500 +297s


Long image is long.

For perspective, I was at 200 on April 11th and 297 on June 15th. I got lazy the past couple of months and even skipped some STTDs, but +eggs accumulate so fast even when you’re not really trying. I decided to put some effort into hitting 500 before the end of the year and the GungHo PEM certainly helped with the last spurt.

Not everything is hyper. I have enough resources to hyper everything, but I’m waiting for the wood snow globe buffs to max level the revo wood cards and the few things that aren’t max skilled (MHera, Wisdom Kings, a couple other things) I have the Pys for, but farming Arena 1 is so boring I’d rather just put it off until I absolutely need them.

There’s still so many things left to hyper. Back to the grind.

More perspective: I was at 50 about a year ago.


Everyone Knows Kaede Is Amazing…


…but I also didn’t think she’d be so damned fun and easy to use. Stomping content is usually fun in the beginning, but it loses its luster the longer you play with the team. After a week or so playing with Myr and Kaede and quite a few Arena clears, I believe that the cross pattern (at least of the heart variety) has some serious staying power as a fun puzzling style. Much in part due to the fact that it forces you to think about puzzling slightly different, but also because you truly feel like you’re rewarded for doing it. It also helps having 8+ seconds to do so.

The 5x Kaede, 1x Wee Jas team for Arena 1 is particularly ridiculous. I mean, one-shotting Kali with Facet and literally only three matches — heart-cross + 4 + 3 — just feels so busted. Co-op is still a more efficient method for farming Arena, but just isn’t appealing to me so I’ll be sticking with this solo team. I had 50+ of each Py from Ra and Yomi Dragon farming several months ago and I’m down to almost no Flampys and Shynpys; now’s the time to restock.

Shinrabansho Notes


Fourth roll; I’m done. I was recording, but I’m too lazy to make a video for such a short roll session for a relatively poor collab REM. I felt compelled to put forth at least minimal effort for an Athena variant and was willing to sacrifice a pack in the pursuit; now I have 13 remaining rolls with which to acquire Academy/June/Summer silvers.

I’m not going to do a full collab review for this since there really isn’t much to say, but I will make a few points:

  • In general, trying to roll Kiriko for Xiang Mei isn’t worth it. As is, she’s good, but not amazing and Saria makes her fairly irrelevant for SI. That could easily change with a uevo, but you should just wait to roll when that actually happens.
  • Sakuya, Athena and RSonia Another are all relatively weak and are mainly SI fodder for their somewhat unique actives. I guess they could have some niche relevancy in co-op.

First Arena 2 Clear

Of course, it was a fucking Bubpy.

Yeah. It took Xiang Mei’s release for me to finally get around and clear this turd of a dungeon. I only ran it twice before — once with Ra Dragon, once with Pandora, both before skill inheritance — but that was enough of a sample size for me to put the dungeon on hold. Now with Xiang Mei and SI, the dungeon is pretty much a joke. I remember it taking me several times to clear Arena 1 with Ra Dragon for the first time because rainbow teams were so foreign to me. Xiang Mei doesn’t have that problem. It only took a little while to get accustomed to fitting a row and three heart matches onto the same board.

I’m planning on making a script to generate the HTML for my team setup with SI, but I just haven’t had the time to do it. For those curious I’m using the pretty standard SI setup, but I’ll probably tailor it to my own needs as I get more experience with the team.

  • XM1: Shine Flare Ring (Saria)
  • XM2: Sunburst Knuckle (Awoken Ra)
  • XM3: Holy Crest (Arcline)
  • Uriel: Force (non-awoken Orochi)
  • Gadius: Miracle of Healing (Raphael)
  • XM4: Crimson Cross Spear (Sanada)

Everything has 2 SDRs. The SDRs allow you to reliably stall on the Kalis in case you need to recharge your Py-killing skill. The other latents don’t matter much.

Having to juggle inherited skills was a new concept to me. I’m so used to skill conservation being a high priority, but with XM you need to manage your cooldowns so the right skills (base vs. inherited) are available at the right time. This is especially true for XMs inherited with skills that don’t generate hearts; you don’t want to be caught with your pants down since you didn’t manage your skills correctly.

I originally had Genie on Gadius, but I feel like Raphael is more flexible. Like my first run, I mismanaged my cooldowns, was planning to stall on DQ Hera, but skillfalled to kill her early. I was left facing LKali with only Genie ready. Maybe that’s results oriented thinking — maybe I’d be singing Genie’s praises right now if I got DKali instead — but I think Raphael is an overall better fit (although I still need to kill Illsix with Raphael). Maybe when I get more comfortable with the team and familiar with Arena 2, I’ll go back to Genie. It’s just a shame we don’t have Fencer on NA. I’m also not sure if I want to run Awoken Orochi on Uriel instead to save five turns.

For my friend lead I actually really liked having Sanada available (thank you WWM). Using a Saria friend is fine and all, but for some reason I preferred Sanada. Since I have a lot more Sarias on my friend list, I might put him on my own if I continue to enjoy his services.