REM Review – Fist of the North Star Collab 4

3409 - Creator of the New Century, KaiohFist of the North Star represents a significant letdown after what was an exciting collab run with Final Fantasy and Bleach. Part of this is due to just getting it a few months ago in October, but is escalated by the fact that the buffs and new additions are underwhelming. There’s not much exciting in this REM and I fully expect players to save their stones until it gets the buffs it deserves.
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REM Review – Bleach Collab 2

Simply put, Bleach is the best collab to hit NA to date. What this means exactly varies from player to player, but I believe that is just another indicator of how strong the lineup is overall. For those looking for powerful leads, all of the 6-stars qualify with Aizen being one of the best overall in the game. For those looking to improve their farming teams, there are appealing options such as Yamamoto, Toshiro and Grimmjow. The silvers are lacking, but you can’t have everything and with an estimated 30-40% gold rate it hopefully won’t hurt too much. It feels like I just hyped up FF as the best, but I’m much more excited for this REM.

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REM Review – Christmas 3

3379 - Holy Night Visitor, GremoryIf GungHo is going to mail in the Christmas REM, then it’s only fitting that I mail in my review.


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Collab REM Review – Final Fantasy Part 3

I know I’m late to the party, but I still wanted to write this review. I considered skipping it altogether, but I thought it was a good chance to try some things out that I’ll explain in a bit. In a way the delay wasn’t all downside as I was able to write my review with YamaP’s roll buffs in mind from the ground up (for those not familiar, PAD’s producer Yamamto Daike sometimes steams his rolls and give them buffs; this is the first time he’s done it for a collab).

Anyways, Final Fantasy was one of the strongest collabs to hit NA and that still remains the case. The new 6-stars, Tifa and Noctis, are exceptional and the returning 6-stars all received substantial buffs. The 5- and 4-stars are more of a mixed bag. The 5-star golds are mostly situational cards like Vaan and Rinoa, but Y’shtola does present tremendous all-around value at this rarity. The silvers are almost all garbage, though, with Penelo being the only moderately usable one. Fortunately, the gold rate seems rather high so the overall value per roll is actually respectable for a collab.

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Special REM Review – Halloween 2

Halloween is easily the worst seasonal REM, something unchanged from last year. Despite vast improvements to the lineup, there simply isn’t anything exciting as not only is the rehash phenomenon as strong as it usually is in seasonal REMs, they’re mostly of cards that already have a foot in the grave. Add in a lack of meaningful buffs to the returning cards and the now deflated value of its returning silvers, this machine is looking awfully devoid of value from top to bottom.

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Collab REM Review – Batman 4

The biggest criticism the last time Batman was available on NA was the severe lack of value at silver, but for the most part that has been remedied through buffs and the addition of Tamazo Batman. Now the biggest problem lies at gold. As Batmobile and Disruptor Batman never emerged as relevant leaders and they didn’t receive any leader skill buffs, the value at gold is heavily reliant on the cards’ utility applications. While still valuable in that respect and made slightly better due to active skill buffs, the gold Batmen are largely overshadowed by skill inheritance, that feature diminishing the need to roll collab REMs for niche utility cards. I think most people can roll a few times and get decent value at silver, but those considering rolling for gold should think twice about how much they really need those cards.

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Collab REM Review – Fist of the North Star 3

Trash REM is trash.

In the process of writing this review, I found myself focusing on the negative. After all, a collab that was poor during its initial JP release is pretty much worthless after a two month delay. So instead of writing “Sucks.” for everything, I’m going to try to focus on the positives, assuming any exist. Just imagine that “This card is crap, but…” is prefaced for every review.

It should go without saying that almost everyone should skip this collab REM. While I usually qualify that statement with “unless you really like the original IP”, I don’t think I can make that exception in this case, things are just that bad. There are a few niche cards like Thouzer and Juza that hardcore farmers might want, but the average player has very little to gain. Hopefully the next time around this collab will get the buffs it deserves and things will be better!

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