This Obviously Means I’m a Top-10 NA PAD Player


I’d like to thank the dungeon for being so cancerous that it allowed me to reach the top 10 through attrition.


Athena Ranking Dungeon Results

Breaking 110k with the cookie cutter JP team took much more effort than anticipated, but the stone cost wasn’t nearly as bad as Takeminakata. I was thinking this could be the ranking dungeon where I could push for top 10, but that ambition was shattered rather early in the grind. It remains to be seen if this score even holds for 0.1%.

I did try tweaking the subs a bit, but I found that the cookie cutter build was configured that way for a reason. I might try a few more runs with this team — or variations of it — in hopes of getting the 115k god run, but I’m pretty close to my limit. Now that I have a decent score under my belt I might experiment a bit, but I don’t expect much.

The skyfall RNG is about as tilting as I expected it to be. You can do everything in your power to reduce the chances, but the game still loves shitting on your dreams. I’m not exactly sure what’s worse, this or Takeminakata, but I’m leaning toward this since it feels so bad to get angry over skyfalls; something that is usually a welcome occurrence.

Ranking Dungeon Prep: Athena

Athena TournamentYet another early edition of Ranking Dungeon Prep (or at least I hope it is). This timing is more in line with what I’d usually like to do; the earlier I do the research, the more time I’ll have to prepare for it in-game. The downside is that things can change between now and when the next ranking dungeon hits. The highest impact changes I can think of are the dungeon order changing and new cards being released. If the circumstances do change, I’ll try to address them as soon as I can.

In many ways the Athena ranking dungeon is the antithesis of its predecessor, Takeminakata. Due to the greater floor count, this dungeon instead emphasizes minimal combo count meaning skilled players will have less of an advantage. In Takeminakata, players welcomed skyfall combos, but in Athena you want to avoid them for the most part. Then the dreaded PreDRA floor makes its ugly return. One positive is the ability to use actives again; while getting a good score will be about as difficult as always, the lowered variance will benefit players that want a decent score but don’t want to invest too much stamina. There are still plenty of ways to gain an advantage over the field and I hope to find some that go beyond “get your Shiva Dragon, Set(s) and ROdin ready”.

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