungeon. I only ran it twice before — once with Ra Dragon, once with Pandora, both before skill inheritance — but that was enough of a sample size for me to put the dungeon on hold. Now with Xiang Mei and SI, the dungeon is pretty much a joke. I remember it taking me several times to clear Arena 1 with Ra Dragon for the first time because rainbow teams were so foreign to me. Xiang Mei doesn’t have that problem. It only took a little while to get accustomed to fitting a row and three heart matches onto the same board.

I’m planning on making a script to generate the HTML for my team setup with SI, but I just haven’t had the time to do it. For those curious I’m using the pretty standard SI setup, but I’ll probably tailor it to my own needs as I get more experience with the team.

  • XM1: Shine Flare Ring (Saria)
  • XM2: Sunburst Knuckle (Awoken Ra)
  • XM3: Holy Crest (Arcline)
  • Uriel: Force (non-awoken Orochi)
  • Gadius: Miracle of Healing (Raphael)
  • XM4: Crimson Cross Spear (Sanada)

Everything has 2 SDRs. The SDRs allow you to reliably stall on the Kalis in case you need to recharge your Py-killing skill. The other latents don’t matter much.

Having to juggle inherited skills was a new concept to me. I’m so used to skill conservation being a high priority, but with XM you need to manage your cooldowns so the right skills (base vs. inherited) are available at the right time. This is especially true for XMs inherited with skills that don’t generate hearts; you don’t want to be caught with your pants down since you didn’t manage your skills correctly.

I originally had Genie on Gadius, but I feel like Raphael is more flexible. Like my first run, I mismanaged my cooldowns, was planning to stall on DQ Hera, but skillfalled to kill her early. I was left facing LKali with only Genie ready. Maybe that’s results oriented thinking — maybe I’d be singing Genie’s praises right now if I got DKali instead — but I think Raphael is an overall better fit (although I still need to kill Illsix with Raphael). Maybe when I get more comfortable with the team and familiar with Arena 2, I’ll go back to Genie. It’s just a shame we don’t have Fencer on NA. I’m also not sure if I want to run Awoken Orochi on Uriel instead to save five turns.

For my friend lead I actually really liked having Sanada available (thank you WWM). Using a Saria friend is fine and all, but for some reason I preferred Sanada. Since I have a lot more Sarias on my friend list, I might put him on my own if I continue to enjoy his services.


One-Shot Challenge 2 Lv10 – Awoken Pandora

The easy clear would be with Orochi, but I’ve recorded that team before so I decided to try something different. Since Pandora lines up well against Meimei, I decided to give it a shot. I truly hate 7×6. It makes maximizing damage that much more difficult (as in, the board is 40% bigger, but you don’t get 40% additional time), but is particularly harmful to the Heroes since you can’t match exactly eight and also make a row.

I’m strongly considering changing Batman back to his light form now that devils are relevant again. I also considered hypermaxing Lilith, but I’ve had enough fun with +eggs lately so I’m going to try to conserve what I have. The team HP and RCV suffered quite a bit because of it, but was still enough for this dungeon.

Awoken Pandora Arena 1 Clear

I was very fortunate and cleared it on my first try. Fortunate because I got one of the very easiest paths through the later floors (Sphinx, Venus, Mercury, Gran, Athena, LKali).

The team is still far inferior to Ra and Yomi Dragons, but Pandora still made the dungeon feel pretty damned easy. Damage and healing were never a problem, but I can see the lack of time extends being a major one. I got Minerva and it was pretty difficult to pass her five-combo shield as making an eight-orb match takes up a lot of time. I could see something like Stratios’s five-combo shield being quite difficult to get past; an eight-orb match with five additional combos sounds quite daunting. At least for shitters like me, uuevo Pandora is an ideal sub. I actually think Game8’s template party of Pandora / uuevo Pandora / DValk / Zuoh / Akechi / Pandora is pretty close to what I’d run normally as it has that sweet spot of RCV and time extends (probably swap out Akechi for Loki for Arena clears?).

By the way, I noticed after the fact that my Loki is not max skilled… I seem to recall making a similar mistake with Freyja.

Easy Game, Easy Life

I decided to try out the team now that I have it and dropped the MP on dark resists. Yes, I could’ve waited the 2-4 weeks for 5×4 Izanami to come out, but that’s a lot of Arena runs I’d miss out on. This team is much more mindless than Ra Dragon which is great for farming, but it’s still going to be a grind stocking up on Pys before Arena 2 hits.

Implications of the Isis HP Buff on the Ra Dragon Arena Latent Setup

With the 8.6.1 update and the wave of awoken uevo buffs, Isis also got a pretty nice boost: +200 HP and +30 RCV. While stat buffs like these are usually inconsequential, any small amount of HP gains could have significant impact on the Ra Dragon Arena latent setup. Just running some rough numbers here’s the impact the change can have on the dacho latent setup (11 dark, 4 wood, 3 light, 1 fire, 1 water, 10 HP):

  • If you keep the 10 HP latents, you can drop 1 wood and 1 light latent.
  • If you keep the resist latent setup, you can drop 4 HP latents. This means you and your friend can safely add skill delay resists to their Ra Dragons without having to overwrite any resist latents. Of course, friends that still have 5 HP latents are still compatible.

As usual, I’m not 100% confident in my math, so do the calculations yourself to double check or wait for another source to confirm it (hopefully someone out of JP that can confirm it in-game). But if this is true, then this makes it really easy to incorporate skill delay resists into builds that existed before the latent was released.