Special REM Grading System

Last updated: 11/29/16

Grading System

The grading system for special REMs is more arbitrary than the one I use for my Godfest Help posts. The overall grade represents how I feel about a card’s value at its rarity as a whole. The sub-grades — lead, sub and other — are to give you a better idea of what I think about a card in specific roles. Lead and sub are self explanitory. Other is sort of a bonus category that takes other factors that might make a card valuable such as skill inheritance, farming or just some unique ability like uuevo Ganesha.

Cards are graded relative to other cards of the same rarity. Of course, each REM has different roll percentages even within the same rarity, but this is generally what I expect when I see a card of a given rarity:

  • Common: 4-Star Silver Eggs – This rarity is present in all special REMs and usually represents the majority of all rolls. As these cards are underpowered by nature, I value cards that excel in niche or utility roles — generally farming and/or skill inheritance — more than I would otherwise, but any card that can be a competent stand-in on meta teams will grade well. An example of an S-graded silver based on all-around usefulness would be Navi from the Summer REM. Some examples of cards that are S-graded for niche reasons are Berserker from FFCD (farming, button active, inheritance base), Goemon from the Summer REM (farming) or Juza from Fist of the North Star (farming, assist skill). Cards at this rarity are not expected to be competent leaders. It is important to note that an S grade at this rarity doesn’t mean game-changer, but simply represents exceptional value considering the rarity.
  • Rare: 5-Star Gold Eggs – For old collabs like Batman, this is the super-rare rarity, but for all recent special REMs this is the middle tier of card that are generally more powerful than common ones, but usually not enough to have an impact on the meta. Niche proficiencies are still valued here, but more raw power is expected due to their rarity. To get an S grade at this rarity, a card must be coveted in a supporting role on a meta team, usually both as a base sub for newer players but also an assist skill for veterans. An example of a S-graded sub at this rarity would be June Akechi from the June Bride REM or Y’shtola from the Final Fantasy Collab. Cards at this rarity are not expected to be competent leaders. As with silver eggs, an S grade here doesn’t signify a game-changer, but is usually the cherry on the cake; the last piece that completes your team.
  • Rare: 6- and 7-Star Seasonal Gold Eggs –  6- and 7-stars in seasonal REMs are in a strange place, but have mostly disappointed to this point so it’s difficult to point out ones that are exceptionally good. They are mainly an extension of the 5-star rarity, but more is expected of them.
  • Super-Rare: 6-Star Collab Gold Eggs or 8-Star Seasonal Gold Eggs – 6-stars in collabs and 8-stars in seasonal REMs are expected to be meta-definining as either a leader or a sub to be given an S grade. Examples of S-graded leads at this rarity would be Kinnikuman from the Kinnikuman Collab (JP-only) or Summer Myr from the Summer REM. Examples of S-graded subs at this rarity would be RKali from the Christmas REM or June Eschamali from the June Bride REM.