Star Treasure Thieves’ Den Co-op Farming

Star Treasure Thieves' Dena.k.a STTD, Star Den, Thieves’ Den, etc.

With 9.2 fast approaching, so is the highly anticipated update to Thieves’ Den that nets 10 +eggs per run. Combined with co-op play, that’s 2.5 stamina/+egg, resulting in both the fastest and most stamina efficient +egg farming in the game (using the data from this site, not including stamina refreshes from rank ups). I think my best solo hour in the old version was about 400 +eggs, meaning I got 80 runs in. Co-op will be slower due to all the overhead, but even if you get, let’s say, 60 runs in, that’s still an amazing 600 +eggs/hour. It’s definitely worth making a team for this.

When you consider rank up stamina refreshes, other options have a better effective stamina/+egg, but none of them will be as time efficient. Even if you’re trying to be as efficient as possible with your stamina and stones, I’d still argue that this dungeon is worth looking into since it’s so time efficient.

Considering that the dungeon was solo farmable in the past, there really isn’t any new technology that would allow faster clears. The solo team can button floors 1-4, but generally relies upon a match of some kind to clear floor 5, usually a Goemon/Surtr swipe. Ideally you’d kill with actives rather than matching as it’s generally faster. Co-op gives you four extra actives to do just that, but it doesn’t decrease clear time as much as one might like (assuming it reduces time at all) due to having to pass the turn (and relying on your partner to be attentive).

However, our Lord and Savior MZeus once again shows us the path to a better clear:

Yes, you still have to match, but clearing a single column has much lower chance of unwanted skyfalls than a full board clear meaning clears will be faster over time. Rei Sirius is the preferred column spawner for inheritance on MZeus. He’s better than something like Cloud or Leonis since he doesn’t have a secondary effect that adds time to the animation. Due to this inheritance, there’s a fairly high skill boost requirement. A max skilled MZeus + Rei Sirius is at a 26-turn cooldown. Assuming an MZeus and four Tengus from your partner, that’s 18 skills boosts, meaning your own team needs to supply eight (or more specifically, your subs need to supply six total since MZeus has two). Even if your team is full ROdins, you’ll have 32 skill boosts total, meaning you’ll still need at least nine skill ups on your MZeus (or 13 total between your MZeus and Rei Sirius).

I also think most of these videos do the column spawn on floor 1; I’m not exactly sure if there’s a reason behind this besides pushing buttons in order, but it’s what I would recommend doing anyways. That way you have plenty of time to look at the board and plan your move; you’ll want to break up any horizontal orb pairs next to the empty column to reduce skyfall combo chances.

Need a poverty team? Well, our Lord and Savior’s alter ego Dios has the answer:

Pretty much as fast as the original solo ROdin-based team, but completely non-IAP.

Stuck in the area between poverty and luxury? There are still plenty of options:

You can look up for general farming teams on YouTube here and for MZeus teams specifically, here.

Anyways, if you’re serious about farming +eggs quick and efficiently, I’d highly encourage putting some sort of team together, then finding a like-minded player in a different group to trade urgent times with, netting you two hours of this wonderful dungeon. Of course, some people (that have the time) can get hooked up with five total hours which is pretty insane.


Farming Kanetsugu Co-op

Kanetsugu!I hate doing quick and dirty posts with zero editting, but with NA getting Kanetsugu tomorrow, I’d much rather do this now than not at all. If I have time, I’ll try to clean things up later.

Co-op makes everything easier, but we might as well take advantage of it to the fullest extent and find the most time efficient, lowest effort team available. Sadly, even with co-op, team building for this dungeon is still fairly restrictive — mainly due to the all-attributes requirement and the bind on floor 4 — but at the very least we can reduce it to no-matching unlike the single player team.

Also, a bit of shameless advertising: if you’re interested in doing hour or longer Kanetsugu sessions tomorrow (or in the future), let me know. If you have both sides and can share the load, even better. Or if you have a better team setup, even even better.

Kanetsugu aside, if you plan on doing hardcore +egg farming now or in the future, add me on Discord (setsugetsuka#3699) and let’s see if we can work something out.

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Farming Zeus Dios Skill Ups

2948 - 超覚醒 Zeus DiosWith 9.1 likely coming soon, quite possibly with tonight’s maintenance, I wanted to familiarize myself with Zeus Dios farming teams. It’s not that difficult to throw together random teams to farm his skill up dungeons, but as I’m planning to max skill two more for the Awoken Liu Bei farming team, I may as well be efficient about it. After 9.1 brings the co-op everything update, there’ll be no more efficient way to do it than through co-op, if only for the half stamina bonus.

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Searching for a Better Tengu Team and the Future of +Egg Farming

778 - Twisted Mountain God, Grand TenguWith 1.5x drop Tengu Master likely being a thing of the past, we’re now stuck with Tengu Legend. With the advent of skill inheritance, the amount of teams capable of being full- or close to full-push button has drastically increased. Better yet, it looks like ROdin is no longer a strict requirement.

Be that as it may, all I’m really interested in is finding the fastest, most brainless team. At the same time, I’m not really interested in putting in the work to do so, but at least for today my curiosity wins out and I’ll do a quick overview of my findings.

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ROdin Thieves’ Den ATK Requirements

The highest HP + DEF monster in the dungeon is the wood ogre with 117,133. That means you need 40 ATK +eggs on a uevo ROdin to guarantee a pure push button kill no matter what is randomly spawned ((2143 + 5x) * 50 = 117, 113, x = 39.852). However, for those that don’t have the ATK eggs to spare, ATK latents are an alternative especially now that they’re relatively easy to acquire through PreDRA Infestation.

ATK Latents 0 1 2 3 4 5
+Eggs Needed 39.852 35.566 31.280 26.994 22.708 18.422

This table doesn’t address possible rounding issues, but I’d assume rounding up is fairly safe. Please let me know if any of the numbers end up being wrong.

As I have plans for Saturday, I may miss the debut of this dungeon. A bit unfortunate for sure as I really want the +eggs (the lack of 10x sucks).