Farmable Monster Analysis: Yamatsumi

2549 - Awoken YamatsumiAfter a long string of duds, Yamatsumi finally presents an intriguing farmable option. A typical descended boss is at an overwhelming disadvantage in today’s game. There’s a great emphasis on augmenting your damage through awakenings and being limited to three compared to the eight or more an awoken or double ultimate has is often an insurmountable difference. In order to overcome this deficit, a card must have a powerful and/or unique active to help bridge the gap. Yamatsumi’s is relatively unique, being only the second in the game with the ability to increase heart skyfall chances, but is the overall package powerful enough? He’s strong, but that’s really only relative to other descended bosses. To most he’ll just be yet another boring descended drop.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Heimdallr

2400 - Awoken HeimdallrAfter having to write three weeks straight on somewhat legitimate farmables (Legelonte, Hel, Volsung) I was getting a bit burned out on researching cards. Thankfully, Heimdallr brings us back to the good old days of garbage evo materials with very little practical use. At the very least, he’s better than something like Aegir, but in the end most will farm one up, feed them to their Lokis and forget he ever existed.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Volsung

1841 - Giant Arched Sea Dragon King, VolsungWhere to start with Volsung? We all know how powerful an LKali effect can be and now we can finally farm one. Unfortunately, he’s much worse than he looks. His debuff makes him incredibly difficult to place on any random team. The team building constraint of dedicating a sub slot to overwrite his debuff is a high cost. He also lacks synergy with the most popular rainbow subs. As a leader, 36x with no other multipliers just doesn’t cut it in today’s endgame. The nail in the coffin is the cost to acquire then skill him up. For the same difficulty you’re almost always better off investing in a Zaerog∞. Before you invest in a Volsung, think long and hard about whether he’s worth it; for most players he isn’t.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Hel

2402 - Awoken HelWhen I sat down to write my first draft of this Hel post, I didn’t know where to start or how I wanted to structure the post. Most farmable monsters are quite easy to write about. First, they’re usually bad, but after a little research you can usually find a good niche use or two for them. The ones that buck this trend are usually obvious like Zaerog∞ or Scarlet and are also straightforward to write about. Hel, on the other hand, is in a strange place. While her leader skill is limited by the poison clause, the multipliers are actually pretty impressive: 49x ATK and 4x RCV for dark. This post will mainly cover whether her upfront numbers justify the trouble of dealing with poison. Continue reading

Farmable Monster Analysis: Legelonte

1916 - Music Dragon, LegelonteLegelonte has been a long time coming for NA — over 200 days — but we’re finally getting it. Its dungeon might be most notable to veteran players for Laila and Cerberus Rider skills ups, but Legelonte itself is a solid descended drop. It appears to be geared toward newer players with its 20 team cost being early-game friendly and the Master dungeon difficulty making it more accessible. However, no matter how easy the dungeon may be, it’s too difficult for new players to clear, virtually killing Legelonte’s one hope of ever being used as a leader. Its sub prospects aren’t much better, either, as Midgard and Awilda are even easier to obtain damage shield options. While Legelonte has some attributes that make it more appealing in the long run, such as the haste, time extend and possibly machine type, I’m skeptical if it’s worth the resources to skill up.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Deus ex Machina (Backlog)

2234 - Awoken Deus ex MachinaWhile GungHo appeared to be improving the overall quality of descended boss drops, Deus ex Machina is a throwback to the dreadful pre-Sonia Gran days of hot garbage. Of course, not all farmable bosses can be on the level of Zaerog∞, but the fact that she isn’t even an evo material is what makes her all the more disappointing; at least the equally terrible Aegir has that excuse. While machine support has been ramping up as of late, she has no place as her raw power level is low and her element change makes her awkward to build around. While her time extends are attractive, the entire package doesn’t justify the sub slot even when compared to other farmable options. Perhaps the nail in the coffin is the difficulty of clearing her dungeon, making skill ups extremely troublesome.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Santa Claus

2524 - 聖夜の使者, Santa ClausSanta Claus’s skyfall buff is still rather unique which makes him an appealing option, but since he’ll presumably only be available for skill ups for a couple of days during the Christmas Event one will likely have to utilize stamina refreshes to max skill him. So the question becomes: “is he worth it?”. He’s not bad for a descended boss, but considering his narrow uses he simply isn’t for most players.

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