Wadatsumi Tournament Results


Whew, 0-matching sure is hard work. Congrats to Chase Chat for dominating the top 10.

A video of the run is here. This strat will technically still be viable in upcoming ranking dungeons, but it won’t be optimal since none of them are eight floors or greater. The basic concept should still be good, though, preemptives willing.

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Why 8+ Floor Ranking Dungeons Are Stupid

Luckily, after this and Athena, it appears GungHo learned their lesson and hasn’t released a ranking dungeon over 7-floors to date. Hopefully they’ve also learned that a low floor count is bad, too, after the shit show the Ace Attorney dungeon was (4-floors). They should all be 6- or 7-floors, in my opinion.

Oh, yeah, if you have this team or something similar, you’ll likely want to invest in it as this will pretty much be an auto-crown for any upcoming dungeon with a preemptive strike on the first floor (assuming there are any, or that a suicide skill is viable). At the very least, it should be a top choice for Hera-Is, whenever NA gets it. Although at the rate we get ranking dungeons, who knows what kind of teams we’ll have access to.

10MM (GungHo Fes) Tournament Results

I definitely don’t have the skill to be competitive here. Nor do I have the hours to grind for the god run. So I’m giving up on top 0.1% (which is a fairly meaningless metric, anyways) and hopefully this will stand for a crown. I feel there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have to scramble for a better score in the last couple days, something I’ve never had to do before. I think it’s well within my capability to replicate this run and since I flubbed on Meimei, I can definitely eke out a thousand or so more points to hopefully secure my top 1%.

GungHo skipping three ranking dungeons to here (Satan, Tokaigi, Wadatsumi) makes me glad I didn’t invest any time in writing a prep post. Although I was likely going to discontinue the post series anyways since there really isn’t all that much to cover. All that’s really left are specific strategies for each dungeon; while I don’t mind discussing high-level strategy, it’s not in my interest to reveal the nitty gritty of each dungeon; it is a competitive format, after all.

Athena Ranking Dungeon Results

Breaking 110k with the cookie cutter JP team took much more effort than anticipated, but the stone cost wasn’t nearly as bad as Takeminakata. I was thinking this could be the ranking dungeon where I could push for top 10, but that ambition was shattered rather early in the grind. It remains to be seen if this score even holds for 0.1%.

I did try tweaking the subs a bit, but I found that the cookie cutter build was configured that way for a reason. I might try a few more runs with this team — or variations of it — in hopes of getting the 115k god run, but I’m pretty close to my limit. Now that I have a decent score under my belt I might experiment a bit, but I don’t expect much.

The skyfall RNG is about as tilting as I expected it to be. You can do everything in your power to reduce the chances, but the game still loves shitting on your dreams. I’m not exactly sure what’s worse, this or Takeminakata, but I’m leaning toward this since it feels so bad to get angry over skyfalls; something that is usually a welcome occurrence.