200 Hypermaxes


Ugly as hell +99s everywhere. Give us the fix already, GungHo.

MHera is not max skilled, which puts me at exactly 200. I have about seven +297s in reserve. I wanted more, but I figure with Thieves’ Den (and hopefully more frequent 10x events) I won’t have to stockpile as many. There’s still so much I want to hyper…

Freed From Doge Hell

Farming Takemikazuchi somewhat paid off. I was one skill up short on Mori and Keiji and finished them off today when I was farming for my Raphael and LZL (and Red Riding Hood). I wish I could say I don’t have to run the Wood & Dark Dog Dragon dungeon, but I have to get a couple skill ups for my Avalon Drake. At least the suicide hotline will longer have to expect my call when two Shibamarus spawn on the same floor and neither drops.

Hypermax Ryune


My most wanted roll came within the first pack. I celebrated my extreme luck by immediately hypermaxing her. My luck has been strong ever since I rolled Kaede with minimal rolls: light Batman within a pack, two DKalis and two ROdins during 4x, all FF rolls within two packs, and Misato within a pack. I’m not looking forward to the day it runs out; I’m hoping it’s not tomorrow during FotNS, but it probably will be.

With Awoken I&I likely coming next week, I’ll finally be able to relive my Beelzebub days and roll with a tank team. I’m reluctant to purchase Charité for the team, but I’ll probably go through with it eventually.

50 Hypermaxes


I’ve had the +eggs for 50 for quite a while, but it’s only now that I realized I had committed them to actual monsters (Yomi Dragon #2 was #50). I also have enough +eggs for about five more 297s, but I’m keeping them separated by type in case I need to spread the ATK eggs among my push button team for 10x.

Hypermax Yomi


I’m surprised we got, uh, her… so fast. 53 days is pretty sweet. I’m hoping they can eventually get the delay to within a month.

I did my first 7×6 EEC run with her (I’m just going to go with that) and one-shot it. Granted, 7×6 isn’t the greatest way to evaluate a lead, but I did find out I have a long ways to go as far as figuring out how to fit that enhanced-five into my board. The playstyle is enough different from Bastet to make comboing interesting again; not to insinuate that I’m any good, but playing the same lead for months does get boring.

Hypermax Susano


Technically, I had his light version hypermaxed for quite a while now, but he actually feels complete now that he has his awoken form.

Susano is the last piece I wanted to fill out my Bastet roster. With this, she should be able to take down just about every dungeon. She had damage shield options before, but Susano is something you want to be running all the time instead of just being that silly thing you use to deal with that one stupid DQ Hera floor. Speaking of which, he’s just in time to trivialize the next Challenge Dungeon Lv10 which, to no surprise, has that stupid DQ Hera floor.