A Look at Awoken Astaroth for the Arena

Just so it’s clear, this post was written for Arena 1 before Arena 2 was released. I won’t be revising this post for Arena 2.

2505 - Awoken AstarothI have an inexplicable love for tank teams so I’ve been interested in making an Awoken Astaroth team as soon as she was revealed. Sure, she was a disappointment with her initial stats, but it was only a matter of time before they buffed her (I wasn’t expecting quite this much, though). My interest piqued when Game8 added her to their S-tier, something I never would have guessed based on my perception of the team at the time. Game8 obviously isn’t the word of god, but the fact that they would put themselves out there with that rating meant that Astaroth could actually be the elite row leader wood never had. I don’t plan on going too in-depth, but I do want to use this post to superficially explore her capabilities in the Arena, the current barometer of a team’s endgame viability.

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Latents for the Ra Dragon Arena Farming Team

(12/18/2015) There was recently a stat buff to Isis that can change this math a bit, check out the implications here.

2259 - 太陽神, Ra DragonFor those few looking to run Ra Dragon to farm the Ultimate Arena, you should start planning out your latents now. While the easiest path is seven dark latents and five light latents to survive either Kali’s nuke, not everyone can afford all those, especially after just dropping 300k MP on Ra Dragon. Outside of NA someday being able to farm resist latents, the only alternative to conserve MP is farming HP latents. However, when HP latents are brought into the picture, the calculations get complicated since the amount of HP gained depends on the monster you give the latents to. Things get further complicated when factor surviving other large hits like DQ Hera or Parvati. This post will look into possible latent set ups for a Ra Dragon team.

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Preparing for 10x +Eggs for Descendeds

Chivalrous Thief - MythicalNA has always lagged far behind JP in terms of +egg accessibility. It took us seemingly forever to get 3x normals and coin Star Vault, but we eventually did get it. On deck is 10x descendeds and now that JP has gotten it twice — meaning the they didn’t regret doing it the first time — there’s a good chance that it will eventually come to NA. Considering that it’s by far the best method for farming +eggs by almost every metric, it’s in your best interests to be prepared for whenever it hits NA.

Supplemental Posts: Goemon Dry Runs | Valkyrie Dry Runs

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Brainstorming Summer GSonia as a Leader

2287 - Paradise Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia

I didn’t get very excited when I first saw the stats for Summer GSonia, at least when considering her as a leader. As a once avid Beelzebub user, I knew the stark limitations of a Sonia-based team in the current state of the game all too well, most of them being damage based. I’ll admit, though, that when I rolled her my curiosity was piqued: just how good or bad was she as a leader? The two-turn haste is incredibly powerful and the option of being TPA-based instead of row-based was intriguing. With that in mind, I want to explore if wood-attackers had enough advantages over dark-devils to determine if it’s worth building a team for her.

This post will explore the  performance of some theoretical teams to help determine whether she’s worth investing in. I don’t intend to find the ideal team or provide a deep analysis of her various sub options, but hopefully it will provide some insight on whether to pursue the team or not.

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Rolling with Beelzebub Addendum II – Zuoh

A commenter brought up the possibility of using Zuoh and Pandora as a burst alternative to Haku and CDD in response to my Hanzo addendum. I recently had the chance to take the team for a test drive and I was impressed with the results. This addendum will go over the pros and cons of using this alternative Zuoh set up compared to a Haku-based team.

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Rolling with Beelzebub

1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, BeelzebubBeelzebub has long been regarded as one of the best leaders in the game on JP. He has much more respect on NA than in the past, but I don’t think many realize just how powerful he is. With my brief month-and-a-half experience with him, he’s been my go-to lead for consistently clearing some of the most difficult dungeons in the game. This won’t be an all-encompassing guide, but I want to extol his virtues while also addressing some of the issues I ran into while developing his team.

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