Py Farming Stats 6/16-6/31

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of most of my runs. Instead of skipping this post, I’ll take this opportunity to encourage getting into the habit of doing so.

Date Dungeon Runs Total Stam Seen Drops Drop Rate Stam / Drop Drop / Run
6/25/15 Liq Flm 1 111 2664 0 0 N/A N/A 0.00%
6/26/15 Liq Flm 1 78 1872 2 2 100.00% 936 2.56%
Total   189 4536 2 2 100.00% 2268 1.06%

I was pretty down on the alt. technicals, but it turns out this set is probably the very best for Py farming, especially if you have a full ROdin farming team. I’m keeping these numbers separate from the alt. normals for now, but at least for Py drops I’d assume that they are largely the same.

Woodpy Farming Video

I made this video in response to a comment made here. Sadly this coin rotation ends today which diminishes the relevancy, but it’s something to aim for when it comes around again.

This is the team I used to farm Woodpys during the NA coin rotation #16 and is designed to clear the 7-floor alt. technical dungeons as quickly and braindead as possible. I lack four ROdins for the ultimate farming team, but this wasn’t bad. This team will only work for this particular alt. technical rotation as the other one has 300k+ HP Pengdras which this team isn’t prepared to deal with. I only used this on Alt. Shrine of Liquid Flame – Twin Jewels of Fire and Water, but I’d assume it would work for most of the other 7-floor dungeons.

Meimei System Milestone – 16 Woodpys!


Finally. I now have 20 Woodpys, enough to max skill Awoken Bastet and four Awoken Meimeis. Now I just need Guan Yinping to come by again and I’ll have everything ready for my Meimei System. Oh, rolling a Zuoh might help. And I should probably +297 everything… still so much work to do.

Here are the last two drops. I guess the only problem farming with this team is it’s easy to zone out and forget to take screenshots.

I’ll probably hit up alt. coins again for fodder to level up the Guan Yinpings, but after that I’ll be taking a long break from them.

Meimei System – Woodpy 14 of 16

I’m definitely backpedaling on my negative stance towards alt. technicals. I’m getting significantly less +eggs, but that’s a small trade-off considering how easy these dungeons are to farm with a Goemon team. I can only imagine how trivial Py farming must be for those with 4 ROdins.

There’s some good reasons I should stop farming for Woodpys, at least for the Meimei system:

  • There’s likely to be at least one Challenge Dungeon before NA gets Awoken Meimei’s 9-turn cooldown buff, likely two or more.
  • There’s the possibility of getting some skill ups through the evolution due to a nice bug/feature in the evo system.
  • Most directly, there’s the update that makes the jewels skill up the awoken Chinese.
  • Antonio will surely win us some Pys!

I’ll probably keep on farming anyways. I see any extra/saved Pys as a bonus as there’s likely to be more many more things to feed them to in the future.