Optimal Boards

There’s sometimes a little confusion so: I didn’t make any of these charts. Credits, if they exist, are in the images themselves.

Updated boards gathered from here (thanks to Anonymous comment for the tip). Thanks to Nez for the hybrid chart. Thanks to tevvie for the Dios chart.

Check these links for new or updated charts:


Generic Combos





Juggler (ha)



40 thoughts on “Optimal Boards

  1. I reference these all the time! Thank you so much for putting them all in one convenient place.
    One request – Could you put a mirror copy of each board on here as well? I find myself making the mirrored versions of these because the orbs are already set up better that way.

    I visit your blog at least twice a day. I really hope NA Gungho visits here too. You address so many things that I feel like represent the majority of the NA community. Keep it up!


    • I’ve been thinking about enhancing this page, but it’s been a low priority due to lack of time. Mirroring them shouldn’t be a problem, though. I’ll try to do it soon.

      I’m glad you like the blog, thank you!


  2. I’m still fairly new to PAD but I’m loving your blog! Could you explain to me what you mean by Hero Gods and why do they have their own set of optimal boards? I’m not sure which guys these cover. Thanks for all your posts, they help so much!


    • It refers to the Heroes pantheon: Yamato Takeru, Andromeda, Perseus, Sun Wukong, and Pandora. Their leader skill requires 8 connected orbs to get the full 4x ATK bonus, therefore their optimal boards are a bit different than going for pure rows. I’m glad you like the blog!


  3. Great post and great blog! I check your blog out everyday just sbout. You some really helpful post and thoughtful post as well. Have you ever thought of making an “Ask Setsu” section in your blog? I think it will be awesome if we could ask you questions and others can see the responses. Maybe rolling this out in the new year will give you enough time to prepare. Also maybe, responding to questions like on a weekly or biweekly basis. I’m not sure how much of a time commitment this would be, but I think it would be pretty.


  4. I noticed that your OoH 3x team is a little different than the one I use. I actually have all the pieces to make yours, and it seems much more efficient. Do you use the following strat?

    1-7: Match 1 (or use A.Ra if Mask/King appear)
    8: Goemon
    9: Vritra
    10: ARa


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  6. This is quite a Fantastic resource! I should practice doing this even though I do not have any board changer combos that can make 2 colours. Perhaps I will try using a Blonia team…


  7. “Max Combo Highlighted for Multiple Colors” should be actually be “Mass Attack”. Notice how at least 5 orbs are matched together for all cases.


  8. Damn those green and yellow orb pages suck for a person like me, I’m colorblind with my greens so its hard to tell if its yellow or not. Anywhere I can find different colors?


  9. Setsu, With the advent of newer leaders not having their own personal boards, (I assume because they work for other leads), Maybe you could leave a note for others to know what leaders work with which boards?
    You Yu = See Yomi
    Rukia = See Bastet
    Kaede = See Sumire-TPA
    Just a suggestion to make this better 🙂


  10. Not sure if you’re intrested but on thr Krishna 20-10 board it’d be better to move the far left orb up one then you’ll get 3 rows and still have 6 combos


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