500 +297s


Long image is long.

For perspective, I was at 200 on April 11th and 297 on June 15th. I got lazy the past couple of months and even skipped some STTDs, but +eggs accumulate so fast even when you’re not really trying. I decided to put some effort into hitting 500 before the end of the year and the GungHo PEM certainly helped with the last spurt.

Not everything is hyper. I have enough resources to hyper everything, but I’m waiting for the wood snow globe buffs to max level the revo wood cards and the few things that aren’t max skilled (MHera, Wisdom Kings, a couple other things) I have the Pys for, but farming Arena 1 is so boring I’d rather just put it off until I absolutely need them.

There’s still so many things left to hyper. Back to the grind.

More perspective: I was at 50 about a year ago.


Holy Fuck I Hate Biweeklies


I try to keep my bitching about RNG to a minimum here — trust me, as much as I play, there’s been plenty of bad streaks — but I’m so goddamned tilted right now I need to vent some of my anger.

Probability of getting two or less Avalon Drake skill up drops in 14 runs: 0.65%.

So not even that bad and not nearly as soul-crushing as my Ares skill ups, but this feels particularly horrible on a non-IAP account. I hate biweeklies with a passion so that probably contributes to my tilt.

Yes, I went 0/2.

Everyone Knows Kaede Is Amazing…


…but I also didn’t think she’d be so damned fun and easy to use. Stomping content is usually fun in the beginning, but it loses its luster the longer you play with the team. After a week or so playing with Myr and Kaede and quite a few Arena clears, I believe that the cross pattern (at least of the heart variety) has some serious staying power as a fun puzzling style. Much in part due to the fact that it forces you to think about puzzling slightly different, but also because you truly feel like you’re rewarded for doing it. It also helps having 8+ seconds to do so.

The 5x Kaede, 1x Wee Jas team for Arena 1 is particularly ridiculous. I mean, one-shotting Kali with Facet and literally only three matches — heart-cross + 4 + 3 — just feels so busted. Co-op is still a more efficient method for farming Arena, but just isn’t appealing to me so I’ll be sticking with this solo team. I had 50+ of each Py from Ra and Yomi Dragon farming several months ago and I’m down to almost no Flampys and Shynpys; now’s the time to restock.


Finally dank Maymay seasonal card.
Art sucks.
It’s water-main.

At least there’s two good things that come of this:
1. NA finally gets this board change combination.
2. The door is now open for wood-main Karin.

June Bride Rolls 2016.06.27

June Bride REM Results 6/27/16 – 100 Rolls
Monster # % Rarity # % Gold / Silver # %
2949 - Saintly Bell Bride, Eschamali 0 0.00% ☆☆☆☆
1  1.00%  Gold Egg 29 29.00%
2950 - Scampering Newlywed, Gadius 1 1.00%
2951 - Innocent Newlywed, Satsuki 2 2.00% ☆☆☆☆
2 2.00%
2952 - Lovely Bride, Bastet 2 2.00% ☆☆☆
6 6.00%
2953 - Passionate Sun Deity, Ra 4 4.00%
2954 - Deeply in Love Newlywed, Akechi Mitsuhide 2 2.00%

20 20.00%
2955 - Saintly Ocean Newlywed, Ruka 7 7.00%
2956 - White Kimono Bride, Kano 11 11.00%
2957 - Dawn Bride, Izanami 17 17.00%

71 71.00%  Silver Egg 71 71.00%
2958 - Pure and Innocent Bride, Sopdet 17 17.00%
2959 - Crimson Lotus Bride, Echidna 14 14.00%
2960 - Miracle Heroine, Cinderella 12 12.00%
2961 - Covenant Witch, Lilith 11 11.00%

I don’t think I’ve rolled this much — either in a single session or overall — since the Summer REM in my misbegotten journey to acquire Pandora. The circumstances are a lot different than back then, though. Since then, I’ve gotten every single roll I’ve wanted, most of the time within two or three packs. It’s the gambler’s fallacy to believe that my luck would run out since I was lucky in the past, but I had mentally prepared myself for not getting every roll I wanted months ago. I had come to terms with the fact that even though I spend exorbitant amounts of money on this game, that it’s still beyond my means to acquire every card, especially when you consider the horrible rates. While I’m jealous of those that rolled Eschamali, I’m content with trying my luck again next year. I’m more than happy with what I have so far; besides, now it’s time to start saving for that dreaded Summer REM.

I usually post a roll video, but I considered not doing it this time since it’s a pain in the ass to compress and upload it, especially since it’s a bit longer this time (which is never a good indicator for roll videos). At the same time I don’t want people to think that I only upload videos of my good results, so I’ll eventually get around to posting it on YouTube, hopefully within the next couple of days (although, to be honest, it’s not like I had bad luck this time, either).

Shiva Skill Ups Are So Fun!

I’ll always have something to complain about:

Me: Collabs don’t have skill ups!
GH: Here’s skill up fodder.
Me: The drop rates are cancer!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me: Shitty collabs last too long!
GH: We’ll make it a week.
Me: Now there’s not enough time to farm skill ups!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As someone that has skilled up countless monsters, I thought I was over the whole complaining-about-the-rates thing. However, when the fodder drop rate is so low, going 0-fer is one of the worst feelings ever. I truly hope they find a better way to distribute collab skill up fodder, but considering almost every collab does it the same way now — Bleach, FF, FotNS, Shinrabansho, etc, etc — it’s unlikely to change.

Anyways, I’m almost hoping they never improve Shiva’s cooldown again as farming Dragon Stones is a living hell. To be honest, I’m glad I don’t have a Balancile, either; her fodder drop rate is basically the same as Sephiroth’s in the first iteration of the FF dungeon.