Comment Spam

The blog is being flooded with spam so I’m disabling anonymous comments. I’ll be looking to reenable them ASAP. I’ll post any updates here.

5/15: Enabled anonymous comments again yesterday. Haven’t seen any spam so hopefully I can continue to keep comments open.

Wow, an Actual Blog Post

As was likely obvious due to the lack of posting lately, I haven’t been playing much PAD. Since this directly affects this blog, I felt I should address what this means going forward.

Well, it’s pretty simple. The blog will be on indefinite hiatus. I’ll still likely make the weekly aggregate leader list posts, but if it becomes too annoying to maintain I might drop that, too. Commentary will almost certainly cease as my knowledge of the meta expires.

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Outlook for 2017

I’m back from winter break. What does that mean for the site going forward?

Last year was a transition away from daily blogging, but I may have actually put more overall hours into the site. Making quality posts takes quite a bit of work, but it’s much more rewarding than making several garbage posts over the week. I want to continue this into 2017. This means post frequency will remain roughly the same and about the same topic (REM reviews, godfest help, JP tiers). I’ll also try to mix in quick thought posts here and there, but mainly only in reaction to be JP stream reveals.

Garbage posting will be made on Twitter. The previous couple months were a trial period and I like it enough to continue with it. Don’t expect anything of great value.

I think the JP Aggregate Tier List has be largely successful; at least from my point of view as far as time efficiency. This is because of the upfront investment I made in automating as much of the process as possible. I intend to put more work into the back end this year to hopefully save time in the future. This will be a big reason why I’m not expanding my post repertoire, but if I get some of these improvements done they’ll hopefully save enough time so I can make more content.

On the topic of the JP List, it’s been close to a year since I started it and it’s time to expand the lists included in the aggregate. The more sites, there will be less movement, but it’ll be more meaningful when it does happen. I’ve long wanted to include Altema, from when I first coded the scraping script, but their original list was a ranking list and was difficult to integrate with the tier lists. They’ve now switched to a tier format and look to be updating frequently, so expect them with the next update. I’m also looking at sites like KamiGame and Sqool. If anyone has any other recommendations (or objections to the new sites) I’m all ears.

Anyways, Happy New Year! Hopefully it’s a good one for PAD, too.

Site’s On Christmas Break II

I’m on vacation for the rest of the month. Bleach threw a wrench in my plans of doing nothing the rest of the year, but I’ll try my best to get the review out before the event starts. Hopefully things will return to normal early next month.

I want to thank everyone that reads and especially those who comment. I would’ve quit the blog long ago if not for you. Happy Holidays!

Rank 900


Rank 900 is an arbitrary milestone in PAD — the only real reward being the extra team slot — but it’s still important to me as an indicator of how much I’ve played. As someone that took a somewhat irrational pride in never grinding solely for rank, it’s somewhat fitting that I got the last rank in the dungeon best known for rank grinding in SUDR (although I do need the skill ups from there :^). It’s also fitting that it was done via co-op, something I was reluctant to embrace initially. However, I wanted to quickly hit 900 so I could put it behind me and give some things non-PAD to have a higher priority in my life, at least in the short term.

How this will affect my blogging, I’m not sure. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the post rate has gone down as of late, but most of that was due to the rank 900 grind. I theoretically have more time to write now as I want to lower my PAD play time, but I’m not sure what form that will take, if any. I’ve been thinking about it a lot the past couple of days, but I haven’t been able to reach an answer. I do have a few ideas for new post series, though.

Short (?) Break

There’s been several small reasons why I’ve been turned off to the game lately:

  • Multiplayer-only challenge dungeons
  • Jewel invades in 10x
  • No new collab
  • No major update (skill inheritance, etc)
  • No new ranking dungeon
  • Arena 2 being shit
  • Several old friends have appeared to stop playing
  • Tamadras in the mail

However, they’ve all coalesced in a single week and when combined with a few other circumstances they’ve made me reconsider what I was doing. Where before I could distract myself since there was enough things to occupy my attention, it wasn’t like that this week. So I’ve decided to take a break from hardcore play.

The overarching reason for this break is that I have little reason to continue the grind. While 10x was a blessing, it’s also a curse as I basically finished hypermaxing everything remotely useful in the game. This really only leaves two long term goals for me: ranking up and vanity hypermaxes. All my rank EXP comes from grinding skill ups and +eggs, so when the +egg grind seems pointless all that’s left are empty rank ups only for the sake of ranking up. I was somewhat excited to get 10x + Goemon again, but the jewel invades gave me just enough of an excuse to give up on the entire process.

So, in short, GungHo has failed to keep me engaged through a combination of poor decisions and coincidence. Now it’s up to them to give me a reason to play hardcore again. Until then, I’ll be cutting down my play time significantly. The game is still great at its core, but at least in the short term I won’t be devoting as much time (and money) to it.

If this is like any other game I’ve played hardcore in the past, I know there are some people out there that would think I ruined the game for myself by pouring so much time and money into the game and advancing too quickly. This may have been close to a rational thought a decade or so ago when there was much less game selection, but nowadays getting through a game’s content is almost a good thing as it frees time to visit other options. Which I intend to do (Tree of Savior, Uncharted 4, etc.).

What does this mean for this blog? Well, I’m sure most have noticed that I’ve put significantly less effort into it as of late. Some of that is laziness, some of that is being busy, but in most part I feel like there just isn’t anything interesting to talk about anymore. Teams are boring now, much in part due to MP cards and skill inheritance. Latents are mostly pointless. Skill inheritance is so circumstantial that there’s little point in discussing it. Co-op trivializes content, especially after one obtains MZeus. Even ranking dungeons have lost their luster due to preset teams, skill inheritance and most of the scoring mechanics being solved. So, in short, regardless of whether I decided to take a break or not I think the blog would’ve slowly continued to ramp down anyways.

I intend to continue the tier list posts since they’re so easy to do due to the script. I’ll still probably do the godfest help posts as long as there’s interest, but I anticipate less interest as the overall blog viewership dwindles due to the lessened activity. I’ll still likely do collab reviews if only for my own research. Outside that, most posts will cease, at least until the game becomes more interesting again.

Will I quit the game? I don’t think so. Unless PAD actually does go full co-op, the beauty of the game is that you can pick it up whenever and get a few dungeons in. However, PAD really needs to step its game up to get me to play again in earnest.

See you next week.