Quick Thoughts on DAthena in the MP Shop

I’ve been getting a fair amount of questions on this so I might as well make a post. tl;dr: Despite being incredibly strong, she’s not worth the price for the vast majority of players. At the risk of sounding elitist, if the first thing that came to mind was “750k? really?” then she probably isn’t a card you should consider getting.

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Thoughts on the PCGF Voting Results (Winter 2016)

2972 - Green Earth Wind Dragon Caller, Kaede

We’ve all seen this coming for a long time now and have already experienced the 6-star plague invade last time’s lineup, but, at least for me, the reality finally hit home that the PCGF will never be what it once was. Sure, there were always questionable inclusions, but this time, instead of them occurring because good information failed to trickle down to the lowest common denominator, it happened because there’s little other choice. The bulk of high-impact cards either being shifted outside of the standard REM or to 6-star GFEs leads to 11 of the 25 cards being 6-stars and I can’t really find fault in it; in a popularity contest, what else is left for people to vote for? Even though 6-stars are featured every godfest, people are still going to vote for them regardless of the impact on overall value. The way GungHo has shifted the game away from pantheons made this outcome inevitable; I mean, JP had 10/25 (and this was before the Kanna uevo) and KR also has 11/25 so it’s not like NA is some sort of anomaly.

This is still a great opportunity for veterans chasing a handful of specific cards, dupes be damned. Particularly if those cards would never be featured together otherwise. It’s also still decent for new players with few dupes as there are plenty of core team building blocks whose quality helps overcome the lack of overall value per roll, but on the other hand, variance hits harder which can be difficult for such a player to cope with. For everyone else, it’s time to shift expectations from a highly anticipated event to one that’s just another godfest and adjust their stone budgets accordingly.

Anyways, I’ll once again go over the best and worst of the voting. The over/underrated categories lost a dimension since the voting tallies are hidden, but I’ll keep them around anyways. Just remember that these are just my opinions, heavily influenced by how I personally play the game. If you disagree, I encourage you to let me know in the comments.

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Quick Thoughts: PAD BT Added to REM, Good or Bad?

1281 - Chika & War Deity MinervaFor those unaware, the cards from the now defunct PAD Battle Tournament Collab (PAD BT) are being added to the standard REM after being buffed substantially. There’s no guarantee these cards will make it to NA — the original collab never did, after all — but considering something like PAD Z and PAD X eventually arrived, there’s at least a chance. However, do we even want them?

Much of that depends on how the new eggs affect the existing rates. We still don’t know exactly how REM rates function, but we can make educated guesses based on historical pull data. There are various theories, but exploring them is beyond the scope of what I want to write about. However, there is strong evidence to believe that adding more eggs of a certain rarity will make it more likely a given roll is of said rarity; this would mean the addition of these new cards is detrimental as six of the eight are silver and no one loves a silver. In addition, regardless of the exact rates, there’s also something to be said about further diluting the card pool; rolling that one pantheon god or GFE you want will only become more difficult with more chaff. The circumstances might be damning, but let’s try to judge each card on it’s own merits and see if they have anything to offer.

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