Holy Fuck I Hate Biweeklies


I try to keep my bitching about RNG to a minimum here — trust me, as much as I play, there’s been plenty of bad streaks — but I’m so goddamned tilted right now I need to vent some of my anger.

Probability of getting two or less Avalon Drake skill up drops in 14 runs: 0.65%.

So not even that bad and not nearly as soul-crushing as my Ares skill ups, but this feels particularly horrible on a non-IAP account. I hate biweeklies with a passion so that probably contributes to my tilt.

Yes, I went 0/2.


June Bride Rolls 2016.06.27

June Bride REM Results 6/27/16 – 100 Rolls
Monster # % Rarity # % Gold / Silver # %
2949 - Saintly Bell Bride, Eschamali 0 0.00% ☆☆☆☆
1  1.00%  Gold Egg 29 29.00%
2950 - Scampering Newlywed, Gadius 1 1.00%
2951 - Innocent Newlywed, Satsuki 2 2.00% ☆☆☆☆
2 2.00%
2952 - Lovely Bride, Bastet 2 2.00% ☆☆☆
6 6.00%
2953 - Passionate Sun Deity, Ra 4 4.00%
2954 - Deeply in Love Newlywed, Akechi Mitsuhide 2 2.00%

20 20.00%
2955 - Saintly Ocean Newlywed, Ruka 7 7.00%
2956 - White Kimono Bride, Kano 11 11.00%
2957 - Dawn Bride, Izanami 17 17.00%

71 71.00%  Silver Egg 71 71.00%
2958 - Pure and Innocent Bride, Sopdet 17 17.00%
2959 - Crimson Lotus Bride, Echidna 14 14.00%
2960 - Miracle Heroine, Cinderella 12 12.00%
2961 - Covenant Witch, Lilith 11 11.00%

I don’t think I’ve rolled this much — either in a single session or overall — since the Summer REM in my misbegotten journey to acquire Pandora. The circumstances are a lot different than back then, though. Since then, I’ve gotten every single roll I’ve wanted, most of the time within two or three packs. It’s the gambler’s fallacy to believe that my luck would run out since I was lucky in the past, but I had mentally prepared myself for not getting every roll I wanted months ago. I had come to terms with the fact that even though I spend exorbitant amounts of money on this game, that it’s still beyond my means to acquire every card, especially when you consider the horrible rates. While I’m jealous of those that rolled Eschamali, I’m content with trying my luck again next year. I’m more than happy with what I have so far; besides, now it’s time to start saving for that dreaded Summer REM.

I usually post a roll video, but I considered not doing it this time since it’s a pain in the ass to compress and upload it, especially since it’s a bit longer this time (which is never a good indicator for roll videos). At the same time I don’t want people to think that I only upload videos of my good results, so I’ll eventually get around to posting it on YouTube, hopefully within the next couple of days (although, to be honest, it’s not like I had bad luck this time, either).

Shiva Skill Ups Are So Fun!

I’ll always have something to complain about:

Me: Collabs don’t have skill ups!
GH: Here’s skill up fodder.
Me: The drop rates are cancer!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me: Shitty collabs last too long!
GH: We’ll make it a week.
Me: Now there’s not enough time to farm skill ups!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As someone that has skilled up countless monsters, I thought I was over the whole complaining-about-the-rates thing. However, when the fodder drop rate is so low, going 0-fer is one of the worst feelings ever. I truly hope they find a better way to distribute collab skill up fodder, but considering almost every collab does it the same way now — Bleach, FF, FotNS, Shinrabansho, etc, etc — it’s unlikely to change.

Anyways, I’m almost hoping they never improve Shiva’s cooldown again as farming Dragon Stones is a living hell. To be honest, I’m glad I don’t have a Balancile, either; her fodder drop rate is basically the same as Sephiroth’s in the first iteration of the FF dungeon.

Challenge Dungeons 24 Lv10 – Solo Raoh (Or Not)

This is where my solo Raoh clear would be if GungHo didn’t decide to fuck me over — and many other players, by the sounds of it. No, I’m not going to find a friend to enter and exit the dungeon for me multiple times just to record a clear. So, instead, here’s Reco solo clearing it in his typical fashion (because JP had the option to solo it… I know, amazing concept):

This was the first Challenge Dungeon set that was co-op, but was the only one before they removed the single player button. So let’s just hope GungHo was lazy as hell this time and all future Challenge Dungeons (which will all be co-op) will be available in the Special tab as well. I was actually looking forward to soloing this dungeon since the co-op weighted difficulty actually makes for a pretty good challenge.

3x Skill Up Results


I went 446/1664 or 26.80%. Anything above 25% is nice, but this definitely wasn’t what I was expecting from a 3x event. The confidence interval (95%) with my sample size is 24.67% to 28.93%, so the expected 30% isn’t even within range. So, fairly unlucky. Bleach skill ups, combined with the horrible drop rates, were particularly bad so I’ll be using Pys on the rest of those.